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Damn. That's a good one.

Another classic.

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I can't even..

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Spam is a real problem, you fag, and it looks like that's a completely meaningless post.

yea right ..ban a completely meaningless post

You really should run from hotdogs though, very low quality meat.

It's gotta be more obvious than that.

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What font is that?



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That's what spam means, you fucking waste of oxygen. I wish they would send a kill squad to your house, too. I guarantee you are cancer and ruin everything you touch, being that fucking stupid and all.

You forgot the clock

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what have i done?

Laughing increases oxygen intake, fuming uses up oxygen?

Given ideas to late night shitposting. Cured my boredom at least.

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Only the packaged protein and salt sticks in the local megamart. Get some proper sausages from a butcher.

you should add "electric wires" and "nails and ball-bearings" to make it more hilarious when someone calls the cops