You hate us, 'cause you'll never play as us

It's no secret that the atypical desperate and mediocre white will latch onto just about anything that they see as relevant, helpful or acceptable in furthering their mostly persistent goals and ideologies. Though they remain unattainable even in today's increasingly intense social and political climate, the true extent of their hilarious desperation and junk-intellectualism has become more apparent than ever - and with their latest supposedly demeaning term, the "NPC" (short for non-playable characters), a term that had been sparsely used years ago but has received a significant boost in popularity, though in truth it is nothing but another variation in a long line of hacknyed insults such as "cuck", "soyboy", "numale", and "bugman".

Used to refer to people who suppousedly share the same thoughts and opinions to the point where they take on a similarity to characters programmed to be in a video game, the term "NPC" is not only flawed on a multitude of levels, but also, as previously mentioned, showcases how desperate the crowd of irrelevant and insignificant whites are willing to become. It's no secret that whites themselves are prone to unanimous and questionable agreement on specific topics such as their blind devotion to "divine intervention" and their attatchment to religon, as well as their almost cult-like obsession with the hacky, repugnant Sam Hyde (pic related), who made a thinly-veiled career out of ripping off the style of the late Andy Kaufman, just with dogwhistles aplenty aimed towards desperate obsolete whites (what a rebel). Going beyond that is a study that they have grown to throw around pertaining to the concept of "inner speech" and how many lack it - except for the fact said study does not even state outright that this supposed absence is exclusively prevalent in leftists and "degenerates", but of course, anything that appears to be useful will be utilized regardless.

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This isn't reddit.

Above all, the popularity of the "NPC" concept is simply all the more evidence to the sad existence of the renegade white - stuck in a world that moved on from their misteps and ideologies whithering and wasting their lives away in a crusade against the "pozzed media" and the Jewish people, coming up with something, anything, believing that any attention is better than none. Reducing liberalism to its most predictable stereotypes makes for an easy form of providing an argument, but I doubt any of these mayonnaise ghouls even have the ability to back up anything they say physically. This brings us to another point: the narrow and shallow definition of "life" one gleans from these types. Liberalism limits one's self-restraint and asks that one make compromises with one's pride for the good and health of the world surronding them. Modern-day traditionalists seem unwilling to comprehend that reproducing and isolating your people from another people are not paths to long-term happiness; any kind of personal decision to whether or not one wants to be married or have children or the slightest hint of empathy towards another race must in their eyes necessarily be the result of DA JOOS and should be torn down at once.

The world isn't going backwards, and it's certainly not going downward. It's going up, far away from what's down.

Let me guess. Frizzy hair, amirite?

No facts, citations, studies, historical references. Just word salad that's supposed to be compelling because muh magical words. This is your brain on talmudism. Saged for transparent kikery.

You: LOL look at this NPC coming at us with common, obvious logic! Saged!
*World Peace gets cancelled because Hyde and his flunkies keep starting shit with their coworkers and pretty blatantly encourage their fanbase to harass and throw slurs at anyone they hate 24/7*
You: Fuck Blockhead Joe. Fuck the kikes.

Just going to throw it out there. I am observing the NPC term being used extremely often. And it's usually "the biggest NPC in the room" that is using it. At least in terms of using it offensively (directed at a specific person). Not when it is used in a "memetic way" and not directed at anyone specifically.

your "insightful" post is literally just "no u" and various insults puffed up to 3 paragraphs

i feel bad for even replying because it'll give you another excuse to bump this shit-tier thread

I did explain why your ideologies are ultimately doomed to be pushed into complete irrelevance or containment, but cherrypick away.

Enjoy the dirt nap.

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When you ban the concept of "white privilege" from your vernacular we can then schedule a time and place to talk.

Until then …

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We hate you because you say things like "obsolete whites' and think you're not a humongous piece of shit.

It's like the Jewish shills all read Siege and converted to National Socialist Satanism and decided to do our work for us.

Germany did this and created an actual utopian state nearly overnight. Up until it taking every major superpower in the world to shut them down. We've known for centuries that racial mixing in communities never works. What the fuck are you talking about?

Yes? Their agenda has been well documented in the past and continues to be well documented in the present by people like Michael Jones and Kevin McDonald. Are you implying that the concept of sexual liberation wasn't a weapon created by (((Kikes))) to further divide whites and destroy the institution of marriage in the West?

I think you're a kike. You look fucking weird. You're oddly shaped, physically weak, and borderline psychotic.

Most of all, you're just a fucking douchebag.

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no you didn't retard you complained about NPCs for 2 paragraphs then went "uhhhh your ideology is irrelevant xd"

i agree that this board is full of LARPing morons but your post contributes literally nothing, please fuck off back to r/politics or wherever 14 year olds like you hang out these days

This reeks of negrocity. Don't use words you don't understand just because you believe no one else does.

Israel becomes majority-Arab Muslim in 2030. Have fun Shlomo.

There goes that word again. Played or be played. Empathy is foolish, one day even you will realize it (but it will probably be too late).

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Which Jewish publication did you copy this from?

Patently false.

Right about the same time America becomes white-minority.

Why are whites so frightened of becoming a minority in America? Are minorities treated badly there?

One who ever uses this in any argument exposes himself as someone who is completely oblivious to the reason people point out "The Jews". It's a smug liberal shitposting attempt to brush off something that's commonly referred to with real implications and substantial evidence to back up, simply because it makes no sense to you and is used so frequently. Therefore it gives your ignorance on said topic, which is truly a massive undertaking, a reason to stack further ignorance on top of it with mockery on a subject you haven't even bothered to look into seriously.

Everything else is mindless rambling that should largely be discredited for the reason stated above.

The biggest problem is that once here they get to vote in our elections. Thus turning our nation into the corrupt shithole that they came from. Does that sound like "democracy" to you…..elites conspiring to flood our nation with shitskins to out vote us?

And don't be fucking obtuse. Compared to the rest of the world shitskins are treated exceptionally well in the US. You kikes pretend like racism only exists in the US.