Wow, the Jews really are in full lockdown mode here

Daily Stormer BBs is down, probably being attacked, Zig Forums is currently under attack as well.

Sure is coincidental that someone decided to shoot up a synagogue on the same exact day just hours before the attacks.

Hopefully we can share information on Zig Forums to an extent. Who knows the latest with the official narrative?

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Yeah I'm not surprised. Kikes are infested in our government

I dunno but….vid related

Probably mostly to do with the fact that shilling agencies pretty much have a blank check as it gets closer to the election. The fake bomb attempt is part of it, but part of a larger effort. Things will die down after the election is over.

Also remember to support any low effort and shill threads.

Checked truth dubs

I'm trying to find information but there is so much shilling going on right now.

Twitter is awash with angry blue checkmarks demanding accountability for hate speech on the internet. Entirely unrelated to some random shooting, but they are saying this guy was on GAB posting cringey shit.

Sure is suspicious someone would start shilling 8ch days before shit went down.

another false flag by schlomo
Just kick the fuckers out

That isn't good enough. They will regroup and form new attacks aimed at shutting it down
No half measures
Ramming speed

Walk with me, I think I have it figured out. The shooter wasn't 1488, he was just a normie who spent a lot of time online. He finds out that a group of fine, upstanding jews were planning on DDOSing Zig Forums into the stone age. He was glad and he went to bed knowing that racism = bad and Israel is our greatest ally.

Then he wakes up in a cold sweat because he saw the future, a world in which kikes were put to the sword. The merchant wandered no more because white tolerance and nervous smiles had been replaced by cold steel and giant flying ovens that incinerated jews by the trainload. Also Africans had been put in their place and for some inexplicable reason they were happier than ever.

And it all started with the 9/11-level attack known as the Final DDOS, when infinity chan was broken in half.

How could he stop such a future? His normie brain pulsed like that guy from Akira who turned into a meat monster. Finally he knew the horrible truth: The only way to stop this future was to kill the jews responsible for the DDOS. Worse still, he didn't want them to think that a kind and good-natured white man would be capable of such an attack, so he girded up his loins and screamed a series of racial slurs that he desperately hoped he would go to hell for saying, though he knew that even an eternity in hell would not be punishment enough.

I mean the DDOS still happened so I'm assuming some kind of plot twist happened. I don't have it all worked out yet.

How do you get into the ds forum? i wanna see the shit theyre writting. gookfucker was blaming gab and wignats for thwle shooting claiming he predicted it all along.

That's literally the narrative the (((media))) is telling us. Most likely the Florida Jews hired a local wingnut to be the fall guy and they would pay him a handsome sum and make sure he gets taken care well of in jail and released quickly if he even does go to jail. The case will be quickly memoryholed just like the last Vegas shooting. He probably didn't even make and send the actual "bombs", they did they for him. He was homeless and had a lot to gain by being the fall guy. He literally lived in the middle of Florida kike central, it couldn't be more obvious.

Their bomb narrative was falling apart, they needed something like this to switch over to. Everyone has completely forgotten about the bombs! I wonder what new happening will occur during election week.

It's not the Jews in lockdown, it's the (((whoever uses the chans))).

Holy jews. This looks like a magnitude 6 gorillion kvetchquake.

JIDF is working overtime and the whole alphabet soup is boiling away.

I do believe it's afraid.

The left is really campaigning hard with all their false flags.

The seejfeds finally snapped





You are not on reddit. Go back to reddit, civic nationalist.

Why would they lock those sites down? They're the source of the shooters, whom are beloved by Greater Israel for the propaganda effects.

Your response makes no sense in context to what the user posted. Therefore I'll assume you're a bot or a street shitter. Either way, kill yourself.

33 degrees, I'll do as I please

Gab is slow af, probably also under attack

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I just assumed that they don't want people digging and sharing insights on the shooting. The bomb narrative fell apart so quickly that they went straight to a fucking synagogue shooting the very next day.

This is right after George Soros's son posts a lengthy denunciation of anti-Semitism and Trump voters in the New York Times. The timing is extremely suspicious, after the op ed and before the election. I've never heard about a synagogue shooting in all my life, and the Jews have been awful people for ages. Why now? Cui bono?

you cant. they closed it a while back to make it a GOP cocksucking shill faggot echo chamber.

Reported for supporting reddit narratives. Reported for being illiterate. Reported for not even attempting to hide your retardation.

so everything is normal?

This isn't reddit.


Mattis talks hate crimes in Manama, Bahrain @ IISS conference
*About 0600 GMT 20181027*
Transcript (posted later):

Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, PA
*About 1300 GMT 20181027*

Video of news broadcast, initial person interviewed mentions that it happened *in the morning*

Mattis gives a speech about hate crime, 7 hours later a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh!

Lol, not normal enough to warrant the headline at the top of this site and the fact that the Daily Stormer's BBS has been shut dwon so many times that they are resilient, a 30 min outage isn't that common.

Something very suspicious about the timing of it all.

Giving cuckservatives the impression that they're winning is enough reason to freak out.

Midterms just around the corner!
Man (((they're))) pulling out all the false flags, what'll happen next? But whatever happens its good to know I'll be spending the time with my folk on full-chan.

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Reminder that trump is responsible for all of this by waging an impossible to win war against "fake news"

we've just lost the house and maybe even the senate in november

Your tears sustain me child. Cry for me. Let me feel your kvetching you little kikeshill. Come on, do it.
Entertain me, slut.

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Anglin is a civic nationalist cuck who immediately disavowed the guy, get the fuck out of here.

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Look at this Maga pipebomber terrorist

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keep projecting yid

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literally no one believes this shit faggot post

filter and report all shills

(checked, Heil Hitler)

The BBS is great. There are a lot of bad goyim there.

Cry yourself to death you blackpilling kikeshill.

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Welp, 100% for sure there goes the congress. Optics are actually important you fucking morons, this is absolutely bad for our image in the normiesphere. kill yourselves.

check'd for anti-American treasonous hooked nose rats all in all areas of government.

Fucking kill yourself plebbit.

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White genocide is not ironic, get the fuck out of here shill.

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Exactly, pure irony.

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Don't worry boys we will always have 3chan as a backup now

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This is the result we wanted. pleb

Nah, it's the fault of the left. By prohibiting his type from using popular public and private platforms where he can be exposed to moderates, he adopted extremist ideologies from fringe platforms. He saw no future in presenting his ideals peacefully and legally so he opted to do it violently and illegally. Which "extremist" would you have Richard Spencer or more Roberts?

If they shut 8ch or gab down, then the pendulum is going to swing back hard.

jesus the comments in videos reporting on the shooting are enough to make you sick. "Why cant we just be peaceful", "The shooter was a hardlined anti semetic" , " we need to get rid of guns now!" , "Religion destroys everything, jesus is fake!" I'm so sick of this dumbed down and docile society.

Why do you care about bots and NPCs?

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Overchan masterrace!

Thread anchored, why?

Ah, of course it is. Fuck's sake.

Rolling for more jewtings

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Those are jews retard


What's the old maxim about the definition of insanity being "trying the same thing over and again, but expecting different results"..
Booting the rats out doesn't result in a permanent solution.

Over fucking saturated
Heebed beyond all recognition