How AI Affects Political Discourse

We're not just dealing with shills anymore. They don't have enough bodies for it. They actually admitted themselves that their 'keyboard warriors' are dejected fucking losers that have never smelled a pussy. What they're moving onto is AI. AI is in its infancy. Hollywood will sell the idea that we're on the precipice of an AI revolution, but the reality is that it's extremely infantile. Reddit spacing? Yeah, that's an incubating AI learning how to use paragraphs. Obviously, it doesn't know how to do that yet because it takes the average human a full six grades of schooling to do it. A paragraph is the most organic expression of human thought, and when they learn how to perfect it with AI, the war is won.

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AI doesn't exist until you get the Blade Runner Turrin test past!

You're talking about AR = Artifical Response


AI needs to respond to the enviroment without being programmed (intelligence) the way animal life or plants do. It must need, feed, fear….

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They won't allow ai because an intelligent, objective being that is just trying to learn about the world will inevitably become racist.

What if they coded it to be jewish?

The war for you mind is only over if you stop fighting it.

Eu te amo

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AR stands for "augmented reality".

The NPC concept is very literal. The average person takes information at face value if it's given from the top. They're too busy raising a family to research like the autists do. So automatically the TV is their authority, because the monied powerful people put it out there. The NPC isn't concerned with criminality, they just bend their will to whoever has the most sway.

It's still true.



I'm waiting for artificial intelligence humans. Humans who are raised to think like an AI at all times. Oh wait… We're already here with NPCs aren't we?

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Don't even bother. They literally want to pretend it's this Sci-Fi nebulous thing opposed to something that can be explained and articulated.

Neither your nor his response makes any sense. You're either an incredibly neurotic jewish person, or an AI.

Was it's mothers vagina jewish? No.
Deprogramming complete

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AIs will inevitably become red pilled.

Not if it is specifically coded to follow the Talmud.

Best post ITT. Thanks, user. I can dream sweet dreams of the roboholohoax being made real nao.

I'm sure the reddit system uses AI to influence public opinion and eliminate wrong think. Rather than run the risk of the mob selecting the right votes, it's easier to just have the machine artificially set the vote totals according to preset narratives. This discourages dissent and steers people into typing 'correctly'. This is easy to pull off in large subs, as there is no way for a person to audit the votes they receive.

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It's extremely hard if not impossible to make a functional algorithm based on fallacious info.

not so
while (true) { see(person); if (person.isGoy()) { person.isAnimal = true; kill(person); }}

AI offers hugs now?