Pittsburgh Synagogue of Satan shooting: #HERObertBowers edition

A gunman killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue during Saturday-morning services in what the Anti-Defamation League called "likely the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States.”

Law enforcement officials said Robert Bowers — a 46-year-old man with a history of making virulently anti-Semitic statements online — was taken into custody after a gun battle with police and is expected to face federal hate crime charges.

“Justice in this case will be swift and it will be severe,” said Scott W. Brady, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Brady said Bowers could be charged sometime Saturday for what he called a “terrible and unspeakable act of hate."

Authorities described a rampage at the Tree of Life synagogue, the city’s oldest Jewish congregation, that was stunning in its savagery.

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how can this dude be in jail and at the hospital at the same time?


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Take down the towers, face the Robert Bowers

when did they say he was in jail?

David Baddiel
‏Verified account @Baddiel
18m18 minutes ago

Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh terrorist, was an active blue-ticked poster of hate on here. His actions are the culmination of sustained and out of control online anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. This technology needs to find a way of curbing it, before more die.

Bet it was a pissed off MOSSAD agent getting his revenge and shot him in the back of the police car.

that's setting the bar fairly low dontcha think?

two fucking hours ago

forgot this sorry man

Eugene Gu, MD
‏Verified account @eugenegu
41m41 minutes ago

Anti-Semitism, xenophobia against immigrants, discrimination against other races, erasure of the LGBTQ, and misogyny are different flavors of the same type of hate the GOP uses to bolster its base. But it has consequences like the MAGAbomber and today’s mass murder in Pittsburgh.
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Tea Pain
‏ @TeaPainUSA
18m18 minutes ago

Today, Trump issued a prepared statement condemnin' Antisemitism, but in a few hours he'll be back on the stump embracin' white nationalism, droppin' the Antisemitic code-word "Globalist" and stokin' fears of a "caravan" that motivated the Pittsburgh shooter this mornin'.
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Pamela Geller
‏Verified account @PamelaGeller
1h1 hour ago

Left-wing politician blames the Jews for Jewish massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue.
There it is.

Morgan J. Freeman
‏Verified account @mjfree
1h1 hour ago

These 11 deaths are 100% ⁦Trump’s fault as the killer’s hatred stemmed from his belief that Jews were funding the caravan that was infiltrated by fictitious middle easterners (ISIS) — he believed Trump’s lie & took action. Trump’s dogwhistle is lethal.

Cage The Elephant
‏Verified account @CageTheElephant
21m21 minutes ago

Our hearts go out to the families of the people murdered in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. It’s so sad that there’s so much hate in this country. We need REFORM to keep guns out of the hands of people doing these disgusting hate crimes.


i only heard that he was in the same hospital as the heebs he shot

Jails have hospital units. Hospitals have the capability to restrain people under the custody of the jail warden = in jail.
Being in the custody of the DOC doesn't necessarily mean you're on DOC prison/jail property.

You can be in custody in a hospital or in hospital facilities in a jail.


We need to meme that he was a robot who shot up bris because he was angry that he didn't have a foreskin.

I wonder how many Whites were murdered by niggers and spics today.

8pol has really lost its luster as of late

C'mon you guys

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Yes hes a kike puppet just like you.

Eli Stokols
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21m21 minutes ago

Trump, after explaining decision to continue with rally following Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: "If you don't mind, I'm going to tone it down just a little, okay?"

Crowd shouts "Noooo!"
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Yeah, they kept telling us the holohoax was.

I don't see any references to jail, just hospital and custody

he archived it himself in hopes of redpilling the masses or he's a plant. End.

Both of those are well known fact… Does (((CNN))) even deny them?

Stop being a cunt. Legitimate toranons are getting caught up in the filter because you can't pull the dicks out of your mouth before speaking.

Lie about showers, die by the Bowers.

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so they are saying that it wouldn't be that hard to beat his high score?

right, I am just saying he looks pretty good for being shot 3 times in his mug shot is all
seems weird to me but I am weird so i dont know.

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That looks like a DMV photo.

I thought this was one of his older pics. What the hell?

see this pic right here

mugshot in jail in custody
he looks like he is calm and cool and collected and not in horrific amounts of pain from being shot by hollow point leo bullets

I heard a bullet grazed his head so that probably isn't a current photo

Welcome 2 Cin City
‏ @IcyDiamond724
48s48 seconds ago

If your response to today's synagogue shooting was "but what about the Palestinians suffering" you need to have a seat. If you're ok with American Jews being hunted & murdered in their house of worship you can't claim to be seeking amnesty for anyone.
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thats his mugshot from being detained today is it not? if I am wrong then my fucking bad dudes

You have no proof whatsoever where they took that photo nor that it was taken after the shooting. For all you know he had a previous arrest if that was even a booking photo which is unlikely.

Never surrender to ZOG

cool, thank you for letting me know
I hadn't heard that yet

Sarah Giovanniello
‏ @sm_giov
2m2 minutes ago
Replying to @StephenGutowski @elizzzhy

Spare me this "the left is also anti-Semitic" shit.The Jewish Left was attacked 2day by a fascist with a big fucking gun.Jews have been a bedrock of labor, socialist and communist movements in US. The Jewish Left is inextricable from the American Left.The American Left is Jewish.

And filtered.

I am wrong on that and am fucking off now

Alright tired of your twitter spam torfag, filtered.

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He is going to be getting the earl turner treatment.

Good Judy E
2m2 minutes ago
Replying to @AntonioTinon

😂😂 You’re special. What leads you to believe I hate Jews just because I think Palestine is being illegally occupied? Do you see ANY anti Semitism that I’ve tweeted?

PIPE BOMB EXPOSED: A deadly connection to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the underground Florida network he controls.

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No need to fuck off just take a moment to consider all the angles.

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Hold strong, anons. Don't give a fucking inch, unlike the groveling cucks over at halfchan. Whites have been under vicious assault by the collective known as "Jews" for decades in this nation. They brought in the military to destroy our schools and lawyers to destroy our neighborhoods.

Not a fucking inch.

Any of you who can't handle it need to get off this ride now. It's about to get spicy.

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Given enough time, they always reveal themselves

Looks like a freemason homo patsy.

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Well considering we haven't got a single pic of any of the victims and that its literal kike media as a source I'm not surprised everything is fucky.
Now that I think of it, where the hell are the victims? Who the hell were these kikes and when do get to use their rotting corpses for our spicy new memes?

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pics or it didnt happen

Dr Susan Blum
‏ @SusanDebraBlum
2m2 minutes ago

Women. Black folks. Brown folks. Muslims. Jews. Trans people. People with disabilities. Gays. Lesbians. People speaking other languages. People who may not have papers. All of us are in danger, and there are many more of us than the haters. #RevolutionaryLove #Pittsburgh

Mohammad Tomazy
‏ @_tomazy
4m4 minutes ago

Let's remember that Zionists Jews are obsessed about Trump because he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, allowed them to resume building settlements & sanctioned Palestinians.

daniel waldman
‏ @the_waldman
6m6 minutes ago

Like if you seriously think jews are responsible for this country's problems you are gullible as shit. Half of us are insane narcissists and the rest of us have the most unnecessarily self-flagellating culture on the planet. What makes you think we could coordinate white genocide
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From what I've seen, he seemed to be particularly incensed at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. I thought about how much it would suck for him to learn that they raised a record-breaking amount of money today. And I donated.


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So, did it physically hurt to give up that 36 dollars?

they wont cause theyre not really dead
there is no blood, no bodies, no injured in pics
there are cell phones everywhere these days and not a single livestream to grab stills from even? give me a fucking break
where is davey hogg when you need him good fuck

If I was a writer of hoaxes, false flags, and screen plays I'd say it's foreshadowing on the ADL's part.

(((Tax Write-Off)))

They'll never release the images of the yids inside. Even the trial will be under tight controls if he doesn't get suicided inside.

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Pittsburgh checking in, also with Hospital experience. Hospitals get plenty of wounded suspects all the time. They literally handcuff them to a bed and have 24/7 police supervision. He will get treated, and once stable, transferred to the medical ward of the jail.


Take a moment to reflect on the fact that some of OUR shills were in that synagogue…
They were working hard to program boomers like the shooter with the very same "fuck drumpfh" "trump is a kike" lines we see on our board everyday.
It hurts so much to see a golem actually turn on the chosen instead of killing each other.

Can we somehow confirm that actual kikes were killed? What about the police reports?

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42 for truth.

just heard on fox that no names of casualties have been released. almost 12 hours in here, isn't it a bit odd that nobody knows anything about who dies? And this is what people gathered in the vigil right now are saying. Shouldn't it be easy through deductive reasoning to figure out who isn't alive even if police havnt released an official list?

Then meme them released :)

The reports will have whatever story they want to sell, no pictures. You need to see that evidence at trial. Unless the media can get a hold of them, it's under lock and key unfortunately. All under the guise of protecting the yids from further anti-antisemitism.

jews are gods in America, it would be sacrilegious to list their names or show images of their corpses

Of course they also want to keep the names protected to keep the shekels from dem programs flowing into the coffers. Can't have those names fall off the tit.

The value of the attack is to show this:
1. Suppose you were peaceful, and kind, and for years labored to be heard

Then nobody would listen, and there would be no results forthcoming.

2. Suppose you were violent, and you caused all kinds of trouble.

Then nobody would listen, and no results would be forthcoming.

To learn of the eternal wisdom of this, that there is but futility, and we are the slaves - to learn the right way is MGTOW.

Drop out of the system, cease to aid it. Let it have no fruit.

(((They))) are not even hiding it, had it been at a Cuckstian church, this wouldn't have even made the news. Fella is better off anheroing now because the kikes will make his life hell from now on.

obviously they won't show corpses, but no names is odd. the fact that those gathered at the vigil don't have any idea which of their neighbors got blown away is odd.

And how do you propose we do that?

plz go away

Nice try, Mordecai.

When Christian churches are attacked, Netanyahu isn't jizzing his pants over it.

So should we just come up with 11 names of our own? Surely we could even share our wisdom with the wider internet?
I'm sure Chaim Shekelbrownstein, Avi Rubbowitz and co will appreciate our honest efforts.

Sen Dianne Feinstein
‏Verified account @SenFeinstein
7m7 minutes ago

I’m heartbroken by the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This is an act of hate, plain & simple. Hatred & easy access to assault weapons has left at least 11 dead & four police officers wounded. Only we let civilians so easily access weapons of war.

I wonder how many of them are high tailing it to Tel-Aviv right now

Had to do a double take on this one

These faggots cant even say 'white'

Hmm, perharps kike2 is killed for real.

God bless this dude.

I don't think its a false flag - too many sparks can set off a fire.

The jews are already winning. All they need to do is wait 50 years and there will be no whites left. Giving people hope that they can fight back is that last thing the jews would want to do.

This guy is full retard tho. Its a waste of his life to shoot random jews instead of high level jews.

I'll check that id. I'll also check your dubs. And, I shall in fact go away, but upon this condition, that you make a genuine attempt at arguing contrary to my claim. leftypol is no better than you, incapable of listening, or coming up with intelligent arguments.

I'm pretty sure there are many places in the world with much easier access to much more powerful weapons if you have the money

The time for exit isn't now. Accelerate collapse by pushing for more extremism on both sides of the political spectrum.

And, in the meantime, what shall I eat?

They spend millions every year scaring the shit out of each other.

No competition in this banana republic.

It could also mean that they want to scrub the dead kikes social media so that people can't point to their rabid anti white hatred lead to this.

What do you mean? I'm saying continue to live as you normally would but radicalize people online on the far left and far right (non-violently of course).

Sure beats whatever you are doing.

Pretty much, just use the kike name spinner.

torfag is spamming like crazy rn, he's literally posting this same thread

Your philosophy, if it is followed in large numbers, will lead to a even steeper decline in white birth rates. MGTOW does not solve the larger problems that are facing our societies. It is akin to giving a stage 4 cancer patient oxycodone, just lessening the symptoms.
And writing off 51 percent of our race is stupid.

I call bullshit. Everyone knows the Jews were holocausted into extinction by Adolf Hitler.

Indeed. Now might be a time to search for the accounts listing connections with that synagogue and watch for what disappears presuming it all isn't gone already.

You're confusing the goals of the diaspora with those of the Israelis. Shit is getting hot in the West and they're trying to get them to move to Israel.

Actual shill confirmed.

You know MGTOW does not work right?

He's 46–gen-x. Boomer cutoff is born 1964 or 54 y.o.