The United States is under attack by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Get this to the President and General Flynn asap. Time is of the essence.

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This is big



The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is operating out of the Lev Tov Congregation, Aventura, FL. The Lev Tov Congregation is located inside the same parking lot, a few hundred feet away from where the pipe-bombing suspect's white van has sat for months (years?). Nothing to see here.

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Trump and Flynn are israeli assets, dipshit.

Are making threats of violence against the people of the United States of America? What command center in Israel are you stationed at?

Reported for spam. There is already a thread on this, the bombing digging thread.

good idea.

Good joke

She waited in the dragons keep in the highest room of the tallest tower for fuhrer and true love's first gas.

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I feel betrayed by Israel.

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kikes run the media. you'll never hear a word of this, except in some Sunday blurb, where some cock blower glow nigger is dismissive without cause, offhand.

Thread is targeted by hostile Israeli's confirmed. These Jews are getting violent. Monitor, record and report them.

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Cool story fag

Good work OP, you're a true American patriot. We need more like you.

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Tzachi Hanegbi is Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister. If I was on his payroll I would not acknowledge it. If you get this information to Trump he will likely still not want to cut ties with Israel. Many of his family have converted, he has been pro-israel since his campaign. Flynn is in no position to do anything and he likely would not act against israel also. Do not think you have allies in politics, the most you have are common interests and even that is uncertain. You can try to communicate with the president but having absolute faith that he will listen to you is foolish. Keep faith in yourself and the decisions you make, but don't put that faith in to people you really have no control over.

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*distant hand rubbing*
Okay guy, that will really help. lol

That synagogue is the jewyest of jew places. It's an old restaurant that they setup fold-able chairs and shitty string lights in. The building is so far behind on maintenance I wouldn't be surprised if they got shut down if someone anonymously called in code violations.

There needs to be a better connection to the magasperger than the sinagogue being in the same parking lot as the gym he went to. I also park in that lot to get to the marina yet I'm full 1488. If we try to spread the pipe-bomb false flag infograph it is currently only a theory.

My question to other anons is lets assume there is a connection what does Israel have to gain here? other than chaos There was a thread today about how the republicans are 65% in favor of Israel and democrats are 40% and dropping fast. Bibi sleeps in Kushers home and turbo zionist Trump has actually been bestest of allies with pissreal.
It's aventura retard

I've notices a high percentage of yentas dying their hair around aventura. They want to be white so bad it hurts.


Steve Mnuchin will help us

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Why did the Jews blow up those London buses? What were they angry over?

You are not on reddit. We do not fellate Trump here. Trump is a paid jewish shill. His entire goddamn family is jewish. He does not give a fuck about this. He sanctions it. Flynn does not give a fuck about this. He sanctions it.

Go away forever.

>(((fixation with poop humor)))

Ariel Levy's paratrooper try-outs (photos & blog) - (

The Jewish Synagogue in the parking lot of the pipe-bombers van.

Ariel Levy is seen with Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi in September 19th, 2014
"The Emergency Volunteer Project hosted a fabulous kick-off event at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach on Thursday evening. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, Israeli Consul General to Florida and Puerto Rico Chaim Shacham and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine attended along with hundreds of supporters interested in participating in the program, which trains and recruits volunteers to serve Israel in times of crisis." (

Mayor of Miami Beach (2013–2017) (

A prominent Israeli politician and national security expert. A member of Likud, Hanegbi is currently Minister for Regional Cooperation. Hanegbi was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu to serve as Acting Prime Minister of Israel, from September 10–17, 2017, while the Prime Minister traveled abroad. (

There is a connection between Ariel Levy (Samuel Falic) and Benjamin Netanyahu through former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation, Tzachi Hanegbi. Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war on the American people.

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Netanyahu trolls are out in force.

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general flynn lololol shut up you fucking boomer

So… the UnaBoomer is an Israeli agent?


I was referring to Zyklon Ben, the gas that turned my brother into a lamp shade before he was starved to death in a labour camp and fed to rabbits. You have been exposed to too much Brapposting that you are reminded of it when you read gas.

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Nice try Abraham.

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Doom! The Israyguns are going to beat the Apemericans!

Is there anything I can use to prove that either it's the left's doing, or truly a false flag?

something else I found

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Did Netanyahu instruct you to make more pipe bombs?

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They're on the run user.


They're not afraid. They're far too emboldened by the levels of subversion they've achieved, surrounding Westerners with biological enemies distracting from their antics, while owning VIP's using blackmail, murder, deceit, financial enslavement, and faith-based ink&paper.

A jew could walk into an orphanage, and live stream himself skinning, fucking, and eating every ophran under the age of 13. Nothing would happen.

Is this connection just because he parked near a kosher market?

>(((Mike David)))


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look how it can't make a single anti trump post without sage

WEW LAD excellent finds

You are not on reddit. Your paid jewish shilling does not belong here. Your zionism, neoconservatism, and civic nationalism do not belong here. Go away and never come back.

Go back to reddit.

Daily reminder that this is treasonn and getting rid of invaders is a right given to you by the Constitution

Yeah thanks for the idea, I'll text him now, fuckwad

Are you disabled?

Wait. So this "homeless Trump nut" is an IDF plant operating on US soil?
Get this out and see if it gets memory holed.

We're counting on you.

needs a bump

7/7 was mud niggers the kikes brought into England
The demolition of the towers was the kikes.

3 kikes died on 9/11
In a city where it's 25% kike infestation
Hundreds called in sick or suddenly had somewhere else to be

What if U.S. soldiers swore an underground oath never ever to defend Israel? That could change things up if it caught fire.

The mossad straight up operates out of Aventura/Hollywood while they go to their 15,000 sq ft condominiums in the heart of Sodom and Gomorrah aka Miami Beach, there aren't just jews living in these areas, they're Israelis.

That reminds me, Milo Yidnappolos was blabbing once when he was on Infowars about how he has a condo in Miami Beach, Roger Stone is also known to frequent that area too. Both have been laying low recently it seems.


they ain't jews they're amalekites.

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A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

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trump is in on it, you morons have no idea you're in bed
with your enemy and think america is about you LOL.

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(((Leo Frankfurter))) would disagree…this guy is why the (((ADL))) was created…

One cannot fully drain the swamp while standing in the middle of it (part of the machine) and as swamp monsters (jews) hold your legs down (have leverage = your family). That is where we come in. Decent citizens must do what we can, where we can; acknowledging where the president cannot.

I hope he's next

It has been for decades now, even kosher Bush CIAnigger head Sr. called it out.

You kikes get such an ego sitting on Zig Forums. You're not invincible, you don't control everything, and you're not intelligent. Don't let some hyperbole (often from other kikes) get you convinced you're ruler of the universe. You're not. You're low-intelligence strategic whores and saboteurs. That's all a kike is.

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