France, Belgium, Swiss

How is Francophonie doing lately?
How are the cities outside Paris and Marseilles?
How Is the white birthrate?
Also wonder if more francophone are waking up in the current situation.

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Switzerland is fine.
Leave us alone, thank you.
We've had enough idiotic American libertarians try coming here because they misunderstood our gun laws (you can have all sorts of firearms in case of an invasion but use them in self defense in the American definition and you'll be arrested for murder, concealed carry is very difficult to get and if shoot anyone outside of a strict life or death scenario… also, murder)…

There is a French equivalent of the dailystormer with their own podcast. I sometimes autotranslate a few of their articles, their situation actually seems a bit more dire than in the Anglosphere. This is probably a legacy of the civic nationalist French Revolution. Since they are ahead of us on this path towards degeneration, I think that we have a lot to learn from the French.

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Democratieparticipative close the 8 november.


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this thread has been anchored by angry mods.
better create a francophone thread around here.

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