Post pics that will get you b-anned from Zig Forums lolz

Post pics that will get you b-anned from Zig Forums lolz

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I was replying to that faggot that keeps spamming the webm of some cheerleader chimping out and attacking a nigress.

Whatever Mod bans people for Calling CUNTS what they really are can fucking hang themselves. Fast. Not having that Kike shit

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When the fuck did we get cuckchan vols?

They do it for free.

–Faux Postal Bombs: The mainstream media – including FOX News – have been providing 24-hour coverage of the Democrats’ latest plan to use their operatives to rig-up faux pipe-bombs and then deliver them to leading Democrats through couriers or via a ghost postal service that does not cancel the stamps on packages before they are delivered. Why would such coverage be necessary? Well, it may be to deflect public attention from the Democrats’ last great idea; namely, the challenge of President Trump and the U.S. border by the Soros-funded, scum brigade. That is a bit like challenging Lou Gehrig with a mediocre fastball in the middle of the plate. The Democrats’ and the utterly untrustworthy FBI have now rolled out someone they identify as a Trump supporter, but it is too late — and too utterly predictable — to make a difference. The bomb fandango is a bust, and the scum brigade shortly will be back at the center of the media’s coverage, and therefore in eye of those who would never vote for anyone who intended to let such a motley and vicious gang into the country and then have free rein. But as we move away from the focus on faux bombs to the scum invasion, one cannot help but feel a bittersweet twinge over how much better off the republic would have been if the Democratic bomb-maker had double-crossed his paymasters.

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Take it back to /r9k/ kiddo.

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Mmmmm, roastie.

Free speech is only for mobs

Incels are self-identifying members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. Self-identified incels are mostly white, male, and heterosexua

Incel masterrace faggot!

It's also a fucking cuckchan term, I think you should go back.

hot off the press meme

someone make it better

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Thats not him…this is him

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The only thing that gets people banned from Zig Forums is suspicion of honesty. Everyone has to pretend to be the same kind of grimdark humorless nasty around here. The "right" can't meme, and the reason why "false flag" ideas rebound around is that people are just that aghast at the pathetic worthlessness of people who believe the kind of ideas that masquerade as reason on this site.

Only when they are triggered.. and they have a high tolerance

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In some countries a man can get killed for posting this.

Take care.

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no, the point is, retard, that when those faggots spam that faggotry we tell them to >>>/mgtow/ or >>>/r9k/ – we don't call them 'incels' you dumb nigger. that Vol is NOT FROM HERE

not true. much like fags "breed" by raping little boys, incels "breed" by exposing them to tabletop gaming and anime

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