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The van was found 500 feet from a post office and synagogue

Two lookouts are stationed outside of the synagogue

The synagogue and post office ARE IN THE SAME BUILDING

Truck location:

goo .gl/maps/dAwPB81QwkN2

Lookout number 1:

goo .gl/maps/mjbWKvMaVP52

Lookout number 2:

goo .gl/maps/QL2adXSsFuD2

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Already a 2 threads.

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they are almost full, and have derailed

That lot tows if you don't have a parking pass. All the businesses there are kosher or cater to kikes. He had to have worked in one of the shops there (for a jew) to get a parking pass.

The shills are pushing "this is no problem for Republicans". It is. Without a smoking gun condemning the Dems, the Dems win the House, though Republicans will hold the Senate.

It's got to be better than that. Women are idiots, they worship the kike, and get all their info from the kike media. It has to be so big the kike media is forced to admit it.

We have a motive. Not enough to convince retards (women).

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post office is trucking kids I bet

He was apparently a delivery guy, maybe for the kosher deli right there?

Also, look into who posted this, they are a super left writer for the local paper

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This is hilarious. He literally delivered for a kosher deli.

But this is also kinda lulzy. Women are retards. But, as human beings (non-women, non-cucks), we can have some compassion. here, a man was decorating his home, living in Liberal utopia.

< irony

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Something is weird about this. I live very close to this and used to walk through that parking lot to get to the marina on the other side almost every day. I hardly EVER see a trump sticker in this den of kikes that is south florida let alone this magasperger. I know I would have noticed it sitting there but I've never seen this van before.

He probably was also shipping drugs through the kosher "post office". That's why they slipped through. But they had to cover up the drug running operation. My speculation.

GOD GREAT Spirit Blessings

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you can almost make out the license plate here

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It's hilarious he worshipped the failed god, the one incapable of aiding men, the vagina-god, the worthless, Elohim-Yahweh.



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I think this angle is worth looking into. Here's a quick rundown/

Sauce: >> archive.is/ugL9P

Remember, the "Magabomber" was caught because of fingerprints and DNA found on some of the bombs.

This Hebert fellow would've easily been able to lift some of the "Magabomber's" fingerprints and sweat for DNA from any of the machines he used at the gym to frame him. Nobody would've suspected this crazy MAGA maniac didn't do it.

Also look at all the Jews who just happened to find the "Mabamobile" odd and interesting as far back as 2017. Not to mention they found it parked in front of a kosher market (lol). As if their kikery wasn't already obvious enough.

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Filthy Indian.

Fuck off attention-whore your cancer doesn't belong here. There are no points for making threads, especially fucking duplicates.

Not good enough for winning the election. Hillary's people are the retards, the women, who are retards. Being retards, you'll need more than obviousness. You need beyond obviousness, which doesn't mean it has to be true.

Don't you have some goats to fuck?

< white knight
< doesn't know islam is a misandrist religion - like the rest of the (((abrahamic))) "faiths"

Oh that's horribly low effort. This is a leftist think tank (probably women) trying to sound like a tough conservative.
The questions are why wasn't this guy arrested for this or perhaps better yet why wasn't this guy's van vandalized by leftists/spics?

confirmed LA gym as where he worked out

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Thread theme. For the Gay Chief!

Is there a known address? in the 2017 google maps view you can clearly see that the thing on the back of his car under the black tarp is a bicycle. Who carries around their bicycle on the back of their car all year? The homeless do, and the ones trying to get their life together are taking showers at the gym and living in their van.

I'm thinking this guy was a patsy. His twitter seems made up and even bot like. He is spending time in a den of kikes who would have noticed him and knew he would be easy to setup. I'm shocked I didn't notice the van but in the google map image from 2017 it doesn't have all the stickers on the side windows

Oh! Good job, user! Now the Blue-wave just became real because a Democrat from Florida, pretending to be a Republican angry at a bunch of Democrats, sent explosives to Democrats while pretending to be a BernieBro pissed off at the Democrats because of the Republicans. Great fucking job!

That's a big goy.


Why now?
Who benefits?

Go back to chiran, retard.

It certainly seems that way, but without evidence there is nothing like hope for Republicans this election. The kikes win big. They got everything they wanted. Women are idiots, and will vote for the blue kikes.

he literally just gave a reason nigger faggot

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Same line repeated over and over again almost like someone trying to craft a false a consensus/narrative.

I'm not here presenting to you what I think to be false. As for "blue wave", the tendency, if you are not aware, is for the pendulum to swing. This has happened many times in the history of US politics, and in recent years. Do you not know these things?

And, let us say you are not here to cause false hope in white people, do you not know about Alabama?

How is it that Alabama went for a Democrat, less than 2 years after going overwhelmingly for Trump?

The answer is simple: Women are idiots.

Don't believe the polling - women lie to pollsters. What happened was white women both voted for the Dem, then lied about it, and others simply didn't show up to vote.

they jews keep jo-coxing the run up to every election in white countries

And, because women are idiots, it will never stop. The kikes will keep continuously false flagging.

Black pilling faggot if they had this thing in the bag they wouldn't need caravans of peace, false flags, rape accusations,etc.
I doubt this will do much one way or the other this is too old hat, they'd need to sacrifice one of their pawns even that might not swing it their way.

How much of the collages are original? None? Some? All?

What I'm interested in is sourcing the images. Perhaps it might lead somewhere.

So many image macros, no pepes.

You (19) type like a faggot and your shit's all retarded. The pendulum isn't going to swing back to the political center where it stood for 3 presidents after 2 years.

There was some chick with a sign that called the bomber fake news…. made jew report.

I was right about Alabama.

Boomer memes, man.

President: David Sedaghati
Rabbi: Asher Amselem
Great Cantor: Chazan Eliyahu Suna
Lev Tov Community
Aventura, FL. USA

Lev Tov Community Introduction

It has been already seven years, since a small group joined forces with Mr. David Sedaghati, to establish a Sephardi Minyan in the Aventura Waterways shopping plaza.. The Minyan, now known as “Lev Tov” Congregation gained momentum and grew sufficiently to justify securing a location. The "Weber’s Caf” restaurant became the place to be, for Shabbatot and Holiday prayers.

As the Minyan grew stronger, it required a professional cantor to lead the services-someone with a pleasant voice, versed in the Sephardi ritual of melodies and prayers. Indeed, it was heaven sent that Chazan Michael Malka joined the Lev Tov community and has since continued to strengthen it.

They flourished and grew so much, that the High Holiday season became a challenge. So too the group diligently every year set up the services in a larger location. The marina restaurant know as
“Prime Grill” & “Ronni’s on the Water” became the new location to accommodate up to 400 seats. Eventually the community needed to establish itself in a bigger location, to cater for year-round Shabbatot and Chagim. Now “GiGi’s Caf” serves as Lev Tov’s new prayer services

Lev Tov takes this opportunity to express its gratitude for the contributions of many of our friends and members who assisted in promoting this great endeavor. Mr. David Sedaghati currently
serves as Lev Tov’s president, investing personal time and money, diligently working night and day, for the community of Lev Tov to thrive and enjoy a pleasant place for prayer.. David makes sure that everything works and is in place, prayer books, seating, maintenance, and High Holiday arrangements.

Friends of the community include our cherished “Gabaim”: Yossi Hemo, Amnon Mizrachi as well as Attorney Isaac Bachar. The list goes on, all committed to assist and serve our friends and partners of Lev Tov congregation; may G-d bless them all!. A very special thanks are in order to our esteemed and generous Mr. Danny Twizer, who has reached out and helped us many a time when Lev Tov experienced difficulties. May G-d bless him. A personal Thank You is sent to each and every member of this community, for helping and
encouraging us, each one according to his means. May G-d repay you with a healthy, good and blessed year!

This year, like every year, High Holidays and Sukkot services will be taking place at the Marina Restaurant—the former “Ronni’s on the Water,” in the Waterways shopping plaza.

Please register in advance and reserve your seats. We want to organize a place for everyone.

NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY! We strive to accommodate everyone, no “fees” are enforced.

This year, Chazan Michael Malka will lead the prayers under the leadership of Rabbi Asher Amselem, and directed by the great cantor Chazan Eliyahu Suna who will be arriving from the Holy City of Jerusalem. They will sweeten our prayer with a Jerusalem Sephardi and Moroccan style, a guaranteed delight for spiritual pleasure.

In addition, the community is invited to the “Simchat Torah” celebrations in the Waterways shopping plaza courtyard. Every year we enjoy the company of many visitors and open participation from the community at large. Every year, thank G-d, we have enjoyed an increasing number of participants. We hope to see you there!

Join us this year for a unique experience.
Phone Numbers for Reservations:
Liora: 954-8047550
Lana: 305-4389009 Ext:106
David: 954-3092734
Blessing you for Shana Tova U’Mevorechet
Ketiva Ve Chatima Tova to all Beit Israel
& Moadim Le Simcha
Lev Tov Congregation
Waterways, Aventura.


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3rd bomber van discovered

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Enough with the cringe jokes. This is a digging thread. Go to breitbart comment section if you need attention. Fucking boomer cringe.

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But keep fellating the kikes with that "THE DEMS ARE STILL GONNA WIN! MUH BLUE WAVE!" bullshit.

When Somali niggers see through your narrative, so does literally every sentient being on the planet.

The best thread I have ever seen in chan land. Actual photographic proof that it was a broward county kike job to begin with. BUMP
Gas the kikes.
Race war now.

Somali man. Some black men are realizing that Dems don't give a fuck about them. The smartest of them are. It's a MGTOW thing. Nigresses aren't, and won't. They are on the gravy train and know it.

dubs confirm

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One of the articles says they kept it hidden. That doesn't explain its present location, though.

Who is Cesar's defense attorney? Could be telling if its some democrat fixer telling him to shut up and take a plea bargain.




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I bet you he did porn.

Kike damage control

And there's your answer on why the mail was shipped undetected.

Every time. But they'll just keep winning all the elections, since they have total control over everything. They rape all, rape the Earth, and blame us, we who gained of it nothing.

What do you mean "damage control". You're so out of touch with women it's ridiculous. Women are stupid fuckers. They'll be swayed by this, the same as they were in Alabama. This is Alabama #2, unless some miracle happens. Keep digging, yes, but we already know how it goes. Kikes did it, and the boomers are too stupid to care, fat, dumb, happy, and selling us down the river.

Seems so. No reporters are asking questions, though. They're all NPC's, Fox quite well included. The "for retards" news.

Madeline Sayoc & Associates (Beauty Salon)
18151 NE 31st Ct
Apt 2016
Aventura, FL 33160
Phone number (305) 692-1830


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I wouldn't be surprised. Kikes are losing their grip on reality and everything they're doing these days is backfiring on them like MemriTV.

i just want to mention that David Hogg's school shooting political activist group headquarters is within this area

Well it looks like a fresh cheap all white paint job on it now. Older photo's of the Ram Van show it still having a factory 2 tone and stripe paint job.

Is DODGE the official sponsor of the MKUltra program?

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someone send this info to ralph retard and the shillstream on jewtube. They are saying it was a lone wolf crazy guy

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Well it is the most jewish part of Florida. His van was found there. I reckon most high profile activist groups are going to be from this area.

I live like thirty minutes from all this shit, should I go check something out

The only one at Fox who remotely questioned the narrative was Tucker, but even his questions were low-energy. "Why didn't any of the thirteen bombs go off, Former Special Agent Daniel Bongino?"



Pic related is the 1914 Dodge Brothers logo according to kikipedia. I know Ford was red pilled on the Jews, gotta wonder if these two had to do with any of that.

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The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is operating out of the Lev Tov Congregation, Aventura, FL. The Lev Tov Congregation is located inside the same parking lot, a few hundred feet away from where the pipe-bombing suspect's white van has sat for months (years?). Nothing to see here. Shut it down.

Attached: Ariel Levy - Chazan from Israel - Israeli Defense Force Operative - IDF - Adventura Florida - Pipebomb Psyop - CNN- 2018 - midterm election.jpg (800x620 207.52 KB, 135.23K)


The fact we never caught up with the politically correct nonsense (which countries now turn away from) doesn’t make it Israel’s invention.

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(part 2)


read this:

richardsilverstein com/2018/06/22/my-wikipedia-stalker/

It seems that Ariel Levy is a pseudonym for something else

(part 3)

this guy seems very pro-israel

wikipediasucks co/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=678


Mod? this jew is manipulating the threads seo metadata with "women are stupid". So the conversation is cataloged under "women are stupid" instead of the topic at hand. Can we get a permaban and deletion of this massive hymie douche.

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Fucking excellent find there lad. So the guy was racist as fuck against nigs/spics but loved the jews/israel? Probably has some jew in his family.

That isn't about caesar. It's about the IDF member inside the Lev Tov Congregation across the parking lot; Ariel Levy.

Look at this Israeli narrative shaping.

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Good job, can you dig up more info on this Kalb person?

Samuel Falic try-out with the paratroopers (photos & blog)

Philip Levine: Mayor of Miami Beach (2013–2017)
Wiki: archive.is/UiSCb

Miami Beach, FL
September 19th, 2014
Miami Beach, FL – September 18, 2014 – The Emergency Volunteer Project hosted a fabulous kick-off event at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach on Thursday evening. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, Israeli Consul General to Florida and Puerto Rico Chaim Shacham and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine attended along with hundreds of supporters interested in participating in the program, which trains and recruits volunteers to serve Israel in times of crisis.

A prominent Israeli politician and national security expert. A member of Likud, Hanegbi is currently Minister for Regional Cooperation. Hanegbi was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu to serve as Acting Prime Minister of Israel, from September 10–17, 2017, while the Prime Minister traveled abroad.

There is a connection between Samuel Falic (Ariel Levy?) and Benjamin Netanyahu through former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation, Tzachi Hanegbi.

Attached: Samuel-Falic-Paratrooper-Tryouts.jpg (240x210 235.5 KB, 8.28K)

Someone needs to call into the ralph retards shillstream and unload all this evidence. They all think this was just a random lonewolf. nothing to see ehre goys

We can all rest easy because there are no IDF in Broward County. Mossad maybe, but no IDF

that's one of the ugliest things I've seen. And I've seen Amy Schumer naked. (Thanks pol)

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Get this to the President and General Flynn. We have a country to save.

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What really Oys my Veys is when Mossad dresses like Feebs and does a crappy job of securing a "crime scene" that looks more like a (((Hollywood))) prop where a Democratic Seminole jewish Latino plays a White guy with an inordinate number of Trump gear. the only thing missing is a huge neon sign that reads "Number 1 Suspect"

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see you on judgement day jewboy

why do the retarded magapedes do things like this? It's so beyond fucking stupid looking. It's like these people have absolutely 0 artistic taste whatsoever. It looks like what a 5 year old comes up with when his class assignment is to make a collage.


lawandcrime com/high-profile/former-supervisor-cesar-seyoc-thought-gay-black-and-jewish-people-should-all-die/


Well I'm going to take a break. I think I did a damn good job of compiling this into a simplified easy to understand process. I mean holy fuck, the connection to netanyahu is exposed. Where is everyones reaction. I've posted this in 4 threads and everyone just ignores it. The hell is going on man. Something weird is happening. I'm starting to think Whites have been bred for slavery. I keep seeing certain behaviors reoccurring with white. I see whites get up to the point of winning, then suddenly out of nowhere for no logical reason they fail, self-sabotage or simply just give up. Something deep psychologically and physically is happening every time we get near the finish line. The only thing I can think of that makes any sense for this self-sabotaging behavior is our people have been bred to be slaves. We're a higher functioning slave is all. The Jews use higher functioning white slaves to be their warriors and guard dogs. Black and brown slaves are used for labor. It's a disturbing thought… but I am leaning more and more towards accepting this as the only answer why Whites fail when they're about to win. It has to be biological slave motor cognition that triggers in at the last minute. Maybe being on top is just too much effort and work for whites. Maybe being cucks for Jews is an easier life for Whites. Whites are comfortable being a 'warrior class slave' for their Jewish masters. The Jew master gives them enough to survive but never enough to free themselves.

Here is the finish line. Provided like a gift. Lets see what higher functioning white slaves do with it over the next 48 hours.

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Where's evidence of those connections?

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