EU to ban nazi groups, form EU NKVD, shut down Zig Forums

EU to ban nazi groups, form EU NKVD, shut down Zig Forums
This is not a drill

Parliament demands ban on neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups in the EU

Fighting back is illegal goy, just roll over and die already.

Ban all organisations glorifying fascism

top kek

AKA, they propose setting up the NKVD part 2: EU boogaloo

Enforced hate speech laws for EU member states

Measures are also necessary to counteract the spread of racism, fascism and xenophobia through the internet, in cooperation with social media companies

This means you, user. This means Zig Forums.

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AFD cannot come to power soon enough.

NOTE for the newfags
The EU is a project founded by internationalist jewish bankers via their agent Kalergi. The stated objective of the EU has always been to Europe and created a Eurasian/Negroid race – this is why the alt-kike and "identitarian" controlled opposition groups are promoting Eurasianism – this is to destroy whites in preparation for the institution of the Jew World Order.

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Stop D&C anti-EU groups, kike.

I don't think anyone targets severe burn victims though.
Why not restore article 58 of Soviet Penal Code and be done with it?
that way you don't even need to count on the victim feeling that crime was done out of hatred.

spotted the EU apologist

Don't worry. It happened before already. "Fascism" will get rephrased as "totalitarian ideologies" and - in the end - only Communists will be banned.

Indeed. Whole banking sector will hang. Why not do it?

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The European Union is a gift that keep giving, like Africa, UN and the Jews (which coincidentally covers all the other ones too)
It's truly all so very tiresome. When will this nightmare end.

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The worse the nightmare gets the sooner we wake up. It's cosmic irony that nothing drives us all faster towards DOTR than those exact parasites doubling or tripling down on pretty much everything (even the really minor stuff) and using scare tactics from half a century ago.

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The liberal left keeps pushing. I feel like we are at the peek of a moral shift. We should hijack antiracist rethoric to protect whites.

For example picture related. We should be saying: "This is hatespeech! This is antiwhite hatespeech! This is dehumanizing and racist to label whites as trash!"

I think we can meme this! I can already see the political landscape change.

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Looks like a good spot for an IOTBW poster.

Every vector of attack must be used to defeat the kike. This won't reach their brainwashed gopems though.

Yeah, we'll see.

Good luck faggots, we're here to stay.

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Change their posters to beaners and niggers and stinkbeards and JEWS.

This is nothing short of tyranny.

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Europe YES.
I bet all civilians will fall in line with this, and will not cause any uproar whatsoever. Fucking do it.

the eu can make all the dictates they want from their ivory towers
doesn't change the fact they have no means to actually enforce them, armies are a joke, police forces are castrated and government and functional IT is still a oxymoron
cause in point in almost all european countries neonazis are forbidden yet the real hardcore SS larpers can openly celebrate their things because the police knows they are better warriors then them
but the eu will ban /pol; just like they banned the pirate bay right or like the dysfunctional GDPR is enforceable

these are just the last dying spasms of a structure already abandoned by the people that should make it up, coming market shocks will only speed up the process

It cannot come to power period. Their elections are rigged.

Nazis get away with everything because politicians protect them, not because police is afraid of them.

Hello Zig Forums have you come to troll the ebin nadsees again?

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Well, you can't blame them. The EU government organization needs to ban wrong-thinking White groups before some crazy neon-nazis in an underground biology laboratory whip up a few ethnic bio-weapons and completely eradicate all of the non-Whites that the EU and its associates have worked so hard to bring into Europe.

I'm totally against such a biological attack scenario.

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Comes from the defeat of WW2 so its to be expected from people like us who actually see the "Big Picture" for what it really was and always has been. Meanwhile the only people that this really applies to is the same fools who run around screaming about "The Greatest Generation". Oh yes, the greatest generation that fought for your enslavement. BRAVO! *golf clap*

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/Pol is just one board on a site, shut it down who cares.

Stop relying on these organisations while just cheering from your home, user. AfD launched a "jewish group". You need to know people offline.

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ooh, subtle

in fact, as they are graphically a bit more massive than the original ones, the circle appears brighter, so I suggest you make each star a tiny little bit smaller
3 to 5% should do the trick

Yeah, except they have no actual power whatsoever. They cannot enforce this. Only the actual national governments can enforce this for them, and if they try, they will face the wrath of their peoples (unless you're British or French, in which case, lol).

Fuck, my bad, I archived it and everything.

The EU is nothing more than a coal and mining Cartel. It does not exist in law. It's a communist front by the euro 1% to enslave the world.

Nigger what?

Look it's not about targeting 8pol where stuff comes from they know if they take this down the userbase just moves or creates an alternative. It's not effective at all.

What they are afraid of is memes and other stuff reaching normies that make them less favored. Normies are retarded there is so much information out there on why the EU is corrupt, many instances of EU corruption and still they praise it.

Anyone who is for an United States of Europe is foolish I would say. Remember what happened in America to create their United States? And their states had much less historical and cultural differences. Nor where their states armed with nuclear weapons.

Look those kikes can stir their cattle in one direction doesn't mean they know the exact outcome before hand. They have less control than you think and changes can definitely happen. Any time someone speaks out against individual rights is the time that one speaks out against the global international markets. Because their rights, are individual rights which are abused. What we need is a powerful state to cleanse the filth.

Among the victims of the concentration camps were freemasons, estimated 200.000 were killed in the camps as political prisoners. It was true that lodges became forbidden and the ones involved were arrested and taken to the camps. Fascism can not allow the same faults that nobility made in the past by allowing those guys, often richer monopolists and merchants to have a platform where they can keep secrecy.

They try to enforce their shit by fucking over nations economically and through that way trying to discredit any leader or movement that takes over in an unruly country by turning the population against them. Since if economic conditions are bad the one in charge or a past government is blamed for it.

If they do this I am going to spend the rest of my life eagerly awaiting their assassination.

And what defines "fascism" or "nazism"
Anything nationalist in fact.

Good. This will push people to actually do something. Europe is beyond fucking cucked. Freedom of speech is here for good in the us because we won that battle. Can the pussies with perfect tans and designer clothes get dirty and accomplish something? Probably not. I really don't give a fuck about Europe and their obsession with the past, so go ahead and deal with all these problems you ignored while you ruled for 1000 years while I get to say nigger faggot and kike.



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