Why traditionalists and far-right types fail at creating endearing media

Follow-up to my previous thread: 8ch.net/pol/res/12327401.html

When one lives a life based on the foundation of "fighting" for a world that stopped mattering ages ago, it's inetivable that they'll attempt to get people on their side through any means necessary. One such format, while not frequently used, is their attempts to create their own short films/shows, with all of them featuring a thinly-veiled lens of how they see the world and how they want it to be, which, of course, is also their greatest downfall.

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One of the reasons as to why these projects never work can be attributed to one fundamental flaw that they all share: a near-nonexistent understanding of the concept of subtly. Take, for instance, the comics series KingOfTheCorpses purposes in the initial post's picture. Though I could go into detail on the dozens upon dozens of reasons why he would be laughed away by any respectable person (How would you plan on selling it? Do you actually think noone will see through the shit you're trying to indoctrinate them into and rightfully call you out as a complete imbecile? How would we know your "knowledge of history" goes beyond "Shit I saw on white nationalist Twitter accounts and lapped up"?), he more or less leads me to what is essentially the partial point of this thread: their compulsive desire to quench spooky scary DEEGENERACHEE, as stated in his "hatred of degenerates".

Go back to reddit, newfag.

For starters, let's have a look at Neel Kolhatkar's "Modern Educayshun", a short that is so laughably one-sided and poorly constructed that I easily could've just made this entire thread about it. For its' entire seven-minute one time, the short runs on more or less one joke: the blatant strawmanning Kolhatkar displays of equality, with generic talking points and jokes amongst right-leaning types aplenty (HEY GUYS LIBERALS GET OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR TIME OF DAY), and an especially egregious ending where the main protagonist is beaten and punished by his peers - a transparent display of how these people unironically see themselves as being above the "normie masses".

What's particuarly hilarious is that even though these projects supposedly have a following, no one in the mainstream world actually knows or care about them. Though this would be obvious for KingOfTheCorpses since Voat is a rightfully irrelevant site that will either run out of money or be shuttled in a few years' time, "Modern Educayshun" did manage to be featured on various news sites, though as stated before, the average person wouldn't even know what it is. And let's not fail to mention what is quite possibly the most damning evidence of this, the entertainment troupe Million Dollar Extreme, who, despite having a television show on a major network and an active fanbase, have more or less faded away into a broken, unhinged man sparsely releasing random bits and pieces of nothing, as seen in the video aside this.

Truly voices of sound minds, and leaders against a pozzed world. /s

I would argue the reverse.

More traditionalists and far right types need to spend more times and honing their skills in creating media, what they have is extremely promising.

endearing is a code word for emotionally manipulative

MDE was taken off-air by kikes, it is sad that Sam did not keep his shit together.

Its because kikes end up shutting down the means of production. If they dont control it, they'll go after hosting, funding, domain name, etc. This is why its pointless setting up your own platform vs trolling theirs.

They do all the work settings up their platforms, and /pol comps it. Much more enjoyable at a fraction of the effort and cost.

WP was better than anything in a long time, kikes panicked and put a media hit on him.
We make "endearing" media all the time but most of the noses running it block or sabotage too much success.

"Guys, I crashed my car and broke both my legs even though there was literally a speed limit sign telling me to slow the fuck down, (((they))) really have it out for me!"

why do I feel like the person that made this thread is too dumb to be alive ?

Verbal talmudic diarrhea

Shut it, kike.

Right leaning people tend to be realistic, pragmatic and uphold family values of old. The modern media has done its best to destroy morals and values with fantasy and selfish gratification. Sadly it is succeeding. So it's no wonder most media that plays on those themes usually fail.

They are being intentionally oblivious to the fact that left wing propoganda, for example modern comics, is just as bad if not worse than the faults he described in the above.
I'm fairly certain OP is trying to start a "The right can't write" trend in the tone of "The left can't meme", but has chosen a poor place to attempt to push it.

btw your attempts to troll whilst appearing to be an intellectual took a blow when you used an inappropriate word here


Whatever we might think of Harold Covington and his Northwest Front, his novels are pretty good reads. And he makes his liberal (and some of his non-white) characters into actual characters, not just strawmen. I especially like one elderly university professor who quotes Mao when explaining the victory of the "Nazis" in the story.
The left's idea of stories we would write would no doubt have any character who even looks at the cover of The Communist Manifesto as a degenerate who is only good for target practice.

Because he is.
He's implying that anyone on the right could get any funding to make a movie or show while the entertainment industry is the most kiked industry outside of porn and banking.

The wall-of-text fluff is unnecessary too.

Be succinct.

Why can't people just drop the politics and live their lives?
I just want to have sex with horses and cows but all these crazy people turning this into politics. Really they could be the most perfect, symmetrical, non-jew people in the world but if they ain't right they ain't right.
Rather dive face first into a cows asshole than get involved with this it goes nowhere.

it's been cross posted to /tv as well

I guess they're either fishing for certain data or trying to pretend they aren't promoting something.

Because there are multiple multitrillion dollar industries working together against them?

"The true traditionalist will always agree with the revolutionary on the facts. But only the traditionalist can be radical" -McLuhan

the sad fact is that 8/pol/ has little to no interest in classical works beyond tired EBIN ROMAN STATUE fashwave shite, or even examining the enlightenment from a right wing prespective

given this boards support of clowns like nehlen and pat little, i doubt this is the case.

Dude fucking trannies and then banning your fans who mention it is based and redpilled.

/ourboy/ Sam is back

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MDE is/was post-ironic hipster trash with some often right-wing undertones. I never thought it was funny and Sam Hyde looks like a kike, he was just taking advantage of his gullible paypigs by pandering to them with content they would like. Dude is soft as fuck and a bitcoin jew.
I remember when he popped up here to shill his shitty book and everyone was drooling over the guy.

Take notes guys. This is not a human being. Look at the apathy in that underwhelming, assymetrical rat kike face. Those glassy, dead eyes, the fearful squint, the lethargic desperation…

I repeat, this is not a human being like you or I. This is an object. Like Boomers with their stupid fuckin cars, this generation dumps its money into schemes like this. This… thing… sits immodestly in front of the webcam and you pour money into it. This disgusts me.

Like what does it even do? It's not funny, it's not intelligent, it's not even influential. It's literaly just there collecting. You people are literally cows. STOP PAYING PEOPLE KIKES TO BABBLE AT YOU.

Eceleberity does not deserve payment. Literally 0% of ecelebs will have any noticeable effect on your life.

Fuck yourselves all of you. You are literally cattle. Cows, you dump money into these e celebrities. It's a biblical sin, you know, it's called IDOLATRY.

Tldr i dont pay for my entertainment. I pirate music, video games, and movies. You don't because you're a cuck. You like trading money for literally ZERO material gain. That's why you're subscribed to Gumroad. That's why you're on Twitch prime or whatever the fuck. It's because you're so stupid that you literally don't want your money.

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Would youtube die if you took away the "useful" content such as DIY repair info,and just left a husk of consumerism?

I’ve had good results making songs ditty then posting on tiktok to drop redpilled on the kids, very positive reactions until the kikes take them down. As long as we can get them to start being edgy and calling jews jews it’s progress.

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Why do you always take the bait? This is just a kike slide thread.


that's not a /tv/ shitposter, that's a Zig Forums shitposter and some faggot reposted this to /tv/
look at the time of the posts

This post is funny because it starts out being "one of the fellow posters" and turns more and more into making accusations against the people it's talking to as if anyone here does anything it's trying to pretend we do. What the fuck is Gumroad? Who the fuck here would have any subscriptions on twitch? What imaginary dragons is this post trying to fight in this space?
I'd be surprised if this poster is as human as he claims.

Most creatives of the past would be considered worse than "nazis". It's a Jewish lie that right wing (meaning: white and not cucked) media is lacking in creativity and talent. Jewish projection, since Jews themselves have no talent and are only capable of corrupting what the gentiles have created.
The reason we aren't producing any solid "right wing" media is most obviously that the elite Jews will cut you off at the pass if you ever attempt to make anything seriously.
Since they also control our culture, anyone born with talent will probably never even realize their potential, due to growing up in a postmodern, estranged world, where no individual can flourish. How many Michelangelos were born in the last few hundred years? Many I'm sure, but they're all slaving away at a soulless corporate job, and already have their minds thoroughly poisoned by Jewish propaganda not to follow a higher calling than one's own genitalia.

Whites need opportunity to create unmolested by Jewish meddling. Whites also need to be able to support themselves financially when creating art.

Ditty is an app as well as tiktok. Ditty makes whatever you type into a song, tiktok is a chink app for videos. I make the song then post it on tiktok and repost when it gets removed.

Does this apply to books too?

My friend was literally rejected for being white and not having enough "activism" in his work. It has nothing to do with 'subtlety' and everything to do with publisher controls. His game is actually really good with critical praise from both writers and audience but all the slots are reserved for minorities and self-selected goons.

Those who can't do, publish.

Once again Op makes a false premise that people seriously reply too.

Fuck kikes.

Its called posting text, pictures and videos on walls be they virtual or concrete. If this whole site goes, we'll survive, if the whole internet goes, we'll survive.

We live and fight for the folk, so that they will continue the folk!

As much flack as this is going to get me, I'm sure it does but to a lesser extent, if only because nobody really reads books any more. Unless it's picked up into a hollywood movie any modern book series is practically unheard of. Every now and then some chick lit makes it big, but that's really it.


To a lesser extent, Jews just don't care enough to censor as harshly since no one reads anymore. Proving my point actually, the one market that is thriving are Christian books, mainly for children. There is in fact a large market demand for non-pozzed media (or at least less pozzed), but jews care more about their ideology than than they do about the dollar, something more libertarians can't comprehend.

I am a creative myself. I am interested to hear more about your story so I can better navigate publishing my work when I'm ready. Don't dox yourself, but please share.

That's pretty much how Zig Forums was /b/ all grown up.

Gumroad is some Sam Hyde shit, the guy he is talking about.

What would you like to know? Don't want to dox so a little worried about telling the whole story.

You're supposed to laugh with the entities, not other people.

Why don't you go indie?

From my understanding it's a huge funding hurdle. Art alone is retarded expensive. Funnily enough, it seems like only right wing people are actually interested in new projects. It's already eaten up over a grand.

The problem is twofold: Liberals only like the 'community' aspect of this part of the publishing world. They also completely control who is published despite actual writers being pretty much neutral or right-leaning. It's insane. These huge companies protect themselves by putting up barriers to entry and turn around to accuse everyone who actually enjoys games of 'gatekeeping'.

Traditionalists fail because they're a continuation of a cult like idea and like the right wing NPCs they are refuse to look at changing times, their own core beliefs, or what men are even saying about their lives.

Their problem is they want to attack and blame the men for womens behavior. You can argue frankfort school all day long and be 100 percent right, but at the end of the day it's women fucking around, cheating, and don't give me any bullshit about magical unicorns.

probably. another thing i like seeing is people poison the music well by uploading the latest hit albums that are really just the first 15 seconds of the first track and then devolve into distortion or other nonsense that isn't music.
the more frustrating you can make youtube to use, the more people will leave.

Basically, in short, this is the only reason there isn't a right wing Renaissance in the arts going on right now. TV, movies, and games suck because of publisher gating and (((regulations))). Take away these restrictions and you would see the single biggest explosion of quality mass arts.

I think you have it backwards fag. Traditionalists made all the greatest music and stories. In today's world everything that doesn't push the progressive narrative is shut down, and so we much less interesting media than we did before. I've seen the recent capeshit movies, I've seen John Oliver's stand up, I've heard Pussy Riot. It's not good.

Okay, better queation, how would I avoid what happened to your friend?

Fuck off jew.

It's bullshit, entertainment has taken such a dive and normies will never accept that's the case. The indoctrination makes people believe that message=quality.

It depends on what sort of work you're creating. If it's a book be sure to find similar works and find your audience. Don't make his mistake and shill like your life depends on it, you'll have to take the first month as a learning experience to find out what works. Get active on social media.

If you're going for art a bunch of that will be dependent on the people you meet so find people doing similar things and talk to them. It's the best way to find work.

Something like a RPG is retarded difficult.

If you want to make money create mostly bland genre fiction. Followers will latch on to dumb bullshit a lot easier than something actually original. Publishers mostly exist to prevent newcomers.

This. Since when does unkiked media get any funding? You only get the rare accident like rich Mel Gibson making big movies for the bad goys that all the good goys love, too.

What's really funny is that the best media comes from Zig Forums-minded sources even with the jew monopoly existing. Braveheart and Lord of the Rings are unequaled by anything since.

Correct answer here.
Remember that making any media takes many days working and some financial basis.
Luckily, with each passing year, technology is available to make the same media with less money, so eventually "right-wing" (actually non-pozzed non-marxist) media will emerge.

Preventative measures:
The social blowback from holding any "wrongthink" opinions would be immense, meaning the vast majority of whites, including creatives, will never think of an alternative narrative. If they do, they would be too afraid to share it
There is rarely time to create anything when the cost of living is so high, unless the jews are the ones paying you.
Nearly all of the upper class are jews or those deemed worthy by the jews. There are virtually no rich men who would fund any worthwhile creative endeavor, rather, they instead fund charities/NGOs that support even more poz. When they do fund art, it is deconstructionist, ugly, postmodern garbage.
Mostly caused by above. Jews push hedonistic lifestyles, and the alienation caused by multiculturalism and degeneracy cause most whites (unwittingly or not) to be concerned only with themselves and their immediate surroundings. The drive to create something bigger than yourself is a rarity.
Media jews also promote their own brand of POZ with trillions of dollars behind them.

Now let's say you somehow get past these barriers and somehow have find the time, money, and drive to create something non-kosher
Anything from domain registrars, payment processors, personal bank accounts, social media accounts, can be shut down without any reason or explanation at any time.
Related to the above, but this means basically blacklisting you from the "industry", shadowbanning you, etc.
When the silent treatment has been ineffective. Publishing articles, flooding social media, kvetching at a mass scale. (For an example, see Goblin Slayer or any Japanese anime/foreign media that doesn't have to go through the jewish meat grinder before being seen by the public.)
Send your personal information to Antifa and have them start a protest mob on your street, threats of violence from the most detestable shabbos goyim.

It's a gauntlet. You must avoid or overcome every single one of these obstacles if you want to create a videogame/comic/book/anything fictional with a narrative. Even just things that are beautiful upset the jews, even if they can't sniff out any ill intent. Learning to paint and sculpt like the old masters will leave you broke, even if you're the biggest shitlib shill alive. Unless you paint the virgin mary getting pissed on, paint splatters, or "(shitlib)social commentary", the jews will force you into obscurity.
When you are a shitlib, black, brown, gay, trans, etc. and you write a story that jews agree with, you will have no trouble getting into the industry. No matter how terrible of a person you are, how untalented, or how bad you are for business. Take the comic book industry for example. The majority of writers spend most of their time picking fights with their fans on the internet when not writing comics on woman Thor kissing niggers. Sales are plummeting, and yet Marvel/DC/Image/DarkHorse continue to promote their work. Again, Jews do not care about money. They care about their narrative. Money is just a tool for them to promote their narrative, not an end goal.

I'd like to ask people on here if they have any ideas or suggestions on how to best navigate the media industry and get your product out to the public.

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pathetic Sam Hyde gets more views on periscope than CNN does in a month also jewish financial terrorism and "Deplatforming" truth based speech is not something to defend kikefag

souless usurer faggot jew of adl screeches as the polls show goyim children growing in understanding of the jewish tyranny they live under

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If it doesn't cost you something, it's probably too good to be true.

Yeah pay someone for the advice. Most people take PayPal.

Very funny, jew.

Actually, the right does create viral forms of endearing media. Usually with one frame and a zero budget. Can you guess what it is? They're memes. Like it or not, they're able to spread their message so fast and effortlessly than a movie nor TV show can replicate. Hence why the majority of leftists got angered by the NPC meme and Pepe the frog.

TV, film, art, music, and other mediums had right leaning roots; being pioneers in their own mediums like Birth of a Nation. Leftists just keep their content superfluous, making it drag on for a long duration of time to the point where it feels like a chore.

The issue with the "quality" of right-leaning media isn't with people covering a theme that you don't like nor the fact that it's two-dimensional. If people didn't like black-and-white morality, then Marvel Movies and Indiana Jones wouldn't be popular. It has to do with the fact that right leaning content doesn't receive financial and institutional support as left-leaning media does now. However, we've adapted and communicated it in a different way. Additional aspects like "subtletly" or "nuance" are just unimportant fluff that prolongs your message.

The problem with right wing media is that it's barely funded.

Kikes will shut it down as soon as gets it any traction.

or take it over and pervert it.

Only hopes lie in video games in Europe where it's not as politically correct, or japanese media.

Would also add that Hitler and Rockwell were artists. I think that national socialism is very conducive to creativity, and attracts creatives. The beauty of nature is something often contemplated by artists, as well as its structures and mechanisms, in order to attempt to recreate it in his own way. National socialism is the philosophy of nature put into political practice.
In my mind, the next National Socialist revolutionary leader will also be an artist. Our "movement" as it is is already an artistic one, I believe. The "memes" for sure, but also just waxing about culture, politics, ideals, it's like philosophy… or the budding of philosophy, which takes a lot of creativity, observation, and introspection. most here are shitposts but you do get the occasional effortposter with some profound insights

A true artist, one who perceives and admires beauty found on Earth, is not the same as the deconstructionist, whose "art" is only meant to destroy what artists have built, to desecrate beauty, to spite nature in the belief that their own human conceit is superior. By nature and by design, the left does have more "artists", those who create "art". But really, they are glorified culture demolitionists.

OP back again with a reminder to eat it.

This shows nowhere is safe.

We must get into fighting mode everywhere.

reported for being a demoralization shill whose foreskin was sacrifice to Saturn

Fascist art generally ranged from average to mediocre, and any good aspects they had was outright stolen from classicism and futurism.

False premise. We've bloodied them so badly in the meme war they've resorted to blanket bans and deplatforming….
Proudcucks were just purged from (((Faceberg))).
I got my dick slapped on the normienet for posing problematic questions about facebook's (((leadership)) ) and their (((kind's)) ) coordinated hostility towards the Right across the tech, media, financial, and political worlds

Your previous thread nowhere, because like this one its a low-effort


The answer is simple. The traditionalists have no money.

> isgp-studies.com/liberal-cia-immigration

These $150 billion in foundations are the American branch of the Communist Internationale, or the Jesuits, or the Rothschild, or the Mafia, or whatever you choose to call them. There can be assumed to be a similarly sized branch in every NATO country. They all act in concert and they control enough of the media to determine who can run for office and what they will believe.

Did you know there are hundreds of old tv-shows and thousands of old film online, for free, which you can find very easily on a dozen different video hosting sites.

But very few people watch these shows, or show any intrest in them and not because they are terrible compared to todays shows and films, but because media is by it's very nature shallow, temporary, fashionable and without higher meaning.

A century from now almost nobody will care about the shows and films being made in this era, a century from now they will make new media and it will engross the majority of the population and that will disappear again from human consciousness.

It makes no difference.

I feel like Zig Forums follows a format where OP is the lowest IQ poster in any given thread, and the posts tend to scale upwards.

IS Zig Forums even more reddit than cuckchan? Pretty new here though I browsed in 2014

main thing is it just all gets banned and you can't crowdfund the shit, so you have to do it in your own spare time. We do it for free anyway =)

….aaand right on cue, here come the faggots.