24 Hours Later: The Border is Still Open


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Shills are desperate, they know Trump is revealing his power level.

The guy isn’t a crackhead, he takes his time to do things.

Who stole what? He stole some ass that wasn’t mine?

I'd say you're right, but he moves at crackhead speed whenever Israel calls.

You kikes are losing the narrative. Better pull some more 4d chess

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Sorry kike op no one here expects Trump to instantaneously put forth an executive order. There is no doubt he has a room full of legal workers reading every law in American history so he can do it right the first time.

Yeah, man, you have been doing this shit non-stop for months.

But it will never change the facts.

You would think they'd be ready by now since this isn't the first caravan he's going to let through.

Winning so much he forgot to build the wall.

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Is he literally fisting the jew wall?

He isn't lying he's going to build the wall - right after he lets all of South America in first.

s.america > central america

no one cares about the wall but you dems … of fucking keveching about the wall all damn day.

we are going to build a wall separating CA ,AZ and Texas from the rest of america. But will still make sure to take taxes for the military services.

no he didnt when, you lie. you said hillary would win. lelz

Haha, look at this frog meme loser over here guys

y'all hold a minute, yes Trump takes his own sweet time. Because he wants to do things the right way, he jumps to do everything when we think it should be done then it will all be fucked up worse than Hillary will be when the evidence about her cannibalism and "spirit cooking" comes out. We do not need that. Yes, I want the wall too yet there is a shit load of red tape to go through to get it approved and funded even self-funded. Relax and let it roll out as it should.

its over boys our country is over. accept it or you're a faggot kike. just dont worry about things anymore huh it doesnt matter. If you care then you're probably a kike shill. (((repulibcans)))) )) are even worse than democrats. Just dont vote lol

no one cares , it only effects the places we dont care about.


like hell I will. I aint becoming sone shills handmaid

He tried to warn us.

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yea he wasnt successful at alot of things he tried. whats your point. suck his cock

Daily Reminder

The non-debunked and arrested (((Alt-Right))) has shifted tactics into becoming full on blackpill shills. They speak /our/ langauge as they would put it and have a shared database of our popular memes.

Fuck your RAM (((rise above movement))) occultism, your "Satanic nazis" (((Siege))). And your Zionist (((National Bolshevism))), aka altright.

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At the end of the day hitler was still a pawn for greater powers and effects.

now debunked



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nice dubs

keep crying , its like the same fucking therd 3000 times. Lets talk about what matters. You think stopping this caravan is gonna mean shit? You are an idiot.

We all know the places that are fucked and we all know the places that are safe. Lines are already drawn. Do you treally think there is going to be a North West front. Damn fucking retards all around.

Go ahead make your argument atleast tell us why you are right.

"he was right boo hoo"
no one cares , fucking live in the future

tommys a loser too

I can sense good goyim express donating to Soros organizations to stop ebil Trump and good goyim on the other side donating to stop other side.



YES (((SIR)))

YES (((SIR)))

3 fags full

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I'm not really sure what you are trying to say here. The alt-right is an enormous psy-op, okay sure yes, as is any polarized political entity nowadays. Party lines and divisions need to be destroyed to create a common people against injustice and an open forum based on meritocracy. Literally everything (((they))) do is an attempt to prevent this from materializing. Literally everything.

James Mason was right, faggot

This is who they're sending to try to meme us

Oh believe me. The wall is there. You just can't see it because your power levels are too low. So, nana-naba-boo-boo

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At least attempting and I mean a real attempt not putting some cucks on the boarder who aren't going to do anything would send a clear message

ZOGBOT DRUMPF won't do jack shit

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spoiler she was right

Anchor in five…four…three…

You kikes really twist the narrative. Zig Forums used to be about truth, and YOUR bullshit–political lies, GOP shilling, etc.–was the exception. Now, you've attempted to change the character of the board from its truth-finding function to a GOP circle jerk. Sorry, faggot, but truth wins out every time. YOU are the problem. You GOP shills have NO facts, NO arguments, just endless repetition of lies and bullshit. Neck yourself.

No. He tried to save us. And we destroyed him and his country.
The world ended in 1945. We are just living out an extended death.

Noone will. Immigrants are a workforce, needed by US oligarchs. Influx will not stop, no matter what. There is no force that counts that would be able to stop it. Jews, greedy and useful idiots will push it forever. Unless inevitable civil war ignites before whites become minority, so we dont lose it.

We dont have to let it die.

I've been getting sick of these Pompeii faggots saying we all have to die at our posts and that everything is fucked. You are meming that into reality.

We are going to win back everything and create a 4th Reich, All we need to do us usher in an age of warriors to bring forth a new golden age.

Stop memeing death, start memeing glory. We're going to see much more of that.


You will never change the facts.

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Looks like I'm the one living in reality.

Check those digits!

>"(((US postal office worker)))": Pic related will never be deployed because it's only reserved for civil war scenarios. Same for all the newest remotely-controlled toys they have.
tl;dr You've got resources to operate a network of bioweapons/chemical bases in foreign countries and a fleet of aircraft deployed to spy on/attack a Russian military base in Latakia, Syria, but you'll never get anything to secure the southern border.

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W-we-we didn't want the wall anyways!!! Enjoy welcoming the based "natural conservative" spics. #MAGA


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I'm going to kike enoch post a bit:

Remove Sheldon Adelson's cock from your mouth before speaking to me again.

Everyone who believes that is a piece of shit. Sage for doublepost, and fuck anti-whites.

There will always be another King, Hitler earned his place in the Einherjar but that battalion is still having tryouts for new members. Until the ravens leave the mountain.

Good post. Barbarossa was pretty cool (even if he also had his cucked side. You should look at some of is decrees regarding jews and pagans, sucky sucky for the jews, yucky yucky for the heathens. Awful)

It is under construction right now as you sit there in Tel Aviv.

got to say this is brilliant…

Don't be such a Negative-Nancy, user. Trust The Plan. Right after the midterms, the Huma-Hillary ultimate ebil reveal, the Red Wave, and the arrests; the wall is going up in record time. This is nothing more than a slow, methodic game of 36DD underwater, upside, 6,000,000-dimensional backwards backgammon. So. checkmate; amirite tho?

You should go back to cuckchan crackhead.

I met my wife while loitering at the border last caravan, others in the minutemen group did the same.

Trump is anti-White.

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Actually, the wall was an esoteric metaphor on how strong the american public can be when they stand side by side.

If you shill for Trump you are anti-White and a nigger lover.

Donald Trump has always been about Donald Trump, and it's a shame that so few of you realized it from the start. There's no 4-d chess, he's a very simple guy if you just ask yourself, "What action will benefit Trump the most?" in regards to any situation.

The border-closing executive order? He's trying to delay it until after the midterms. He might have a majority Congress after midterms, so delaying means the executive order would be more likely to succeed, and this benefits Donald Trump.

Building the wall? He's doing it, but ever so slowly, because he needs it to be under way but still incomplete in 2020, so people will vote for him so it will get finished, and this benefits Donald Trump.

Throwing white nationalists under the bus? About 90% of voters despise white nationalists because they're told that they're bad people, so saying that they're bad people publically benefits Donald Trump. He's a civic nationalist anyway, and the vast majority of his base are civic nationalists.

Why does he want to stop illegals coming in, but does nothing about legals? He's done the math, sees how much illegals cost the government, and realizes that slightly cheaper labor in his hotels isn't worth the tax hits he'll take to support any additional unskilled labor with government programs. If they're here already, speak English, and have a rudimentary education, they'll still work in his hotels for cheap. He just doesn't want all their cousins and aunts and grandmas sucking off the government teat; he thinks we're full (and we are). In his mind, the DACA "kids" already spent our money on education, health care, and school lunches, so why not get some work out of them, put them to scrubbing Mar-A-Lago toilets for minimum wage? This will benefit Donald Trump.

Sometimes Donald Trump needs a few days to sort out what's in his own best interest, and so he will dodge and wave or even parrot the narrative at first until he decides what's best for Donald Trump, and that's when he contradicts himself. Also, he has an inflated ego and sometimes goes off half-cocked, especially on Twitter, and then later realizes that what he said wasn't in his best interest, and contradicts himself again. Sometimes he just flat-out makes mistakes, and contradicting himself it better than apologizing or retracting his statement. Frequently he makes grandiose statements on Twitter and does nothing to back them up because he likes to get people talking about him and the subjects that interest him, and often these statements make him look clever, or powerful, or are pleasing to his base, and this benefits Donald Trump.

There's no secret agenda, no 4-d chess, just a very simple philosophy of self-interest that occasionally overlaps with America's interests. Just start asking yourself the question when considering future issues and you will see that it's true.

My Nicaraguan wife isn't a nigger and she loves my white dick. You need to man up and settle down (pass down your genes).

The 4000 has not arrived yet, stop the doom & gloom.

She's an indio goblin. So congratulations, you married slightly above nigger tier.

Whore language detected.
Tits or GTFO.

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If you insulted my wife in front of me, I would have shot you. She would be more impressed with me too after seeing the lengths I would go for her.

My Nicararyan wife is pure you filthy kike

This. The dumb shills are even enforcing it by reminding all the people about it.
The wall is as strong as the people manning it.

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If you are White you are so disgraceful as a coalburner.
Kill yourself and the racially impure spics you created.

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Ben Garrison made a cartoon of exactly that.

Fuck you. I'm putting her birthing hips to good use. And she's not even 18!

Degenerate kike gas yourself.

Notice how the (((concern shills))) avoided your post like the plague?

Stop trying to D&C, she's whiter than some white roasties I've seen and our children will be pretty much white.

Shills on suicide watch!

Don't cry when RAHOWA comes.
Remember, it was your choice and responsibility.

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The shill bingo forced meme was created by an angry DACApede. How does it feel having your DACA revoked by the forces of good?

This isn't true, at all.

I'll tell Santa to save us and take us to Nicaragua

Why waste money on something meant to be just an esoteric metaphor?


leftypol you're trying too hard

Except he has moved against the chinks and pajeets as well.

Phone's still ringing, china glow nigger.

Then he is absolutely not our guy but kike's puppet.
Right now the idea to meme him out of office is premature, but in time it will be due.
Betrayal is not nice.

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< let Hillary get elected
< after all, goyim, ALL wealth should go to the kikes, and all you white people just need to be genocided
Great plan!

Not commies elected, but a trustworthy guy who will push White interests.
Given the irongrip the jews have into every American household with TV and entertainment, plus the brainwashing in schools, the logic path to follow is accelerationism.
Take in count that was accelerationism the element bringing Trump to power.

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Dumb fucks. The republicans control government and Trump goes on about immigration laws not to their liking. Uh huh

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Really, that stupid? Just imagine the cost alone to build roads to access the areas to build the wall…

yeah like when he stopped them bombing Syria under pretence of muh chemical weapons by bombing an empty runway and a few old planes and a radar shack?
Sure helped them secure greater ISISrael in Syria eh! What a shabbos goy, amirite, my fellow fashy kike shill!

Since he knows that anything he does will instantly be contested by liberal asshats in some court, somewhere, I'd dare say that perhaps he is taking his time to get lawyered the fuck up, so he can shoot them down, as soon as they contest it. In the end, liberals will attempt to fuck anything Trump is doing, because they need those illegals to vote and the majority of their shekel making businesses require illegals, in one form or the other, albeit manual labor on the cheap, or to provide "services" for them, so they can leach off of the government and live a better life, than most Americans who worked their whole fucking lives to get what little they have. A house, a car, healthcare… liberals will give all of this to them, for free, and make their money off of legal fees sent directly to the US taxpayer to do so.

No, drumpf is a poo you lying kike shill

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Seriously kill yourself.

Money is not a problem when the government has the WILL.
Don't believe the ZOG's memes about budgets and Congress' authorizations. It have been demonstrated over and over again that when ZOG wants a war costing trillions of dollars money never was a problem.

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You say bait; I say shilling.