The first time anyone in America ever attempted to do the right thing and 8ch/pol goes down

Aside from the fact it most probably is another Adelson/Kissinger sponsored false flag to demonise retarded American pretend patriots so Trump can get them jailed for not wanting to be replaced

Kind of ironic that for the first time ever an American had the right idea (i.e. address the jews and not any single one of their 6 million devices to destroy the West instead) and Zig Forums goes into damage limitation

Let's hope it's not a false flag and there really are jews dead, and we can forget about Trump ever helping white people when he's most likely a biological kike himself, his first wife and kids for sure are.

Here's to Americans finally doing something useful with those guns they always brag about yet do sweet fuck all with ever, certainly more productive than voting for jews then pretending you are against jews

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I hope we see much more of this.

Fuck off back to leddit kike.

What in God's name are you blathering about?

A jewish false flag pretending kikes were killed by a white nationalist is in the news, and Zig Forums a CIA-kike hive that only ever promotes jewish terrorists and neocon jewish politics shuts the site down when events like this happen


Don't forget/memory hole all of the happenings that aren't finished happening: fake bommz, caravans, …

That's why I don't think this is a false flag (initially, anyway)
You don't bring a bat and ball to the park and take some swings unless you want a baseball game to happen.
Staging a FF on a synagogue can only spur more direct attacks at the jew.

I hope we run every last fucking yid out of the country, whether by burial or slingshot.

Whites are justified in using any and every means to stop white genocide. We will never vote within this system to stop white genocide, we will never be taken seriously or have our concerns considered if we dont assert ourselves and demonstrate white power. Society will be reduced to a pile of rubble before whites will allow themselves to be exterminated. Race war is here.

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He did everything wrong and just promoted victimization of jews.

Guys please be civilized, violence is only okay if it's against bad whites.

No, he didn't do anything wrong. He attacked viable targets in his geographical area. It's a nice idea to think everyone is going to McVeigh it with a new high score, but all jews everywhere are legitimate targets for extermination.


Jews do that anyway. At least we finally got some bang for our buck.


In the coming days, look for;

Forgot pic related

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yawn… leftypol didn’t want to let you post on the thread?

Its OK for jews to genocide you and do everything in their power to turn whites into minorities in their own countries, but don't fight back in any way!!!
Remember to turn the other cheek guys!!

Track record of shootings with such motives doesn't back you up.

He leroy jenkinsed on random nothings rather than high value targets.


the thing is that these events dont move the dial at all. Trump gives some bland statement. No one watches CNN. CNN yells and screams to the wind. Their supporters dont have any money are already voting dem. This does nothing.

It pushes us all closer to a total lock down
Use your imagination and a little understanding of history and you can see the future

Hey, guess what?

Yeah the spooks are out in force doing damage control for hillary clinton/pizzagate and are using the same shit they have for decades.

They targets are NOT random – they are jews. All jews everywhere at every level are legitimate targets for extermination.

7 NOV 2018

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They can no longer use the term 'Trojan Horse' because of its obvious reference. Migrant Caravan sounds much more palatable
Since there is a lack of opportunities in Honduras, make sure to only have a small family. When you migrate to the US, and get a proper opportunity, spit out a few more Juans and Juanitas

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We're gonna kill all the kikes.

Pictured: The only two feebs not drowned for treason solemnly escort the Emperor to his golden throne.

Anyone with an IQ above 50 would have deduced this the very moment Trump announced he would play act as a nationalist when standing for election as President of United States of isreal

This was the only inevitable course it would take, only difference is, 99% of every single yank that claimed to be jew-wise and still cheered on the ZOG puppet, wasn't wise in the slightest but an easily trained goy, declaring his ambition to die for isreal

You know 8ch is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US DOD, right?

This is a fed thread.


A FED thread would be one pretending every jewish false flag and psyop is real which imploring of all the 'fashy goys' to vote Trumpstein

I'm hoping this likely jew false flag is real and many more jews start to get it, unlikely because Americans would rather vote for NeoCon jews and have all their children die for isreal before ever doing anything that's required to rid the world of their evil if it involves anything more strenuous than pushing a button on a TV remote

Kikes don't care if children get killed

This mensch is right, fellow white people. We need to just chill and watch netflix until election day. Maga!

Watched the new Sabrina have you, Ari? Oy plenty of race mixing for nice blonde shiksas.

What? Too soon? Oy!! Da shekels!

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Lmao. Not that I support the actions of this hateful mass murdering Nazi. Violence is always wrong. :^)

In the right context, calling ones self a 'Nationalist', is a dog whistle to Zionists that promote Nationalism; but only for the j00$

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It was at Temple, not Church.

Bitch needs to farm the crack in the ground vs. the crack between her legs.

yes you are right. Im not unaware of this. I mention the same thing with military being deployed to the southern border.

US troops deployed on US soil the start of facism. I have a happy view of facism. We need a little tough love from big brother. Look at the kids they are out of control.

Dems cant keep the population in line.
Population is chimping out to the point where being a traitor in spirit (kneeling for the flag, giving asylum to foreigners as sanctuary states) is accepted.

Weather you think its tailored by specific entites or not it is a coup in the sense that its eroding the unity of America. I personally dont like this and accept come extra force to curb the effects of culture of unpatriotic peoples.

"sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither blah blah blah"

Yes is a slippery slope and Ill solve that problem when I get there. Right now we have media (nfl players, news orgs), demostic terrorists (antifa) and local politicans ripping at the unitiy of the nation. I say lets take care of the problem we have infront of us now. A populace that is out of control and politican that dont enforce law.

What would you propose be done to curb these actions from getting more and more extreme?

I trust military being more fair than any Californian , NY, Washington politician.


If you don't have at least one baseball bat that says "kill the niggers", you aren't a proper White man.

Board of peace, hasbarafag.

That is why only NATIONAL Socialism ist something one does to become the enemy of the kikes.

And trumpkike did call himself a "national globalist" or something along that line of mutt retardation.

everyone reading this has been warned. when the racewar goes into full throttle, all those who sat around shitposting while they could have been engaging in preparation, organisation, and activism will be considered race traitors. You have all been warned

inb4 "glowing". Be smart, don't out yourself


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I can't believe how bad Zig Forums is cucking out over this. A successful happening and now they're shaking in their boots! Bunch of pussy abrahamists if you ask me!

Go pray for forgiveness to the kike (((god))) you pissboots. If Zig Forums goes down I'll still be top kekking from overchan!


Keep quaking, Quaker!

this, Zig Forums is a board of peace

Enjoy getting vanned, outsider.

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Right. The copycat effect with mass murders is a recognized phenomenon.

If America would simply outlaw circumcision, and give the law some teeth with a serious penalty (for instance, property forfeiture) the jews would leave.

pic related is just a small fraction of the multi-millennium, multicultural expulsion story. But "no dick mutilation allowed" laws cause jews to self-expel.

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Copycats! Copycats!. G-d forbid finally someone did the right thing and tide would start.

Someone do a copycat on Oct. 29th Herr Goebbels' birthday!

I'm not really in the mood to accuse anyone for killing any kikes. I hope they died, and I hope they died slowly. Norks gave an example of how it is done.
Animalistic howling from the (((cattle-branded))). Animalistic. Not human. Howling.
That's what waits them behind the graves. Eternally.

Enemies of God, enemies of Man. You tell them to crush the head of the serpent and they mutilate baby penises instead!

Easy there daywalker aka gth

Wrong. He went from silver spoon to golden tower. The guy built an empire. Jews don't build, they whore themselves into wealth and usurp it, like they did with Trump's kids, and every other prominent businessman and entrepreneur. Jews did not make any of the huge multinational corporations and wildly successful businesses out there. White men did. Jews usurped through whoredom or by looking white and worming their way up.

Lol they told us to expect shills and boy do we have em. OPs like this come out after every "event" so they can speak for us and make a stereotype to demonize

they ain't jews they're amalekites.

Revelation 3:9
I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to
be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come
and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

they claim to follow torah and torah is the Law.

A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

Always to remember what Amalek did (Deut. 25:17)
That the evil done to us by Amalek shall not be forgotten (Deut. 25:19)
To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19)

to obey torah, they must kill themselves and be
reborn into true jewish bodies of jupiter and shed
their bodies of saturn/satan/lilith, if they do not.

Galatians 3:10
For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is
written: "Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything
written in the Book of the Law."

they are cursed because they are not carrying out all commandments
there's only two options for the fake jew kike amalekites, suicide
and or get on your knees, forever.

the shooter murdered his own kind as they did not do a mass
suicide, this was not them following torah, this was the fake jew
kike amalekites attack spiritually by spilling CURSED BLOOD to curse
true jews true israel in the womb of the USA.

how does a real jew(welsh/armenian) deal with this? check with
scripture, see what God says.

Luke 6:28

bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

i forgive/bless the fake jew kike amalekite for attacking true israel and
true jews in the womb, this is my counter attack, forgiveness and
telling you all, regardless of your vicious heartless dark humor.
this is serious you fucking faggots, they are at war with JAPHETHIANS
and this is why i'm anti semite/shemites. they do not have the name
israel anymore and those who curse israel SHALL BE CURSED BY GOD.
you are building for yourselves a hell that will be legendary and i
won't be a part of it. i'm warning you all, you better take this
knowledge to heart, it's all that'll protect you from these monsters
in court. do you fucking idiots understand and comprehend what a
spiritual war is yet? so to any JAPHETHIANS reading this, do not
harm or kill a hamite(nigger) or shemite/semtite(pink niggers) or
their curses go onto you. forgive them and let them go to
their judgement ALONE.

you dipshits are so lost. it wasn't a false flag, it happened
they are cursing true israel to stop the rebirth. for all you
who do not listen, enjoy great tribulation with them :-)

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Shut the fuck up. Trump is a kike puppet who was groomed by kikes his whole life. Why the fuck is anyone who is even moderately pro-trump allowed to post here? It proves you're a gullible retarded faggot piece of shit.

whoa calm down there moshie

is this what happens when Zig Forums and /x/ become friends?

Criticizing supporters of a guy who praises Israel and has jewish children make me the jew? Off yourself you subhuman brainlet faggot.

You are not on reddit. Do not post here ever again.




Voting isn't the solution. Trump has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.


We just know how to fight, kike. We're not Muslims. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

We just know how to fight, kike. We're not Muslims. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

We just know how to fight, kike. We're not Muslims. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

We just know how to fight, kike. We're not Muslims. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

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Technically IOTBW was shitposting in real life.

Okay, shlomo. We believe you.

The reason I come here is because I refuse to get my news from jews. Everything is narrative for their benefit.

#walkaway from kikes.

Might want to rethink this, user.

yeah like it started out full of glowniggers, didn't it kike?

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Bump that saved the thread