(((Bobby Fisher/// how bad Jews turn good

A movie about his life.

It's a good documentary but the Jews try to spin it that he's crazy, including bringing on some friends who were back stabbers. So in the next post I'll show you the dinner of where they get he most "crazy guy" clips and interview the slimy Icelandic neurologist backstabbing "friend" who is there at the dinner. The next video shows how he never went crazy and the entire movie was a lie.
But it's still a good movie because you get to see his interesting life and how Americans and Russians were obsessed with intellectual sport of Chess before the whole thing became about stupid low IQ sports.

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Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

The utter regenerative power and boon for the rest of the world, the complete annihilation of the jewish species, removes the need for any so called "good jews", which do not exist, anyway.
Solutions offered by jews for problems created by jews are never to be taken. The world needs zero jews. This is the best solution.

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Dude what a legend
Liked him before just having heard him oust das juden but he seemingly became a very respectable guy

The sad part is they are being paid to post

If there are no good jews, the who was Bobby Fischer??

a mischling


he was also crazy

There are no good jews. We will spare no one. You cannot stop it.

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Reminder that exceptions to the rule confirm the rule.

you need to be crazy to manage to implement any sort of change.
Or to be influential in some way.

The cases are rare for good Jews though. Brother Nathanial is another one that comes to mind


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Bobby Fisher has done more for us than anyone on this board could ever hope to. He also suffered at the hands of the Jew more than anyone us ever will. I will still live by the fact that there are now good Jews because I can count the number of good ones on one hand, and that's not enough to make an exception to the rule. I won't stand for Bobby Fisher being defamed, though. Also the guy who talks about how circumcision is a device used to enslave is very worthy of my respect as well.

*no good Jews, not now.

Hello Jared Kushner.

We know you're the Antichrist.

We know this.

We know 8ch is a honeypot psyops.

We know everything.

God is on our side.

Reported. There are no good jews. We will spare no one. You cannot stop it.

This thread got shilled fast. They hate the chess master

The only good Jew is a dead Jew.

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Where's the evidence Bobby Fischer even jewish? Is it only other jews saying he was?

nice kike talking points shlomo

Fischer was a mischling goy, not a kike, stop buying fake CIA propaganda about his (((real father))), his father was Fischer from Germany

He was Jewish by blood, but he rejected that blood and asked to be taken off of the encyclopedia of Jews.

Bobby Fischer was so based.
He even realised how gay chess was at the end, after he had beat all the (((Soviets))) at their own game.

This genetic determinism bullshit is so obviously false the people who believe this are idiots.

Watch the fucking docs or stfu retard

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Cry more, yid :)

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Here's the questions that break NPCs.

Zig Forums needs to make a list of questions without answers

Yeah, didn't he invente/adovacate an entirely new chess game that is randomized?

Found it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess960
Sounds pretty baste. forcing people to be creative.



For some reason my sentence structure is like yoda talking. it pisses me off, and I have to restructure the sentence when I proof read.

other questions,

etc, etc

There are no good jews.
kys op

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Can you blame him? Everyone's crazy from the ZOG. Bumping for redpilled Fischer discussion.

Anti-science retard, it's called multi-variate analysis.
Maybe euthanize yourself, you clearly lack the human capacity to think.
Your responses are nearly programmatical, NPC.

Bobby Fischer hated Jews. He also hated whites. When he wasn't talking about the Jews, he was talking about wiping out white Americans because of le poor injuns. He doesn't count as being good.

He looks a lot like Lovecraft.

Shriek more, kike :)

truth. Bobby Fischer was just Jesus in modern day form.

seems like he just hated everyone but himself

Jesus isn't a Jew in the modern sense.

Fischer was spiteful, Jesus wasn't.

Of course they do. Any Jew who exposes the Jews is considered as bad (or worse) than goyim.

Pic related is old, pre-Trump, for you newfags.

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*Jesus wasn't a Jew in the modern sense.

He's extremely spiteful, how old are you?

Really? Going to post proof?

still makes me chuckle that we got tila tequila fighting for the reich now

You are stupid, crazy is everyone who calls out the jews.

Allegedly a child molester as well. He also mentally subjugated Björk.

Daily reminder there are no good Jews, only sometimes Jews we can use.

Name one bad thing about Harold Bloom. In the 1990s, protested the pozzing of English departments before a lot of others.

He cares about aesthetics and the divine. I emailed him once for a recommendation of a translation, and he responded.

Good guy.

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fuck off kike your whole religion is pedophilic child rape and child sacrifice

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I never said any of those are a bad thing though.


Worked for Ancient Greeks. Huh?

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Funny thing about Greek faggots, is that none of their paintings/potter ever depicts Anal Sex. Only thigh-fucking. It's as if they new that taking it up the ass wasn't good for you.

He said that the White man should go back to you Europe and the Black man to Africa. He never talked about actually exterminating White People.

It's in one of his later interviews.

Unless you count wrestling as being gay, not to mention the excess of olive oil back then….


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I'm in my mid forties & only recently
found out my surname is Yiddish,
I have a friend that a guy said Jewish
slags to but he didn't understand that
the guy was commenting on his Jewry,
bet their's tonnes of others out there
who don't even know they are Jewish,
this guy immigrated to Canada just after
he learned to speak German, he came from
Germany, he doesn't believe in the holocaust,
the guy doesn't even know he's Jewish,
if they are cultured Jews then yeah
they have that mentality, for me to
have none of that culture & see
objectively the way it really is,
Icarus will never reach the sun,
Icarus is a teaching tool for
people who think they can
dethrone the global super power
that has been ruling for aeons,
this doesn't just go for Jews
trying to take over the world,
it is for Rome or the British
Empire of Germany or anyone
who tries, now is the time that
the sun will burn it's hottest,

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Demons in human skin… wouldn’t expect them to turn good lol


90% of new threads are (((Alt-Right))) terrorism larping CIA/Mossad threads. This is not one of them. If you bump them, you are a traitor!!!!

The most expedient way involves a trench and a bullet to the head.

He was truly /ourjew/

There are no good Jews.

That was something the economic elite did and if some scumbag wanted his poor son to be accepted into the higher ranks of the rich he would give him over to one of these pederast pieces of shit.
Men are always men no matter what era they live in. No normal father on this earth would want his son to be made into a faggot just for economic gain.
This was not a common practice in ancient greece.

Check em kikes.

“Hypothetically there could be a good Jew, but the cost of finding this out would be enormous.”
Very much this.

I am reminded of something from Starship Troopers, wherein the teacher of the civics class is talking about value.
Basically, he comes to the conclusion that the phrase “the best things in life are free” is both technically true and inherently false, better phrased as “the best things in life cannot be bought with money”, on the basis that those things can only be bought with blood and struggle and hardship, and its never cheap.

By the same token, “there are no good Jews” is technically false but inherently true, because while a good Jew may well exist, you can never know that a Jew is a good Jew or merely another in the long line of malicious subversive Jews until its too late, and the cost is too great to justify embracing the technical falsehood in favor of the inherent truth. I would likewise conclude that a better statement would be “there are no Jews whose embrace can be justified on the potentiality of their being the exceedingly-rare good Jew”.

That's one of the WORST jews in history!

That's a very small sample size, shlomo. Most jews weev knew while he was in federal prison were all there for pedophilia with the exception of one who impersonated a judge in a federal trial.

Also, some of the most notorious pedophiles have all been jewish. Richard Goldberg or [email protected] was well… a goldberg. Entire lines of rabbis have all been pedophiles, Jared Fogle too. Per capita, jews are more likely to be pedophiles than any other race. I even remember from an episode on To Catch a Predator there was a rabbi who got busted.

Except he's right and you are retarded.

Truly /ourkike/