Putin touts downfall of US as a global leader: ‘It’s almost done’


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He's right.

If he ever starts offering asylum for Christians from other countries, I'll gladly leave with my wife and kids. The degeneracy of the West is too much and Putin is the only world leader willing to combat Islam and pedos directly.

I'm ready

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America being an (((empire))) was the fucking mistake.

can't say he's wrong, America may have expensive toys, but if shit keeps getting muttified, it'll be expensive toys in the hands of goblinos.

More like a joke since all they did was for the benefit of non-whites and jews. The most pathetic empire in history.

That's rich, coming from a Saudi Arabia-tier gas station of a country.

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How does Putin combat Islam?

The Brits and the French were just as fucked.

This seemed to coincide with the US becoming more and more (((diverse))). Pure (((coincidence))) I'm sure.

The first month will have you collapsed in the dirt from hunger complaining about my pants that have lasted for months climbing stupid hills you call mountains.

Not even a closeted gay either. Just a normal straight dude.

Ironic considering that Russia is on the brink of economic collapse and Russian Millennials are openly defying Putin's authority with weekly protests on the streets all across Russia.

Putin can just arrest them.

British and French empires actually existed to expand their power, influence and wealth across the globe, it only became cucked later. America existed to feed niggers in Africa and absorb the worlds trash while fighting wars for Israel. It's no comparison.

They then went on to ally to destroy Germany and create Israel.

But he doesn't because he's afraid. He realizes his days are numbered, so his rhetoric against "the ebil West" is increasing daily.

>(((Financial Times)))
Almost done for the midterms eh?

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"combat" is a funny way of saying surrender


He doesn't because he knows the best way to shut them up is to run them over like the Chinese did in 1989 while the West is too distracted to do anything.

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I already have plans to buy a few thousand acres of land in Russia. Rounding up a few things in the states first. Helping this cesspit of kike faggotry collapse while I'm here.

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I feel redeemed. Russia is the enemy, they want us gone, they dont give a fuck about our ethnostate larping.

Are you referring to the republicuck party?

Except China is a real power with a real military. Russia is a paper tiger with a shitty military that still uses vintage weapons and equipment patched up with duct tape.
Putin wouldn't dare openly attack Russia's youth because he knows the citizens who are only tolerating him out of Stockholm Syndrome will finally rise up and tear him limb from limb.
The cowardly and unpatriotic Russian Armed Forces will immediately abandon him as will the (((FSB)))


Too bad for them. Fucking slavs.

The slav will still exist on this earth way after the anglo has been wiped out by it's pet niggers.

Hitler said the same.

Unfortunately youre right. it will be nothing but slavs and gooks.

Russia and China are one, united against the United States.

Watch out, guise! Here comes the mighty Russian Army!

Ironically enough, China will invade Russia first.

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Good, maybe they will finally stop occupying my homeland.

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Which means the jews are probably moving ship from their original plan of china over to russia.

Will you finally fund the Bundeswehr though?

thatd be good. Not really sure why we waste so much money in military bases in Germany with the cold war over.

Go be a boomer somewhere else, don't even try to insinuate you are somehow "protecting" us or that we have any obligation to "repay" you.

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Half the country will be Muslim by 2050, one of the residues from Communism is that the USSR primarily killed/hurt/oppressed Whites while all the non-White Muslim minorities were largely left out of any progroms. Don't worry non-Whites of course love to say they were still oppressed by the Communists on racial grounds with jews to help them file the paperwork for compensation.

Still the Book of Veles is banned in Russia!

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I'm asking about Merkel and her gang making the military chronically underpaid.

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Your four-time elected (((East German))) mommy is doing a fine job of protecting you from the muslim invaders. You are in safe hands.

Better to just delete their capital. Should save them some cash.

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Normans were kikes confirmed.

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It's a German matter, whether we give the military more funds or not is entirely our own decision to make and need not concern you in the least.


blackface would be a good look for putin

We don't want to be a global leader, faggot.

I've never thought of it like that on plank 2a-II of the Book of Veles the Normans are mentioned as attacking the Slavs for not paying tribute to the Khazars. Further down on 4a-II the fight is taken to the Khazars themselves, finally the Slavs use Viking support to throw out all the Khazars and their allies. Sadly there is no good translation online.

The jews denounce it for the rumor Himmler attained it in Brussels and that its originator was a White Russian Commander but I always wondered since it doesn't mention jews explicitly, what are the jews really going after?

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He knows that.

Bullshit. Someday some asshole will be all "rah rah America has to reclaim Europe from the brown hordes that raped all those weak and stupid cucks and faggots to death!" All because you weak and stupid dick slurping cucks and faggots thought things like guns and free speech and heterosexuality were scary and bad.

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Your lot is used to living with actual chimps and that decades before the sandnogs came.
And don't even start with borders. Your southside is more open than a miniskirt and you still can't clean yourself up from all the piss coloured parasites amongst you.
We also have you to thank for Hollywood, center of global degeneracy and commiefornia where spreading aids ia a misdemeanor.
You wanna keep playing, faggot?

Mostly thermobaric and white phosphorus bombs.

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Isn't that what people bash mexishits over? Real men go down with the ship. The future might be grim but running away ensures it.

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You mean like La Razza?

Yes. Your "country" is your people and your genetic heritage, not the dirt you step on.

makes perfect sense

Isn't that how the US was originally settled

Does that include Europe IYO?

So is Zig Forums

I am European.

Sometimes. My Lord moved us to the US here because we were being tortured to death by Catholics. So I suppose he saw it that way as well.

somehow I don't think you were there

you will totally be j00 free. you've done it. you've out j00'd the joo. Congratz!

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Nope wasn't even dreamed of at that point. He moved our entire village (all his people) out of Germany to the US the second he heard of the new world he sold everything, collected us up and shipped us out.

You mean the same Putin who believes in affirmative action and BASED Civic nationalism?

Lol kids being dumbshits with history

I don't think any one at or near Putin's level in the Russian government gives two shits which party is power, only how they can leverage sentiments to sow discord against a hostile nation. Republicans are jew lapdogs who want to kill Russians because they are mad about Trotsky's death [whether red state randy gets this is irrelevant]. The democratic party, in large part due to Russian discord sowing, is a psychopathic anti-White that will stop at nothing to genocide Russians no matter how Golden Horde-tier Putin sells his country as. America isn't a serious country from a Russian perspective. It is an irrational and bloodthirsty parasite.

Not your job to educate me right?

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Well, when the U.S civic/financial/military structures collapse due to the subversion of billionare kikes stuffing shitskins in them, we'll know that in the end they will blame the russians
At that point will anyone be left who cares?

Then they take over where you moved to you obvious shill.

How do you educate an adult that watches cartoons? Do you expect him to create an entire anime so you actually absorb the lesson? No its not his job to teach an adult, its your job to teach yourself. Stop watching cartoons and read a fucking book.
Clearly not enough, faggot.

Oh you are just a goon

Why because I made fun of your cartoons? Cant you read id's? Im not who you were talking to. This is your brain on anime.

Dude, America was never really an empire, in the (((globalist))) sense. We were only a nation from 1776-1913, after that we became a colony again, a Rothschild colony. When we were actually our own nation we were pretty good, other than the civil war and niggers.

You have the brain of a nigger


They are such huge faggots for not being as versed in cartoon and video game culture as you amirite?

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You pretty much just stole what this american thinks of america.

I don't like Putin, but I wouldn't say he's wrong, though he's almost certainly just saying this for propaganda purposes.

Whew, could you be any dumber? Niggers were actual 2nd class citizens until just 45 years ago. Before the 1960s, a person could travel from North to South California and never see a single nigger. There are places in the Midwest that have never seen a live nigger, and other places where niggers are terrified to go. The south is still segregated, no matter how hard jews try to change it.
And besides all that, you're no better than a nigger. You live in a tiny shack, on welfare, and contribute absolutely nothing to your pozzed little "country" barely the size of a small state. The only reason your shitty little manlets are even rebelling against refugees is because they are hogging all the gibsmedats

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Could you? What the fuck are you rambling about 45 years for? How fucking old has this board gotten?
You can literally smell the stale freedumb fries through the modem.

Based white man

hasnt this been touted for years now?

Nothing in that article is bad, he says the USA(nwo cabal powerbase) is becoming less of a superpower because they made tons of mistakes, now that Trump is in control they are losing faster (Trump's election was a nwo mistake) and that now Russia, one of the last white countries will gain more power ect

80% shills in every thread today,

It's because of you, you don't read, can't read, can't understand what's happening and are just 8ch NPCs no better than Reddit npc, you just say nigger faggot occasionally

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Awww, is the poor little nigger upset because everyone knows he begs for government rations like a loser? It's okay, I would probably be jealous too if my tiny government-issue apartment was the size of a standard American coat closet, or if I had to save up thirty years to buy a 50cc scooter kek

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Take your D&C elsewhere

He's not wrong.
I'm too old to start over in another country, but if Trump proves to be just a hiccup in the decline of the west I can die knowing at least somewhere someone maintained some of the ideals I hold dear.
Sorry for buying into the 80's cold war propaganda as a kid guys, you russkies are alright.

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what is this Final Fantasy????
This boss has the heal regen attack

And all it took was one Trump…In today's world global leadership requires influence in all spheres - economically, militarily and socially (e.g. popular culture). Isolationism wont cut it. The US has to dominate in all areas and Trump is already closing the curtain…

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Hi Dugin.
Kek. That's like saying Trump combats hispanics. The south of Russia is teaming with mudshits.

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You're about to be isolated from your tribe Moshe.

"The biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net: Working-class whites"


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who dat?

The biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net: Working-class whites


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This launches my sides into fucking orbit every single time. Top Check. Top Kek.

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