Rob Bowers clearly posted here right before he ‘went in’. Some posts in the QTDDTOT have been pruned. See for yourself. Jim has probably already given them everything they want. USay goodbye to our confidentiality. This place has always been monitored. Unless you want to end up in a sting operation I suggest you choose what you type on here wisely.

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Can anyone #/2hu/ kool kids krew confirm if it is him?

I will never censor my words, you fucking degenerate kike
Jail me!

The canary is still at the bottom of every page.
Also, the vast majority of posters don't advocate violence, and those that do are clearly baiting for (you)s.

It's a cyclical thread, newfag.

There’s a deleted post in the QTDDTOT about suicide bombing a synagogue.

have a free heeb

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I've basically operated under the assumption that my cell phone is transmitting live video and audio which gets transcribed in addition to every website I visit being logged since 2013. So what?

I just realized the canary is useless if we don't outright ask.
Codemonkey, has anything (servers, user data, data of anytkind) been given to anybody (feds, police, NGOs, etc..)?

Hail Bowers. Death to israel.

What the fuck did these posts say?!

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Took you a long time.
God, you're dumb.

wew just went to bump a thread on sudo and suddenly the catalog is cut down to 6 pages instead of 10. Wonder what threads disappeared so suddenly.

As long as I am anonymous to Jim nothing I say here will come back to haunt me unless I kill kikes

blah blah blah, something fedhoneypot
blah blah blah, something patsyesque

We still have free speech, glownigger

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You are completely missing the fucking point

Kill yourself moron.

Hurr durr you'll be on a li-li-list! Who cares? If it comes to that the country is fucked anyway. Nobody on Zig Forums breaks any American laws through speech. Even threats need to be specific and actionable to be illegal. Fuck off.

jokes on you i only shitpost


You're completely right. What was I thinking? Americans have free speech in name only. I surely don't need to keep my identity a secret from based Jim. Thank you for enlightening me user.

This guy doesn't represent us.
We may hate Jews for their ongoing attempt to genocide the whites, but we're not so stupid as to whip up sympathy for Jews, give ammo to gun-banning groups, nor associate ourselves with uncivilized terrorists.

This guy just set us back, the majority of us are not as retarded.

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I just saw this
Caught fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5211727 bytes) in /Zig Forums/howitzer-base/http/inc/functions.php on line 1032
what is howeitzer-base?

Okay Trudeau

We're going to slaughter all the kikes in the world soon!

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> >12326710
this is a federal employee attempting to get 8 shut down
filter all federal posters
do not reply to federal posters

Well, he failed then. No bombs, no an hero. user, I am disappoint.

Nah, he actually does represent violent genocidal shitposting part of nu/pol/. You can tell because he's just as retarded as other genocidal faggots who sound and act like FBI stooges. Some of them real, some of them edgy teens.
Low level yids don't deserve your bullets.


Good, the low IQ types need to be culled first.


You live in a society. The society of weaklings behind government protection. This isn't pre-civilization ages when you could settle deal with a sword and fire. You now have a responsibility for every action.
Strong protects the weak. Murder weak and be punished by strong. This is going to be a long way until you realize you can only run from this system, not fight its weaklings. Or become strong enough to fight the strong. Not less than that.

None of those are stupid
No, he increased polarization and normalization of political violence, advancing our cause.

If it's deleted then how do you know it's there, Agent Smith?

Fairly sure Bowers is a Jewish name too.

The transparency report is a flat outright yes, 3 times in fact. It's right fucking there right under the banner you idiots.

Don't use (((TOR))), goyim! It's (((compromised)))

ALL Jews deserve bullets faggot.

He's not wrong.

This is a 18+ board schizo.

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you're fucked naow! A Howitzer is a huge fucking used to hurt far more than sensitive fee-fees; an obvious reference to your desire to go full-1488

I told you all , there will be no elections
It's over

oh no, i certainly hope that no more subhuman Chosen One's get murdered by Lone Wolfs armed with semi-automatic rifle who gun them down in their Synagogues of Satan. these unblemished Bacharim, who soul's are as pure as a newborn cherub and who never incessantly meddle in their Host nations and who never plunder every last shekel in the most obscene scheme of fraud upon our very economic system and who never hijack the entire Military Industrial Media Complex to pump degeneracy and all forms of obscenity into the Telescreens and into the eyeballs of our children 24/7. if if if if if if some brave White Mujahid did accomplish such a broad scale and devastating attack upon the kikes on their own turf, that would be the worst thing i can imagine.

for starters, just imagine the optics. all WN and all NS, who profess that Hitler did nothing wrong but should have and who want every last kike hung until the Kosher menace is finally purged from humanity forever–we all would be discredited and humiliated in the eye of the public, who respects us and who aspires to be like us and who welcomes us into every door and who volunteers every effort to assist us in our noble cause. if such a shocking attack upon Kikery as you are describing did occur, it would be the biggest defeat and step backwards for us since Hitler's body double shot himself in the Führerhauptquartiere and then the real Hitler escaped to an awaiting U-boat to whisk him away to refuge Argentina.

i for one hope that every single reader here takeths my words with the utmosth theriousness and does not jump to do anything rash as some sort of copy cat mass shooter or mass bomber or mass gasser or mass chemical weapons attack or mass tactical nuclear suitcase attack.

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He is saying they deserve to be shot, not that they deserve to defend themselves, you moron.

If this guy really were an user who was sincere in his motives doesn't change the fact he was a sloppy cunt whose actions are highly counterproductive.

>failed to kill all the kikes in the establishment

I see nothing here worth admring

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It is all satire, federales.


The paranoia bait threads are meant to provoke violence. White people snapping and ruining their lives making their allies look bad are just part and parcel of living in modern cities.

Spoken like a tru™ TORpedo

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They only worry about basement dwellers when they go silent.


No, nigger. You need to be getting all the normalfags on lists. If you also wind up there, later, after the fact, then you've already won.

>Implying this site wasn't compromised since (((Jim))) took over

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The only people advocating violence are the fbi and clowns in america. Fuck off op.

Sage and reported

Anchored because meta shit goes in meta shit thread.

Missing posts are because spammers get all posts by IP deleted.

Didn't see that but regardless threatening to blow up a synagogue is against global rule #1.

"War can not be avoided. It can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy"

Yeah hold up let me give up my sovereignty to fear instead of being god for eternity

Checked & confirmed

Don't worry about that, start to worry when they speak out.

æı appreciate the effort anyway.

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Too Bad it was a hoax kikey