Synagogue Massacre: Jewish Groups Urge Government To Deal With Threat Posed By White Supremacists

President Donald Trump has responded to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by saying that something must be done about hate in America, and that armed guards at churches and synagogues are an option. The US president said the shooting has little to do with gun laws, and that results could have been different if someone had been armed inside the place of worship.




A Bris ceremony, which is the circumcision of a baby, was in progress at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood when the shooter began his killing spree, according to CBS.

Pittsburgh Synagogue latest:– Bris (baby’s circumcision ceremony) & morning service was taking place this morning.– Tree of Life is a conservative synagogue– 4 other synagogues in the area– 4 people killed in main area of synagogue– 3 killed in basement

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We already have threads, reddit.

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How do (((they))) know it wasn't just an 18th century liberal?

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He's speaking to (you) Zig Forums.

Or rather, about you.

nth dimensional chess #Qpredickedthis

Zion Don defending the genociders of the white race


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When will it be open season to hang civnats alongside niggers and kikes

Please tell me there's someone further right we can vote for next election.

when we get rid of the big kike in office


Sorry, I didn't mean to post the second image, I meant to post this. If we let these Kikes pass gun control they slaughter our men, women, and children without remorse or hesitation. Just like the Russians.

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Just as I called it!

And he's going to fail just like his faggot military has failed everywhere else. Can't even deal with goat herders using Korean War surplus or keep their planes in the sky. Pull the trigger on everywhere trumpnigger.

So you are saying that we should allow ourselves to be disarmed as well?

I didn't mind him saying death penalty for the shooter blah blah blah (assuming that's the law anyway, etc) but he didn't have to come out like this and get people's cuck sides all riled up. Look at the poor girl in the back row, he just planted a subversive thought in her mind about the importance of defending Jews.

Isn't that interesting.

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Yes, he does have to come out like this. It's the only reason why he is in office. The stupor and delusion many of you seem to operate in regarding this fat faggot is bewildering. Just take five minutes and genuinely examine his actual implemented policies, not his empty rhetoric.

I don't care what they do as long as they let me have sex with horses and cows. The world is not enough. Perfectionism is too perfect to be perfect. There are too many crazy people making life difficult.

Be prepared to be rolled up at three am dudes
Expect it dammit

On the drive home just now the hourly news blurb focused on this shooting and specifically named Gab as a Twatter alternative that allows hate speech, making certain to repeat that term several times to drive it in.
Surely, they couldn't have forgotten their lesson from when they tried to demonize CuckChan to the normiesphere and only ended up being their largest recruiter, so, this tells me something big is up.

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I don't even smoke and I want a fucking smoke

Did he just say "I will seek (((their))) destruction" ?

Francomasons (represented currently by Trump) have always submitted to kikes tbh this is nothing new although he did go further than most by allowing his children to be bred/used as sex slaves by them.

"you can't blame one group for your problems. We can blame one group for our problems though. "

Nice argument

He meant us friend , you and me

"Brainwash people into thinking…"

Time to meme someone else into the presidency, any suggestions?

I the Great Genius am your only true leader!

I doubt either one of us is old enough right now so let me think on it for a min
Donnie orange Jew fucked up now he only gets one term


No, thanks.

Calling it now.

I think in all my years of reading Zig Forums, this is the first time I think there might really be hope for America. It's time to buy champagne. Ebin times are here again.

Good thing I never sleep.

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Orange faggot just became one of my greatest enemies.

Hope they have life insurance.

Nah , you aren't old enough either kid


This too

You forget his kids are kikes so they could of been shot so you need to punish ebile whites.

Reminder that traitors get the rope first.

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Off by one, sorry lads I've failed.

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Was this a false flag by Soros and his gang ??

What an embarrassment. Soros forms goddamn nigger militia blocking roadways every weekend during Onigger's reign of terror and Trump still hasn't accidented the kosher american. One hero tired of seeing his neighbors lose their life savings during "bubble pops", to nigger criminals or dying from overdoses goes after the root cause of the problem and this 80 year old man stuck in a time warp where the world envies people with the technology to land on the moon starts flapping about his his army of junkie monkeys can defeat anybody of significance. Tragic.

No. It was a deranged Gabite who OD'd on redpills and shot up his local synagogue.
Zig Forums should be keeping its fingers crossed he never posted here. But even that might not save you. Trump has flat out said he will be seeking the destruction of anti-Semites, and I think he meant physical destruction.

See Zig Forums ? the guy (you) put in in power is now coming after (you) for killing his (((friends))).

dunno, seems like a victim of jew parasitism needing 'space to destroy'

You couldn't make it any clearer!

Trump gotta be one good goy for that move .

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The shills are really out in force in the other threads. It's obvious they don't want Zig Forums digging this latest psyop. Stay safe brothers. Here is some reading material to pass the time until the war really kicks off.

You should gas yourself. All kikes will die.

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Are you fucking retarded, like actually retarded? This is what racewar looks like you fucking invalid. He was a Gab poster, well known, participated in raids on anti-natsoc groups, was included in the niggerdick spam that all the big names got etc. Its not a god damn psyop, neck yourself.

He would never say this about white people. That's how you know hes a fraud.

Pat Little? Arthur Jones? Anyone who’s pro-white

America was a mistake.

Can you have Spanish Heritage and be white ? Like some communities in Latin America are racially pure and have kept their Spanish routes Argentina and Cuba for one

That's how I see it. He's only explicitly supported non-whites up to this point. Even on the topic of college discrimination, only Asians get mentioned. This entire system, top-to-bottom, really is anti-white.

Guess who was behind the massacre all along?
Ignore the second image I'm just using it as a bypass to the "this file has already been posted" shit

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White people are a permanent enemy to American capital. Any scenario in which wealth and power flows back to them is systemically life-threatening because of the events of the last 70 years. They know what they've done, they know many [but not all] White people know what they've done. In the era of mass peer-to-peer information exchange, they can't move off their path.

Trump is an enemy full stop. He needs to be defeated unequivocally, his supporters need to be utterly destroyed, his base of corporate power and supporters exterminated, if the White race is to survive.

is that Same Hyde

I think YOU were behind it , totally not federal agent

He goes by his Islamic name now: Samir al-Hayid

Yes, user, Spaniards are white. Native Americans, however, are not.

Do people expect Trump to come out and Roman salute? Midterms in a week and a half anons. He plays this wrong and he has no power for the next two years, and the only news we will hear about is the latest investigation into the white house.

I never use optics. Open sights only.

That's the tip of the wedge.

They must all just be shills. Any reasonable person knows Trump has to say certain shit in the moment denouncing what happened in order to keep his armor un-chinked.

was the shooter in time to save the baby?

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checking dubs. I agree, he has to do it or there will total pandemonium.

Civil war is preferable to a slow extinction.

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False dichotomy. Civil war in our age would destroy us.

Wasn't there a recent news report about youth not caring about Israel enough?

There's a difference between watching what you say, and actively cucking out like what is being done right now

I don't know what to feel about this

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reverse psychology kikes just cant help but betray themselves lol

the problem is now you are arguing for public school
isnt public school much more jewed

I would really like to have sex with horses and cows but all these antisocial obsessed with Jews are wasting everyone's time.

What? Where are you seeing a defense of public school? The article discussing the changing definition of anti semitism? That just shows how Trump is making it more kiked

This probably was a sacrifice to Adolf Hitler

11 jews

The funniest thing of all of this is that i miraculously expected this to happen since 2016 election.

But if i told people back then it would had happened, no one would believed me. Such a world.

No, civil will balkanize us. It's inevitable anyway, at this point.

Your shilling is weak.

Civil war would end up being 3 sided. Nationalists, Trumpists and Democrats. Commies won't take ground because they are too stupid or weak, but democrats can literally buy power. And Trumpists will throw any relationship with "Natsees" down the bridge and by trusting kikes will be defeated in war.

When he signs another internet censorship bill into practice (this time targeting hate-speech)
will you finally stop sucking his dick?

==totally organic guise=

You won't stop sucking dick because that will be enforced on Zig Forums. Zig Forums follows US laws.

He seems to making much more observable progress with just about everything that is the opposite of what people voted him in for. Your continued delusions of chess in repeated examples to the contrary is just baffling

I don't think Civil war will balkanize, because the fracturing has gone too deep. There is very little unity anywhere and if there is, it is not defined so much by geography.

You forgot the BBC sub-clause

They are just wasting our time. I could be having sex with farm animals, like horses and cows but these political people are trying to distract us with nonsense that never ends. They just keep putting more dumb shit in our way. Always another worthless excuse it not like they're going anywhere with it anyways.

Threadly reminder
Iberians were in america before asians
Search- windover bog people

Civil war is inevitable, thats the best part, your objections are totally irrelevant because it only takes a handful of people to instigate it.

The only things that Trump has successfully done is what his masters told him to do, to their benefit and our disadvantage. He's a pro-Israel civnat to the core.
Given the alternative in Hillary vs the other civnat republicans, I still believe supporting him during the election was the best option. However, I wonder if things would have turned out better if Hillary had won, if perhaps such a timeline would have led to a civil war in whites' favor. Instead, Trump has done basically nothing to reverse the demographic replacement, while actively serving jewish interests and being a release valve on any actual political action on our side. Shit's a mess.

I knew degenerates from /zoo/ flowing into Zig Forums but i didn't know it was this bad to be open about consorting with beasts like a godless degenerate you are.