Oi vey! Israel's favourite goyim are starting to know!

New Poll Shows Support for Israel Plummeting Among U.S. Liberals, Millennials and Women
Recent Economist-YouGov surveys indicate that the generally positive views of Israel are being steadily eroded in the hyperpolarized Trump era
Posted on Oct 26, 2018 @ 1:59AM by Chemi Shalev

>A new poll released this week highlights the growing imbalance in U.S. public opinion’s support for Israel and the stark demographic similarities between Israel’s strongest supporters and the profile of the average Donald Trump voter. The poll reveals a generally positive view of Israel, but one that is in constant decline and increasingly split along partisan lines.

>Comparisons between the new poll and previous Economist/YouGov polls that posed identical questions also corroborate the notion of steady erosion in the number of Americans who are willing to express strong support for Israel. In 2015, 47 percent of Americans described Israel as “an ally.” In 2017, the number was down to 41 percent. In the most recent poll, the figure is even lower, at 37 percent alone.

>Although the polls indicate a slight increase in support for Israel among Republicans/conservatives, it does not offset the sharper drop in support among Democrats/liberals. The poll corroborates other findings that indicate that Israel has become embroiled in the hyper-partisan conflict generated by Trump’s presidency. The perception of close ties between Trump and Israel and between Netanyahu and Trump are definitely pushing Democrats and liberals to distance themselves from the Jewish state.

>The comprehensive Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults, which included scores of questions on Trump’s performance and foreign policy, shows that support for Israel is directly co-related to gender, age, economic status and political outlook. It is strongest among older, well-to-do, conservative white men and weakest among young, liberal, minorities and women.

>Perhaps the most surprising and hitherto least reported indication of this disparate support is the gender gap: Asked whether Israel, along with other countries, is seen as friend or foe, 46 percent of men described Israel as an ally compared to only 29 percent of women. Another 25 percent of both sexes described Israel as “friendly.”

>The imbalance is even more pronounced when broken down by other demographic criteria: Only 25 percent of those 18-29-years-old said that Israel was an ally, compared to 55 percent of those over 65. Forty-three percent of whites viewed Israel as an ally, compared to only 19 percent of African Americans and 22 percent of Hispanics. Twenty-nine percent of households earning less that $50K a year viewed Israel favorably but 49 percent of those earning $100K and over did. Twenty-nine percent of those who voted for Clinton in 2016 saw Israel as an ally compared to 65 percent of Trump voters. And 27 percent of liberals say Israel favorable compared to 33 percent of moderates but a whopping 60 percent of conservatives.

Source: haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-poll-shows-support-for-israel-plummeting-among-u-s-liberals-millennials-and-women-1.6594182
Archive: archive.fo/pjAUN

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Don't worry Trump will sign an EO making Holocaust class mandatory for all Americans. They didn't make their puppet President for nothing.

Wtf i love liberals now


Why? Think about it strategically, Israel is the only stable state from the middle east.



Fail of the highest order.


Such a shame. It's obvious why they wanted nothing to do with Patrick Little.

And we have constant D&C from retards here pushing for misogyny and MGTOW bathhouse faggotry.

What a dupe you are.

This is why it's supported by white boomers. That and muh Judeo-Christianity meme.

Israel is the easiest target. The real powers don't even care if Israel get's destroyed.

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We have to focus efforts on dropping the positive public on Israel after the democrats lose the mid-terms. It has to get to the point where a politician simply mentioning Israel will be political suicide. Good God, do I hate Israel.

Looks like the commies and capitalists may meet again in the future to undo their mistake in WW2.

Leftists who have ANY sort of spark of intelligence in their body are very easy to redpill on Israel. It's easier to redpill them on Israel instead of cuckservatives.

You're right, muh colonialism and all.
Problem is they think "ethnostates for no one", not "ethnostates for everyone [spoiler(except jews)[/spoiler]"

Wake up kid. Leftists are fine with ethnostates, just not for whites (and in their eyes, white jews).

They'll sign up any day for black ethnostate.

Ive talked to many people about this. I think it is a strictly religious and holohoax guilt basis.

We need to redpill them on the Dancing Israelis


Am I the only one who thinks a 4% difference in a poll only sampling 1500 people is basically meaningless? Like at those numbers it could easily just come down to random distribution.

Guarantee that the majority of the other 71% was don't know/don't care.

Do you have something to share with the class morph-i mean- user

They still have the dumb (((Christian))) boomer crowd.

Then where are its borders, show me.

Not seeing the inverse of that number:
57% of whites do not view Israel as an ally

Now all we have to do is get support among whites down to 0%….

The Overton Window has opened boys.

70% of whites see israel as either an ally or friendly.

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That OP is fucking beautiful. Window is almost open completely and the hardest part is nearly over. You lads should be proud of yourselves! Zig Forums's hard work is paying off.

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I hate wimmen so damn much, you should hate too, fellow Polacks! Israel is not our enemy, wimmenz and millenials are!

Yep. Call them fagceltows or incelshills.

How is an enemy state being stable a good thing?

That's why you name them and shame them when they post. It's also why anons need to keep working on introducing the redpill to their female relatives. Find creative ways to get them comfortable with confronting the JQ directly.

Enemy of.. american politicians that are also citizens of that state?

It is coming, younger generations don't give a shit about them, and with the power of the Internet to show or tell a person anything they want to, they can know the truth of things.

But that leaves 31% who do not see Israel as an ally or friendly. I can't even imagine that number was anywhere near such a level just 10 years ago.

And we havnt even started killing them yet bb

Can Ivanka and other Jewish princesses start concern trolling their dads about Israel not taking any rapefugees? Naw..

This survey reminds me of pic related.

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I hope this shithole country gets nuked tbh.

This article is in response to Taylor Swift voting for the non-Zionist politician in her state. This is how the Jewish mind works. It really starts becoming predictable after some time.

Two anons have uncovered the pipe-bomb false flag operation by Benjamin Netanyahu. We need to get this information to the President and General Flynn. Spend all weekend if you need to! Let's get it out there, team. Go go!

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How well do the kikes pay you?

They do care. Where else could they go on vacation and fuck kidnapped children from around the world, dismember hookers and get an organ transplant without waiting?

Weak shill tactics yid

South America, D.C., London, South East Asia… etc.

Reminder that during the ''bomb'' scare, Pissrael is attacking Palestinians using jet fighters.


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>then they use the (((balfour declaration))) to secure Palestine, a 90% christian region, for themselves and then proceed to kick out its native inhabitants
Kind of hard not to be when you've bombed everyone else into permanent stagnation.

While I agree with what pissrael has done it's not like sandnigs can really progress anyway. It would just be slightly less violent without the kikes is all.


You know when the amerimutts have gone so downhill that they have to rely on shitskins and mentally deranged, anti-fun literal faggots for help. That's what you get for letting in Jewish politics, do you want to die for Israel (Zionism) or do you want to die for diversity (Marxism)? Pick your poison, goyim. None of them is going to be repdilled no matter how you think they will on that degenerate nation, at best you can send them out to Pissrael armed with clubs along with the Palestininians once Iran decides to bomb their borders, and then you get to sit and enjoy watching the leftist degenerates being gangbanged to death by the Palestininians.

American made jet fighters.

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Support for Israel =/= Support for Jews. Most millennials and such don't like Israel because MUH MUSLIMS MUH PALESTINE. Yet in the same breath they will talk about how they LOVE JEWS and MUH HOLOCAUST. This is intentional, because while these people dislike Israel, when they read these headlines or apolitical people read them. They think ANTI-SEMITISM… ALT-RIGHT. I NEED TO VOTE FOR BERNIE. It's all fucking controlled and I'm sick of it.

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Exactly, which is why burgers need to stop relying on their own political enemies in hopes that they will convert to National Socialism and actually start creating movements like the Nordic Resistance Movement. You see them being against Israel, but you don't see them wanting rapefugees and (((multiculturalism))). It takes a special type of scenario to be redpilled, and leftards are already too far gone from understanding what is happening in reality, and shitskins aren't even likely to be redpilled, but hey even a church nigger can chant "Heil Hitler!!!" at times.


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And another thing, you could just create some form of win/win scenario were you set up a civil war between Zionist Jews/golems and Marxist Jews/golems alike, and then have a bunch of Chad National Socialists pop out of nowhere and kill off every remaining survivor of the bloodshed. Still, you would have to dismantle ZOG from within first, though.

More importantly Israel is a dumping ground for jews who couldn't blend in with white societies. If they come back then opinions will turn against them much faster.

Nice try, mossad

Once American learn how Israel Black mailed Congress, the Senate and the attack on the USS Liberty, 911 + + + + the rest.

Pic related:

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Ah, the Amerigoy of the 21st century
So jew-wise they are that they elect Likud jew controlled frauds (wearing exaggerated orange [masonic] clown makeup notwithstanding) in an effort to overthrow said Likud jews in control

The Republikikes are Israel's new favorite goyim, especially the Israel-loving Trumpniggers. That's the beauty of controlling both sides.

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Trust me it makes browsing WAY better

How's the weather in Ankara?

Republicucks were always shitrael's greatest supporters. Demcucks had the muh Palestine angle for years.


Heres your reply.

They can only say, "me, me, me, it's all about me!!!!!!!!" for so long before people get sick of hearing their bullshit.

how can any white man watch this video and not be absolutely sickened and angered that these devious creatures are allowed to live in our nation?

Wow something neocon cucks can be associated with.

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Most of the polls like this have anywhere from 5% to 8% or more MoE. So potentially there is no change at all. Besides, your bleeding heart leftist will only have more support for the kikes after today.


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Odd, from everything I've seen of American police, they would've tased, pepper sprayed and hosed anyone trying to hinder their work. Perhaps even pull their guns out. Guess not.

I'll bite. Here's some links for those of you who aren't illiterate niggers.

Also, not to get conspiratorial but I've about 50% positive BDS is a ploy to divide the Neomarxist left and the Neocon right so they can get all the 'patriots' to fight another war for them, this time against Iran and their allies. They view the right wing in the States as more competent in any case, which is why they put the GOP in power everytime they actually want to accomplish something.

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Time we occupy the Democratic party instead?

Guys I think you MIGHT be on to something
Maybe even why Brazil monkeys vote for Zionist "nationalists"

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It's also dependent upon the options. When your only option that's not directly and obviously leftist is a zionist nationalist then the zionist nationalist gets the vote.

But what happens when you try to join the elections as a national socialist?

…and Zig Forums is turning all the white men against the kikes. looks like the kikes' kosher sandwich is turning into a goyish radical hoagie

Its the only way to be anti-Semitic on college-campus! Only the Christian and jewish clubs protest against you. And you need only show a Christian, a video like this or talk about how Israel devalues Christian monuments to get him to leave and think. Maybe one day my BDS activism will win over the Christian club.

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It's illegal now btw after congress passed a law preventing students from advocating for BDS of Israel/Israeli goods. You literally will be imprisoned if you do this on American college campuses openly.

All according to plan. We are winning the propaganda war.

That's entirely untrue, as a student in support of the freeing of Palestine, I can basically do whatever the fuck I want.
Speech codes are only anti-White on campuses, they aren't actually anti-jewish. I have said "boycott jews, free Palestine" right to a jewish professor's face, and haven't gotten any problems. A new thing we're doing is attacking the jewish student groups on campus and also not allowing them to do jewish rituals on campus.

Yeah there is a good amount of White Antifa around me and yeah there is quite a lot of Muslims and mulattos but its the only way to Zig Forums post IRL and its too fun.

Sometimes when I'm just among only the other Whites and we're speculating new ways we can help the fight to free Palestine and end Zionism, I think about that we're in a Beer Hall in a faraway land almost a century ago.

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Well, sort of. They still shill for the idea that Hitler "gave Palestinine" to the "fake Zionist Jews and killed the real Jews during the Hall of Co$t™", this retarded narrative would come up in Zig Forums at times and it always feels like these types of shills are secretly implying that the (((Allied Powers))) and (((Soviets))) were actually heroes. There is nothing patriotic than punching a Nazi amirite goy? All that is left now is to show them the truth about Hitler's stance on Palestinine and Zionism. If they won't believe it, then they have no potential to be redpilled and will always be considered an enemy along with (((them))). I'd reckon most leftists nowadays will never be redpilled because they are all beyond saving at this point.

webm and pic related

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A semitophillic left is losing (marxism), while it becomes anti-semitic.
An antisemitic right is winning, while it becomes semitophillic (alt-kike).
The importance of this cannot be over-stated.

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Wow what a coincidence that this fake shooting just happened!

Already seeing some Israeli flags. Looking like operation Zionist pride is in effect. Would hate for that to backfire and expose to norm how they are jewish supremacists!

All in an effort to prove they're still top dog on the oppression chart. Minus all of the other mass shootings of course…

operation: don't gas us

Unfortunately for them, the timer is set, the clock is ticking, and the digits are free-running.

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110 SOON.

They need to be careful what they wish for. They may be conjuring up some really deadly magic for themselves if these "extremists" start to see this behavior as normalized.

Imagine being the devil…
you look around and your best henchmen are spreading hummus on bagels while asking you if you could spare a shekel. And when you don't gib shekel, they call you an antisemite.

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Poor Satan. Have zero doubts he'll betray them, he's the king of liars they learned from after all and it would actually be honourable to do so this time. Traitors get their rewards and humanity's greatest traitors get their punishment.

The golem is out of control of the rabbi; the basic bitch lib is so brainwashed to (1) favor browns over "whites" and (2) see the kikes as "fellow white people" that they follow the conditioning and identify with the Palestinians' plight and see Yidsnotreal as the aggressor. It's quite funny.

I see that OP iddn't get a kike-free first response.

Those 555 timers are not easy to setup, I once wired one wrong and it got so hot it caught fire.

Oh how right you were