Is there a special lefttard virus?

Is there a special lefttard virus? If so, how does it work and how does it spread? Are there sinister forces behind it?

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The combination of fluoride, drugs in the water, public education (brainwashing), prolonged exposure to the media, and prolonged exposure to leftist NPC twitter/facebook drones typically results in the spreading of the virus. These effects are magnified if a person is exposed to them before they fully develop their own ability to think for themselves. Beyond a certain point, there is no cure for leftism. There are sinister forces behind it - the kikes who are pushing for white genocide around the world.

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Virus really isn't the right analogue. Immune deficiency is more accurate. The affected are unable to perceive threats or effectively devise solutions to practical problems.

They literally have brain damage.

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You just described the effect T. Gondii has on rats and women.

I wonder if this technology could be used to cure lefttards?>>12324912

Psychology is a major factor. Psychology id a double-edged sword which can be used to identify/characterize a problem for the purpose of developing a solution or a means of social and cultural engineering. In many places (Latin America, the Middle East and now the entirety of the West; phase I was to atomize culture by atomizing identity. Then using -ists and -isms to give the identity-less something to gravitate towards, a new, false identity

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The cold. Those who can't handle the cold are inherently leftists.

This is mostly correct, but it misses urbanization. Rural people are exposed to all of the same stuff except the poisoned drinking water, but they are far less likely to become leftists. When constantly seeing large numbers of people far beyond Dunbar's number, it creates a stress response. Our deep instincts know this is not natural or safe, and the constant low level threat stimulus causes a large number of people to block out their threat processing completely. So they genuinely don't recognize that dressing like a whore, getting wasted and then walking through niggeropolis alone at 3am is dangerous. They don't recognize that importing millions of people who openly say "we're coming to wipe you out" is dangerous. And you can induce this form of temporary brain impairment deliberately, see here:

We don't know of a way to turn the shut down parts of the brain back on when people shut them down out of a self-protective instinct to avoid stress. You have to remove them from the source of the stress: cities.

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What if vaccines also retard more parts of the brain than the pineal through heavy metal toxicity during early childhood development?

Yes, there is.
You don’t deserve to get the scientific papers on it because you’re a redditor who can’t read our rules.

Yes there is.

It's called following neo liberalism. Individual rights >>> the state. Then they whine about corporations getting too much power in such an environment. Well no shit your individual rights go above those of the state, so naturally that would also apply to international markets.

Going against international markets on any scale will draw you ire from the controlled media and the other neo liberal countries who are servants of big business and global markets.

Most countries don't use fluoride Alex, or should I say most white countries

Pro tip, Republicans are leftists

no its because in the city the cost of living is higher so people tend to be more left wing because of it.

Is more common in rural areas than urban areas, yet leftism is more common in urban areas than rural areas. It doesn't fit at all.

Then it would affect rural and urban areas equally. It does not. Why are you guys so desperate to ignore the obvious reality that you flail at any random thing you can make up.

No they are not. And I didn't say anything about which US political party anyone supports. Uncle Ted clearly defined leftist for you, go read before you post any more.

How does the cost of living make people leftists?

I could care less what some luddite thinks. The republican party endorses, immigration, homosexuality and most of multiculturalism.

No there isn't.
The disease is people trying to fit into what they believe everyone thinks.
They think this because people don't discuss too much face to face but it is pushed in all the media.
Youtube videos, movies/series, on news.
You have the stereotype of all leftists being genuine heroes and all rightists being zealots and uneducated.
The doublethink is figuring out that most people with mild conservative politics make more money than those with mild liberal politics.

There's clearly a cuckchan one.