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There's been a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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Well the "bombs" didn't work so (((they))) will try again.

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We don't even have much information available and this already reeks of desperation. Is more blatantly intentional shit like this going to happen frequently before the midterms?


and here i thought they would go with a school shooting angle

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What if this is a GOP false flag and the shooter is a Muzzie/Lefty?

live feed police radio shooting

Hey rabbi whatcha carrying?

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Trump put the military on the border so they can't have a "drill" nearby a school this time.
Meanwhile Zig Forums is under attack.

The GOP doesn’t operate independently, you dumb reddit faggot. The Republican Party is owned by jews and does everything jews say. There is no right wing organized power in the US.

rob bowers
ar15, glock

According to the NY Post the shooter has been identified as Native American supremacist Samuel Tanhide.

listening in its this dude

Any age mentioned?

1. Kill yourself for supporting Trump, you fucking yid.
2. The military went to the border to stop white militias from preventing the spics from entering. They are there to ensure that everyone lives and is allowed into the country.

sept 72

Place your bets - false flag, muzzie, or hero?

BTW, for those who were saying that mailbomber was a false flag, THIS is what a false flag looks like

I was expecting something more geopolitical or economy related to be honest. Because doing a shooting narrative while people are still suspicious of the 'bombing' one risks amplifying scrutiny. It would have made more sense to go with something far separated from the general topic as a distraction.

oh great now we are gonna be remembering this for 100 years. in reality the guy who did this is a retard and did nothing but hurt white nationalism if he is even linked to it. Could just be a whackjob who shot up a temple instead of a church or school with no motive but who knows. Even if hes black he will be labeled a white male.

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Daily reminder that individual terrorism is the worse tactics possible in the event that this isn’t a false flag

this is really cool, listening in

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Never forget to Archive shit.

The shooter is bearded, according to the live CBS video I am listening to.
Of course they also claim that he is White.

Oh boy, here comes the cacophony of retards who will complain how this is a 4D Chess MKULTRA-CIA false flag out to ruin their optics plan to infiltrate the GOP.

Kikes died today, today is a good day.

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From halfchan: Supposedly he retweeted Zig Forums posts on twitter and was an anti-trumper

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I came here thinking about political philosophy, and immediately had cause to be sad. My prayers go out to the victims. Judaism has been historically unpopular, but I know of no true reason to hate it. Who would exist were it not for the favor of the Creator? That extends even unto Jews.


I'm secular. I want to express something like prayerful sympathy, but I don't know the secular words. What comes to mind is all religious idiom instead. But the question of the Creator comes from the political philosophy I was thinking about. Few people are born of rape, in the statistical sense, so the child's version "when mommy and daddy love each other very much" has some actual validity. People are usually born of love. Every enduring population thus has some capacity for love.

Think about that next time someone suggests you should hate an entire population.

"We'll have a flag on every coroner (sic) by the mid-terms, even if it's a false one goy" - Rabbi Wachadoingstein.

Instead they went with a foreskin heist.

Trump has already tweeted concern. Hmm that was quick…

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Based on his gabbai, it seems like they were HIAS kikes too.

Us politics are a puppet show and both sides are controlled by kikes. If you are at all invested in the midterm elections you need to go back to cuckchan or kys.

Cop said he said he wanted to kill the jews

I love the jews for being my enemy.

not bearded


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Random meaningless jews died

How does that help?

Did he target the jews in the media? The bankers? The ZOG?

This faggot probably killed some stabucks barista jew and accomplished ZERO.

Jewish Bowers from Penn.

I agree though violence isn't the answer especially directed towards run of the mill low-tier jews.


Drives a green Sonata, can't be jewish

Now democrats have outdone themselves


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It's the standard MO, one hit wonder insta caught or heroes, random nothing targets. Meanwhile homo pedophiles, serial rapists, etc. go from decades to never getting caught doing what they do.

I agree, but it's still a bigger accomplishment than Breivik killing White kids or Roof killing niggers.

I want you dead.

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is there anything those power-hungry faggots won't resort to?

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So it this site broke still?

have the found the guy?

schlomo pls
i will admit, you guys have effectively destroyed this board tho

I really really hope so user. I haven't had this much fun shitposting since the presidentials.

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Fucking called it.
Also, why are they so predictable?

He wasn't even a Trumpnigger

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My boomer dad is going crazy over this. He's saying that Trump is to blame because he's bringing back hateful mentality, even though he's the most philosemetic president ever

8 confirmed dead kikes so far, can we get 5,999,992 more?

This man is a HERO.

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false flag designed to keep people from knowing the truth! Israel loves us and wants us to stop illegal immigration and restore the constitution! Don't let this phase you! Get out there and vote for the most pro-Israeli congressman you've ever seen bros!

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This. Why would you waste the motivation to actually DO something outside of the status quo? He literally could have picked anyone in the world and dedicated himself to taking them down but instead he spergs out at a random synagogue. Or maybe it wasnt random? Idk because OP sucks and didnt do any research himself, literally just posts the dumb frog image and hasnt posted again. This is a slide thread? Refer to

Idk why this faggot didnt post a screenshot of trumps tweet but pic related. NY times has already made an article about it.

How did OP know about the shooting before Trump? How did OPs source know about this?
This^ is what the sourced article in the OP states as the time it was published. I must be retarded because I keep looking at it and no matter what the military time doesnt make sense to me.

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real talk

I'm here only to say hi to CIA, NSA and FBI agents lurking.
Hi guys, enjoy your overtime today.

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Doesn't matter, just watch our (((media))) craft the narrative to democrats' liking

I haven't seen anything like this past midterms. They must be really feeling the heat now.


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Read carefully, user.

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Dude, her own daughter (evanka or whatever) converted herself to jew

Also, THIS thread said it was published at 15:51 on home page.

Was one of the "fuck drumpf" faggots we have infesting this board

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I disagree. Breivik targeted a socialist anti-White youth camp, thus killing members of the new ruling class and collaborators with the regime. It also sends a message and discourages these disgusting, anti-White parents from sending their children to an anti-White indoctrination center.

yeah you can't post a Trump thread in here without someone spamming the thread with "TRUMP IS A KIKE PLANT"
his gab looks just as unhinged as the posts here


You could make the exact same case if somebody shot up a bunch of Israel-loving "right-wing" counter-jihadists or even an /r/The_Donald meetup. Believing in the "wrong" kike ideology doesn't justify death at the hands of a zionist freemason.

Kill yourselves, both of you.


Also what a (((coincidence))) that Zig Forums is suffering a (((DDOS attack))) right now as this shooting is in the news. Those damn kikes are really pushing it to be thrown in the ovens right now; they're practically begging for it.

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Supposedly he also brought an IED that was supposed to level the building. I'm calling bullshit.

Yeah kikes and shills are equally desperate and are only kvetching louder and time passes. Hatechan has been really fucky for me here in europoor. I wonder if it's something specific they are trying to hide or just lashing out in panic.

This x1000! Trump's cabinet is full of… wait for it… AMERICANS! They are good people just like a lot of the immigrants that come to America! But illegals are mean bad people and should be given citizenship once THEY PAY TAXES! I love Trump and I love America!
Fuck antisemites and racists of all sorts!

>Out of nowhere there's suddenly a bunch of (((right wing))) terrorists coming out of the woodwork to send fake bombs to leftists and shoot up a synagogue
For fucks sake

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way to prove him right, dumbass

Expect it to be WAY harder to name the Jew both online and in public

Welp, it was nice knowing you guys

Hope this helps us flush out the "trump is a kike" shills that are basically leftists infesting this board.

I'm not a COMMUNIST! Like you! I love our country and its people of ALL RACES and I love our president!!!!!


Right now a major operation is taking place in order to paint white nationalists as extremists in order to swing the vote in favour of democrats.

Just see the news unfolding

It's $68 extra per hour overtime, our pleasure.

Also enjoying stability of the site?

almost like it was planned.

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Alas , you're correct as always user
See you around space cowboy

Isn't "dingo" a TRSodomite thing?

Hmm a very Democrat-leaning location.

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Those kids and women who are getting raped and murdered in your country justify everything.

Give the man a medal!

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When a kike is eradicated does the body return to the rightful owner?

It is not appreciated fednigger
Just stop it , you've gone too far and you don't understand the tidal forces of nature you are fuckin with
Just stop