Unlikely allies?

Hey Zig Forumsiticians, I made a thread about this back in 2016, and I received a bit of backlash, but I wanted to see if maybe you've had a change of heart. My proposition was that maybe we should see if some of the posters from leftypol are willing to form an alliance with us. It sounds like something from the bizarro universe, I'm aware, but I see the potential for some irl change. From an outsider's perspective, without any regard to the specifics of politics/political affiliations, Zig Forums and Zig Forums seem to be anti-big government, equally suspicious of the government, suspicious of other posters, see a need for change, and both seem to dislike the neo-liberalism that has taken hold in the world.

I am making this thread because the world is becoming more and more of an 1984 hellscape by the day, and if we are to make any progress in reversing this insanity, we have to garner more supporters. We need an alliance against the state mandated propaganda, against the weaponizing of collective consciousness, and against the assault on the people of the world's liberties. In retrospect, I think what I am calling for is the formation of a new faction, dedicated to the sole purpose of doing what we can to protect the people from (((their))) influence.

I'm open to criticism

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fuck off sodomite

It's just a means to an end, the end being the exposure of their meddling to the masses

How can you be open to criticism when you are not able to be the least bit self critical and know this is a stupid idea? No deals with the devil.

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Eh, it was a spur of the moment post. My intention was for the anons to discuss the barebones portion of it, that being, the outsourcing for supporters part. I really shouldn't have been so specific in regards to Zig Forums, there are other candidates out there.

Forgot to hit space

and that "means to an end" is your sodomites pozzing our board with your aids. Fuck off sodomite.

No. Fuck off nazbol/TRS fag.

No. It is not a means to an end. You are telling us to abandon literally every precept of our foundational ideology. Kill yourself immediately.

Right-wing is anti-government because it thinks that government restrains the rich, while Left-wing is anti-government because it thinks that government is owned by the rich.

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Neck yourself.

I was just giving an example of potential temporary allies

How can you blame me for wanting to garner more supporters when all we do is sit around and circlejerk. Every thread I've seen that supports the idea of actually doing something gets pozzed within 10 minutes.
This is my point, yes, leftypol and other potential temporary allies have some cancer-tier ideologies/political affiliations, but it also appears that the other parties have a certain amount of disdain at the idea of being manipulated via propaganda. All I advocate for is a society that consists of free thinkers.

Let me restate that. By big government, I meant invasive government.

user, I….

OP, allow me to demonstrate why your idea will not work
Are there any Zig Forums folks here now?
I like White people. I want my race to survive and I want to overthrow the government, halt remove the jews who are responsible from power, and prevent my race from going extinct.
The preservation and protection of European children is non-negotiable. Are there any communists or left-anarchists or whatever wordism you'd like to be called who would be willing to form an alliance against the jews?


I agree with your points, the preservation of our people is of the utmost importance. However, it is my theory that we have to do things one step at a time, and the removal of the manipulators is the greatest step of all, and the only way I can see this happening is by forming temporary alliances to get our messages out to the world, in essence, changing public opinion. The shift in public opinion would be the merchant's downfall. I have not seen any commies that advocate for an alliance against jews specifically, but I have seen them express distrust towards their governments, which is essentially the same thing, considering (((they))) are the ones pulling the strings.

kek, I've never been on that board, but you're pretty much right.

No one wants to kill the people identified as "white," but no one on Zig Forums believes it's a coherent category of understanding.

No one on Zig Forums cares about the Jews specifically, but they want to replace the power structure that exists, regardless of who holds power.

The only people who say "kill all whites" are edgy Twittter liberals, not leftists. There's no sense in which those on the left want to harm children in Europe.

None, because this is a misidentification of the problem and doesn't fundamentally alter the structure of society, which is the goal. Even supposing Jews dominated capital, the structure of capitalism is such that it would compel "white" people who own capital to become exactly the same or otherwise be out-competed by other capitalists who are more willing to do whatever is necessary to preserve and increase their holdings of capital.

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So, this guy is who you want us to ally with?

I hate to have to point this out, but there are people who do intend to kill the whites, and the concept of race, off. The extinction of race will make it easier for the puppeteers to control us.
The only problem is that nonsense is casually paraded around like it's one of Einstein's own brainchildren

I don't agree with his mentality, and I don't intend to let that mentality become popular. I just wish there was a concentrated effort towards identifying and exposing meddling, regardless of the source.

If shit did hit the fan as hard as Zig Forums thinks it will, I'd gladly kos these faggots

How is that helpful?

holly shit dude, we have enough retards from reddit and boomers from r/t_d and faggots from TRS already trying to subvert and undermine our board. Entryism is cancer and this would only invite more entryism. Zig Forums are explicitly anti-white JEWS and they already actively shit up this board. The fucking BO of Zig Forums is a mentally ill tranny cock sucker, there is no working with those people they are barley human. Leftistism is not about economics its about subverting the status quo, (((Marx))) encouraging a proletariat uprising and stirring up class conflict was just a means to an ends, and that was to undermine the Monarchy in Europe. Likewise, Marx supported capitalism and Liberalism as a means to an ends to undermined the Monarchy. Just like how now stirring up racial conflict is a means to an ends to undermine European/American interest. Uniting with the "left" is not ever going to happen and if it did it would only be a tactic used by them to subvert the right.

I do want to be more specific in regards to this post I don't advocate for violence, but I do know if for instance, the US ended up being balkanized, that antifa would end up being a full on terrorist/militant organisation, and should be treated as such in that scenario.

Since the consensus appears to be against forming an alliance with leftist, fuck them. Who else is out there that you guys think would be decent allies?

As a former Marxist (just like Mussolini was), I'd be totally down with this IF we made our agenda EXPLICITLY Anti-Zionist.
However, Zig Forums doesn't have that much activity, and I doubt such a thing (like most initiatives that could actually succeed in the real world) would meet with much success, but it's not a bad idea at all.

I'm glad to see some anons are open to diplomacy. You are right though, most initiatives are shut down pretty quickly and/or ignored. The problem with these ideas is that the masses are trained to have alarm-bells go off when they encounter certain opinions, which means we have to be pretty subtle. That's why I primarily support the idea of forming a group dedicated to the exposure of propaganda. This is because it allows us to show people what's really going on, while keeping the appearance of being un-biased

Ultimately, this isn't really true; both sides want a big government, one being NatSoc and the other being some variant of communism.

The problem is that irl, Zig Forums people have resources (skills, jobs, effort, guns, families, etc) while Zig Forums are NEET stoner incels and homosexuals with daddy issues.

Zig Forums's power is determined by how much allowance they get from parents/state/etc. Their whole ideology is against personal hard work and merit.

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My point stands.

I've been considered as such.

I don't see the point.

1) List of people who needs to be removed from power is much larger than the "Jews in power" (however loosely the term is defined). "Alliance against the jews" - in essence - means surrender before the remaining Capitalists. Since we all know how such surrenders inevitably end for Communists, this alliance is nothing but delayed commit suicide. Strasserites are an example of retards who thought they could wing it somehow.

2) Removing people from power is not enough, as it is the system itself that incentivizes anti-social behaviour among those in power. I.e. as "alliance against the jews" does not suggest any such reforms, it means that in a few years we are going to have the same old situation - even if the entire old ruling elite got removed from power.

3) Finally, I can't help but think that "preservation and protection of European children" is an euphemism for something else. While this "preservation and protection" might not go as far as some religious "protections" (when kids are literally kidnapped from parents), in my experience, Right-wingers don't have a good track record with kids. I.e. I expect some retarded policies.

I do need to point out that "our" (not Zig Forums, but Communist) approach is to have democratic government (in the absence of old elite). Nothing prevents implementation of whatever policies population actually agrees on. Communist program is about removing economic shackles from decision-making process (i.e. permitting full control over society), not defining what exactly needs to be decided.

I doubt that. Once people face the real world, the idea of "Jews" being behind everything tends to swiftly evaporate.

Zig Forums has to pay us a tribute tbf famalams

Funny joke, they can all fuck off, and so can you. Their only purpose really is to be a laughing stock by everyone on this site.


This is largely true in today's world, maybe 70-80 years ago it was a different story, but that was then, and this is now. The anons have convinced me that seeking support from leftypol is a bad idea, so I've shifted towards the idea of forming an unbiased propaganda exposing organisation what journalism is actually supposed to be

You have a point in regards to how Strasserites are basically larpers. Also, I'm not going to criticise you for your communist affiliation, as I made this thread in the hopes of bringing Zig Forumsiticians together, not spurring on more D&C.


user, nobody wants to affiliate with degenerate tranny fags, that's preposterous.

Communists go on the streets with Che shirts and hammer&sickles. NatSocs go on the streets with white shirts and jeans, with a suit and a tie, etc.
The fact you don't see people shouting "hey hey ho ho sieg heil and kill the jew" means nothing.

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Go ahead and share information on your own. We should all be doing that. If you openly make it about an alliance with Zig Forums, people will bitch that they're not going full Robert Bowers until they fuck off and tell you to fuck off and the divide between us is widened even further like happened with Gamergate.

Tip: These are part of our common enemy.
They are neither liberal nor loyal to the Constitution. There is massive monopoly activity and charity fraud going back 100 years.

Bad angle. As I said above, and there are Zionists like Daniel Greenfield who are fighting against the cabal. Yes, Soros is evil, the Rothschilds are near or at the head of the snake, several guilty parties are former Zionists or their children, now pay some fucking attention and you will see that they are all funding anti-Zionists and the Zionists are bitching about it.

The "fuck PR" attitude got a synagogue shooter to drown out any media coverage of the WalkAway rally highlighted by Democratic racketeering victim Candace Owens attacking the Democrats' grip on the black vote. You go into Zig Forums with "seig heil or else!" and you'll get your ass kicked out the door. You go in with "hey, here's some information you might be interested in…" or "LOOK AT PORKY HERE!" and you might get different results.

Good points user, and very nice links

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I am with you OP, but I made a thread on Zig Forums proposing this and it literally got removed.

I see you are an expert on Communism.

I figured this would be the result. Something tells me that leftypol doesn't see the enemy of their enemy as their friend.

Don't be dense. A communist can go to the streets brandishing their golem inscriptions.

I think we should still be open to coordination with the left, as long as it is with grassroots people on the bottom rather than well-funded liberal organizations. It's very conceivable that someone could be close to us ideologically but brainwashed that all their problems are caused by "the bourgeoisie" rather than wealthy liberal organizations that hate them specifically.

I absolutely agree with you user.

Both of you have good points, but I'm not taking sides.

>I have not seen any commies that advocate for an alliance against jews specifically, but I have seen them express distrust towards their governments, which is essentially the same thing, considering (((they))) are the ones pulling the strings.
No, it is not the same thing. The jews use their commie lapdogs to dismantle existing powers in a nation, i.e. anyone with enough wealth or power to possibly stand against them. Then they seize total control, and nobody is left standing but them. Why do you think they fund the fuckers? They do their work for them.

I stand corrected

All from the unabomber. Read his essay.

It's kind of sad you've held onto this idea for two fucking years, OP.
Pic unrelated

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He can also drink water. The question is if such activity makes people communist.
Also, quite often he can't. Not legally.

If you intend to cooperate with Left, you might want to stop conflating Left and Liberal, as quite a few people consider Liberals Right-wing (this applies to US Liberals - Democrats - as well).

I've seen this scenario in Ukraine (Maidan coup). Except no communists were involved. Plenty of Nazis, though. Similar stuff happened during other colour revolutions and Arab Spring.

Holy shit that's some decent analysis
I actually didn't have internet for a year or so after 2016, and only as of 2018 did I start lurking Zig Forums again. I missed a lot while I was gone, this place has changed.

From a purely utilitarian standpoint, what do they have to offer us that is worth more than the trouble they will inevitably cause? I'd wager very little.


Communism's never been tried, right? And no true communist.
This is why I tell people that weed fries your neurons.
What, drink water?

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Read his manifesto; every paragraph is a redpill. It's a total mind-expander.
This came before uncle ted's time, but the "occupy wall street" movement has solidified his point.
It was a promising attack against the (((bankers))) and all those disgusting faggots, but then it deteriorated into leftist drivel, pushing out everyone who didn't share their psychological predispositions, thereby creating a feedback loop where the whole movement became dominated by leftists.

I will user, it seems like there's some good shit.
The only problem I see with the manifesto is who it's created by: a serial bomber. It's hard to redpill people using a convicted killer's ideology. Any advice on how to spread this info without looking like I'm some radical who sympathises with terrorists?

But we're not having any difficulty in doing that and Marxists can't meme so they're of no value in that category anyway.
Secondly, look at this response to my post

This is why it is impossible to work with the leftists
Leftists everywhere engage in an endless war of annihilation against White people. Leftists OPENLY call for the death of the White race. And then when you call them out on it, they deny everything and claim that race is just a social construct.
Then, after smugly sneering at the working class and proclaiming how superior they are to us, they go right back to advocating genocide and murder of White people.

This kid doesn't understand one thing about the struggle we are engaged in. He is lost in the lies of the jews. What possible value could such a person give to us in our struggle to overthrow the establishment when he believes everything that that establishment tells him about race?

Capitalism is irrelevant. Racial survival is the only political issue that is being debated in the modern world. There is globalism and there is nationalism. Left vs right is a silly, childish shell game.
You have chosen to side with globalism over humans. Thus you are a pathetic waste of life and not a real revolutionary.

Depending upon who you define as capitalists, I would like to see them removed from power. If you define "capitalist" to mean corporate collaboratiors with the regime, then I'd like to see them all stand trial and hang for their crimes.
If you mean that you'd like to kill small business owners, then no.

I understand your point. There is nothing that I could say that would allay your fears. These fears are justified because historically, communists have been mass murders of White people and most communists today are genocidal anti-White psychopaths.
However, what I will tell you is the truth; I don't care about your economic views. I dislike capitalism, but I have no problem with capitalists so long as they are not anti-White genocidal collaborationist filth. I want to survive and nothing more.
If communists want to threaten my survival, then every communist deserves to die along with other collaborators with the regime. If you don't want White Genocide, then you can go build your communes on your own or whatever it is your particular sect of your wordism desires.

I agree. with this statement

Impossible. The destruction of the jewish financial institutions would forever alter the economic and social systems of the globe.

That's news to me. What on earth do you think I could possibly want other than to not see my race exterminated?
Do you believe that Tibetans who oppose their genocide have alterior motives? Do you believe that Palestinians who oppose their genocide have alterior motives?
If so, what on earth are these motivations?
If not, why is it that you ONLY doubt the motivations of White people who oppose our genocide?

I could say the exact same thing about you.
Also, I am not a right winger. Left and right are bullshit fake paradigms. The only question that motivates me and the elites you claim to oppose are simple; are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide?

Hah. You can say that but everyone knows that this is impossible. You can let everyone vote if you like, but so long as the mass media exists, whoever controls it will control the outcomes of those elections.
And if we destroy the mass media (which is impossible unless you remove almost all modern technology) then natural leaders will emerge and they will have control over those elections.
Democracy is a silly concept backed only by emotions.

Yeah, you say that except that historically, EVERY communist political organization has done the exact opposite. Literally the exact opposite.
Instead of "removing economic shackles," communist organizations have immediately placed more economic shackles upon the workers and used violence and force to force them to aork for the state.
Not a single communist organization in all of modern history has refused to do this unless you cound the random hippie communes of America and W Europe (and the Zionist regime occupying Palestine) Though they did so on land that belongs to the Palestinians

Instead, communists have overthrown the governments, set up secret police units, and then began murdering workers and farmers who don't adhere to the "communist" economic system.

I'm sure you are a decent fellow. And I'm sure that you actually believe that communism means no government. However, the policies you claim to want to put in place are never actually done by communists.
And sure, you can say that they weren't REAL communists but we both know that they say the exact same thing about you. And you know as well as I do that in the event of a revolution, THEY would be the ones taking power These communists have ALWAYS taken power and you and people like you would be put against a wall and shot if you opposed them. You'd be placed right next to me and called a fascist and shot in the face by your own comrades.

This is why I don't trust communists.

The only alliance possible with Zig Forums will only come when they realize porky is the jews and we finally find common ground.

I've never had an issue with presenting some of his points; all you're doing is bringing up something a Harvard professor said.
If you're getting these automatic NPC style responses that's a sign you're talking to the wrong person.

Also, props on not being rather open minded; it's an admirable trait. I can forgive you for this retarded thread since you seem at least willing to hash everything out. assuming you aren't some sort of shill or probe or whatever
I hope you reconsider.

Here's a traditional intergalactic woman for your troubles

Forgot the pic, phoneposting

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It actually isn't. It depends on the person.

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Imagine how many less shootings there would be if people weren't tricked by Jewish faggots posting click bait titles. Imagine how great a world based on honesty would be. Integrity would be the new currency. Kikes couldn't print Monopoly money when Steve "Pedo" Speilberg wants a billion dollars to pretend like inanimate cgi dinosaurs like him. I can't fucking wait.

You seem like you need a good night's sleep and some fresh air outdoors user.

You should realize that Zig Forums are mostly supporters of liberal corporatism. They promote identities like products and consume them voraciously. Walk amongst them in public with a working man's clothing, and you will stand out like a sore thumb.

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kek, thanks user, you seem like a cool dude.

(checked n kek'd)

Good point. I've also been thinking about compiling some reliable sources and writing my own essay/copypasta and posting it on normie sites like Facebook or Youtube to see what kind of responses I get It's a scary thought because I don't want to drive away tge people I've worked hard to gain the trust of, ie my gf's family, etc

It's the dream user

I think we all do.

Good point user. The left is quite fond of trivialising identity in support of group think.

God dammit

From personal experience, it's fairly easy to redpill people one-on-one, but if you post something too brainy in a feed of cats, food and selfies, you'll just be ignored. Speak to people individually and tailor your words accordingly. It's hard work but it's work you won't be wasting.

Good advice user. I've already started trying to redpill my gf, we've had lengthy discussions about the degradation of culture, the problems with multiculty, the concept of idiocracy, and the appearance of propaganda in day to day life. It's going pretty damn well.

You realize that you're proposing an alliance with people who enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse the ascendant jewish/nigger/tranny dictatorship, right? You realize that this is a fatal flaw in your plan?

I should have been more specific about which anons from leftypol I'd recruit. I was referring to the outliers and fence-sitters. Nobody wants the people you're talking about user.

You mean Brave New World. 1984 is for morons.

Whataboutism and memberberries had their day in the sun user

To be honest I have yet to read either, but I'm downloading the pdfs as of now. Maybe later I'll make a thread drawing parallels between the books and what is currently taking place today.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

I like your idea but Zig Forums is not yet ready for it. Try again in a few years.

Unity is stregnth.

Alright user.
In the meantime I'm going to continue promoting self improvement. I also might start writing essays/articles with proper citations for red pilling purposes.
Remember anons, as somewhat enlightened individuals, you have a duty to secure your freedom from the clutches of those who would have us silenced, nobody is going to do it for us.

Small business owners (especially those who function as co-op or do not hire other people) are not Capitalists and (if we are talking about actual Communists; not Anarchists or CIA-funded Pol Pot regime) historically hadn't been targeted. Kulaks were grain traders and loan sharks; not farmers.

Not Fascists? I mean, it's hardly a secret that Axis directly or indirectly contributed to a lot of deaths among "White people". Even if you take Black Book of Communism at face value, the numbers still don't compare as most of the 100 millions weren't "White people".

I see we have another expert on Communism.

At our stage of industrial development, all Capitalists are inherently omnicidal. This should be obvious by rate we kill the planet, by the food we turn into trash that slowly kills us, by the medicine that doesn't cure, and the whole lot of everything else (such as growth of MIC and inevitable wars).

Frankly, I don't understand how you can simultaneously reject this and consider system flawed.

Would it affect your worldview if you'll be persuaded that the same patterns of economic interactions emerge naturally?

I have no idea. I've yet to radical Right-wing policies that improve situation.

Let's preserve our cultural identity! => kids are not taught foreign languages
Let's protect our religious identity! => girls are kidnapped and sold to "believers" as wives
Let's ensure our economic prosperity! => laws that discriminate against "impure" are turned into sources of bribes; immense corruption follows

But neither of those applies here. Situation is completely different.

Only? I am suspicious of all Right-wingers (like it or not, but SJWs are also Right-wing), regardless of race/gender/language/religion/ideology/[whatever else].

I consider Communist nations (USSR/DDR/Cuba) quite successful.

Well, American mass-media had been distorting them for many decades. I can't fault you for thinking this.

I am of opinion that it is so-called "pro-Whites" who are the ones most likely to cause "White Genocide".

I would like to point to Trump being elected in 2016. It's quite hard to say that mass-media worker in his favour.

Either way, Soviets rely on sufficiently small groups (~100-200 people nominating their candidate) that do not require mass-media to communicate. There are other measures (like ability to recall elected representative at any time) that can improve situation even further.

If that was true, Bolsheviks would've never won. It was only through implementing democracy that they managed to shift support of general public in their favour, and to have general public organize itself to become a deciding factor in the Civil War.

Firstly, we are talking about social decision-making (i.e. ability of society to execute reforms; the ones Capitalist society is simply incapable of). Your "more economic shackles" doesn't make sense as the only example you provided is about individual freedom.

Secondly, even individual freedom did not decrease. Reduction of work hours, higher wages (that also better reflect effort), improved working conditions, and other worker rights (such as maternity leaves; paid-for vacations; subsidized housing and medicine) - all of this objectively increased individual economic freedom.

"Statelessness" - as it is presented in anti-Communist propaganda - is a gross misinterpretation.

I assure you, I am familiar with those policies.

I would not. Cuba, DDR, and Soviet Union were "REAL communists". Obviously, I would object to identifying government of USSR as properly Communist after mid-50s (Khrushchev was a revisionist), but USSR (as a state) retained predominantly Communist structure until Perestroika.

Awkward. Also, I must point out that you are giving stereotyped replies (i.e. NPC meme applies in full).

I am "those communists" (Marxist-Leninist), the ones Liberal media warns everyone about - since no other kind (well, other than Maoists; but they rarely succeed and aren't often distinguished from ML) ever managed to successfully seize the power.

Kill all communists. No exceptions, ever. Under any circumstance.

Jokes aside, be careful user with what you say, you never know when you're gonna get put on a watchlist and v&

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You are on one, right now.

We probably all are at this point.

your proposal was fucking stupid in 2016 when you spammed it for several months despite being banned, and its fucking stupid now. if anyone ITT disagrees with me, its not because Zig Forums has had "a change of heart" but because it has had a change of population

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My now black fiance turned out to be an unlikely ally in keeping my sanity in this degenerate nation.

If we all moved tto haiti, we would be the whitest nation

I don't know, sure both of us are unhappy with the current system then again most people are but can they be trusted to keep to their commune on their piece of land after the war or will it just be like the Spanish Civil War when the communists betrayed the anarchists like they do in every revolution?

is this a drunk or a bot?

Why do you think making an "alliance" with a bunch of drug addled tranny teenagers would be fruitful?

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Something messed up in the craptcha and got a NAN% error when posting, tried deleting but I guess the password also got fucked.

yeah, but… what was the point of the post anyway?

What chinese cartoon is that? I'm not getting any results from saucenao or google reverse image.

Even the exaggerated number of "holocaust" victims who were White pale in comparison with the Soviet Union's genocide alone.

My point was that your economic views are irrelevant to me and to most people on earth. Your stance on genocide are what matters at this time. If you want to go live in a commune, fine. I don't care. My only concern is with the preservation of my people.

That's ridiculous and naïve. Economic systems are a product of people and technology. Capitalism as you know it is an aberration that has never happened before in all of human history. So too was communism.

Then suffice it to say that my primary concern is, exactly like the Palestinians and Tibetans; the preservation of my people. I have economic ideals as well that I would like to implement. But the objective truth is that they pale insignificant in comparison with halting my genocide.

Ridiculous. Maybe in Canada & America that might make sense, but in Europe, that would be utterly ridiculous.

I'm not religious. Anyone who wants to start a religious war between White people is anti-White.
And I personally don't care if Ethiopians worship Jesus or mountains. In the words of Dr. William Pierce, We should have lynched every missionary who had the crazy notion that Blacks needed Jesus instead of their own voodoo gods or that Mexicans needed the Catholic Church instead of their jungle temples, where they liked to cut the hearts out of their prisoners and eat them.

I am not sure what you mean by this.

Yeah sure. And they say that you're a Right Winger too.
We're ALL right wingers then.

And you prove my point. You automatically believe that the Palestinians are resisting genocide for no ulterior reasons and the Tibetans are resisting genocide for no ulterior reasons. But when White people are brought up, you automatically go into a trance and assume that I have some sort of ulterior motive for not wanting my entire race reduced to a hated and reviled minority in my own home.
This is why you are NOT an egalitarian at all. You are anti-White.
If you were actually a racial egalitarian, you would view ALL races as equal with equal need to be preserved and protected.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand any claim you had that your version of communism doesn't involve death squads and secret police just flew out the window. The NKVD going around and murdering those who did not contribute enough to the state is a form of shackles placed upon the workers. So, yeah. My point stands. Communism means placing economic and social shackles upon its victims.

The American mass media is the reason why you believe in that antiquated and easilly debunked fake paradigm in the first place.

Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?

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Ok this shit has gone on for long enough.

You guys are dumbasses who do not understand what natsoc is. It's a third position. We're not leftists or (((alt-right))). It's not a sliding scale from communism to capitalism because natsoc is neither of those things.

Indeed, there truly is no left or right, as those who think within the constraints of the (((capitalist system))) are only slaves to (((their))) rhetoric. It's the same outcome packaged in a different way. If the kikes where killed off without changing the system new psuedo-kikes would take their place.

If you call yourself a natsoc, if you believe in white nationalism, and you also believe in democratic capitalism then you are still a brainwashed slave. Seriously assholes read the NSDAP 25 points or Mein Kampf before you pretend to know what you're talking about.

Now that you mention it, no.
Sat in restaurant yesterday with a bunch of them around me. Was the only person drinking water.

Net-juu no susume

Holy hell anons neither have I
I only ever see commies drinking soybucks, soy or soda. What does it mean?

I'd say BLM would be a better alliance than literal commies, tbh.

They try to keep us fighting each other in order to not team up and kick out the real problem. Their worst nightmare is for BLM to learn about their true oppressors and fight side by side with White Americans.

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Washington? more like wignatshinton

It's rather ironic that the left is in fact more overtly anti Israel than the MAGA right is.

interesting observation, but I can't see Zig Forumsiticians getting behind it for obvious reasons.

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Modern times is quickly becoming a combo of both of them and Fahrenheit 451. All of them were good reads in high school, but they each all only have a piece of the puzzle, none name the jew, and only Fahrenheit even talks about minorities, so they can never completely square the circle.