Brit/pol/ #2916: The Man Comes Around Edition

BBC and ITV unveil details of BritBox streaming service that will rival Netflix

Man unable to reach dying father’s bedside after getting stuck in Extinction Rebellion traffic

10 things that stopped Brexit happening

MPs have backed a bid to stop a new prime minister suspending Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit

THE British pound is set to plunge due to a threat of a no-deal Brexit as well as seasonal summer patterns, experts have claimed

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Brexit activist Darren Grimes wins appeal against £20,000 Electoral Commission fine


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retvrn to tradition

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Reminder that To Catch A Predator was a smokescreen to distract from Chris Hansen's own noncery.

do lassies who don't respond on dating site get excited if you show up at their door uninvited?


for him

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Imagine the smell

New Sabaton album was shit

Just LARP as the milk tray man. Even better if you break into her bedroom from a zip wire but don't forget the choccos.


it was alri la

Excuse me ma’am you’re blocking my friends ethnostate

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she lives with her parents

Got too many tabs open and I don’t know which one to go to my fucking hearts pounding lads.

I just don't get it lads, why can't a 22st autistic truck driver who lives with his parents get a 6/10 gf?

At least she isn't black.

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because women have been ruined by social media and forgotten their purpose in life

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Found someone I really want to be with lad but she hasn't been online for 3 days. If she regrets making a dating profile or something and doesn't come online for a month I'm thinking of contacting her in real life. Girls find that romantic, right?

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I don't think there's ever been a time in history where any but the most desperate women would go for that though.


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There's something off putting about Asians, can't put my finger on it, they just look off to me.

quiet lad this arc has potential

this isn't even funny any more you are honestly pathetic and vile and a dirty little incel, kill yourself you dysfunctional loser


He could try for a Russian bride.

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plastic surgery

It's not who you want to be with, it's a two way street, she has to be attracted as well.

My jaw hurts so fucking much

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nowt wrong with harassment lad


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Fucked me recommendations watching BLOPbeef videos.

she does not reveal her full name on her profile, but I googled her first name and location and looked through all the girls of that name in her town until I found one with pictures that matched. Then I had her full name and from there I found pics of her on facebook, mostly on her family's profiles. Googling her name also turns up a local news article I had to pay to read(it didn't reveal anything really smh) and then a local news video with her in it from when she was 14.

Yeah, so I have to try.

Stop sucking me off then 😏😏😏

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Toes, not cocks

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He's going to end up getting arrested at this stage.


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top lel lad

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Some lucky Londoner will be fixing their garden again.

Based PvP politics

very good lad

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We need more chill racist music


Good lads.

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Lmao did metpolice website get hacked?

Extremely baded

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Lads, think 22st might be gay…

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That's not 22st

hope whoever has done this calls them all nonces, doubt theyll lose control over it for a while because its so late

whats not

The lad that lad is replying to

Looks like they got hacked by dindus


probably nicked a coppers phone


Nigger and wigger hackers exist tho.

Lad it is smh stop lying

Probably sent some crypto to a chink to hack them

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Should've hacked Owen Jones' account and stirred up some shite with Muslims resulting in a fatwa on his head.


For them

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Devilish tbh

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Good lad

Thanks lad

keeeeeeeeeeeek, luv Icke me

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Not patriotic enough tbh

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just one more step molly

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Not so sure about that one Icke tbf, he's made Africa's population boom

didn't even realise youtube had streams that long ago thought that was a more recent thing smh


I don’t remember him sounding so gay.

I honestly think moot was better than gookmoot, the sites loaded with trackers and ads now

honestly hate how these mongs just do some blatant shit when they hack it instead of making it believable

never really got into the moot memmies tbh except the expected shit talking of him

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Yeah I was fanatically anti moot during gamergate. I was like 12 so I guess it was just me being naive. Now 4chans unusable.

I really wonder if he gets shit in his google office space by his lefty co workers when 4chan does rightist shit.


I’m an adult lad 😤😤

Just tried out Enter The Gungeon
Bretty good tbh

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I’m the smartest lad here tbf

I make all the effort post storms.