Of Course

"Make sure you shill"

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This is the 12th orange man bad thread made in the past three hours.

Fuck you for making me go there to see if you were full of shit or not OP.

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He sure as hell is good at being a jewish asslicker. Just chess though right?

Just spam though.

Shills: just so you faggots know, shitting up our house with your bullshit didn't work in 2016, so it sure as hell won't work now or in 2020. We just go play vidya or something else until it's all over and then we return to celebrate while you're all busy getting yelled at by your faggot boss for not stopping us. Be seeing you.

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the_zionald was literally sold to JIDF in 2016. They banned all the non-kike mods on the same day.

Kikes is niggers

Yeah he's threatened us with the death penalty fucking DIRECTLY you triple nigger

It's only going to ramp up until the election, then poof, the board will drop 600 users no one "muh ebil drumpf" threads.

Literally didn't.

this isn't reddit or cuckchan. One universal ideology everyone on this board believes in across the political spectrum is that kikes are shit and anyone who likes kikes doesn't belong here

One thing we all also believe, which you wouldn't know, is that anyone advocating against voting is a shill.

Only anti-semites and racist have to fear. People who shouldn't be on this board anyway.

go and stay go

didn't mean to reply. sage for double post

How does it feel being a winner?

Kill yourself before we do yid.

Doesn't look too bad considering it's reddit, a socially left website catering to twitter-tier users. You've got a few people defending whites, a guy bringing notice to national gun carry, a few jokes, some shitting on leftism etc. Looks good to me given the context of what reddit is.

What's the problem bitch, if you have a legitimate issue, come correct.

Amazing how little fucking support the "community" provides.

That's right, I'll fucking end you.