>"and those seeking (((their))) destruction, we will seek THEIR destruction."
Trump - Murphysboro, IL - 10/27/2018

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Red October Surprise Goys.

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death penalty was purposely removed prior to communists openly campaigning for elected office or openly subverting the states or constitutions for the usa

its in the un niggers own writtings. plz be better shill. beating u guys is almost too easy. all these threads are literally shilling shills vs shills shilling

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Trump is just so based and secretly on /ourside/

I hope every Trump Nigger dies a painful strangulating death for being so fucking stupid, Clinton supporters can get the bullet but Trump supporters need to feel the pain they've put this movement through

Do you really want to live in the kikestorm coming, White man?

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Stalin was singing a bit of a different tune during his purges and especially at the very end.

i'm totally tired of winning, make it stop

I'll play the game like a kike if I want to.
If Trump is doing some beneficial to us, he is /us/.
If a Democrat is displacing a kike, they are /us/.
If a kike is or has (knowingly or unknowingly) outing kikes we should blast them, then dispose of them immediately after before they can spread their /good kike/ poison.

Bring attention to their weaknesses, decapitate their strengths.
Play these kikes in every disasterous method they use against us.
And when they are weak, do to them as they plan for us.

Fuck the orange Jew
MOLON LABE and my thoughts are my heart and my God protects me

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you're a special kind of stupid

kill em all


I think you'd be a lot happier on the left.

Trump is neva gonna give those flase flag hoaxes up and he's never gonna let those CIA jews down

He's neva gonna run around, and tell the truth to you

He truly is the greatest multidimensional chess champion of all time.


Such a master of 'chess', amrite?


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Eric Trump called him sub-human. Peak irony.

Ya the fact there is no wall after two years is ridiculous. That's the reason people voted for him ffs. Where do we go from here? we were prmoised winning but what have we won?

No, he really isn't

How's the weather is (((St. Petersburg))) this morning?

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Yawn shit that never happened

Can't wait until all of those bright, white faces are diversified.

It never went away.

You people deserve to be put in a camp with the kikes.

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Wait, so using this false flag to reinstate the death penalty in the states where ZOG schemed to remove it is ZOG? Going back to executing niggers instead of feeding them in cages for life is ZOG? Do shills even into logic?


While there are undoubtedly jews that are semite, they aren't semites because they're jewish.
Jews are pharisees (not sure how to modify pharisee to fit).
Jews have no homeland, but are from North East China.

Reminder to report all kike shills talking about false flags, this guy was one of us.

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top kek

Cuckchan is for you.

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I'm so glad I'm not resisted to vote

No matter how hard you're push, you will NEVER recruit anyone from Zig Forums to be your assassination patsy.

Seejniggers are stupid

He is talking about murderers being sentenced to death not every antisemitic person out there.

Trump's biggest supporters are Adelson, Kushner, Mercer, Icahn, Netanyahu, etc.


Okay skip cuckchan thats an 18+ board, go straight back to Reddit.

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stay mad, LARPfag

Its clear youre just a little underage kiddo. Siege is a book on armed struggle, this attack is what a civil war looks like at the start. Read a book you dumb nigger and dont come back.


I do read books, just not ones written by satanist pedos

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Yeah no joke, shit is really ramping up. I'm rooting for you Ameribros. Unfortunately my country is pretty far behind on waking up to the JQ, but I know DOTR is coming.

That looks very Erie similar to middle ages description of blood libel.

I am not gay

>Chink (((Native American))) jew?


Holy fuck kys you low IQ mutt faggot.

Trump is hurting our movement by watering it down and confusing its direction. In 8 years demographics will be in an irreparable state and most of the right will have wasted that time banking on le 4d chess. Triggering le libs xD



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Death to anti-semites!

Hehe. He's selling beef. He's got to look credible doing it, so talking about executing murderers is a great chance to talk about something everyone tolerates (death to murderous scum) without going so far as to mess up his narrative (embodying the demise of the GOP's principles). The broader thrust is still that he's been so abominable, whatever follows after him has to be more bipartisan than this.

Blatant shill thread. He didn't say "I want the death penalty for anti-semities." He said we should have the death penalty back, and right now the only places we don't have it are in heavily democrat states with large non-white populations.

He said that he wants to destroy the people who want to destroy jews.

It's 8D chess.

Has nothing to do with Satanism, dont read it. You dont matter. Race war is coming and youre clearly just projecting your own larp onto others. A synagogue was shot up today, was that a larp? Youre a joke kid.

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The statement he use about the death penalty is attached to the context of the sentences prior to it. The who in the sentences prior to it were anti-semites sic: anti-jew.

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This is a concise statement of the bottom line. Trump is a nightmare and a nail in the coffin.

Literally never said "we need the death penalty for anti-semites." Stating he did is CNN-style propaganda and thus blatant shilling.

But Trump is what you wanted and voted for. He never hid the fact he loves israel.

The relevance is this is pre-election shilling.

He was explicitly speaking in reference to antisemites and antisemitism. It cannot be clearer. You can't spin this one.

Charge to use the pool then.

Wrong. Unless he specifically said it, he wasn't, and either way, it wouldn't explicitly apply to "anti-semites," nor is anti-semitism a crime in the United States. Guss what, shill…

What else he's going to say anyway? Congratulate the shooter? Those who kill by sword, die by sword. You expect shooter to be left alive an well after all of this?

Wait, what if he really meant that White people are the true Israelites and he wants to destroy the jews behind White genocide? Better vote harder just in case.

Point to where I said that. And nice job evading my point. I guess you don't care if he wants to destroy anyone who wants to destroy jews, eh Chaim?

You'll be drinking prune juice while we're slaughtering coonjews, you LARPing boomer faggot.

I bet it was just like this the hundreds of times before kikes were ejected from countries too. History repeating itself.

250 - Carthage
415 - Alexandria
554 - Diocese of Clement (France)
561 - Diocese of Uzzes (France)
612 - Visigoth Spain
642 - Visigoth Empire
855 - Italy
876 - Sens
1012 – Mainz
1182 – France
1182 – Germany
1276 – Upper Bavaria
1290 – England
1306 – France
1322 – France (again)
1348 – Switzerland
1349 – Hielbronn (Germany)
1349 – Saxony
1349 – Hungary
1360 – Hungary
1370 – Belgium
1380 – Slovakia
1388 – Strasbourg
1394 – Germany
1394 – France
1420 – Lyons
1421 – Austria
1424 – Fribourg
1424 – Zurich
1424 – Cologne
1432 – Savoy
1438 – Mainz
1439 – Augsburg
1442 – Netherlands
1444 – Netherlands
1446 – Bavaria
1453 – France
1453 – Breslau
1454 – Wurzburg
1462 – Mainz
1483 – Mainz
1484 – Warsaw
1485 – Vincenza (Italy)
1492 – Spain
1492 – Italy
1495 – Lithuania
1496 – Naples
1496 – Portugal
1498 – Nuremberg
1498 – Navarre
1510 – Brandenberg
1510 – Prussia
1514 – Strasbourg
1515 – Genoa
1519 – Regensburg
1533 – Naples
1541 – Naples
1542 – Prague & Bohemia
1550 – Genoa
1551 – Bavaria
1555 – Pesaro
1557 – Prague
1559 – Austria
1561 – Prague
1567 – Wurzburg
1569 – Papal States
1571 – Brandenburg
1582 – Netherlands
1582 – Hungary
1593 – Brandenburg, Austria
1597 – Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
1614 – Frankfort
1615 – Worms
1619 – Kiev
1648 – Ukraine
1648 – Poland
1649 – Hamburg
1654 – Little Russia (Beylorus)
1656 – Lithuania
1669 – Oran (North Africa)
1669 – Vienna
1670 – Vienna
1712 – Sandomir
1727 – Russia
1738 – Wurtemburg
1740 - Little Russia (Beylorus)
1744 - Prague, Bohemia
1744 - Slovakia
1744 - Livonia
1745 - Moravia
1753 - Kovad (Lithuania)
1761 - Bordeaux
1772 - Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
1775 - Warsaw
1789 - Alsace
1804 - Villages in Russia
1808 - Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
1815 - Lbeck & Bremen
1815 - Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
1820 - Bremen
1843 - Russian Border Austria & Prussia
1862 - Areas in the U.S. under General Grant's Jurisdiction
1866 - Galatz, Romania
1880s- Russia
1891 - Moscow
1919 - Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
1938 - 45 -National Socialist Party Controlled Areas

And here we have a shill putting on full display that the entire purpose of this is to try to get us to not vote in, (((conveniently))), the election coming up in a week and a half.


Trump was speaking in reference to an antisemitic shooting and says "those seeking their destruction, we will seek THEIR destruction." You can't spin your way out of this.

remember that a swat team kicking in our doors in a no knock raid is the only "civil war" there will ever be. anyone who believed in trump is the biggest of suckers

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Anti-semitism isn't a crime. Death penalty would apply most often to non-whites if re-enacted where it has been removed.
Does that make you mad?


And? Expect Zig Forums's shutdown soon. First cuckchan's Zig Forums though, that one is bigger and easy target.

Or Hiro will actually enforce rule against antisemitism and drive off ALL nationalists from their board, and those retards will invade this site and everything be horrible.

Do I need to repeat myself? How convenient that an election is coming up? Who knew, right?!

there is no cure for denial trumptard

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Ok so I haven't looked into it at all because I just don't care about a bunch of kikes, but was this shooting in BROWARD COUNTY by any chance?


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Everything illegal in US is illegal on Zig Forums. Take a moment to think about that.

I still haven't said anything about the death penalty. You really can't spin this one, kike.

Voting? For whom and why? For the party led by the guy who said he wants to destroy those "who seek their destruction"?

He did say that if you understand English you dumb nigger.

Do you know why they take the blood out of the neck for girls and the penis/groin for boys? Just curious…does anyone know?

They are more lax on some laws than others. For example, there are a lot of screenshots from copyrighted works that are illegally hosted on 8ch.

Remember that Zig Forums that literally believed that Trump will drive away jews from US?
I am laughing about that now.

You blackpilling nigger.
But yeah that is basically the future if the masses of the WORLD, and even Zig Forums masses keep falling for obvious "supplied heroes" as albert pike said.

Zig Forums NPCs need to simply start reading and researching. So many so called "redpilled" faggots listen to trs, or anglin, or fucking ____ e-celeb

Tbqh I think whites, and a lot of the world need a spiritual revival…

user plz.

What is the legal basis for shutting down Zig Forums, then? Nail down your precise position on the law. Provide a link to the relevant statute. Not your stupid, vague opinion, but a link to the US Code.


They will just copy other countries who shut down websites left and right and have laws against racism.

i saw that on r/gore years ago, its haunted me ever since
i was ~12 at the time