"We Will Be At War With China In 15 Years" Predicts Former Commander Of U.S. Army In Europe

Days after U.S. warships made a provocative passage through the Taiwan Strait on Monday, further making already strained tensions between the Washington and Beijing — currently in the midst of a trade war — even hotter, the former top commander of the US Army in Europe has predicted the United States and China will likely be at war in 15 years.

Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges made the bombshell and alarming comments at a Warsaw security forum on Wednesday where he urged European allies to do more in preparing their own defenses against Russia while Americans focus more on the Pacific.

Gen. Hodges said, according to the Military Times:

I think in 15 years — it's not inevitable, but it is a very strong likelihood — that we will be at war with China. The United States does not have the capacity to do everything it has to do in Europe and in the Pacific to deal with the Chinese threat.

This statement is hugely remarkable in that it signifies the thesis has just left the domain of academic international relations theoreticians and has now become a guiding assumption of military commanders with years of experience on the ground.

Hodges served as US Army commander in Europe during 2014-17, which makes his warning especially noteworthy, and he's now an analyst with the Center for European Policy Analysis. He addressed an ongoing policy debate among policy and defense official circles over whether it's a mistake for Washington to focus its defense efforts on "threats" like Russian and Iran.

Meanwhile international relations theorist John Mearsheimer, recently drew controversy by expressing publicly at a policy conference that the United States should cool its rhetoric on Russian and Iran — and even work with the two countries — in order to focus on curtailing the true long-term threat of China.

And interestingly, Steve LeVine writing at Axios early this week posed the question long on the Western public's mind: what are the chances of a US-China war?

While both Gen. Hodges and John Mearsheimer shocked audiences by saying war is almost inevitable on the current trajectory of soaring US-China tensions, Harvard professor and author agrees with them, and further explains just how this scenarios would come about.

LeVine recently crossed paths with Graham Allison, who published his explosive "Destined For War: Can America And China Escape Thucydides Trap?" a year ago which detailed the reasons for a coming major war being all but inevitable, sparking a global debate about the Harvard professor's controversial thesis. LeVine followed up with Allison in relation to the recent uptick in tensions in the region of the South China Sea:

He said, if history holds, the U.S. and China appeared headed toward war.

Over the weekend, I asked him for an update — specifically whether the danger of the two going to war seems to have risen.

"Yes," he responded. The chance of war is still less than 50%, but "is real — and much more likely than is generally recognized."

LeVine comments of Graham Allison's central thesis, "Glued to a 2,400-year-old script, the U.S. and China seem to be on the same war-bound path that great powers have taken since Sparta fought upstart Athens."

LeVine summarizes, based on Allison's latest comments, that now more than ever the two great powers are inching toward that trap in their brinkmanship based on an "inexorable, invisible force prodding them to almost inevitable war". Per the Axios report:

The U.S. has slapped increasing tariffs on Beijing, cordoned off U.S. tech, and jailed a Chinese spy, while Beijing has continued to build its military footprint in the disputed South China Sea, demanded tech secrets from Western companies, and more.

But would the current trade war alone or even wide scale tech theft and a few encounters on the open seas be enough to trigger escalation and actual war?

Likely not, says Allison, but instead a WWI type scenario of an unintended domino effect of one-upmanship in which, for example, the simple assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered massive escalation leading to world war. By a similar scenario, writes LeVine of Allison's comments, "the two countries will be pulled into conflict by miscalculation involving a third party, such as Taiwan."

Says Professor Graham Allison:

"What happens is that a third-party provocation, an accident, becomes a trigger to which one of the two feels obliged to respond. and they find themselves in a war that neither wanted."

We saw precisely this almost happen between the US and Russia over Syria on multiple occasions over the past two years — especially with the September accidental downing of the Russian IL-20 surveillance plane with 15 crew members on board after US ally Israel launched a wide scale missile assault on Syrian government facilities.

But with the former commander of US Army forces in Europe now saying "in 15 years we will be at war with China" the thesis has just left the domain of academic international relations theoreticians and has now become a guiding assumption of top military commanders.

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(((Who))) was behind this?

I wonder if the war will be started the first female president of the USA? Some mad commie whore like Cortez?

General is a moron.

That's not what's going to happen. He doesn't know modern warfair. And it will begin with the dome of the rock being blown up by Iran. The US was just playing around in the desert. Wasting money and hiding their cards.

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Unless nukes stop being a thing I find that highly unlikely. There will probably be various states of economic/technological warfare going on(as there generally is) and there might even be warfare on a demographic level(see; how china is slowly taking over Canada's real-estate market), but open violence is highly unlikely.
The most likely form of outright military conflict may take place in the form of proxy wars and skirmishes between "private interests" or "isolated incidents of sectarian terrorism" in foreign nations(see:what's sort of happening now in parts of the world) but the idea of American and Chinese troops being deployed against each-other directly is laughable at best.

If somehow the Soviet Union at the height of it's ass-rending, back-akwards retarded Stallinism managed to not go to war with half the world when nuclear devastation wasn't even that much of a threat, I highly doubt the very intelligent and pragmatic people running China are going to decide to have a go at NATO.

When you look at the future think cyberpunk thoughts.

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Keksimus, I'm generally the first to defend Christcucks but this is ridiculous even to me.

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Context on the ass-rending retardation part, at various points, various very important people in the Soviet Union were of the unwavering opinion that they were legitimately immortal and that the Soviet Union could, genuinely, not be stopped.

Consider that people who were entirely convinced that they could go to war with the whole of the world and WIN an overwhelming victory elected to then NOT do that for whatever purpose.
Neither the US nor China will go to war with the one-another for the simple fact that, despite everything, the people in charge of both(both officially and secretively) are not that fucking retarded.

Oh yeah? Well what did Nostradamus and John Titor predict?

That's kinda feasible, no? I mean we are not going to get stuck in the MAD status quo forever. Either we develop more efficient interception systems, or since you mention cyberpunk, something like radiation cleaning nanobots a la GitS; so even if you get nuked you only lose the civilians that didn't manage to evacuate and not have your clay turn uninhabitable.

This is all not very related to China, pardon the digression.

That's the plan.

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Hold on, let me get my Big Book of Bullshit. Ah! Here it is, apparently ferrets will have gay sex with elephants and this will give birth to the Antichrist which will then proceed to work as a middle-manager at Denny's.

Apparently he'll be quite good at it too.

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We're already at war, nigger.

this Lt General Ben Hodges demonstrates precisely why he is a coward, traitor and a loser. why the fuck should we wait 15 years? start that motherfucking war with China yesterday already. nuke the goddamn goddless Commie gooks while we still can. we have already been locked into low level war against China since at least the 1990's. but this time it's economic warfare, and the gooks are fucking slaughtering us. Chan is putting his peen into all American's front holes and you Boomer MAGAtards are just enjoying your own ass rape. the chinks have seized America's entire Defense Industrial base, and pretty soon, even if the faggot Pentgon brass wanted to first strike Beijing, they won't be able to, because all the gagdets and chips and critical infrastructure that is Made in China would mysteriously receive The Beacon and shut itself down, crippling America and turning us off like flicking a light switch. we never should have trusted the slants and their (((WallSt))) kike enablers who soothsayed us "c'mon Goy, China is a Developing Nation, just ship a little bit of your manufacturing over there to be done by hundreds of millions of illiterate peasants locked into slave labor who are paid $3.00 per month" and "c'mon Goy, your profit margins are slipping because (((we))) have given ourselves bigger bonuses this quarter, and your market share is slipping because (((we))) have consolidated your competitors and then sold derivatives against their profits for the next century out" and "c'mon Goy, just close that factory in Redneckistan, Red State and ship it to GuanZangDongChangZhou, those racist white male Nationalists deserve to become paupers anyways, and besides, our friends in Manchuria have plenty of Fentanyl and Meth and Bath Salts to ship into Redneckistan, so you don't have to worry, those bigoted Islamophobic white fucking males will have opioid addiction to replace their former jobs and middle class lifestyle, and they won't notice the difference in the end."

fuck China. i almost hate China worse than the Ziokikes. first we get rid of China, then we pulverize Zion.

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If we develop suitably advanced interception systems we'll probably also develop suitably advanced ways at working around them.
Most missile defense systems employed by world-powers these days are efficient enough to stop any kind of nuclear strike - simultaneously there's sufficiently advanced technology to render those defense grids largely useless.

As for "radiation cleaning nanobots" that's kekitium incarnate. First off, that's not even the main problem with nuclear warfare - the massive scale devastation and casualties are - and second that's not how radiation works.
What are those nanobots going to do? Play Pakman with gamma-rays? The only way to get rid of radiation is to get rid of the irradiated matter(read:bury it) OR wait long enough(depending on the bomb anywhere between 50 and 500 years) before radiation levels are low enough to repopulate(soil's never going to be quite the same, though).

Unlike poison gas, you cant' wash radiation off with a hose.

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Alright, Chaim, calm down and tell us where the Chinaman stole your shekels.

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If not nanobots, radiation eating bacteria; and yes maybe nanobots could bury it or help or help somehow. If not interception systems sci-fi looking shield domes. Be more creative, Mr. Cool Sci-fi image. My point is thinking the impact of nukes will remain the same always as it is now, regardless of how much time passes, is patently ridiculous. Like thinking having the first iron-plated ship in 1560 gives you eternal dominance over the world.

If there is no war against China, the US will have a CIVIL WAR or simply be swamped with migrants. The US will sink to a second rate power like Brazil. Needless to say Canada's fate will be similar. I'm looking towards the exists…

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God I hope so, it's been too long since the last time China got utterly raped at war because they are a bunch of incompetent ants and have been for their entire history

Shit like this is makes it so obvious they only promote zog infected retards in the military. If the United States stopped trading with China their economy would crash overnight and there wouldn't be enough food to feed all their people, leading to a civil war with chinks killing each other for food.

Pure fantasy unless you're referring to plastic and/or glass(and I'm counting aluminium into this category) domes in which case that ain't gonna do shit against a nuke.
I think you're missing the point of microscopic technology. Besides, the idea of nanobots on that scale in 15 years is incredibly optimistic, to put it politely.
That's nice but that still doesn't work because that's not how either radiation eating bacteria or radiation work.
I am, you just happen to be wrong concurrently.
In terms of centuries? You're absolutely right. It's a shame we're talking about 15 years from now, though, as that makes you squarely wrong.

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He doesn't look too happy to be working with that hogweed. Is he set to suck or blow? That shit will ruin your day.

No. If you fight against China you will fight for the jews and a future for mongrel children.

I have one word for you: manpower. China has as many single, fighting aged men than most nations have entire populations. In 15 years that number is only going to grow exponentially(as there's something like 35 million more men than women in China - a number that's growing - and Chinese men are increasingly chronically single and/or virginal well into their adulthood).

By 2033 I wouldn't be surprised if half of China is Adult Virgins with Autism and Bloodlust. That's a lot of hopeless, blackpills to throw at a wall of fire.

Dude, it's not like the USA is producing anything anymore. If United States stops trading, it's economy will crash too.

Someone needs to make that a reaction image. I would but I'm lazy and unmotivated.


And they are all useless bugmen and malformed twigs with cardboard and plastic gear, their zerg rush amounts to absolutely nothing when the USA can delete their entire transport chain before they are remotely close to our shores

No one takes you seriously, woman.

That's not how economics work. Nations that import more are far less vulnerable to economic damage from trade sanctions than countries that export more - that goes quintupple for countries like the US which could easily rebuild their manufacturing base.

If you rely on selling things to people, when people stop buying you're fucked. If you rely on buying things to people, when people stop selling you just start making your own.

Oh no we won't have shitty electronics for cheap! We do have food and clean water though. Fuck em.

Who will fight the Chinese men, and maybe the Russians and Iranians? Your tranny soldiers? Your non-whites that will run off in the middle of the fight and let their white comrades die? The american military is done unless it develops AI targeting in the next 15 years.

Who said anything about an invasion, retard? CoD is not an accurate mode, stop getting your ideas from shitty video games made for brainletts.

The problem is not the capacity to produce. The problem is workers and their wages.

White Americans will not work for minimum wage in a factory after they paid 100k to get a college degree.

The access to shitty cheap products is what it's keeping the americans away from starting a civil war over local resources. Consumerism gives them the false idea that they get what they need. It replaces the natural need for community with artificial belonging to products and brands.

Hello spy. USA is finished. Yes, unless war comes now. Sad but true. If it wins, it's probably finished. EU was planning to become Islamic for a while. Either way, the 'West' appears to be finished.

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Keep telling yourself that yid.

Not just blind faith I hope.

Go back to reddit. You’re spamming the jewish neocon party line. We aren’t going to fall for it. The US will have race war regardless of China. China is meaningless. They are a physical and economic threat to absolutely no one. They haven’t won a war in 400 years. You are a newfag, so you don’t know things that we all already know. Go away.

America as a a White nation and a Republic, is dying.

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China is being set up as the next world power.
In 15 years they will be militarily superior to the US, and they are in someways already Economically superior.

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You assume too much, user.
They will when they won't be able to find another job.
See your local barista for further information.
That's a funny way to describe a machine, user. Do spanner lives matter now, too?
15 years is a long time in robotics, factories that were almost entirely manned in 2003 are now almost entirely unmanned.

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You know what will happen? in 2032 the first non-white female president will declare war against China.

All the remaining right wing males will sing up for joining the war as they will be desperate to be recognized as real men.

Half of them will die while the other half will return fucked up from the war.

By 2040, most white women will have children with black african refugees who came to United States after China lost the war and no one was left to feed the monkeys in Africa.

On a purely selfish note, I for one am hoping for a war with China. Not because it will be a bloodbath; but because Australia's long established alliance with the US is the singular hope I can see for this country unfucking itself re: yellow bugs. Australia views the chinks are an easy supply of cash, and our economy depends on them completely - to the point where cutting off the chink cash supply would collapse our economy and bring about a recession that no government is willing to have. Thus the chinks keep pouring in and continue buying up all our shit. There are even plans in the works now to develop a high-speed railway along the east coast, with satellite cities built specifically to house the fuckers. Nothing short of total recolonisation. Bring on the fucking war, NOW.

China will push for a war anyway then to avoid a Civil War. I think this will work out for United States too, and to avoid a civil war between the white minority and all the other non-whites the jews at the top will embrace the war and like in WW2 they will send the best of the white males to die in the war and open up United States for becoming a mongrel nation.

Why are they not trying to terraform the desert area instead?

Nigger the Chinese can't even secure their coasts properly, their entire Navy and Airforce can be taken-care-of by the fucking Bongs.
An actual, non-nuclear, war between China and the US would be a question of how many days the Chinese could scratch out before Russia steps in and NATO is forced to accept their(the Chinese) conditional surrender.

80% Of the talk of China's superiority is absolute horse-shit. An objective analysis of their actual state would tell you that their entire economy is already headed for a major collapse.

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John Titor did nothing wrong
2019 starts it and 2036 the big ones drop

wtf is this? are you quoting your faggot jewtube video?

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Fight who? How stupid are torfags? There won't be a single engagement in land since every chink will get sunk at sea effortlessly

Wow that sure is a big threat then, Yang Ping

Because terraforming would be both incredibly expensive and a hard sell to the public. At least with the high speed rail and satellite cities, they can claim its primary function is for the benefit of the Australian public. Terraformed cities in the desert, not so much.

Nyet! If it does China's already incredibly fragile economy is going to go down like the Hindenburg and they'll be back to the Middle-Ages stock-pilling rice and Yak's blood to survive the winter.
Not being at war with anyone is, more or less, the sole exclusive reason China isn't a time-portal into the 1300s.


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Nigger we can start making shoes any time we want. If we stop trading with China the businesses that take the biggest hit are places like Bed Bath & Beyond. Who gives a shit if all the BBB shutdown? We shouldn't even be using plastic kitchenware. You should be using steel and cast iron that lasts your whole life.

I did say this was way unrelated to China, and apologized for the digression. And I was just thinking out of the box, way out of my field of expertise and not practical applications, but yeah, I guess at least you got my point; but then think how fast technology has been developing and correct your estimate from centuries to 80 years and I'm with you.

This. And doesn't poison you and the waterways, for good measure.

I see a Chinese victory in 2044 with a multilayered area denial attack run by nanobe attack bots in massive swarms.

So why are you not manufacturing products right now?

Will China exist in 15 years?
They're incredibly unstable.

Women do go to war more often then men, since they didn’t have to go on the front lines and risk their lives in a war

If you've been paying attention, I've stated that time and time again that China will neither go to war nor will it even be able to survive one - as things stand right now.
However, in a hypothetical scenario(and the idea that there would be a ware is purely hypothetical) where China has the capacity and will to go to war with the US it has a significant advantage in manpower.

The future of China in the next 30 years will be one of three:
1: It liberalizes radically to the point it drops the entire Communist system and begins the slow and difficult(read; lots of instability) journey into becoming a 1st world country.
2: It's entire economy collapses and they revert to Maoism and the Middle Ages thereby locking themselves into a repetitive cycle of liberalization, collapse, regression and liberalization once again.
3:They creep into various stages of international interventionism(ala: the US right now, but with more interest in Africa), open war with 3rd world shit-holes and, finally, civil war with itself.

China's main problems relate to it's fragile economy(being that it's largely based on realestate and manufacturing, of which the former could easily collapse at any time and the latter will become less and less viable as China's population gets wealthier) and a rising, and already unbalanced, male demographic in a time where China's women are getting choosier.
China's only options, assuming the current system is maintained, are to explode outward or implode inward. Both will end in catastrophe.

In a fit of irony, China NEEDS precisely what's killing the West right now - happy merchants. We need to start exporting our Jewry to them for great justice.
Listen, user, the expulsion of the Jews is a LEGITIMATE FORM OF ECONOMIC WAR FARE.

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For what reason though?

It's easy to look at how far we've come and assume we'll progress that way but you'd be surprised at how slow progress in certain fields can be.
A lot of this stuff is far more advanced than most give credit and, in any case, there's a lot to do with direction.

Consider where they thought we'd be right now back in the '60s and '70s. They could scarcely imagine our information technology on one hand, and on the other they massively overestimated the importance we'd put on spacefare and personal transportation.

The manufacturing renaissance at the base of this supposed US economic is disappearing. It is unsurprising, quite predictable actually. First, there was the cleanup from last year’s major storms and then frontrunning potential trade restrictions. Manufacturers domestically were gearing up for a whole host of non-economic reasons. If Keynes had ever been right about activity for the sake of activity, it would have shown up here.

Instead, after twelve months of favorable comparisons economic accounts are once more coming back down to the pitiful baseline economic state. The latest is durable goods. In September 2018, according to the Census Bureau, new orders for long-lasting goods rose just 3.9% (unadjusted) year-over-year, the lowest gain since April 2017. Over the twelve months prior to September new orders had averaged more than 8% growth.

In terms of capital goods, this reversion to form is even more dramatic. New orders for capital goods had likewise averaged more than 8% from September 2017 to August 2018. Last month, however, orders were nearly unchanged, rising by just 0.9%.

What matters most is the more recent results. For those we turn to the seasonally-adjusted series. Manufacturing activity in this segment appears robust but only in those discrete periods – the three months after Harvey and then for three months leading up to the trade war stuff.

In the five months since, however, durable goods orders are growing at a pitiful 2.4% rate. At such a low level, it’s now difficult to distinguish between coming back down to the prior trend and the possible condition of rolling over into the next downturn.

This analysis is complicated further by that second three-month period in early 2018 when activity was almost certainly pulled forward ahead of trade restrictions. Therefore, we are left wondering what that 2.4% annual rate really suggests, and it could be a combination of all three: demand pulled forward, a sluggish economy underneath all-the-while, and that weakness contributing to the same possible economic rollover already appearing elsewhere around the world.

Along those lines, more troubling news out of Germany today. The ZEW sentiment survey had already suggested deepening concerns, and now the IFO’s review of the German situation corroborates the deterioration.

Firms were less satisfied with their current business situation and less optimistic about the months ahead. Growing global uncertainty is increasingly taking its toll on the German economy.

From Canada to Brazil and China, it isn’t looking good. And central bankers will, true to form, continue undeterred by any of it. The Bank of Canada not only raised its benchmark policy rate yesterday, it signaled its readiness to become more aggressive so as to get ahead of forecast overheating despite a clear slowdown in 2018. In Europe, Mario Draghi notes today, “incoming information, [is] somewhat weaker than expected” but he assured everyone you better believe that won’t stop policy normalization.

And Jay Powell is, of course, the hawkiest of hawks even if he can’t figure out federal funds (still equal to IOER, by the way).

None of them seem capable of noticing the common thread running through all these places, the US most definitely included (just look at the housing market). The world was synchronized, supposedly, last year for good. This year, it’s still synchronized but more and more the wrong way. It might be surprising if it wasn’t the fourth time.

we don't have enough burn victim trauma centers for a small tactical nuke in the US invent of a nuke terror.


Sure…and then the world will end as China and the USA fire their nukes at each other, covering the planet with a nuclear neverending winter.
Have faith. Trump's tariffs are taking a tool on China. By weakening their exports, he has cut off a major source of funding for China's military.

Something else I forgot to mention, the technology available to the civilian market tends to be a fair bit ahead of that available to states and militaries.
It's a bit contra to popular wisdom but, in actual fact, generally speaking what you might take for granted is space-aged compared to what your military is working with.

The civilian market is very often used as a test bed to completely develop a technology before it's ready for official use.

My favorite part about Fallout, the accurate appraisal of the individual worth of every Canadian.

Maybe 50 years ago in western and civilized eastern nations, but today? The west is toast, the jews have crushed any legitimate white male leadership and undermined everything with their own brand of vile corruption and shitskinn infestation. Shit going on in the west today is so beyond the pale that the old 'way the fuck out there' conspiracy shit and wacky movies of the 60's & 70's look downright decent and allright compared to the foul shit breaking out at every corner. Corruption across the board have driven the nail in any legitimate intelligence, bureaucracy is so ingrained and overboard there is no such thing as an line in the sand when it comes to whom exactly is in charge, common sense ideas are viewed as racist and 'white' think and the list can keep going for miles.

These con men, whores and shitskinns in positions of power have never actually accomplished anything in their lives. Not one thing, its all been thru nepotism, corruption and subversion. They have never ever been in a position of an strong man in their face ready to crush them and not have an horde of fat pathetic jokes of a soldier cop at their back to bring overwhelming force to bear in their defense. Bad words are a legitimate threat to them, and repercussions of bad acts are utterly alien in their world experience.

Most of these fuckers actually believe their own bullshit lies and what passes for movies and tv shows are religious instruction on what the world is like to them. They are so far up their own echo chamber asses they have view the extreme liberalism of yesteryear as fucking 'right wing nationalism'. If you think that they are not capable of doing some epic stupid level's of nonsense that only an fucking certified retarded potato nut could contemplate you are going to be sorely mistaken.

We here are winning online because they have lost every connection to reality there is, so much so that basement dwelling anime watching autists are this civilizations only leadership left due to our constant drive to point out the obvious because it pisses idiots off and we can laugh at it. We went from being the sewer of the fucking internet to becoming bastions of defending what is right in this world because our 'leadership' are so fucking gone a damned virgin aspie fat kid with touretts has more capacity to live in the real world as 'normal' than our fuck heads in charge could ever hope to come close to. And the fucking normalfaggots across the world actually side with the autism now because of it.

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Yes, even today. You need to separate what you want to believe from what is real.

learn what terms mean, you fucking retard

The only reaonsably approach to war is that your fucked up idiotic population needs an external enemy to hold its shit together. China doesnt need that because the bots are trimmed in a certain way and also there is a much bigger incentive for success.

Prove it then. Because looking thru the prism of history and human nature they have royally monkey raped themselves when it comes to 'leadership'. Right now, one fucking warlord of our bent gains ANY power and their world collapses overnight.

I wouldn't mind being proven wrong. Considering the vast risk involved in the path where strong ruthless men directly rule over all.

More of me then.

We're both in the same continuity, right? Like, the China in your world is the same as the China in mine. You're not some inter-dimensional wizard kike or something, are you?

Well, that was easy.

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Why would they want war, they are memetically intact, they accept it, hence a certain rise the murican cunts arent, so there isnt a reason for a real war except shifted to a certain realm.

The distinction matters here, they dont need to represent dominance in an overt matter, they didnt do that ever. And they know that skating in that way will give them an advantage.

I can't believe some of you guys actually think China would go to war with us. Two of our new Gerald R Ford aircraft carriers could stop their entire navy.

When did I say they wanted war? I just pointed out that China's population is anything but healthy and well-faring. They're headed for the shits and it's going to be spectacular to watch.

ITT: we ignore that blowing up the Dome is the plan for WW3 and virus warfair, tiny drone virus speading warfair, and fake alien crafts is the present warfair.

I hate nu/pol

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Precisely this.


That is good taste.

You may hate nupol(and who doesn't, really) but I like those tits.


Shit I forgot about India. If they would fight against China maybe the USA could win.

Haley is a spanish crypto-jew with zero indian ancestry.

Looks like Tiffany Trump or whatever is her name TOP KEK


You are fighting the last war & you forget that the quality of the US's tech and military has dramatically fallen. I doubt the chinese have ancient pre-vietnam era rifles, aircraft (B-52) in use, trannies in, or women put in charge of the military because of politics rather than ability.

Most importantly they don't have unity. There will be infighting in the US military in times of crisis. Niggers will think the white commander does not care about them and sends them to death and will ignore orders, women and trannies will hate each other, asian americans will have trouble pulling the trigger on people looking like them…

See this is the difference with china: the russians pretend but when shit gets real they do jack shit about it

Had that been a chinese plane there would be an ICBM headed their way

Technically we've been at war with China for at least 10 years. The only issue is that the average goy in America can't see it because it's a cyberwar. It will go hot in 2 years.

Yes, This remember the US army conscripted a bunch of "ah-lalas" in the army because much racism and we weren't fighting islam or arabs but extremist terrorists.
How long before the same idiots try to do the same with a large number of Chinese people?
The US is screwed if there is another serious (world war) war.

yeah this is the future due to the problems with traditional warfare also very advanced biological attacks example bugs that can ruin crops.