Weaponized BBC

Lulzy nigger.

Anyway, the photo of the rock they used to smash her with there is something else. Of course they stabbed her a bunch of times before that. Cuck male friend did nothing but also get smashed. Read the whole thing to get good and angry so YOU, DO SOMETHING, so your country doesn't end up with these animals. Another thread had details of a UN treaty just signed that intends to really flood everyone with apes.


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Feed them to the crocodiles.

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she was a coal burner.

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moar liek moar ENJOYABLE, amirite guise!

Oh look, another shitskin rapes a whore thread.

Please stop calling Obama black.

He is not black.
He is not white.

He is a fucking mutt. Nothing more.

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He's a nigger.
His wife is a nigger.
His daughters are niggers.
If they breed with whites, their children will still be niggers.
Nigger genes are cursed things. They infect a bloodline, forever tainting it's descendants.
Some may escape the fate of the curse, but they will forever carry it with them only to curse their children's children.

Just stop using (((their))) forced memes faggot

He is not a mutt either, he is an indonesian with a tan and makeup.

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I mean, if you're going to do something, do it right.

cut it off. I wonder how a nig would react to losing muh dik.

what would you suggest?

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would this be considered bait-posting?

The most fortunate will get the rope

He is half black, half jew.

Just start the God dam war and let's finish em all off for once God damnit

He was a Jewlatto, to be specific


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You Anglos are retarded.

nog eradication is the only solution tbh
ironically, the British empire probably would have been merciless enough to do this properly.