It's time to recognise the superiority of the Celtic race. Celtic race

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Reported for d&c and spam.

Sage for garbage thread.

Kill yourself moshe.

Sage for obvious D&C, I am saying this as someone with Celtic ancestors.

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Nice DnC, kike. Don't think I am not on to you.

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This is looking at haplogroups/mitochondrial DNA, not autosomal DNA.

Ireland is like 80% genetically different than it was 12k years ago.

Also this is D&C. How'd you like getting shot today kike?


These Jews are out in force tonight.

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Uhh, wait a minute here. Can you explain to us all what OP is supposedly "D&Cing". Somehow that part never gets explained to us, by you jew fags. Are you implying London should not be conquered? I honestly would love to know your retarded logic on this.

WTF is OP dividing?

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Celts Going Their Own Way

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Celtic doesn't mean Irish, nigger. Celtic was a culture that spread across half of Europe.

Good post OP. Dropping a few redpills.

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>As a ___ I can personally say…


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Oh look, it's that one jew troll again. Kike was destroyed in the other thread.

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Cool. Doesn't change the fact that it was a culture that spread across Europe and it doesn't specially mean Irish people.

Come home Celtic man.

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I believe in science and recorded history, not jewish revisionism. But thanks anyways, kike.

Fun Fact: Northern Europeans considered mixing with their brown southern European neighbors miscegenation until a few decades ago. The pan-European 'we all come from Europe so we're all the same 'bullshit was the foundation of the diversity propaganda garbage that hamstrings the west today.

You'll even still hear the media referring to nigger/arab suspects as 'southern' looking.

The nation is not the dirt.

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Such as?

What is being Divided and Conquered?
Still no answer what is being "Divided and Conquered". Interesting how these jews never define exactly what it is they're talking about, isn't it.

DNA test, linguistics, national founding documents, statements by national leaders, artifacts, history books, philosophers, national records, weaponry, smith works, symbolism, fossils, artwork, graves, migrant patterns, eating habits, records of wars, trading records…. and good 'ole common sense.

I mean… 'like, duh. You snarky effeminate homosexual.

Tales, mythology, music, medicine, religious practices, architecture.

Thank you

That’s because honoring any historical European cultural tradition is d&c, go–I mean, fellow white person.

Around the English, Celts melt.

Bingo! you hit the nail on the head there, user. I'm ready to go 10x deeper if needed. They always get wrecked when I do. That's why they do the preemptive "muh d&c" shut it down routine.

Honestly, all they have is extreme attitude at the end of the day. It's so fun baiting them. The principles for dismantling them are the same as any other libtard faggot. Same exact people and mentality. Petting their little egos just enough at first to make them believe they have a platform to stand on… then proceed to rip apart absolutely every nut & bolt that holds up their hollow identity. I've personally done this hundreds of times, it literally never gets old.

Watching kike drones go from confident cunt to a raging faggot makes for great entertainment.

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Also the only people to welcome muslims to live with them.

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as a celt in NZ, plenty of evidence that my folk were here before the maori


Both of those are Celtic.

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Yes, real Elves lived in NZ before the Maori ate the ones who didn't flee via their gates fast enough. Elves are pacifists so yeah.

I want all people who larp with haplogroups to show their IQ test results
Learn some history and stop playing retard
North Europeans (Celts, Germanics, Baltics, Slavs) have very similar DNA most of it comes from Indo-European steppe
If you read some bullshit from an amateur blogger, please consider suicide
Most of these people who LARP with haplogroups don't know a shit what they are talking about

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not saying these maps are perfect though, they just give the basics

What about those mysterious "Celtic" mummies in China? Did the gook take our land holdings there just like the Dravidian in what is now India?


Red hair =/= Celtic
Red hair was found in Indo-Europeans, early farmers and hunter-gatherers
However, the mummies in China were certainly Indo-European as the whole Central Asia was Aryan/Indo-European (with some Iranian, South-Asian DNA) before the expansion of the Turkic-Mongols from somewhere between 10-12 century A.D.
Indo-Aryans expanded to India and Iran through Central-Asian steppe
Celts were just subbranch of Indo-Europeans, just the western expansion of them really (with more mediterranean admixture)
Native Americans are about 30% Indo-European with no mediterranean or WHG admixture, there also were some blonde/red haired whites in the elites of Native Americans
For example:

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Meant for

Celts are dead.

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If you guys want a brain fuck, go look up how similar old Irish and Hebrew language is. Its practically the same in some instances.

Mainland Celts are a bunch of cucks, they got conquered and raped by the romans.

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Celts got destroyed by everyone:
But Celts don't differ from other North Europeans really
It could have been natural selection which made them weaker, climate, or they were just in bad geographical location and had technological disadvantage

who has that image… ya got mick'd

That's why they were mere foot-soldiers in Nordic-Germanic peoples' armies, right?

honestly celts,germanics and slavs arn't super far apart genetically, all have heavy amounts of indo european and small amounts of neolithic european

Steppe and Neolithic admixture is from relation 1:1 (Celts), 4:3 (Germanics) to 3:2 (Slavs). Finns are 2:1

meant for

The only reason the Celts were defeated in ancient times was lack of unity and being squeezed between the expansion of the greatest military force of the ancient world (Romans) and Germanic tribes to their north, nothing to do with inferiority.

The French, English, and Southern/Western Germans are mostly Celtic by blood and have been among the most dominant and important nations in European history, far more so than most Slavic nations or the more purely Germanic peoples such as the Frisians, Northern Germans, and Scandinavians.

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Yeah, it really looks like kikes literally stole everything. It's not surprising though. I would also much rather hear a smooth White voice singing a Celtic song than that ugly, nasally, raspy kike shit.

Celtic Architecture pre-Roman influence.

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Pretty creative for a

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"Slavs" did infact help the Celtic.

When Caesar arrived at Brittany, he was met with little resistance until he approached the Armorican Veneti. He demanded that these pay him tribute and allow him passage into the island. They refused, for they would rather die than bare witness to the rape of their neighbour… The Veneti imprisoned the Roman delegate… their leather bound ships took sail, ready to confront the Roman fleet. Thus began the first naval battle of the north Atlantic, the Battle of Morbihan.

When the battle failed, few survivors escaped and took refuge in Caledonia, Scotland, thereby becoming the Venicones… from there, the Pictish confederation would not grant the Romans passage further north, when they intended to conquer the whole island initially.

These people would eventually evolve into the Votadini, who, burdened by the nature of war, migrated south into present day Wales. From there, Cunedda, leader of the tribe, founded the Arthurian Kingdom of Gwynedd - Venedotia.

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That stood against Romanification for hundreds of years. Welsh people today partially descend from this non-Celtic tribe that battled the lesser invader.


Stone masonry means nothing if it comes package deal with niggers and jews.

Celts are truly underrated. The hate for Celts is seemingly strong in American, even given that most of them have Celt roots.

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it's a haplogroup nigger


Get a life, imcringey

Celts are the true underdog. Abused throughout history, starved out, fucked on, but do you see them crying and rinsing their pain for profit like the Jewish? Never.

He's wrong, but it's 14% Germanic, 10.4% Irish in white Americans and even then the statistics are still skewed because most whites identify as "American" and a lot of the statistics comes from self identification rather than DNA testing, even if the history of the United States is short and their ancestry is far beyond that.

The Anti-Irish sentiment simply roots back to England, because of the history of fighting back and foruth and Irelands unwillingness to become apart of the United Kingdom as all the other countries around it has become apart of, not to mention Catholicism which is being shat on right now because it's a European rooted religion and not Islam (the bonafide child fuckers).
Also please stop posting smug anime pictures, it's very faggy.

What's your point, OP?
For some reason, these Celtic threads always attract anti-White shills.

This is my favourite one

Notice how the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, accusing you of D&Cing while brazenly doing exactly what he accuses you of. Astoundingly kikish.

Are you one of those people who say that Germany deserved to be invaded and raped by the Russians, Anglos, and Americans?

Let's have a look at a different Venetic city, Vannes
>Under the Breton name Gwened (also derived from the Veneti), the town was the center of an independent principality or kingdom variously called Bro-Wened ("Vannes") or Bro-Ereg ("land of Gwereg"), the latter for a prominent member of its dynasty, which claimed descent from Caradog Strongarm. The diocese of Vannes was erected in the 5th century. The Council of Vannes was held there in 461
We can very clearly see that there is a major Venetic link to the Brittonic race. What's very interesting is that Pliny argues that the Veneti derive from the Eneti of Anatolia, allies of the Troyans… when the "legendary" founder of Britain derives the same origin

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I wouldn't say that,Scots and Irish have massive chips on their shoulders and in some cases seem to act purely out of spite

Cymru am byth yer cunt.

But though the plate armour thing is false. Rome can be credited on that front.
Britons however invented chainmail.
Overall Rome was a good thing, the light of civilisation. Just a shame it went down the shitter the way it did.

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There's also the occasional individual that is trying to emphasize separation of thought, as you would with a paragraph.
With the text box not displaying as the published version will, occasionally you'll get apparent reddit spacing without meaning to.
Perhaps we should return to indentations…if the site will allow it…

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Only Indians and Whites are Aryans. How are Celt girls?


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Okay, jew. I'll bite.

Celts were the only people prior to the fall of Rome to capture the city of Rome and were involved in some of Rome's greatest defeats (soldiers at Trebia, Cannae, Arausio, etc.)

Whereas most other provinces of the former Roman Empire were conquered nearly immediately by invaders (Arabs, Germanic tribes, etc.) the Britons managed to stall Anglo-Saxon conquests for centuries, indeed it wasn't until the 11th century that Strathclyde fell and until the 13th that Gwynedd fell.

Of course Scotland, despite have a vastly smaller population and material resources as England remained independent through victories in war and their predecessors the Picts crushed the Angles at Dun Nechtain and eventually would conquer Lothian from them.

The Anglo-Saxons in Britain were of course largely Anglicized Celts themselves, even at the royal level (the dynasty of Wessex appears to have British origin.)

Nonetheless the largely Celtic/Gallic by blood Normans and Bretons conquered the Anglo-Saxons and ruled over them as an aristocracy ever since. Earlier the same Bretons defeated the Franks and Vikings in various battles which is why they remain Breton.

Germanics weren't known for smearing woad on their bodies like primitives. It's debatable if they even had tattoos, and if they did, they didn't go full polynesian/injun like the Celts did. Germanics didn't look like pic related. I mean, what the hell were they trying to be, Shiva?
Earlobe stretching was indeed a thing in the ancient British Isles until the Germanics stopped that faggotry.
You also didn't debunk the retardation of the permawear torc, nor their affinity for body mods.
Nobody knows who invented chainmail, and the Celts couldn't be assed enough to wear it and not go naked into battle like retarded homos.
Boudicca was in the line of duty during her war that she started over a vision and receiving a "blessing" from the "gods."

Also, the Celts ate dogs, both in Gaul and Britain. This has been confirmed archeologically.

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That pic of yours was made almost 1000 years later and is highly inaccurate. We have Celtic bodies and they have as many tattoos as the Germans did.


The torc was absolutely removable. You have never held one in your life, clearly. They were essentially the same as Norse bracelets. They symbolized one's loyalty to one's king and lord.
Many were made of gold and for either religious or political reasons, were removed and tossed into a lake.

The Celts invented chainmail.

Thus proving your stupidity and ignorance. Most Celts wore armour, you fucking kike.

Wrong again, you ignorant anti-White. Boudicca never participated in any of the battles of her revolt.

No you idiot. She started her revolt because after her husband died, the Romans etrayed a treaty they THEY signed with her husband the king. Then they brutally raped her two daughters and started stealing from the Icenni.
Her "vision" from the Gods was invented later

So? Germans probably ate them too and the Romans ate everything that moved.


most Celts wouldn't fight naked, most would simply have little armor because they didn't have the logistics and productive output to outfit every single soldier with it, unlike Romans, so only their leaders and elite could afford one, and they'd be as properly protected as the average Roman soldier(bar perhaps those few who had Lorica Segmentata, most had a normal celt-like chainmail)

Interesting. I will have to look into that. I've never seen any reference to this before this one so it was probably not common. But I'll accept your correction.
Nothing else you said though is correct.
I have held torcs before and they are very removable.
And most Celtic armies were led by men like Carataccus, Vercingettorix, and Brennus.


Obvious dnc is obvious. Tell me…in what way—specifically—is this advancing the interests of the cause?

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that first pic though lol. where'd u find that?


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Red hair can express itself as a spontaneous mutation in any population, like albinism. Supposedly Ghengis Khan had green eyes and red hair too.

meant to say that Celts are not special in anyway

By implying that Feather Indians and South Americans are somehow an extant branch of "whites".

Ireland's 2nd language is Polish, native language is 3rd. Real Irish starved, fled, or were raped into Brit-kikes long ago

D&C is not "What is our ideal" most overused tardword on pol

Autosomal DNA buddy
I also found this on his blog.
but the article was deleted, so I had to show the archive version
that's where I got the thought really
Also, pyramids in Southern America. Pyramids in Ancient Egypt. Lots of egyptian mummies were also red haired, makes sense?. Aryan DNA in Amerindians
Basir mummies were R1a anyway, so they were probably Indo-Aryan ancestors of the Kalash and Pashtun

You are a special kinda tard aren't you?

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Thing is: All of this may very well be true but does it matter? Why does every fucking retarded race on this planet so desperately want to be counted among the Whites or Aryans? The ancient South American peoples weren't niggers, they have nothing to be ashamed of.

Find anyone who wants darker kids and you found the mentally I'll. Basic impulse is to get back to good.

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Also Q is the closest haplogroup to R
We can see here

that native Americans who are of haplogroup Q are mixture of Aryans and Far-East-Russians
Far-East-Russians are of haplogroup N, which is the Siberian/North-Asian haplogroup

I dont't want them to be counted as Aryans, rather I think there were white people in America, before the European conquests
I don't count mutts as Aryans, but it is wrong to ignore evidence against this
All great civilizations had Aryans in their leadership

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my point is that you have no reason to LARP as celts, because all North Europeans are literally the same.

What a shit thread. Hitler specifically warned against people like this. Sage.

Hitler was a pussy who failed his people and left them raped by slavs and lorded over by Jews. Spit on his grave.

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