JewYork Times: redifining subspecies to preserve diversity

JewYork Times: redifining subspecies to preserve diversity
of tigers
Divide and Preserve: Reclassifying Tigers to Help Save Them From Extinction

We need to reclassify humans into subspecies groups to preserve diversity (and the white race) (not sure if this one is working)

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op this is good tech but also the use of the word "human" is what is most triggering to the nwo niggers here.
the commie faggots love divide and conquer

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this is retarded on so many levels

but yeah, i know they are not doing it cus muh tigers
guess the goy are starting to realize thatr if Jaguars and Leopards are 2 different species then so are niggers and humans

I would hunt and eat the very last tiger and wear its cape and fur as my overcoat
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That's why no one is ever going to allow you to hold any position of responsibility or authority.

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Environmental conservationist groups that work with animals are not against cross-breeding them, and in cases where a species is critically endangered, they actually rely on cross-breeding the endangered subspecies with members of other, more populous subspecies to help propagate their genes.

But in this case you mean they are trying to propagate the genes of the group with FEWER numbers. While in the case of humans the New York times is writing articles about how the white man is finished. there is clearly is disconnect between how we view animals and their preservation and how we view humans. Apparently some groups of humans are not worthy of preservation. It's also not clear why any government or group would have any authority to decide who goes extinct, in fact there were laws made in Geneva to prevent exactly this. I doubt that many arabs or south Americans would be expanding into European lands if the Europeans' and Americans' governments were not subsidizing these groups to expand. Its exactly the opposite of allowing nature to take its course.

they're playing a game. they're going to say "bengal tigers" are a "population" and that "whites" are not a "population" and that therefore "race" doesn't exist because how it has traditionally been defined is not coterminus with any one "population" or "population group"

this is a really, really old thread that we've had about once a week for how many years now?

Tigers actually have more genetic diversity than humans.
Whites are closer to niggers than an Indian tiger is to a Sumatran tiger. The average fst between any two tiger subspecies is .39, while fst between Whites and niggers is only .153.

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maybe but niggers are still about halfway between whites and chimpanzees

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"Whites." Which ones, Sicilians, or Swedes? Something tells me not Swedes. "White" consisted of distinct ethnic groups, dumb-ass.

Just noticed your image. It says African, nigger. North Africans are African. North Africans invaded Spain. For all we know these tests are between some North African group and southern Spaniards.
Oh man, what a fucking sampling. Doesn't say where the fuck they're actually from. You also give zero reasoning for how we're not different sub-species while providing evidence that we are different.

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Sub-sub species

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eh, not that im for mixing of races but this user does have a point.

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