15 invaders gang raped 18 year old in Germany

15 invaders gang raped 18 year old in Germany

The 18 year old allegedly sold her an XTC pill in a club and then allegedly bought her a drink that most likely contained a knock out drug.

He led her out of the building at midnight and he and 15 others gangraped her for 4 hours in the nearby forest.


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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I don't care because nobody will do anything

b-but muh hummus

She went out to do drugs and whore around and this was the result

Hang yourself . This is the result of all the men becoming weak faggots like you.

It's jewish news so take anything they say with a grain of salt.

Muslims are lying pieces of shit that change their story every other minute and she likely remembers nothing at all or very little.

He might just have slipped a roofie in her drink while he passed her for all I know.

More and more news like this will sooner or later result in lower class Germans banding together and fighting back in their city.

Large parts of Germany are lost to invaders already though.

Again? Take it back to leddit, nigger.

How much sympathy can I have for a broad that hangs around mudslime apes and does drugs with them?
She was treated like the brainless slab of meat she apparently is.

This does NOT mean the mudslimes shouldn't be beaten to death, of course…ALL mudslimes that invade white countries should fucking die.

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Women still haven't grasped the concept that they're prey.

Go white knight somewhere else. That whore got exactly what she deserved.

You’re a jew

Surely she'll let you use her torn vagina for sex now, user. You did it!

Fight me irl so I can get your jew gf all wet at the sight of your broken and bloody jew nose . I’ll rape some non jew into her kike.


Sluts are a consequence of the jew.
Shitskin invaders are a consequence of the jew.
Anyone who attacks women as a first reaction to such a story, whether she really was a slut or not, is either a kike, a moron, an incel, or has mommy issues.
And by the way, these shitskins should be hunted down one by one by the local nazis and beaten to spaghetti sauce. Make it happen.

This girl was raped by jews, for those kvetch the most about "WE WUZ REFUGEES TOO AND YOU KNOW YOUR PAST WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU BECOME XENOPHOBIC OY VEY"

This is a more likely scenario.

Women are retarded and loathsome but they are retarded and childlike, programmed to be this way by the system, being angry at women for being too trusting when bombarded by zog propaganda is like being mad at a physically abused puppy for pissing itself when you take off your belt.

It would be more entertaining to hear about the queers doing this to the invaders instead, but for some reason they only target their own racial cousins.

Why can’t the homo rapists target the invaders instead? It would certainly be a check on their behavior

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Shut up nigger

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Any white woman that is outside alone after midnight, deserves to be killed.

There were no knights of other races.

She was asking for it.

This, she knew what she was getting into but suddenly didn't like it once she found herself in the middle of it.

Said the kike. That is not the way our culture used to be kike. We come from a high trust culture that has been established for hundreds/thousands of years. It is going to take people time to adjust.

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You missed the first post, and the world will not miss you. It would be so fun to stomp you into a paste.

We should allow Sand niggers to dole out justice to our degenerate women? What a fucking faggot. No anglo-saxon male would cheer an Islamist mob doing that. You're either a complete cucked faggot (deserving of death) or a kike subversive (deserving of death). I wish it were legal to kill you.

not until WE organise online and IRL. All the facebook mummies, football hooligans, and angry students will do nothing until we take the lead

To what? Women already adjusted to degeneracy.

No. It's actually called justice killing a whore that goes out without a boyfriend.

this is like blaming a dog for getting run over

What if I blame the shitskins and the woman? You milquetoast faggot. Why the fuck would a german girl go clubbing post Cologne New Years? She was looking to misceganate, and the only thing she's mad about is that she didn't get to remember the bestiality she wen out to find of her own traitorous volition. This time, it was not some schoolgirl who got snatched on her way home from school. This was a whore NPC. Fuck her and fuck you.

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Are you that artificial womb faggot again?
Jeez blame women again why don't you…this gets so old…"its not the jews men, its your women. You European males just need to genocide your women and you will live happily ever after." blah blah blah…


It's both though, just because kikes propagandize them into being drunken, childless, miscegenating sluts doesn't mean women they are blameless. They do have free will, don't they?

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Well she is now.

I don't actually think they do (you either) but I am still studying that. I think Zeno was correct, we just don't want to give up the lies that bind us.

Now that I think about it, this is slightly funny as well…pretty soon when no women will go to clubs all these sexual emergencies will start happening to European males instead and then what are you all going to kvetch about? Will the European men who are out walking at night or coming home late from work and gang raped by 15 invaders be 'sluts' as well? Men who were 'just looking for miscegenation'? Yeah, I kind of can't wait to see Zig Forums explain that away…
This should be interesting.

Every fucking thread there's a nigger shill like you "muh whiteknight" yeah sure, everyone here only defends white women because they want sex, that tells me you are a nigger, can only think of muh dick.
This isn't about wanting to fuck her, this is about europeans being killed by niggers because the jewish brainwashers told stupid teens that they are the same, if you can't see the potential use of news like this you're either a retard or a nigger, not that there's much difference, so fuck off.

Strangely enough, you're both correct.

This is literally what I came here to post.

Miscegenation leads to long lasting ecological problems. It's a crime against nature.

No one cares what you blame, you need to be smashed into paste.

Or the shitskins could just not exist in Europe, Jews as well

I'm sure the jews will be happy to rehabilitate those 15 men during their incarceration for a mere $300 million euros or so.

sure, kill the migrants and lynch them. punish the woman and her parents for having zero self control as well. play stupid games, win stupid prizes just like user said. She willingly exposed herself to the situation. Its entirely her fault for getting herself into that mess in the first place.

No you colossal faggot, it is the fault of Jews and spineless men like you who allowed these invaders into the country the first place. Instead of recognizing this, you want to suck off your "trad" mudshit friends for what you consider a job well done. How about you willingly expose yourself to fighting to keep your country safe, otherwise you're as useless to me as the invader and deserve to hang alongside them.

Learn how to survive in this Jewish hell because we're falling down to the last white man.

You're supposed to white knight for women being attacked by invaders, not sit there like a bitch with pompons on cheering a rape. I want to kick your teeth down your throat. The only thing you are good for is to serve as example for what we do to cowards.

Please everyone look up what German women vote for. Will they ever learn? I would trade them for American women in a heartbeat because at least US white women mostly voted for Trump.

kill yourself

The majority (to her) tells her that migrants are safe and fun to be around and that dimissing them based on their foreign status is evil and led to the "genocide of the jews".

Remember, whiteys weakness isn't pathological altruism, but belief in the words of others.
It's also, of course, our greatest strength, because it allows us to cooperate with people on scales the lesser races cannot do.

It MUST remain our default position, what needs to be done is kill those who poison the well.
Kill those who say "these are harmless teenagers".
Et cetera, yeah, sure, peopel can learn and tehre are many jew wise and lie wise people, but the default is still belief.
Which is great and must remain the default.

The hate and destruction for our enemies simply must become the majority again.

Pathological altruism is a symptom though.

Anyway, this also means that our enemies don't have power, only control. That should lift your spirits somewhat.

You aren't a powerful masterrace if you cross your fingers behind your back when the real master race strikes a deal with you.
That just makes the real master race gullible toward jews who have no concept of honoring contracts or vows with others.

it also perfectly explains why the real master race is weak against jews.
It all pivots on lies and our propensity to give people the benefit of a doubt, and while jews aren't people, since their appearances are lies too (they look superficially 'white' to a lot of people) people still get fooled by them.

This literally and truly is the crux of the matter, nothing else, nothing less, it is the root.
Belief in the words of others, in contracts, law, vows, etc.

I'm not master race if I strike a deal with you and cheat you because you weren't able to know better because I disguised myself, you are master race because you offered cooperation with someone based on a mutally (or so you thought) agreed set of rules and mannerisms.

Teamwork is the strongest ability lifeforms can have and ours is the strongest of them all while being enhanced by our overall abilities in the other aspects of life.

Im amazed at the amount of white knights in here. If some literal NPC normie roastie whore wants to go out to a club in germanistan and buy ecstacy tablets and party, drink, and consort wih other heathens, gang rape is a pretty logical outcome.

She should have been at home with her family.

opinion discarded.
Teh shit Germany has gone through, is going through has killed lesser nations, sadly (Rhodesia for example) while it also fields the strongest resistance against jewry and degeneracy.

Remember, Germany lost the war, the biggest most important war in recent history, yet it is better off than the so called victors.

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I am amazed that faggots like you cede territory and accept muslims as a 'logical outcome'. Will you stay home and pay the Islamic Jizya too?

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Can you even call it rape at this point? Any German girl who gores near sandniggers knows what is going to happen. They are probably expecting it.

Depends on who you mean by victors. The allied powers weren't victors. They were losers too. Only Israel won that war.

They're turning the middle East into just "the middle"

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you're so pathologically retarded your Noose plans on Hanging itself After you

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Based and epicpilled.

It was going to happen to her one way or another if she's going to bars, hanging around non-white men. She got what was coming to her. Maybe it sucks, but that's the game.



The elements common to every claim of "must have been drugged" are, of course, present in this narrative too.
The status-strike incurred by the girl's social circle/family finding out that she becomes a coal burning slut after a few drinks, makes an alternative explanation the only possible route.
Read Kanin 1994 on False Rapes and specifically, the reasons the women themselves give for claiming false rape.
Read the many studies and stats on "date rape drug" hospital admissions in the UK and Australia.
Not a single case of "date rape" drug found. Only plenty of Cocaine, X and alcohol.


The idea that young women need to be drugged before they will have sex with a non-White, is simply a device used to appeal to the "angel/whore" complex which White men have towards White women. They don't want to believe that "their" women willingly have sex with groups of non-White invaders, it's simply too painful to the ego.
But why is it so hard to believe? Everyone on the right acknowledges the power of jewish media indoctrination, everyone on the right complains about the effectiveness of "miscegenation propaganda", yet now, when the effects play out, those same people scramble for an excuse
Sorry, but it's much simpler than that. The girl has already decided to have sex with the brown men, she has a drink to reduce the anxiety associated with breaking the taboo / "sticking it to daddy/white men" and the rest is history.

Go back to >>>/gaschamber/ where you belong you filthy yid

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Took you long enough to show up.

Street trash.
She was intentionally interacting with him to the point where she was accepting drinks from him. Burn the coal, pay the tole.

I don't see you doing anything to stop whores like her from going to clubs to do drugs and chat up shit-skins. And that is exactly what she was doing. I hope she dies from internal bleeding, but Middle Easterners have baby dicks, so it's unlikely.

Ich kann nicht sitzen und zusehen, wie meine Leute abgeschlachtet werden.
Schrauben Sie Ihre Optik. Ich gehe rein.

No pity for thots.
No mercy for invaders, for you shall receive none.

Reminder that this guy was mentored by a straight up National Socialist German mountain man.

Kill the rapists and then sterilize the coal burner and deport her to the nearest Muslim shithole country.

Fuck off, Christkike, if anyone should be taking care of the roasties, it should be us, not Arab Invaders.

Nigger u dumb

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See the qualifier "widespread"? Nobody is claiming that spiking of drinks is widespread and a significant number of your drinks will be tampered.

I know for a fact a prominent place in a famous German city were the patrons of a bar were served spiked with KO drops drinks, to rob the unconscious patrons. Happened years ago, without shitskin interference. The robbed victims were made fun off, they shouldn't have drunk so much, even if they had just half of a (spiked) beer. It went for years until a employee spilled the beans.

My thoughts exactly. Whiteknights will try to say she didn't know any better but most women don't do stuff this retarded

Defending modern day western women is the equivalent of defending a jew.
These clowns have gone through their entire lives in western civilisation defending brown people, voting, voting to import brown people, getting banged by brown people, thinking they're equal to men, being feminists, being whores, doing drugs, having polygamous sex, going clubbing, drinking. They also viciously defend brown people and multiculturalism. And here you are, turning around and raising a shield in front of them. You might as well raise your shield in front of the jews while you're at it. And you know it's true because of how ass-blasted triggered you all are; you brains instantly turn to chimp brains "MUHFUGGA I'LL PUT YOUR TEETH DOWN YOUR THROAT"

Your brains are mush. You can't think straight. You're defending the people bringing you your own downfall and you deserve to suffer for it.
Why would you defend weeds if you're trying to cultivate a garden? Why are you still defending those weeds when they've now made up over 80% of your garden? You're apathetic to the weeds in your garden. Let them drown in their own vomit; you should be defending the flowers, not the weeds. Not the whores going out each night getting drunk, doing drugs and fucking strangers. You're no better than they are enabling it and saying "it's apart of our culture our wamen ARE FREE!!"

If you idealise a clean, pure, perfect garden.. WHY in the ever blazing fuck do you want to keep the weeds amongst the flowers? You must realise, you must ACCEPT, that a large portion are cattle, NPCs, cracks, zombies to be left behind. Otherwise you're just bringing them to your new garden and putting the weeds back in the soil yourself. We are self-improvers, striving for betterment, struggling for betterment. Growing a garden. Why, after all that hard work, bring in the weeds that lived in sloth, gluttony, an easy life of apathy while you struggled and soiled under the black sun. Parasitical filth to leech on others and contribute with nothing is not worth saving. The dregs, the weaklings, the ones that just make up excuses for everything, to justify to continue to be leeches, parasites losers, filth. And if you are intellectually honest you have to admit that if you do save the leeches, the parasites, you're not saving your race, you're dragging it down. Save the best, the healthy, the sane, the creative, the intelligent, the beautiful, the fair and noble, in a way that ensures the fall of everything else

fucking retards gas yourselves

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so you mean Austrian


Our woman should be allowed to live like they always do to maintain their European values.

This is completely to blame on Soros.

But it doesn't matter. The more woman get raped, the more white people get triggered.

Comrads, in order to fullfill our ideology we should encourage our woman to do things that get them raped. If we don't push some more criminality on us, then we will just starve off slowly, by a slow downfalling system that 75% of the sheople don't even recognize.

We NEED to pull the trigger some further in order to prove that our ideology is right.

Sorry for my English, in case it is bad.

The real issue here is that these invaders were in the country and able to do this, not the moral character of the victim. Shills are just trying to distract you.

i would kill you if i saw you

So, Im the enemy now?
Are you literally this stupid? Do you want to solve any problem at all?

wtf i hate women now.


Both are the real issue. We have more than one problem, and if you solve one without the other, you still have the same pile of shit instead of a country.

As long as woman massively vote left, they are the root of the problem. They are keeping the Jews at their current state.

How are we going to red pill the minds of the average woman?
Simple, don't provide them with anything and thus stop rewarding them for their lack on our ideology. White woman need to understand what white man are worth.

You will only love him when you let him go, and you let him go…

save us the rope and kill yourself tor pedo

By killing the invaders and dominating our women again.
Women are biologically driven to mate with the winners of conflict they lust after strength.
We must become men again and crush our enemies, then women will be like putty in our hands, as it always was before jews infected us.

she voted for this, I didn't.


A retarded girl like that was bound to be raped eventually.

It does not matter if she was being bad you insensitive assholes.
She will become an angel and a god one day and these shits are going to burn for what theyve done.

Hello fellow goyim.
As a fellow goy I sure do no care about this
This victim of indoctrination and circumstances created by (((us))) brought it all on herself. This goy woman deserved it!
Women and Germany are lost why even care?

Do women have agency or not? Because they've been telling us that they are, in fact, stronk indypendent womyn who need no man for decades.

did you know weeds burrow roots deep to bring up minerals to the sub soil for other plants?