Irish Singer Sinead O'Connor Converts To Islam

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor, who ignited a global controversy in the early 1990s when she ripped up a photo of John Paul II on live television, revealed on Thursday that she has converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada. After announcing her conversion on Twitter, she changed her avatar to a photo of the Nike logo with the slogan "wear a hijab. Just do it."

After changing her name to Magda Davitt last year, the 51-year-old singer said she has changed her name again to Shuhada Davitt. She also changed her residence on Twitter to "Direland" - an obvious play on "Ireland."

A video of the singer proclaiming the Shahada was posted to Twitter by an Ireland-based Imam.

After being forced to apologize for ripping up the photo of JPII, O'Connor continued her fight against the Catholic Church, eventually becoming ordained as a priest by a breakaway church based in Lourdes. The Catholic Church famously doesn't allow women to become priests. According to the AFP, O'Connor said back in 2014 that, while she was still ordained, she had moved away from priesthood because "I'm not interested in causing more trouble than I already am."

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Sinéad O'Connor Explains Why She Left Christianity and Accepts Isam..!!! Conor McGregor convinced Dana White to let Sinead O'Connor sing at UFC 189.. McGregor said, 'Sinead is a powerful woman, she has a powerful voice. When you listen to her music it's eerily beautiful. It's go to war music.. Recently Conor McGregor Used Her Famous Song In Ufc 229 When He Fought khabib nurmagomedov..




I unironically think this is great

I think all whites should convert to Islam, before we are outnumbered by shitskins, and then wage holy jihad against isreal. If we are all muslims you can't bring them in for diversity anymore.

In all seriousness though I guess this points to the dying of white culture and nations, white people are assimilating to the new conquerors. The only silver lining is that when whites go, this gay planet will be locked in as 3rd world permanently unless advanced aliens invade it at some point. You've got to ask yourself what was the point? We created and maintained civilization throughout the millennia, so that we could hand it all over to niggers that hate us and die as cucks.

In the long run no one cares. Anyone under 25 doesn't even know who she is. And those that do most likely are a feminist who already licks her ass so really no loss.


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she can eat her dinner in a halal restaurant
but nothing
nothing, can take away these jews

Washed up has been who has failed to achieve any musical success since her early days, when she had passion and belief, makes a desperate last move to re-capture the limelight that filled her empty existence.

She forgot that Islam kills the apostate, so her religious games are now firmly dead-ended.

And no one cares.

I hate the shabbat ramp-up.

So the fight was officially fixed then. It looked fixed as fuck


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I thought she was dead already. Not just her career I mean.

And nothing of value was lost that day.



That was Delores from the cranberries who died recently.

I piss on the grave of this worthless one hit wonders singers

The Irish convert to whatever religion is brought to them and then spread it to all other peoples they are in contact with. This is like the 4th time this has been going on since the Flood of Doggerland, such as the religion of Rome and Greece was given by Celtic travelers starting the Golden Age of Greece as well at the founding of the city of Rome many years later. As well it was Monks of a Celtic background who Christianized the whole of Europe.

I don't see how it'll be any different this time Muslim Imams of Celtic origin spreading Islam to the whole world.

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What do you expect from a people who forced the Roman empire to develop new methods of warfare in order to counter their (Celts) drunken escapades?

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All of it could be accepted if Celts didn't have the deep-seated belief that they can change their skin/hair/eye color to whatever they want through some kind of magic spell. No matter how many times they paint themselves blue they'll never have blue skin like they say their ancestors had.

Catholics gravitate towards Islam anyway, since just after 570 B.C.E. It's not too surprising to see an Irish-Catholic abandon the patriarchy for Islamic matriarchy

I am Celt by blood, and I have for some time wanted blue skin. It's just in my heritage I guess.

Blue blood = really white – so white you can see the blood in the veins.

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Drink colloidal Silver

Correct. McGregor was paid to toss the fight, and is a kike asset. This makes it all the more plain.

I forgot about that. I will do that once I get my beard nice and full.

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She ripped the poster of the pope to protest child abuse in the Catholic Church and the converted to a religion that marries kids to grown men. How brave

This retard is just an "nwo destroy the West and Christan religion" puppet

Doesn't matter at all
some gay bitch who hasn't been relevant since Tiny Toons
it's been on the front all day, while there was a thread asking about the militia and information on joining one that was instantly shilled to death and locked within about 20 minutes
There's no politics here, just faggots


Checked. Islam is a women's religion, no less than the rest of the (((Abrahamic))) faiths. It's designed around creating a home life that eliminates the need for women to work or do just about anything.

In modern times that is somewhat oppressive, because there are so many fun things to do, in the world, but that wasn't always the case.

We must devise for ourselves a religion which supports men, and which banished the semite, every semite of every kind.

Sinead occasionally pulls some stunt for attention because she knows in her heart she's irrelevant. The guy you quoted knows what's up lol.


Being old enough to remember seeing this proto-sjw baldy cunt tear up the Pope's picture on tv, I'm not really surprised at this ridiculous and irrelevant turn of events.
The question gets asked here all the time, but why the fuck do these fedora tipping assfuckers decry christendom with such vehemence, and yet dance to the tune of post modern jewery for a whole, only to end up wrapped in a fucking trashbag praying to a fucking moon god? And all the time they never realize that for their entire life they have never once stepped out of an Abrahamic spiritual framework. I can vaguely sense how this progression is predictable to the point of formulaic, but for the life of me I just cannot imagine the specific, torturous mental steps it takes to go through this grotesque devolution .

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Wasn't this dummy a one hit wonder in the 1990s or something? Why do people even pay attention to her still?

It is progressive, pisslam comes from christianity after all.

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Christian-hating atheists tend to become either muslim or pagans for some reason. I think they're not so much atheists as they are christian-hating postmodernists who end up having to find spirituality again but won't grow up and admit that their hate of christianity was childish.

user, I …

his career was fixed… what fight that he was in has not been fixed

dude fucking gets tired in his sleep. no cardio.


I don’t think modesty is oppressive so that’s not my beef with Islam.
My beef is that, particularly Sunni Islam, is incompatible with Western life and clearly the two can not coexist as evidenced by every single day in modern Europe.
My beef with Sinéad is that she contradicts herself just to virtue signal harder

How the Muslims touch a vagina stone on the cube,and don't the Jews hump a demon at the wall?

She'll become jewish once she tries to release another record. This bitch should have necked herself a good, twenty five years ago.


The fuck you need smelly, drunk Irish cunts babbling about anything now? There's the internet and Ireland is already full of shitskins.

Well he was supossed to win Diaz 1.
Stockton. WUT

Watch Roy Nelson and the Diaz Bros. Everyone else are faggots of the highest degree.

Funny that Connor trains at a place called mjolnir


used to live near uop

This is pretty much an worthless celeb thread, but damn, this dyke is fucking insane.

Looks like she's already been a victim of an acid attack

lol, after whites fuck them in their prime, niggers knock them up in their 20s, the muslims pick up the scraps and convert and marry the whore after she hits the wall

What the fuck I thought this bitch was IRA?

Don't cut yourself on that edge, son.

The whole point of the 'push for atheism' by the jews was near certainly NOTHING to do with spirituality (or lack thereof); but rather a necessary move to undermine the host nation.

Identity, culture and religion are all linked to one-another. We define our identity; including our morals, political beliefs, aspirations and crimes through 'culture'. Culture changes over time, sometimes very quickly; a pacifist people can quickly become violent should such a change be required.

Religion plays the role of bringing permanency to culture. This is not to say that ONLY Christianity can perform this task; but it has been doing this in the West for centuries and more. Our Western perspective of 'toil and struggle' being necessary and good for life is grounded in our initial struggles to tame Europe; a land full of danger, harsh seasons, ravenous predators, poor farmland and myriad warring peoples. Over time all of these problems went away; the dangerous predators were largely culled or contained, the seasons ceased having their danger due to breaktrhoughs in building and stockpiling, the farmland was treated and became some of the best in the world, and the warring tribes became largely peaceful and open to diplomacy. … So why does the desire to toil and struggle live on? Well, it does not for many today who think life should be about mindless happiness and abundance (commies!); but our recent ancestors, who arguably had more of an abundance than we do now; firmly believed in toil and hard-work, even though it was largely unnecessary in their time. Such a belief was instilled in them through Christianity, and even though it may have 'out-grown its necessity' as being a part of our culture; it remained, and to such an extent that nations like Sweden could socialise near enough everything, and despite the fact that people COULD abuse the state to provide for their every want; no one (who was actually Swedish) would because of their culture, which had permanency because of religion.

Christianity has similarly ridicule domineering women as Jezebels who will cause destruction if granted authority over men; weak men as Ahab, promiscuity and fornication were evils the Lord would punish people over, excessive drunkeness was seen as indecent, divorce was flat out wrong, and near enough every other decent cultural view that we have (or had) would have supporting aspects from 'religion' which allowed it to have permanency in our nations despite the fact that the initial cultural reasons for its implementation as a part of our way of life might have disappeared.

Today without religion we see people questioning why lives of debauchery, drunkenness and harlotry are wrong. They say women should be leaders, they say divorce is a right. Toil and struggle are things to be avoided.

Now whether you like Christianity or not, the attempts by the parasite to destroy it in the West have left our people vulnerable. Our culture no longer has permanency, and there is no reason for someone to prefer traditionally Western morals over any other culture's morals.

Without a religion to solidify and maintain our culture; it can and will be replaced at whim.

Drugs are bad. I wonder how many STDs she has. Only Sahibs and Jamals for her any way.

This line is straight out of the shill script. It's in use all over Zig Forums now by shills (typically GOP or ZOG/dot mil shills).

She has some pretty funny videos where she's alone and crying about how nobody likes her or wants to be around her. Lament of the feminist cat woman.

The IRA, just like atheism; never existed for what it should have. Just as atheism was created, not to challenge the truth and spirituality of religion; but to undermine the nations of the West - so too was the IRA created, not to promote and aid the nation of Ireland; but instead to undermine the British Empire.

Regardless of your views on the British Empire (or Christianity); they both posed a threat by bringing unity to whites, and they were both obstacles to jewish domination. No matter how much the jews infiltrated and corrupted either of them (Christianity or the British Empire); there was always the potential for someone to come along and say: "Look, these jews are not Christians; let us stop their vile practices!" or "Look, these jews are not Britons; let us stop their vile practices!". Mere corruption can always be undone; so the jew has always sought to destroy them wholesale.


pulled punches

didnt try to escape when Kabib can't even hold a guy down (on his knees, no body control). Connor just sat there for no reason.

Took Diaz's hits

Couldn't take Kabheeb.

Kabib = Russian Mafia training camp.

Now add that all up to EVERY FUCKING UFC commentator screaming, "DO NOT DISRESPECT A MAN'S RELIGIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Added to endless comments online saying, "Wow, I may convert to Islam. It gives him strength".

Translation: EU = Do not disrespect Islam.

= pys-op!

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Nah if you actually followed connors career you would know that he has 0 wrestling defense and can't grapple to save his life. The fight wasn't fixed connor cannot wrestle or grapple. That's just it. He's not even that good of a striker his entire career is based on his 1 shot knockout ability. If he didn't have that god given power he would forever be a bottom ranked fighter probably never even get into the UFC big leagues.

Khabib is a sambo medalist. Connor couldn't win a local naga tournament.

Nobody "created" atheism, retard. You're talking about Communism which is another kike (((EL))) Saturn culte like (((Christianity))) created by the founding father of Zionism MOSES HESS.

Smart people from Zen, to the Greeks, to the Vedas, to Europeans philosophers, to today always knew worshiping escapism and Middle Eastern fairytales was BULLLLLSHIT.

You're the lowest of the low in humans. The easy to brainwash and control, insecure NPC sheep to be herded.

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actually he wasn't supposed to win diaz 1 that entire fight was a total tossup because conor was fighting at a weight he never fought at before against a really solid fighter. Diaz's record makes him look worse than he actually is because the majority of his losses come from decisions against gamey wrestlers. Toe to Toe conor and diaz are relatively even with a slight edge to mcgregor.

If you guys want to look into the real UFC fix check out Ben Askren who is a legit amazing fighter with extreme wrestling talent that the ufc refuses to sign because he would just be GSP 2.0 and they don't want that.

Atheism in the West was created by jews at the turn of the enlightenment with the intent to destroy the permanency of our cultural values. This was ramped up over the years to the point that now our cultural identity has entirely disappeared. It was NEVER about God or gods or spirituality; it was always about undermining the host people.

Even if we look at the Ancient Greeks it was about undermining their nation. Their heroes and deities who shaped their morals and aspirations were ridiculed, said to not be real, and actively discouraged by various 'famous philosophers'. Net result? All the morals from those mythologies disappear. People need an identity, they need a culture; so guess what? They found a new one.

There's a reason most 'atheists' love other cultures; be it nip cartoons, chink buddhism, mudslimes, or various 'pagan cultures' that they no near nothing about. You are not an 'intellectual'; you are a fifth columnist destroying your own people's culture and leaving them vulnerable to foreign influences which have been readily provided by yids, both through cultural mediums (jew comics, nip cartoons, nog and mud immigrants).

I guess she has finally become a zombie.

nah that's dolores o'riorden who is actually dead and is a zombie now this is some other bitch.

You're just parroting people like Rogan. He did fine with a real grappler like Diaz. He did nothing.
He did NOTHING, that any brown belt could of escaped from. He laid there on purpose. He didn't even try to spin out through the legs for a heel hook when Kabib legs were so wide and high up he could of been a dog pissing on him.

lol, yeah he is. It could be all fake at this point like the boxing match but he's a good striker. Kabib just throws off balance lobbing straight-hooks at you. He suprises people with them because the fights are fixed. A basic generic gaurd and circular side-stepping would counter Kabib's (sloppy drunk guy who took boxing and football in highschool type) normie punches.

He's not.
His entire training camp is a fucking mafia crew. His dad is a terrorist. All his wins were in Russia/Ukraine at fixed events. Jewish mafia meets Muslim/Russian mafia, makes a deal to push for Islam in Europe. Simple as that.
The UFC just so happen to drop hints that Connor pissed off the Irish mob during the build up. It's fixed.

Do you watch fights or are you like every other retard who just looks at records? He went for a desperation takedown against diaz got reversed and got pounded on the ground and submitted. He couldn't do anything off his back.

Well khabib is a terrible striker and I didn't say he was good

If your theory about russian kike mafia is true then you have to discount all of fedor's accomplishments as the goat fighter aswell.

Also you will find out how bad khabib actually is when he has to fight Tony Ferguson.

You don't worship God though. Because God is a Germanic word for Godan, Godin, Odin, Wod. You worship (((El))), (((Elohim))), (((YHWH))). Spirit means "breath". Real "spiritualism" isn't worshiping Middle Eastern death cults. It's meditation "breathism".

Christians love other cultures. It's not a sane argument. You want to see everthing through the eyes of your fucked up cult.

Philosophy was undermining their nations, lol. You're a lost cause, man. You'll forever serve the Jew World Order.

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Then who even cares?

Diaz had him on the ground a lot. They fought two fucking fights. And by fine I mean he had a fucking gaurd and could escape and go for legs. With Kabib he literally sat on his ass and did nothing.


Bullshit. Why do you have to cheat in arguements like a little bitch and conflate ideas like that. Stop acting like a ike. Fedor was a terrorist police agent who fought his way through the early days of every sport from Japan to America to South America. Kabib one everything in Russia next his terrorist father and their Mafia crew.

nobody sinead o'connor was always a dumb pozzed bitch with shit tier political opinions.

also I'll point out that I've watched every conor fight except the one against mendes and he never has done one single impressive thing on the ground or has shown that he has good takedown defense on par with other good striker champs. If you actually follow his career he was always gigantic compared to the guys he fought at featherweight and his lightweight career is a tiny sample size and he fought striking battles to win belts. He never fought relentless grapplers like khabib. Watch khabib fights it's always rushdown into clinch conor cannot deal with that type of pressure it throws off his striking game and he can't establish anything when the other guy keeps rushing him.

Fedor was never in the military

Me manly man, me like fight, me watch numbskull clobber other numbskull

Yea sports physical fitness and martial arts are gay I should just be a neet and play pc games all day.

You're not even reading what I said you brainlet. It has nothing to do with God or spirituality. The thing that religion provides is permanency of culture by giving us myths to support our cultural beliefs.

I wrote out a couple of examples for you in my first post. Our beliefs regarding toil and struggle, women in positions of authority or weak men were all formulated at some point in history due to what our nations experienced; yet once time had passed and these concerns disappeared for whatever reason, they remained prevalent in our culture ONLY because of religion. Religion itself being cultural beliefs, which is our identity, but in mythological form.

Whether you hate God, Jesus, El or whatever other crap you want to spout; it's not about that. The religion gave us a mythological foundation for not drinking too much alcohol, for keeping women out of positions of authority, for having us strive, toil and struggle in our every day work, and so on. The abolition of Christianity via the push for atheism was about removing these things.

Now that they are gone our people are vulnerable and seeking a new identity. The jews provided us with new cultures through nip cartoons, through their jewish comic books, and now through immigration from muslim and black countries.

And that is why this retarded whore has converted. More will follow suit as their own culture no longer has permanency because there is no religion. Thus they will seek another. Atheism is just the void of it; it will be replaced in turn.

Or should I say fedor was never a soldier. He was in the military but he wasn't like Cro Cop or Kharitonov who were actual combat vets/special forces.

Its more the glorified, bloodthirsty nature of the entire event including the way it is advertised and understood by society. Pandering to the lowest common denominator. It isn't tasteful or particularly interesting because the entire thing is so contrived. Watching two people fight for no reason, who I don't even know, to prove they are some arbitrary 'best' seems really pointless. Notwithstanding the fact that a good deal of it is probably rigged like all other major sports. Just more shit for (((them))) to needlessly brutalize and trivialize society with. Martial training and sport isn't about this kind of thing to me. Then again, neither are most bastardized forms of reality portrayed through the media.

He never fought Kabib. He just sat there. Say what you want but if the fight were real, a guy at that level with that money and that training camp would learn how to not just sit there. He didn't sit there with Diaz. If you can roll with Diaz you're elite compared to 99% of the people out there. Kabib doest even grapple well. You want Kabib's technique done well, watch GPS. Kabib just lets anyone escape because he can't control his opponent, and slams guys for drama on the ground and hits like an angry young drunk guy. It's all show.
You can't grab a guys sweaty bare legs with your legs and control him like that for more than changing your position - certainly not to hold him there. It's staged.

"Dont disrespect Islam"

Go play with your anime pillow, soy.

Relgion is a word that means cultural practices by that definition and YOUR definition Santa Claus Christmas is part of our religion.

Europeans are drunks. Nietzsche said the two great vices of the European man was religion and alcohol. You people drink the blood of Christ the virgin sacrifice of a Middle Eastern cult. You dont worship any traditions from Europe. You're just Commie-theists and spiritual Jews.

They provided (((Christianity))) too. There wouldn't be any Jews if you didn't worship these bible larpers you fucking sick lying pathetic traitor.

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I never really paid attention to the 'Islam will win' rhetoric, but now idk, dumb bitches are converting all over the place and most whites don't have any connection to their own religions.

Conor is not at the level the fact that he got the lightweight belt was a total joke to begin with. He never fought any good lightweights just fucking alvarez who was lucky as fuck to win the belt and on his way out anyway.

you are right you can't but you can when you have his back to the cage. It's a very common position in ufc to see a man pinned against the cage like that because the nature of the cage favors grapplers especially wall n stall fucks.

Besides khabib is going to get a dose of reality when he has to fight the magic spic Tony Ferguson and he's going to get beat really bad and islam will be disrespected by this halfbreed. The lightweight division is piss thin right now and if you watched the Al Iaquinta fight you will know what happens to khabib when someone figures his game out too bad Al just couldn't figure him out quicker.

Gsp was a kickboxing hybrid jitsui/wrestler. Nothing like sambo especially the type of sambo that khabib employs.

You never watched pride fighting it was extremely classy top sportsmanship and humorous interviews/gags. The UFC bought pride and simultaneously killed the heart and soul of MMA with their unified rules and endless sell out faggotry. The sport is bigger than ever but it's now in a monopolistic rut.

There's only one cube I'll obey

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based and redpilled

wasn't that horrible thing made by sean penn and charlize theron

this would be impressive if it was actually a cube of weapons crushed together instead of a hollow metal box with weapons super clued to the side of it.

Essentially, yes. You see without Christianity providing the framework for Christmas, which had its framework provided by the Winter Solstice / Yule; we would have no celebration during the Winter, and we would have no passing of gifts during the Winter, and so we would have no Father Christmas.

As I actually said it does not have to be Christianity, but a culture cannot survive without religion. The religion gives 'permanency' to the culture. Let us look at Christmas/Yule; originally it was a feast that marked out a difficult time in the year, the Winter, when crops would not grow so people had to rely on their stockpiles. That original purpose; of the changing of the seasons, of the surviving a difficult time, of having a stockpile of supplies - these things are NOT a thing anymore. The changing of seasons largely goes unnoticed in our mechanised urban lives, we can grow food at any time of the year due to international farms and technology, and we have enough to survive any time. So why do we still celebrate Christmas? BECAUSE OF THE RELIGIOUS ASPECTS; they keep those cultural traits, those rituals, those morals and attitudes as a part of our people because of the mythology. Where the original cultural purpose may have lost its significance; we remember it because of the religious aspects. This is important because it forms part of our identity; enduring the harsh winter, sharing our food and wealth with our family, and all the rest.

If we lose Christianity today, we might well lose Christmas. We'll lose all trace of Yule, of the Winter Solstice celebration. I am not interested in your pathetic little hatred of Christianity you fifth column bastard; I am interested in preserving the history of our people.

The jews are interested in destroying it. That is why we are seeing the world change in the ways it has. That is why this dumb whore has converted to islam. The West needs its own religion or else its culture will NOT survive.

Europeans have long struggled with alcoholism. We still have the remnant of the old views that it is a negative, but this is disappearing and so we are seeing hedonism on extreme levels. Before it was just the 'down and outs' or those going through excessive troubles, or people over-indulging at festivals (the last being more or less fine by the way); but today it is a life-style for much of our population. People go to college and work drunk, and many of the elderly drink themselves to death. This was rightly held in check historically due to religious perspectives; but without the religion, why keep a culture of reservedness, sobriety and decency? Why not just over-indulge and destroy our minds and bodies; the very thing our ancestors once scorned and avoided, has today became your life's aspiration.

What about opiates we all know it's not a bunch of spics and nigs dying of these overdoses

enjoy hell skank

Just don't burn my wafiu and rape my kids at the monastary this time around kek.

Same cube

>(((Christianity))) created Yule
This is your brain on (((El))). Holoween is our religion now according to your NPC race traitor kike worship logic. Just keep ignoring that Communism is a Zionist religion.

True, if the fight isn't fixed. Ferguson is evoling with all that wing chung hybrid shit he's doing.

Watc the fight again. Connor drags him toward the cage and then just sits there and looks at the clock. fixed

Sambo is just wrestling without the classic Roman rules. It's hardly anything to be suprised by. Connor didn't even try. They said what he would do. He did it. Then he smiled the whole time because he knew he was taking the L on purpose.

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Traditions aren't trinkets or playthings to worship, they're trainings of discipline which may not yield presently obvious benefits. When they say something keeps "bad spirits away", they mean unseeable things like germs and bacteria.

Old Pagan traditions had not yet developed an immunity to Abrahamism. That won't happen so long as there doesn't exist those alive who are unable to do anything but see the truth and unable to do anything but adapt to it. Those few who have that, will win. They treat modernity and Jewish society like a disease, rested in a culture, like bacteria; a farm of it. It affects them, yes, but they do what's needed to adapt to it. They don't buy into pop-culture or trendy nationalism.


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That's exactly what they are.

No, they mean there is no such thing is human biology or the human brain and its the fault of escapism ghosts/spooks.
No, they're be burned by (((Christians))), except this time it will be a NWO (((Christian))).

And they'll rape the kids too. Again

Good point. I imagine that we will naturally develop a culture that opposes these things, and later we will find a 'myth' that will serve as a part of religion that will help us not to make the mistake in the future; although this might not happen if the jews keep pushing their 'life is about pleasure and happiness and nothing else matters' ideology. If we had properly preserved Christianity it would be far less of an issue today than it is, but alas we have lost the religious myths behind sobriety, moderation and decency.

Where did all you jews come from? You people purposefully re-write what my argument was to create some BS little one-liner and then use that to insult Christianity? You're far more opaque then you believe, kike. The oven is coming.