Because I can't get a straight answer from 4cucks

Because I can't get a straight answer from 4cucks.

Are there any good militia groups to join to defend the border from the advancing Caravan?

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The reason why you need a group is?



Get a quad bike and a hunting rifle. Pick off shitskins and claim you're hunting if zogbots fuck with you.


Because, I'm not fucking John Wick.

We're talking about 6000+ military age men. You need some sort support whether it's logistics or fire support.

Why wouldn't you think you need support?

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Also, Militias are protected by the constitution. Going solo, isn't.

Remember folks:

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Kek. Ya I'm sure (((they'll))) give a fuck about the constitution if shit hit the fan.

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Jesus you guys are truly larping faggots.

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You don’t belong here. You can’t figure out how to read the rules, you can’t figure out things that are answered by five minutes of doing your own research, you don’t know the laws of the US, you shill for jewish propaganda, and you expect us to take you in.
Actually, legitimately, kill yourself, you civic nationalist sack of shit.

under martial law, the Constitution is suspended. Talmudic laws as recognized by the Supreme Kikes of the US don't apply to the Magna Carta

You most likey won't get a better answer than this
They don't follow the law they are supposed to be acting under, they are generally just a gun club with uniforms, the Heller vs DC case established that arms (weapons) are a natural right of individuals so that you no longer have to join a regulated organized militia to own weapons legally - before that case technically by law of the supreme Court decisions in the commie states they could take your guns, prohibit you from having any unless you were part of the militia.
Montana militia is shit lol, other states could have better actual functioning groups but idk.

The second continental army of the republic was the only militia I heard of that every did anything right, but their chief intelligence officer was killed by state police in a home invasion

I triggered the lil larper.

I'm sorry you feel that you can't do anything except sperg in front your shit covered desk and type away with your fat stubby greasy fingers, but people actually want to do physically something to fight against the foreign invaders.

Go be pathetic elsewhere.

Thank you for actually giving me an actual response above the actual heaps of shit that post here.

Thanks brother.

Tell him about the Constitution and how he is protected. Go on user, … tell him!

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You actually believe this? They will gun your as down in the snow no matter who you are.

Wow thank god we have the constitution. Here I was being worried that our leadership would violate our rights for their own personal betterment. Good thing that'll never happen! THANK YOU BASED 300 year old PAPER.

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Interesting. What am I LARPing, exactly? Can you give us a name of the thing?

What do you not understand about what was said?

This is kike2 screeching.

He wants le revolushun yet he can't even name one good militia group.

You are LARPing as a nazi.


Yeah, no one believes a word you say. No one said anything about joining a militia.

See how aggressive and frenzied the shill replies are, this is good meat that's why. Actual information of the law is Jewish kryptonite. That's why you don't see it here

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Feral hogs are always in season on agricultural land

He can't even into basic English. Read what he posts aloud and its like someone phonetically repeating words and phrases but doesn't know what it means.

Truly the bottom of the barrel has been scraped and dumped here since last week.

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Everyone see you for what you are, kike2. A terrible LARPer.

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Thanks for giving me a place to start.


Hello kike2 goon.

Frustrated that you cannot answer Op question?

If you aren't going to refute anything I post, at least say something negative about Israel :^)

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Yes, LARPer like you exist.

And don't accessiate yourself with actual nazis, thanks.

You are not on reddit.

No one believes a word you say.

Refute what exactly?

So why are you acting like a ledditor?

Just let it go, you are an useful idiot.
Just a tool.


Oh sweetie, this is a slide thread. Aren't y'all coordinating? It makes the chicom bots and Kushner shills look amazing compared to you.

Sup, glownigger.

The fuck are you talking about?

wasted dubs

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There's a bunch to sort through, 80% is legacy propaganda and misleading (((like on this board))) from the early 90s when patriots, Constitutionalist ect ppl who didn't want get fucked over by lawyers started aggregating data and sources.

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Kindly get the fuck out then, schizo.

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(((this board))) is currently plagued by kike2 and kike4, ex-vols, who screech at everything they do not agree.

The fuck are you talking about, schizo?


Nice, researching now.

Too bad you've been assigned to a slide thread and not an actual one.

Ad hominem is stale after a few minutes, got anything fresh?

wasted dubs

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You so nothing but amplifie whoever you replie to😂 frantic gay energy radiates from you like knowledge does from the sun

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Why would you want to defend the border of the city that hates you?

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