How Johnny Depp got jewed

How Johnny Depp got jewed

It’s estimated that Depp has made $650 million on films that netted $3.6 billion. Almost all of it is gone. He’s suing The Management Group, run by his longtime business manager, Joel Mandel, and his brother Robert for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. The suit cites, among other things, that under TMG’s watch Depp’s sister Christi was given $7 million and his assistant, Nathan Holmes, $750,000, without his knowledge, and that he has paid the IRS more than $5.6 million in late fees. (Most of the ire is directed toward Joel, who had day-to-day responsibility for Depp’s account.) There are additional charges of conflict of interest, saying that TMG invested Depp’s money for its own purposes and returned it without profit. The suit seeks more than $25 million from TMG, accounting for “tens of millions” it claims TMG illegally took for its commission, plus any additional damages the court sees fit.

The Mandels categorically deny all wrongdoing and are countersuing, alleging that Depp breached his oral contract with the company. The suit suggests that Depp has a $2-million-a-month compulsory-spending disorder, offering bons mots like “Wine is not an investment if you drink it as soon as you buy it.” Depp was continuing to “concoct malicious and false allegations” against the company, according to TMG’s countersuit, because TMG had filed a private foreclosure notice on one of Depp’s properties, claiming Depp owes TMG $4.2 million in unpaid loans.

Over the past 18 months, there has been little but bad news for Depp. In addition to the financial woes, there were reports he couldn’t remember his lines and had to have them fed to him through an earpiece. He had split from his longtime lawyer and agent. And he was alone. His tabloid-scarred divorce from actress Heard is complete, but not before there were persuasive allegations of physical abuse that Depp vehemently denies. Depp’s inner circle had begged him to not wed Heard or to at least obtain a prenup. Depp ignored his loved ones’ advice. And there were whispers that Depp’s recreational drug and alcohol use were crippling him.


Ever heard of a non jewish entertainer that didn't get jewed hard and lost it all to (((them))) ?

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I always had subtle sympathy for the guy. Among few other hollywood stooges. I guess i just loved pirates of the carribean more than i should had.

Kikes fucking useful idiots. Are we supposed to give a shit?


He should have focused on where his miney was instead of drinking, smoking crack and banging slags.

Why should i care? A thread died for this

hollywood hoes never stay loyal

It shows their mode of operation:

He spent a day interviewing financial managers. His last meeting, he says, was with Robert and Joel Mandel, brothers who ran TMG. Depp says he immediately took a shine to Joel, the youngest child of an Auschwitz survivor. Depp saw a kindred spirit. “He was a nervous wreck,” says Depp. “He was pouring sweat. He was broken.” (TMG disputes this portrayal).

I ask him why he would place his money in the hands of a person he would describe as a “broken toy.” Depp says because he felt a kinship: “The monofilament that goes through all my characters, if you really look, they’re all fuckups. They’re broken.”

They played him like a fiddle. Kikes know how to get their marks to like them.

Lots of Ashkenazim have that sad unassuming look.

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I mean they are pathetic, but all I see in that face is malice and trickery.

You're not going to make me defend Johnny Depp. He's just as bad as (((them)))

Another Hollywood dumbuck hot mess who never learned to be a responsible adult. Cry me a Nile River.

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Got divorce-raped, how long until he gets called an incel for pointing this shit out?

Depp has chose to become unironically MGTOW.
He said in a recent interview that he'll never marry again and is not seeking another relationship. I can't remember the source. Do your own homework.

Non jewish but he has nigger blood in his veins. He's related to a nigger that sued for freedom back in the day.

Oh boo fucking hoo. He's a degenerate nihilist diversity loving pedowood faggot. He deserves everything he gotten. This is where trusting kikes and worshiping material pleasures gets you.

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From hearing so many stories like this, whether be business manager, lawyer, etc. taking advantage, should have layers of disassociated accountants checking the books, like one checks the management, a second checks again and the first accountant's assessment, cost of the accountant overhead noise at that level, keeping the management's nose clean or catching them early.
seems like the kikes didn't like depp exposing some of their own. no more jack sparrow.


how'd they do him wrong? everything went according to their plan. johnny should feel bad about pushing the kikes' agenda. hopefully he'll start exposing them.

Just look into the Beatle's. Their manager, (((Epstein))) fucked them over in the end and gave the record labels rights to everything.

That you brandon?

I used to respect Depp a lot. I got into him in the 00s when he was a respectable father and he was with his girl friend for like 14 years. I ignored his 90s past when he slept around a lot and took all the drugs. I thought he finally grew up and settled down. Then suddenly he leaves his girl/family with some random hoe and MARRIES her. The same man who would not wed the mother of his children because
Now it seems he's back to his childish ways. He's gone.

First Disney kills star wars and now this. I've been liquidating so many action figures and shit lately.

poor guy tbh
he could come here if he wants to talk to autists without blowing his cover


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who??? is there any reason for this guy to matter at all?

Is there any reason for any actor to matter at all. There are tons of actors our there, it not like its a difficult job. I mean you know there are real people that do the jobs that actors imitate.

we could just hire real police officers, politicans, theives, whores, wall street bankers to just play these parts. The story and production value would be just as good.

sage because I would sage John Depfaces entire life

Please format a proper sentence.

I'm looking forward to his performance in "Johhny get your gun"

Funny thing is, he used to be a child actor who got literally fucked by kikes. He played along, took their money and fame and now that he's old and burnt out he has nothing to show for all those years of playing along.

reminder that MJ named the Jew

The jew cries out in pain as it stabs you in the back.

>Ever heard of a non jewish entertainer that didn't get jewed hard and lost it all to (((them))) ?
Does Tim Allen count? I know he got shit on, but he didn't lose it all. Same with Mel Gibson.

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Yeah, and he also spoke about how whitey oppresses blacky and that all forms of music and dance come from niggers.

Who fucking cares

lmao what? An oral contract has no legal bearing, right?


Those two, Clint Eastwood, and Vince Vaughn are the only ones worth a damn. They all managed to keep their heads above water regardless of being bad goys.

You literally can't go an hour without gossiping about celebrities. Go back to kike book you fucking npc.

Tim Allen was and is a fed snitch, he had previous owners who trumped the jews that wanted to fleece him. He's probably been reporting in to his fed handler since the 80s to give the FBI glowworms leverage against pedowood (not that they'd ever move against them).

Depp was enthusiastically wearing dresses before he got really famous. He probably enjoyed a lot of sodomy as well and performed in satanic rituals with his faggot buddies. Why the fuck should I care about this mother fucker?

Why can't I ever post with tor, I always get infinite capcha. Can someone please teach me why it's not working, with the canary at the top and Zig Forums openly admitting to giving up info to the FBI, I rather be a torfag.

Nevermind it actually works now. Man this shit wouldn't work for months, I always had to browse on tor but then post on regular internet which ruined the entire purpose. Time to be a torfag, good luck with codemonkey exposing everyone

A) He has 350 million dollars, he does not need a 4.2 million dollar loan.

B) IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THE COMPANY DOING THE FINANCES OF A PERSON TO LOAN HIM MONEY WITHOUT A FUCKLOAD OF PAPERWORK, the banks made that illegal a long time ago to prevent upstarts from challenging their monopoly

Don't care.

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cancer aids?

maybe–but often it is just what happens when someone thinks that the sky is pouring money down on them, and will always continue to do so.

I read an article about why MC Hammer went broke; when he had the money, it was not unusual for him to spend $25K in just one day of buying other people lunch, dinner or drinks at a fancy bar. And that was his SMALL spending, as far as "pissing away money on stupid shit" went.

At one point in time, Sammy Davis Jr was pulling in $200K a week from his Vegas shows, he was still basically broke. Past bills were taking over 80% of his pay and much of the rest, he was throwing around in public, buying rounds of meals and drinks for other people, most of whom he didn't know.

There is lots of stories of big stars doing this; maybe it is something in the desire of a performer to be appreciated. You tend not to see it so much in other classes of wealthy people. Oil-rich Arabs or wall-street bankers might do this stuff maybe a few times a year, but they generally don't do it several times a week.

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but some people just don't handle money well.
Everybody *says* they could, maybe they *think* they can, but you don't really know if you can do it until you are there.
And poor people are particularly bad at it.
Fun historical fact: in 1982, eight years after starting the Illinois State Lottery, the lottery commission opened a credit counseling center for lottery winners.
The reason for this was a study that found that within two years of winning an average of 1.5 million dollar jackpots, over 80% of the winners were bankrupt.

Sex change imminent

Aids cancer.

I honestly can say I don't give a rat's ass about this sub human specimen of vermin.The jews raised this despicable rodent to the peak of fame and now they're casting him down into the gutter where he belongs. A plague on both their houses.

Also once again for all you venal materialists out there that money, fame, beautiful women and popularity do not give you happiness at all. He's a piece of shit.

Reminds me of some autist trying to steal some guys homebrew, copyright and everything, justifying it by saying he was given a oral contract because he said he could go ahead and use it.

good? fuck him and all other kike actors.

Sex, drugs, and rock-'n-roll.

I have no doubt I'd be dead within a year if I were to win the lottery.
It would be from either alcohol or falling in with someone who'd get me hooked on something worse.

Elon Muskrat used her for a big of free publicity and then dumped her ass cold.


Also in general I tend not to believe a lot of the tall tales about the salaries these bums get; Hollywood is nothing more or less than a drug money laundering scheme, a maze of mafia accountants' tricks to conceal ill gotten gains.

If you go right back to the early contract players of the 1920's they always got to live like royalty until their youth and looks and popularity ran out and then it was discovered that all their wealth was a sham, just like this.

Everybody *says* they could, maybe they *think* they can, but you don't really know if you can do it until you are there

The sheer burden of that level of wealth would be overwhelming. If you don't approach it with the attitude that you are the CEO of a $xxx million company and that you're going to have to put in some serious work on managing it you're going to get your ass fucked hard.

And of course, as always, "hell is other people".

That's alright. I like Tim. Him and Mel Gibson were two of my favorites growing up. So long as he shits on the status quo in Hollywood, I like him.


The goy deserved to get financially raped. Anybody who goes to Hollywood is obviously a whore asking to get financially raped amirite, rabbi?

This is what retards dont get about MGTOW

Its not muh secrit club, its not "male feminism"

Its a phenomenon, is what men are simply choosing to do on their own because marriage laws are so fucked up you have to be insane to get hitched, and what does the government do after crying about falling births and divorces? they come up with retarded shit like "common law marriage" where just being under the same roof with a bitch for 6 WEEKS means you're legally married and have to pay alimony

MGTOW is way more common in non-white men because non-white women are shit, just ask asian men how they have it, or black men which are the ultimate MGTOW

Well you're not wrong.

Well he specifically did. Are you new here or did you miss all his connections to pedophiles and child killers, as well as his support for far-left shit?

It's good to be aware of your limitations, user.

I like Depp

Also if this isn't a lesson message to you you're a fucking idiot. NOBODY is safe from marriage. not even chad. Stay the fuck away

If you're too incompetent to handle your own finances then you deserve to get gassed. I mean seriously, what grown ass man doesn't?

I'm not as interested in the Hollywood threads as the jews are. Interesting that jews can call goys kike though. Can you call Soros a kike?

No, but obviously I'm not paid to track every thread during a certain time period every day so I read only the few not obviously made kosher organizations.

"Quality females" don't exist. Do you think any woman, if presented with a better option than you, will not take up that option? A guy whose taller, has more money, is better looking, better dressed, has a nicer car, has a bigger dick, is more confident etc., etc. Do you think if that guy approaches the woman you're with, no matter who she is, she will not cheat, or weigh the advantages of cheating vs. not cheating? I don't think that woman exists. They say men think with their dicks, but in reality, women think with their pussies. How can a woman not be the primal, base creature that she is? Women aren't capable of good or loyalty. They're capable of following, and if a better leader comes along, and one always will, that they will 100% of the time, weigh the benefits and losses of cheating. You think too highly of them women who are most likely to interracial date a nigger, while all other women are least likely to choose a nigger. White women are as barren of intelligence and creativity as every other monkey on this planet. White men are the be-all, end-all of every achievement to our race.

This is Hall and Oates, neither of them drank, took drugs, gambled or blew tons of cash on stupid shit. They have family lives, children and live responsibly, so they are both multimillonaires and enjoy lives of morality and temperament.

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I think you belong on Zig Forums, comrade.

That guy has nice hair.

They're probably right-wing.

I thought they were faggots

Didn't hear about this case. I'm guessing Depp is right since you are forbidden to call Soros a kike.

Well, yes. Obviously you don't, so that's your reality and is quite limiting. If I were a woman, I'd steer widely clear of you. Even if you don't make your views known, it still exudes from your every pore.
Women naturally are loyal, nurturing and agreeable, but those who've not yet had their instincts subverted look for strength, character and a leader to submit themselves to. It's just as difficult for women as it is for men, user.
Your depiction of women speaks volumes about yourself. Be the man who deserves the woman you would have.
Or, die alone without a child to carry on either your name, or live out the wisdom you've hopefully managed to accumulate
….in other words, fail at immortality.

Soros is a kike and you're filtered for being a leftist, child-fucking nigger.

I laughed out loud to that. When and where?
More like absent force they're uncontrollable whores whose every move in life concerns their sexuality and pleasure.
Rather, I'd prefer to find a way to fuck the courts the way women did, impregnate a woman, and then get full legal custody of our kids and keep her out of our lives. The only way to swiftly reverse this trend in our society is to keep women out of the process of raising the next generation. Raising a child with a modern woman is like cleaning dishes with a dirty sponge. Get back to me when porn, on the backs of women, isn't the biggest "entertainment" industry on the planet.

hall is jewish and oates is a moor

I'm not filtered. It's your job to read all of my posts and make reports about them. But you won't respond because you have no evidence Depp is wrong. Now go swing a chicken around to atone for insulting a chosen one.

Suck a dick faggot.



That what you get for helping the west memphis 3 depp!

Quads of truth.

fucking kids these days

Took 80 posts for this to get brought up. Was wondering how long it would take for someone to remind the thread about johnny's "joke".

Tits or gtfo.

Let me tell you one easy way (((they))) don't want you to know how to invest.

Just buy DJIA (Down Jones Industrial Average) and you'll make very solid returns of 7.4% a year over the last 50 years that few investment experts beat.

You might have a bad 1-3 years when the economy is getting kiked but ultimately you'll have solid inflation beating returns without the risk of losing your shirt.

Finance is layered with so many parasites that all want a percentage of your shekels that rely on people believing investing has to be complicated to make secure long term returns.

Now that is some solid advice…

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Depp is an unashamed liberal and a democrat, the Trump curse has been following him since he announced all Trump voters shouldn't see his latest Pirates movie. He also has something like over 40 luxury cars and his spending was described as ultra-extravagant.

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I bet there was more than oral breaching going on ….. at least in the early days.

I agree with this. The kikes wants you obsessed with Casino style day trading because they make (((fees))) everytime you make a trade.

Swing trading is the way to go, open a position for months or years and with 2 or 3 to 1 margin and you can make big returns. Never invest more than your willing to lose and set you stops loose.

Looks like the ethnic one did the skin bleaching thing.

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so you do buy stock in each of the 30 companies separately or are you suggesting an ETF?

with jews you loose ./thread

looks like he has Progeria or he's getting ready for a fight club remake where he's the cancer chick

That's what a life of shucking and jiving for kikes will do to you. They shove you full of materialistic pleasures and tell you how great everything is all the while feeding on your soul like the metaphysical vampires that they are. Very few pedowood stars can defend themselves against them.

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he's not the best actor though.

MC Hammer could set up a table outside Home Depot and make $10K autographing hammers in an afternoon. Nigger is just lazy.

Nouveau riche are expected to somewhat fund their friends from low places. You really find out who your friends are (and who you should really be friends with) when the party stops.

I'm one of them. You know what fucked me over a few months ago? That fucking Amazon app on my phone. Must of bought $600 worth of books that I wanted but didn't really need. So I ditched it.

They say that if you get an unexpected windfall, take about $25K and go live on an island for three months sorting shit out, while the rest is in bonds or CDs. Also, change your phone number.

I'd unironically fuck Grimes.