BIG NEWS: UN jews intensely w/ open borders document

BIG NEWS: UN jews intensely w/ open borders document

UN member states are expected to sign the so-called “Global Compact for Migration” in December in Morocco, claiming that migration is a “human right”.

>The only leaders unwilling to go along are US President Donald Trump and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. They have both declared that they would not sign the Global Compact.

wtf I love zoglets now

even illegal migrants can no longer be deported

Looks like the Jewnited Nations are going to brute force open borders (as everyone expected / as if we didn't already have them jej)

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kike free first

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Kike free second since op got first. Great thread btw, glad to see at least someone is making this board great again.

Ivanka will convince Trump to go along with this. Thank god his cucked Presidency is almost over.

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banned more times than I can count over the years but someone has to post something to counteract cuckchan and JIDF shitposts

God help us. Obviously, this isn’t gonna be big news on MSM

Your blackpilling kike bullshit has no effect here. The EU is about to collapse, and you kike fucks are about to get intimate with miles of spiked rope!


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Your Kushner checks dry up on the 6th. Don't forget.

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If migration is a human right, I can migrate to the City of London and start living in one of those fancy hotels as a refugee then?

Holohoax denial doesn’t matter either apparently unless you’re European, because every Muslim denies it ever happened as well.

How about some actual discussion? So is the current refugee status defined by the UN as well, and this would permanently change it? Would all signatories adopt this as national law of their state, and all migrants can legally stay regardless, or is this a UN agreement only with less impact on individual nation policy?

It gives me hope to see good OPs, keep it up, brother.

Anime destroyed Japanese men: documentry on men who can't deal with 3D girls in Japan.

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Kikefy plz go, stop shilling zognald, you fucking know he's a freemason faggot who gargles jew balls.

This is also a good question, if migration is a human right and the policy is adopted, that applies to all people, not just Africans and Arabs. Yes we could believe that they would pick and choose to not allow white migrants, but realistically I can't see a reasonable way that they would filter them out. All "refugee" applications would be accepted automatically, there would be no system in place for rejection.

Unfortunately this fact doesn't mean much, because no rational white person would want to migrate to Europe at this time.

Salvini is deputy prime minister and minister of the interior, and doesn't have the authority to sign or not sign this, unfortunately. Don't know enough about the actual prime minister.

When the extreme middle was right all along
When those that never chose sides were marginalized into action
When those that never wanted to get involved with the Lunatic Left or the Retarded Right go kinetic

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Illegal migrant is already a weasel term designed to soften the image of invaders. It used to be illegal alien.

Everyone should migrate to pissrael and take their gibs.

You were never right, ever.

It's one thing to joke around, and another thing entirely to begin toying with the 'N U God'

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Reported for spam and paid jewish shilling. You were never right.

What is this autistic lolberg nonsense?

So, if there are no illegal migrants, there are no legal migrants, either, meaning that anyone can go anywhere, meaning no visas, background checks or screening. Or borders to begin with. Soros' wet dream.
Whoever signs this needs to be drawn, hanged and quartered along with their families.

Nazi invasion of Israel when this gets signed tbh.

They may have been critical of Israel killing off Palestinians but most of the time they really aren't. What the UN thinks has the "highest number of human rights violations" is North Korea, so this basically means they are confused shabbos goyim who only sometimes hate their own (((masters))). Daily reminder that the UN saw Gaddafi as a "dangerous leader" to Libya. Shows how scummy they really are.

The blistering kike rage over a fucking bingo meme has been the cherry on top of your two year long kvetch sundae



did japan sign this too?

Holy shit they are just going full fucking steam ahead.

Then again these are the same retards who say access to the internet is a human right

You useful idiot bastards need some truth re-education about those enemies you worship.

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So this means as a white european I'll have the same blank-cheque right to migrate to the USA, right?

What if the IRGC wants to migrate to Tel Aviv?

"migration is human right'

all just words


removing jews is a 'human right' too.

What a farce of an organization, never has it ever served a noteworthy protectorate role and its major function now is to force invasions on other lands.

How come no thread right now on the guy shooting up a synagogue?

Something seems off about this. Why the fuck did Japan and Poland sign?

And what about China and Russia.
I sort of understand how China could use this to export it's excess male population to white countries and of course even more spies and drug dealers. But what does Russia get out of this that they would agree.

The UN can suck my balls.
This brings us even closer to leaving the UN.

This agreement is non-binding.

Poland has all jewish gov, whatever "based" is happening its for show to fool us ordinary people. Only last year, over 700 thousands immigrants came.


hohols aren't negroes, though they may make that impression sometime

So instead of fixing birthrates aka not taxing young families with kids so hard, they want to take more taxes from the working white man and push it towards raising niglets and empowering islamic travellers?

How efficient! (at genocide)

Not into Poland, a country of 40 million.
Fuck off.


Sauce UN document in pic?


I don't think you know how to use that term in the proper context.

I'm a huge faggot, please rape my face.

Japan is being pozzed (((they))) have been trying for decades

If borders were actual open half of the post USSR would immediately migrate to the Europe. Only old and government workers would remain. But despite all these talks about "human rights" and "impossibility of closing" the borders EU actually built quite solid wall against USSR.

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Gaddafi was dictator who tried to blackmail EU with migrant's invasion. Killing him was right from all points of view.

Dude pls. These overtaxed young families have x10 times more available income per capita than Somalians. Now compare their birthrates

Also idea of solving the problems with Somalian birthrates indigenous or imported in the from of migrants is just Ponzi scheme. It would crash anyway just several generations latter and harder. But of course "Après nous le déluge" is tempting guideline for politics and boomers.