Three Months Inside Alt-Right New York


you hear that goyim? choose to be human or choose to be white!

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Remember this when people say these traitors are victims of jewish propaganda. They see the situation clearly, and have deliberately chosen to betray their people, and doom the world to an eternal 1984 hell.

If you read the article entirely it becomes pretty obvious he got redpilled, but didn't have the courage to go all the way, and retreated back into the blue pill.

faggot url not clicking

How did he manage to infiltrate in the first place? You faggots are desperate and let any white cuck in.

There should be a ritual before allowing any random cuck from the street join the book club. Make them do something a fucking leftist infiltrator would not do.

funny how he admits in the long run we're gonna win and they're powerless to stop us. they have no alternative. we literally have a monopoly on the truth.

Archive, niggerjew.

Probably 'infiltrated' the alt kike by way of the HWNDU NY mutts.

wasted dubs

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No further comment is necessary.

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These meetups in meat space really ought to start banning members from bringing smart phones to their meetups. That's ritual enough to stop journalist infiltrators dead in their tracks.

First time, you have to fight.

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the same way I've joined multiple antifa chapters in my county.

Hey retard, if you copy paste everything before the "/?" the link works exactly the same, but youre a dumbass and dont know shit
Stop projecting your idiocy

howd it go? been thinking of doing the same myself to get names and faces

a good feel

True, but also blackpilling in a way. White men didn't wake up because society was degenerate and clownworld… its because there weren't many good jobs around. Give an altrighter a decent paying job, and he'll drop his concern for demographics and all that shit in a heartbeat. That's what being an American means… homo-economicus

got the info I needed for when the time comes. My militia appreciates my SIGINT

Good thought but concealment is too easy

It's not a thing, Milhouse. No matter how much you claim it is, reddit spacing will never exist.

True, that's why the goys in sectors that benefit from neoliberalism (healthcare, government, banking) continue to move even farther left: they haven't seen the pain; while those in industry have.

I dont even get to that part … the end result is the same.

You are the weakest link , goodbye

you are a retard??? what are you some neo nazi with tatoos on their face

you are also not white , you have lost all connection.

"make they do something white" like what play the piano and clap on 1s and 3s. fucking retard

This poor thing is under contract to blogpost its nightmares. You can feel the tension, the things this felt-american knows down to its stuffing and the things it can see with its little button eyes keep getting dragged further and further apart.

You heard the dumb jew bitch. Man or Overman. Make your choice.

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>As a result, many of those who reject the status quo blame their problems on immigrants, feminism, trans rights, and other (((bogeymen)))

I like how he specifically avoids saying Jews. He diverts it to a bunch of side shit that's just a symptom of the main threat instead.

A matter of perspective I think. The blood of the sagas lives in them still, but it must be purified by suffering.

Theirs your answer

I'm guessing you replied to the wrong post and meant the one I made on my phone. Do you really think someone who knows what a query string is doesn't know how to remove it? Saying "not clicking" after pointing that out is just bringing attention to the op being a retarded faggot for not removing it in the first place.

I would disagree with you. I make double the average pay in the US and I was slowly brought over to the "far" right by realizing how fucked things were and that there was no escape that didn't include banding together with my white brothers. However, to your point, my job keeps me from doing any activism besides anonymous internet posting.

I really do not wish to be caught up in anything that could cause me to loose my paycheck. This is a fault of modernity though. I do not live on a plot of land big enough to farm for myself and family so if I loose my job I may not eat (ignoring the savings I have). My paternal family before the modern era were all farmers. If I had something like that to fall back on then I would be more apt to go forward with the risk, but instead I am in a suburban neighborhood with nary a backyard and would be risking my house and future family to do activism.

This reminds me of an old argument that I used to make that the poor and independently wealthy were more free in this world because the former has nothing to loose and the other can loose everything and still eat. It is only the middle class which can both loose something and have nothing left.

Anyone have that meme mocking commies that says something like “you feel isolated because you don’t own the means of production!” with a commie saying that to a white man in a hard hat? Somewhat related to the article

Oh how I do love that seething venom dripping from a jews fangs. That Orwellian speak insinuating just by being human (i.e. 51%+ existing off pure emotion alone) somehow magically, like our fucking soil, leads to a better human while being apart of what you actually are, not a human, but a TRIBE, somehow leads to PLANETARY disaster! For those crypto-kike journos browsing, a word of advice. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU. You think that people don't, or can't, see that your words speak volumes about how disgusting you are internally as a person. You are wrong. Now you're losing. And we're coming for EVERYTHING you hold sacred. We will break your mind. We will crush your soul. Then we'll physically break you. We're going to take our sweet time extracting full justice from you.

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oh, it was a reference to this post, not mine.

The irony here is that the little weasel isn't wrong.

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Plenty of well to do men have been red pilled due to the complete lack of decent potential brides. It is near impossible to find a woman who is decent.

Here's teh whole article because OP is a fag who couldn't even archive it

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didn't touch hestia lol

Good thing we elected Trump to fix msm. In Syria, iran and China. lol. What a useless ass he turned out to be.

tell me what you know about the TPP

I bet there is no video. He can say anything and put words into people's mouths. The photos create legitimacy for his statements of conversations that may or may not have happened. Just photos of being there is not enough proof.
We know none of that matters to emotionally driven leftist NPCs.

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I have to admit, tho, he seems to be closer than most

borderline. each "paragraph" at least had two sentences and there was no space between the hotlink and the first paragraph. i think you jumped the gun on this one

the writer is goyish?

shit this big is always multiply-causal, and tbh "bread and butter" issues have always driven the population and probably always will. humans are creatures of habit. your belly aching is what gets you up and moving – necessity is the mother of invention and all that jazz

Just the embarrassing behavior of every one of these people should be enough for anyone to leave the right as a whole. Holy fucking shit. Sentence after sentence of how these "grown" ass men behave and speak is enough have you question your whole life. This has to be worse than like a brony gathering or something.

Code Ape doesn't want us to edit posts anymore.

Cervnovich's limp-wristed seig heil to the sound of Enter Sandman is truly Overman stuff

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You're taking his word for what transpired. Just because he went there and snapped a few photos doesn't mean any of those conversations happened. SInce Peinovich was there, this was all controlled opposition anyway → shills shilling shills.

that's what happens when you're irresponsible faggots, kiddo. grow up

History shows it's just inevitable comeback, hence why it's already happening. Their greatest mistake was speeding it up the way they did during king nigger's reign and HRC's election with the idpol. At that point it was a point of no return and it's all ogre. Rome couldn't stay a Republic nor were its greatest achievements as one, how long will the US last as one?

LOTR, Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, and I have hours worth of classical music in my library but I don't really memorize the names.
Fuck these smug little demons.

You're assuming the conversation happened. Is there a recording. Pictures of being there don't mean shit.

maybe he meant "no leaf clover" by metallica
i like it plz no bully

Bullshit. I co-own two companies and have two Ivy League degrees (graduate and undergraduate). I make A LOT more than what the average American makes. Do I go on Daily Stormer hikes or attend loser gatherings at Manhattan bars? Absolutely not - I don't risk breaking op-sec with a bunch of randos that I did not personally vet myself.

However, I deeply care about demographics and the future of this country, namely whether it remains a white country or not, and I anonymously donate money to pro-white causes. I only hire conservatives (yes, I can tell at the interview and subsequent online history search). I don't consider any leftists to be my friends, business partners or even individuals that I would have a smidgen of sympathy for. My ideal world would be to have these "people" shot dead and their organs harvested.

Not every white nationalist is a loser, its just that the losers have much less to lose by being open about it.

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There are many many people like this man ready to come out once the window shifts. It's up to us "losers" with nothing to lose to make that shift happened. We're winning and they're terrified. Clean cut smart, educated image has mastered is the way forward. Some white nationalist groups have done this better than others but we all individually need to get on point with our rhetoric and appearance. Look like winners. We are winners. We are winning.

so… do you think they were actually h8/pol/ just saying they were from 4chan? makes sense since most of them were non-white, and i can tell its pretty much all niggers and beaners on here

the absolute state of OPs

actually these jews blocked
this works

What I ask of white nationalists is simple: remain white nationalists in spirit, get jobs and donate to pro-white groups. The pipeline from libertarian to conservative to alt-right to white nationalist is incredibly quick and effective. Once somebody is already a white nationalist, they serve two purposes: to agitate other whites or to make money and provide material benefits to pro-white groups that will, in turn, agitate more whites.There is actually a third purpose: to pick up a gun and kill leftists when the time comes, but that time has not come and wont for a while.

For example, one of the groups I donate to is Turning Point USA. Not because I agree with TPUSA, but because they have an effective collegiate network that recruits young moderates/libertarians/conservatives through legitimate means and puts them on the pipeline to becoming full-fledged white nationalists. Plus, TPUSA does good things with non-white conservatives by turning them into effective counter-points against the left. A vote is a vote regardless of skin color and every Candace Owens pulls black votes away from Democrats.

I am fully aware that many of you don't believe in the system (neither do I), but while people have roofs over their heads and three meals a day, RWDS will not become a thing so many of us must continue to play by the rules. Desperation breeds revolution, and while many hardcore leftists have brainwashed themselves into the perception of desperation, their handlers will not let them stage a revolution against the right that they will surely lose. Their handlers will provide soothing rhetoric for them to cool off to while waiting for demographic shifts to really take hold.

The focus is obviously on Whites (Read: Caucasian of Euro-descent … wish there was an easier way to state this) as the "wtf happened. why're they like this?"-group. This same writer sounds like the type that wonders why Whites blame kikes, and conveniently ignores or runs away from the ever-mounting, over-fucking-whelming amount of reasons why this happened. Ignoring that kikes have been historically booted out of everywhere for the same kike-antics. In 2018, they have gone full bore in the West. There is something seriously wrong with those people like the writer of this article.

How many threads are you going to shit up with Orange Man Bad non-sequiturs?

I don't know why Jews can't simply do this as a solution. They wouldn't fuel the far-right if they didn't deplatform people.

A lot of people weren't aware of the Jewish question beforehand because they had a good status prior to the US recession or obtaining student debt.

I am saying this with care for you brother:

You are a fucking cuck. You don't even spend the time to spellcheck when you communicate with your kin.
Even the philosophy you subscribe to is propaganda, you fucking retard:
It's propaganda that appeals to cowards and makes them stay quiet in their corner. Oh and by the way:
So which one are you again?
Sell or rent out whatever you have, move out anywhere where land is cheap and make your ancestors proud. You don't need me to tell you that. The reality is more than genocide, you and some others here with you, fear discomfort.

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GamerGate emerged in response to the stupidity of marginal internet liberalism. Aut-Kike was created when (((they))) went into a panic realizing the goyim were waking up at an exponential scale.

Exactly. It reads like shitlib wish fulfillment

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hail victory. hail our people.

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i'm pretty sure the writer is a kike

Kinda this. If you have enough resources to buy enough land to reliably make a living on then there's no excuses.

How did they allow that movie to be so redpilled?

Crime and Punishment.

To Axion Esti

Ride of the Valkyries.

Thanks gent for making me feel better about keeping my beliefs to myself. I will say I have, over the years, done things like outed cheating kikes to their wives and let an old police pal of mine know when a drunk fag I worked with was getting behind the wheel so that I could help keep our roads safe.

I was "ordinary White people," that is jew indoctrinated, once you see the jewing all around you can't go back. As for "small pockets," I suspect not that small.

Great post- very pragmatic.
This is true, but the process isn't always the same. For me, and many others, it was x>libertarian>NS/WN. The real redpill is the JQ. Libertarianism is probably fine in an all-white, moral society. But it has no answer for a fifth-column whose purpose is to suck a nation dry, destroy its soul, and move on.

Because they didn't want to purityspiral like a bunch of LARPing 1488ers. How were they supposed to know if he wasn't one of those BASED nationalist jews?


How fucking shit vetting do these people have? I've worked with a few orgs over the years and leftists, let alone leftist journalists are the most obvious people to spot.

Lol so many posts ITT that are made entirely out of sore thumbs sticking out. Such threads and replies are important not just for consensus cracking and board-wide obfuscation but to keep eyes and ears away from threads with substance.

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Eunuch's new woman? Hard to tell from such a shitty picture, but she's overweight and appears to exhibit some kikey features.

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holy hell what is this from?

You people really like to come here and pretend to be racist. Whew. It leads the media down the garden path, but what's the use of that? Such a grim masquerade.

Me, I'm an exhibitionist. I have a love/hate relationship with humanity at large and I adore peace/kindness/justice. I'm a total weirdo though, so don't expect to see me sanctified anytime soon. Also I hate babies. Absolutely hate 'em. You people shouldn't breed. I'm not even speaking to any you people in particular.

The real solution to capitalist social pressures… I don't know. It's a hekuva task, and hekuva tasks are beyond random people online. Maybe corporate sociopaths could be given empathy chips. Maybe people can be brainlinked together so they share in each others' experiences. Maybe someday everyone can have an allowance of computronium to live in and fusion power to eat. All totally beyond random people online.

Have you considered going back to school? I someday will. I've been trying to rebuild my sense of trust in society so that doing so feels tolerable. I wish I had an AI assistant, or a more complete solution to obscure medical issues, or… Well, wishes are fun, but even without them, if society goes back to feeling like a place where people can be themselves without falling under random awful pressures I think I can manage.

Live in peace; mind your own business.


I wouldn't give it too much time. Ever since Trump got elected the top tier kikes have been losing it big time and are making one mistake after another.
Kikes can only double and triple down and that is what they have been doing. This has obviously pushed more people towards nationalist stances than ever, which in turn only makes the kikes panic even more.
Between stuff like Chemnitz in Germany and the Turd caravan,it honestly feels like I can shave off some months until DOTR everytime I visit here.

Get your head examined you 4D bagel-munching moron

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Be gentle, some are still grappling with the fact that kikes play both sides.

You shills have become horrible boring and only more obvious. Go ahead and kvetch for me you little sluts. Post magicwall.jpeg and screech about republicunts like their worse than demokikes.
Tell me how voting does nothing and then explain why it matters to you whether or not I vote republican. After that you can tell what you're going to do about me voting. Are you going to cry? Do you want to report me?
Oh yeah and since you're obviously not voting you little whore, tell me, what are you doing to stop the commies and niggers?
Post pics of dead niggers you shot recently. I'll start with mine.

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Typical TRS sodomite

What a totally… organic post with completely normal… spacing.

Its like you're reading from poorly prepared cue cards and posting what you hope will make you stand out less than usual.

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Your pathetic attempts at projection only show your fear, kike. No one here is buying your narrative. It won't be long until every kike and golem is hunted down. There is nothing you can do to stop it.

It's afraid

wew lad

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You've done a good job if you've operated against leftists independently. Even though it may not seem like much and even if it isn't for a political cause, every leftist life destroyed is yet another leftist seeing a therapist, considering suicide, or being completely demoralized. If every closeted WN operates in this way, the results will soon add up. We are in a situation of total ideological war.

I also commend those white nationalists that are comfortable being open about their ideology, but they must understand that sooner or later, they will be doxxed by leftists. If you are willing to accept that and continue to agitate, more power to you, but being an open white nationalist is sort of like having a face tattoo - there are just certain disadvantages you have to accept by operating in this way. It isn't for everyone, but I give a sincere thank you to those who are taking the additional step required to bring regular conservatives in and make them racially aware.

I admire some of the personal liberty aspects of libertarianism (and many of us do, that's why we used libertarianism as a political cover during 2008 and 2012), however my main issues with libertarianism are that it offers no solution to globalism, corporations like Google/Facebook and environmental issues. After Trump had pulled away all of the pro-white "faux-libertarians" from the Ron Paul camp, the remaining ones became indistinguishable from free trade-loving Marxists and useful idiots - promoting open borders and unregulated global commerce while remaining painfully ignorant to the danger of ideologically motivated mega corporations like Google, which all lead to libertarianism becoming a meme. They still believe in 1920s-style free market ideals without recognizing the way in which Jews can manipulate the "free market" through cronyism to destroy whites.

In addition to the JQ, environmental issues can be seriously redpilling to libertarians as well. Don't mention stuff like climate change, instead, ask them how libertarian economics plans to fix localized pollution issues that affect white communities in the Rust Belt, Pennsylvania, and any other mostly white state with an industrial past.

The road to RWDS has been considerably shortened with the election of Trump and the rapidly growing instability of the left, but I think a lot of people here underestimate the societal factors necessary to produce an attempt at a revolution. Every revolution in history has been precipitated by events that initially began 30, 50 or 100 years prior to the revolution. Every group that fired the first shot only did so because they believed they had nothing more to lose. It is simply not human nature to take up a gun and risk death to fight for a cause that does not directly, or only abstractly, interferes with your comfortable lifestyle. Consider this - you don't see Antifa tearing up conservative suburbs because even these brainwashed drones have a self-preservation instinct. They believe in revolution, but will only ever demonstrate en masse in "safe" areas like overwhelmingly liberal cities where only the police have guns. You'd think that they want to take the fight to the "fash" instead of wrecking their own cities and costing other leftists massive amounts of property damage, but this seeming cognitive dissonance actually betrays their true appetite for a real fight. As it currently stands, even radical leftist politics are an exercise in masturbatory self-righteousness. It's all fake because none of them will risk death to fight for their ideals, however misguided those ideals may be.

That being said, it is in our best interest to push the left to revolution as quickly as we possibly can because time is not on our side.

wasted dubs
Lets see if you can go three posts without using buzzwords devoid of context. I mean, at least contribute, just a little, to mask your derailing efforts.

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I used to have dreams all the time about going back to school. Then I learned that these institutions are completely compromised by cultural marxists and outright communists. The dreams stopped.

Are those your instructions from shariablue? If so you are not following them at all. What derailing, kike? This article and it's bullshit is just another peek at what kike and their golems are doing and thinking. Or more precisely on how they can manipulate people into not genociding them. Trump and his influence on the populace is exactly on topic.
So in short, I would advise you to kill your family and then decapitate yourself with a razor while streaming everything on jewtube so that can have a laugh. Whaddaya say, champ?

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TL;DR lol

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Now you hurt me user.

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If you can into context, you'd be much harder to spot here and other threads.

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