REDPILL! Why white people don't have clans

Often people wonder. Why don't white people have super-family structures? Like arab clans? Like we used to have? Why don't we know anyone beyond our uncle and cousins?

I made a thread and recommended what the boers should do in preperation of their country. I talked about exactly that. Form clans, form a seperate society inside the society. Even create a law system similar to what shariah law is to Arabs. Don't rely on the state, become seperate on the state.

But when I looked up the divorce rate of the average white south African woman it dawned on me. Suddenly I realized.
We can't form a meta-family, if the divorce rate is 50%. You can't build on top of that. That can't be a foundation.

And it's a trap. A devil's circle. You can't get your private court system that regulates private affairs, including marriage and prevents divorce, if you don't have a stable family unit that can be used as a stable foundation for all of it.

I hope this isn't too blackpilling for you.

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Houses > clans

This is a good OP. Notice white communities that are successful at creating meta-law and self governance have high family stability. That's why kikes attack the family first with feminism. The only stable white communities are religious (Mormon, Amish etc). I believe fundamentally this predisposition is genetic and we can breed it into existance with the correct memetic support to jumpstart it. I propose we get every white nationalist to accept Wraldaism as an umbrella meta-faith in which Christians, Pagans, and athiests can collaborate toward a future for the race.

I hate to say it but do what the Mormons do. Large communities, big families. Non toxic food or drink

Down with the family! Cloning is the future!

Well, user, i feel like the welfare for women that divorce allows them to do so. No real struggle will lead people to create their own struggle. Food, shelter, our struggle is spiritual.

Well when you’re getting called marshmallow by others and you take a single look at them and fucking laugh, it obvious why we don’t.

If you look like a walking comic book because of all the tattoos you have or a skeleton due to your lack of appreciable body mass, I can’t take your criticism seriously.

Exactly! And you can't get rid of welfare as long as women have the vote.
And you can't get rid of "women having the vote" democratically, because women can vote.


Because we're independent thinkers and beings and not hive beings like darkies are.

I thought kikes attack the family first with immorality propaganda like porn and booze. A moral man is going to be strong and attractive to her husband and keep her in wanton obedience, but if you make the husband compromised the woman can be led astray because they have minds like children.
Fuck whatever Wraldaism is but collaboration is good. That's why kikes try to sew division here between christians faithiests and fagans.

Fuck off, Sargon.

Repeat thread.
This faggot makes one every month.

Also, he only does it during happenings.
Rly makes u think.

I saw a group of Amish tourists recently in my city and TBH they all looked like shitskins.The women were white and the men looked like pakistanis/arabs.

Kill yourself.

We used to, they were destroyed by the jews. I thought everyone knew this.

Protestants killed the extended family.
It has its ups and downs. Less protection, more chances to shine

Because of economic terrorism, normalization of porn/cheating, family members baited into degeneracy followed by the stigma attached to degeneracy which cause people to disown the family junkie, the Obama drone movement where you have to have opinion A or you are banished from society so people distance themselves from family members with opinion B

Daily reminder that Sarah Silverman has a gross roast beef vagina and resembles a goblin that mated with a rat. Yuck!

the men probably looked dark and weathers from working in the sun all day and the women were inside doing house work and looked even whiter.

Those words are synonyms, you retard

Find a bridge and leap.

no, the men really looked like Pakistanis.

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Who needs a fucking Meta Family though when you can have a fucking Meta BROTHERHOOD of Steel. Other colors may be able to keep families glued but White men form the strongest Brotherhoods period. We don't need Wamyn at this moment until it gets to a point the hate for feminism is so strong western wymyn tone down their autism and like sitting down for 5 minutes. We need to form packs and Ally eachother in common community whether the opposite Kike Gender wants to stick around or not. Right now I'll take a Frat Bro empire over a shitty docile Mormon village. Women slow down the process of progress and should be simply the prize of victory. thats how they function anyway. Inb4 Knight Goy

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Kill a few of your own and you jews go all out.

Arab clans require inbreeding to exist. The Catholic Church ended European clans when it banned cousin marriage. There are definite tradeoffs, but it was a good thing overall. We shouldn't be looking to modern Arabs for inspiration on what our societies should look like, we should look to the principles that governed our societies in the past.

Just breed your own clan, OP. Don't wait for Zig Forums to lead the way. There's only like 6 real white people left on this board and we mostly lurk for laughs at this failed shithole.
Nothing good for White people will ever be organized or promoted here. It's a parody board, even by self-admission.

You know, we used to have a nobility. It ruled over subhumans, also known as peasants and slaves. These subhumans demanded equality and raped, massacred and assimilated the nobility and royalty. These were the houses. These were the families. What's an apeman to do with prestige, history? You heard it in the classroom: What's the use of knowing this - because the subhuman lower class was literally bred for use, they see everything through it.
Speak for yourself.

I'm a class mongrel.

Wait Americans and western Europeans don't know their distant cousins and uncles? What about Scotsmen did they forget about their clans too? My distant relatives in the Polish highlands still have sort off clans, it mostly amounts to just having their own folk music costumes.

White clans are basically our allegiance to football and basketball teams

Read Culture of Critique

you have to be at least 18 to post here

Because most of white/western society has moved away from tribalism and this is the result.

Religions that have child marriage are successful because the marriages last for a lifetime and result in large families.
It works too well. For example ask any of the over a billion poo in the loo hindu-indians.

only nigger tier whites like the irish travellers have clans

We do have clans. That's all I'm going to read. Pls kys



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Your kikery shows in so many ways it's funny. Your tricks don't work here.

It works so well that their societies stagnate and fall into cousin marriage out of laziness/ wealth conservation.

Albanians still have this, but its slowly fading. Montenegro too is still tribal in its spirit.

Punk rock predicted this in 1981.

We destroy the family
We destroy the family
We destroy the family
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Steal the money from your mother
Buy a gun

We destroy the family
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Kill your mother
And father

We destroy the family
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Completely endorsed.

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Bringing back the clans isn't a meme but the atomic family is. The atomic family was designed as a method of population control.
If you're not a clan man you're not a nationalist.

Uhh we do. We call them houses though.

And I gazed upon you, and I knew you were my nigger.

Just one more.

who the fuck is this based little Zoomer?!

Tribalism is a pre-civilisation phenomenon. Civilisation atomises everyone, destroying the tribes, because the people grow out of the root culture and become deracinated and there are too many people to keep track of or know. Everyone loses value. In modern cities, people are less valuable than water because water is less rare than people due to the sheer amount of them.

I'd say we are now in great realization that races are separate species, of course. It is something we are adapting to as whites to remain dominant.

Super-family structures are dying due to (((modernity))). That's everywhere sadly, the only ray of hope is that if it happens to us first AND IF WE SURVIVE, then we would be the first to rebuild.

are you serious?

Amish are a good example…

sounds comfy, I knew a mormon girl but she had some problems

really? That's not very Zig Forumsack of you…

This, any civilization that pander to women, will have the women neglecting their men.

I was called a marshmallow once, but I just didn't care.

Women are always the majority of voters because men are always infighting

meh, half and half

Then explain why when an outsider suggest that "there are some good jews" (i'm not saying there are good jews) you all COLLECTIVELY come together to say there there is none? It's almost like Zig Forums has some rules (by word of mouth) knocked down that everyone believes. Kind of like a hivemind you know?

May Jerusalem, Israel, be nuked!

You should do like us Filipinos. My family is in the hundreds, we are active in Manila, Quezon, Makati, Ilocos, Baguio, Davao politics and medicine. Have many children, stick together, and help each other with tough and unyielding love.

Stay strong, Aryans. Sorry about Trump.

Duterte out.

blackpilling faggot.
Tie your money up in trusts and if a woman turns out to be a whore then marry again and have even more kids.
Make sure that you always have the high moral ground as children aren't stupid and always want the family to stay together. If the father is the good parent who wants to keep the family together but the whore wife leaves then the children will blame her and cling to the father.
If more men acted ruthlessly when it came to the ex wife they wouldn't be so prone to destroying their own financial future.

Whites had this. We had it. We had it so hard we called it America. You see, it was the whites who had the self-loyalty the arranged marriages the strong convictions, the neighborly do-goodery in them. And then the kikes came and then every other form of horror we were annihilated and we are being scourged. I'm not sure if you understand the gravity of that word. Scourged. We are being chased and crushed at every opportunity all over the world. From the Boers to the American to the Germans, etc.

Everything must be done in secret and in solitude, much like the days when the Christians were persecuted. If you do not understand this, then you are operating under a false reality and this will hinder you.

We need to restructure citizenship.

Tweet it, post it, meme it.


A garden cannot grow full of weeds. Such as these united states cannot return to goodness until the weeds are gone. Weeds grow in the field and one should expect them there, but not in the garden.

We have weeds in the government and they bind our hands from weeding our garden. They say we have power in voting, but we are rapidly becoming out numbered. If these weeds outnumber the garden flowers, they will never give up their hold until they are ripped up.

No amount of demagoguery will change this true fact.

That's why I said "restructure citizenship".
Obviously, non-citizens can be deported.

This would be simple, were we in power, friend. If you assume we are, I have bad news for you.

Because of christfaggotry.

Fake news

Greatness begins not with a foundation of it already existing, but upon new understanding. Go forth and meme it so:

What you don't realize is that most of Christianity has been corrupted. The reason you are so frustrated and angry at the (((Christians))) is that so much of it has been co-opted by Jews and Republicans/Conservatives/Neo-Cons/Israelis and the doctrine has been severely clouded to serve the wrong interests. There is plenty of historical information on Christianity being subverted and Christians being blindly used.

You have two options here, you can resume your 17 year old opinion about a 2 millennia old religion based around creation and reality or you can educate yourself and understand the massive depth of the problem/war.

working late, Chaim?


It really is Houses, isn't it? That's the human component that was shorn off then substituted with inhuman external government. It's why they elite families laugh in our faces; their Houses literally control everything.

Is it currently possible to construct such a familial structure? I imagine it must be based around controlling a particular income/resource as a family unit. I just can't see people playing along after a generation, unless it's some giant corporation where there is hierarchical micromanagement and enforcement, and room for personal advancement.

I wonder if this is the missing ingredient to secret societies as well. Their secret is that they're on a completely different team from birth with no intention of ever telling the lesser families/goyim anything that would hurt their houses. Their gestures and symbols are family gestures and symbols used to signal cooperation and exploitation of the goyim.

Is it currently possible to construct a familial unit? It has to be, I am currently trying even at a late stage in the game. And that's the problem, if I was 10 years younger I'd be much more confident but I am getting older and I'll have to find someone younger than me. Which is not impossible but it's going to be hard because I need to find a woman of good birthing age. Theoretically it is still achievable. But to do so requires removing oneself from society as a whole as society in all its myriad of aspects will tempt your family and wife away from you and flip your familial paradigm on its head and you'll end up in ruin and the ones you love most will curse you and desire to be with your enemies.

>>>Zig Forums
and stay there