GAB discussion and refugee thread

Torba announced today that:
Gab was dropped by Paypal
Gab is losing its hosting tomorrow at 9am. He said the site might be down for weeks.
Gab has been slow as fuck all day, and in the past 2 hours has not even been functioning
Coordinated media demonization of the site - by MSM and Daily Stormer the nigger kike shill faggots

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PayPal banned social network on Saturday, following reports that the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting had published a number of anti-Semitic posts on the site, which is popular with conservatives and the white nationalist "alt-right."

"When a site is explicitly allowing the perpetuation of hate, violence or discriminatory intolerance, we take immediate and decisive action," a PayPal spokesperson said in an email. "PayPal has been closely monitoring Gab.Ai and was in the process of canceling the site's account before today's tragic events occurred."

Earlier Saturday, CNN had reported that Robert Bowers, the suspect in the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, had said on Gab that a Jewish group that advocates for refugees was helping transport members of the migrant caravans in Latin America. Bowers reportedly considered the migrants violent "invaders" threatening the US.

Five minutes before the first emergency calls about the synagogue attack, CNN reported, Bowers posted the following message on Gab: "I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in." The shooting has left at least 11 people dead. Bowers had also posted photos of his gun collection on Gab, CNN said.

Contacted Saturday, Gab pointed to a statement on Medium in which it said it "unequivocally disavows and condemns all acts of terrorism and violence," that it's "saddened and disgusted" by the news of the shooting and that "criminals and criminal behavior exist on every social media platform."

"Gab's mission is very simple: to defend free expression and individual liberty online for all people," the statement said. Gab said it learned of Bowers' account shortly after the shooting and that it backed up account data, suspended the account, and contacted the FBI about Bowers' postings.

In August, Microsoft's Azure hosting service warned Gab it would pull service over what it called anti-Semitic remarks posted by Senate candidate Patrick Little. Little removed the posts.

This past September, PayPal banned Infowars, the notorious site spearheaded by Alex Jones, the fiery right-wing broadcaster who's claimed, among other things, that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an anti-gun hoax and that Hillary Clinton was involved in a child sex ring run out of a Washington, DC, pizzeria. Jones has since sued PayPal, saying the ban has damaged Infowars' legitimacy.

In August 2017, after the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, PayPal had said it wouldn't allow its digital payments service to be used by people or groups that preach hate.

"Regardless of the individual or organisation in question," the company said, "we work to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments or donations for activities that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance. This includes organisations that advocate racist views, such as the KKK, white supremacist groups, or Nazi groups."

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>>using (((Discord))) or (((Gab)))
Wow, what a gay nigger!

All people claiming false flag are kike shills.

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You do realize Gab and Patrick Littles Jew exposure on it are the only reason this happened, right? I guess not, you must be a pretty big coward to countersignal using that.

I assume Gab hasn't been functioning because so many people are visiting the site, which I imagine it can't take. Most of the major stories on Bowers mention gab, and Time just did a story specifically about Gab.

With the hosting, I doubt they'll be out of luck for too long. There will be someone, somewhere willing to host. Think of how Encyclopedia Dramatica changes countries every few months.

My prediction is that Gab will be fine. For now. However, I do think at some point things are going to change with international internet censorship, and I think this shooting is one step closer to that watershed moment. It's too easy to leak information, as Wikileaks revealed. It's too easy to undermine democratic mechanisms, as shown by election issues in the US and elsewhere. It's too easy to spread misinformation and propaganda. It's also too difficult for authoritarian governments like China and Turkey to control people's internet access, especially because of things like the Tor project. And now, we're seeing how the internet is used for radicalization. So either the powers that be will figure out how to control the internet, to prolong the neoliberal order, or authoritarian regimes that benefit from a laissez-faire internet will use it to take power and establish a new world orderTM.

The first image shows Little exposing HIAS importing rapefugees several days ago. The next pictures show Bowers talking about HIAS afterwards, saying he had to go in because they were importing niggers. The attack happened because Little used Gab to inspire him with Jew exposure.

Gab won't have to worry about loli posters now lel

Hey, if you don't want to be anonymous then use those sites is all I'm saying.

I bareback it and I was in his posts, my names in the history books as a footnote under his.


anything civnat will go to the donald/reddit/twitter from gab, anything not that will go to 4chan or twitter

Carl Karcher

It reminds me of the heady days of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin…when the world trembled at the sound of our rockets. And it will tremble again, at the sound of our silence. The order is…engage the silent drive.

Attached: the_hunt_for_red_october_Marko_ Ramius.jpg (767x485, 36.21K) is taking refugees. We are under constant siege by Israeli intelligence but our mods/founders are based and keep the site clean. Good stickies too. Trying to get Zig Forums like Zig Forums was pretakeover.

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Randy Lahey


Gab was always doomed. Untill some crazy fuck goes full Internet Rockwell and makes an exclusively NatSoc Network, we will be rooted out and destroyed.

The far left can openly operate with no opposition. Until we can do the same, shit is fucked.

how the fuck is this even legal?

there's been attempts

We're cryptonizing this shit boys get in here

lol this looks like it was made in 2002

Kikes are taking it down so people dont all go get redpilled at once by the posts on Gab. Torba said it was the most traffic they have ever had today.

The first picture shown Bowers retweeting Little about HIAS, and then he went on to kill over that very issue.
Patrick Little essentially caused this massacre to happen, and caused Gab to be taken out, which he almost already did recently with one of his tweets.
He needs to be arrested for crimes against humanity.

Why the fuck did he not wait until the Synagogue was full? Recon the area? Prepare the area before. 11 was nothing… OR MAYBE, HOW OLD WAS THIS ACCOUNT? MAYBE IT WAS CREATED EXACTLY FOR THIS SHIT. TAKE DOWN GAB AND GIVE JEWS NEW SHIT TO CLAIM VICTIMHOOD

hey, he beat Tactical Bowlcut's score, and that's pretty obviously the most comparable event.

How about the users move to a P2P service like all torrent index should?

to be fair Alex Soros would be worth a 10 points or that kike from ADL. they give boss points

He picked the most populated synagogue on the most populated day, there were hundreds of people in there. Lots of people knew him, youre a mentally defective sperge. This is what racewar looks like, get used to it sport.

I thought he picked that place because they import refugees? Cool. But why not wait for a more crowded day? It might look like the jews wanted to sacrifice some jews for show but not that many if the profile on GAB was all made up and the shooter is an agent.

He's using TOR,and he's talking like a tool.It's obvious what he is.

is this really important? Gab is just going to end up being a Magapede site. Alt Right Lite. Thats best case scenario

Was anybody even killed at all. You're all assuming a lot here.

Do you really believe the police and the MSM?

it had almost 1million registered users………………..

imagine if he killed some jew woman in the justice dept/state dept or 2

Does the MSM even?

Didn't they banned TFM for posting a meme?

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If the left can block the right from social media because they disagree with their politics, why doesn't the right block the left from food, water, and power because they disagree with their politics?

We're getting refugees or something because there are a ton of Schitzos post here today.

Yeah… Wtf?

It seriously feels like the MSM is trying to make the Dems lose.

Future historians will undoubtedly attribute the internet as the primary cause of the death of the left.

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and fill in the dots. million users and then what?

what is going to be said on gab that is going to make a difference. Especially now. They come back fucking super shadow ban happy and all you get is a bunch of trump cheerleaders posting dog pictures instead of lefties posting cat pictures

what is the point, what is important. 1 million users is like saying someone has alot of money. I dont care, its a vain number.


says the shill faggot who closed the BBS and purged anyone who disagreed with his obvious shilling. a Fed approved kikel hug box indeed

I really don't think it's the internet in this case. The State media is just doing a really, REALLY bad job. FFS how many late night shows are there, and they ALL suck, how many radio stations and they aren't showcasing ANY good new or young talent, how many BILLIONS spent on yet another goddam movie, that's just more bland superhero bullshit? They have so many resources, so many talking heads, and they're doing such a shit job! They have no sense of political strategy (for example, the one time they started praising Trump (when he attacked the airbase in Syria), his polls started to plummet…and yet they didn't realize that maybe if they want to destroy Trump that at this stage reverse psychology might be a good way to–NOPE). And even when they do try to spin a narrative or lie, they do it in such a hamfisted and lazy way! I mean, for god's sake, you could at LEAST not run the EXACT same story over thirteen-gajillion "different" news agencies WITHIN HOURS OR MINUTES OF EACH OTHER.

The State media is being run SO badly that I have to think it's deliberate!

Go after the heads of the companies and the biggest investors. You don't need to use violence just pull them out of their comfort zone and you'll win.

Good. Torba is a retard who runs around sperging in his backyard and bans things that upset him. Now people will know that GNU Social is the only proper and usuable twitter clone. Decentralization is the way of the future. Get fucked Gabbai.

Gab was down due to maintenance, data backup.

The first picture shown Bowers retweeting the jews at HIAS, and then he went on to kill over that very issue.
The jews essentially caused this massacre to happen, and caused Gab to be taken out, which they almost already did recently with one their tweets.
The jews need to be arrested for crimes against humanity.

The judgment of Enma-sama strikes down upon sinners. This is vengeance for the loli massacre.

We need to make a transparent surface web proxy for a peer to peer network Twitter clone like something on ZERONET so the stupid kikes cant (((shut it down)))

What is GNU/Social?

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its a kike honeypot for retards and fedposters

a bunch of these already exist. people don't use twitter bc its some great technology. people use twitter bc people use twitter, dipshit. say it with me…

It shows they have become complacent and swollen with their own smug satisfaction. Just as they did during Weimar Germany.

Wonder what other changes have been made behind the scenes…

Like stormfront?

Lmao, you idiots didn't make an impact for your cause from harming those innocents. You would have made a bigger impact if you targeted figures like Kelly Weill, ProPublica authors, and Michael Hayden, considering that they were responsible for imprisoning the Charlottesville marchers with false charges. But that would require NEETSOCs to have a single functioning braincell. You're getting kicked out everywhere and being disavowed by the president, yet you're still fantasizing about a race war and talking shit.

The further they pull the pendulum, the further that they'll swing back.

why not just use email?

its not like you are going to message the entire of twitter anyways

-flowers is a mailing list
-create a filter for a label
-every new post is a new email thread

really the only reason for things like twitter is to be heard by people you know nothing about and to waste time doing useless stuff.

You will never talk to someone about something important and not be willing to exchange email … so just fucking use email

you fucks just like to meme all day, we already have /pol. its good enough

You're going to discover the same drawbacks and precedents that you've seen with social media. A high IQ action would be to find a new medium that would prevent deplatforming bullshit from occurring at all.

Don’t worry goyim your info is safe on Gabbai!

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get out.

Is this why they ban tor exit nodes from even viewing the site at all?

Oh, they'll never know his real motive. They do not want to understand what 'optics' means. They, instead, will sue typical 'racist conspiracy theorist nazi' shit and it will explain nothing lol

i hope Joyent gets hacked and has their customer database leaked followed by a new 0day in SmartOS published every day for 30 days straight, fuck full disclosure.
Joyent has violated the pillar of common carrier neutrality that upholds how the Internet works at all. if ISPs and Hosting providers want to police one type of Thought Crimes committed by their users, then they have to police everything said by their users. i hope the FCC mass revokes (((Silicon Valley's))) common carrier legal status. you want to police free speech? ok fine, now it's illegal if you don't do it. these corporations who tilt the media landscape towards the extreme Left will go bankrupt if they lose common carrier.

second, fuck Torba, he's obviously a lazy ass buffon out of his league. he saw the writing on the wall over a year ago when the Anglin and DS shutdown spilled over and he had to ban Anglin or else lose his registar. what did Torba do for a year? jack off on his farm? he moved to fucking Azure. what a dummy. that didn't solve the problem, that just kicked the can down the road. Torba should have hired 3 Linux sysadmins in the Midwest and have them build 100 bare metal servers colocated in a local data center. Gabbaim does not get millions of users, so it's foolish opremature optimization to even bother with using clouds like Azure. Torba talked big shit about how Conservatives need to build their own Internet infrastructure that they phtsically own, yet he didn't do shit to help himself and now he's going to be deadpool'd because all his user's will go elsewhere when Gab is offline for months.
i don't feel bad for Torba, i feel bad for Conservative morons who keep getting burnt and scammed and fucked over and left with nothing by grifters and conmen who aren't really conservative but who just see shekels in an ignored target demographic.

Torba is a Jew and the co-owner of Gabbai along with him is a Muslim. He’s going to Shoah the whole thing and turn over all user data to the Feds without a subpoena.

optics as far as midterms,the fact is whites are getting very awake about the jq and this kind of shit will start happening more.

These sub humans are calling for the genocide of the most productive race on the planet because they want total control and cry when shit like this happens when it has always been the jews fault and Hitler did nothing wrong accept not killing them all.

Guise… my favorite MOSSAD honeypot is down. Wut do?

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I never used it but I really liked Gab, comfortable site, good looking, served a purpose.
Most of the popular stuff was just dog pictures, nature pictures, and bible quote type of stuff

I made an account on Gab around a month ago using Tor, you’re full of shit

Good National Socialist websites:

What are some others?

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Kill yourself yid,

And what did he accomplished exactly? More Jews died that day of natural causes than due to his bullets. Now (((Trump))) has even more ammo to beat that gun control drum and hunt down any wrong think that threatens the Jew World Order.



Good. That is a kike honeypot anyways so it's good that it dies off.

You do realize that the latter is good because it allows us to benefit, right?

Looks like the controlled-opposition site served its purpose and is being shut-down now. They collected viewpoints of thousands of users who were banned from Twatter and now can identify "natzhees" and other "dissenters" who don't tow the Jewish line.

They got the IPs and viewpoints of those users and now the shoah of the goyim who oppose Pax-Judaica can now begin.

Told you so. It served it's purpose and now it's being let go.

Fucking retards

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Stop taking kike bait.



Torba is handing over data on Bowers even without a fucking subpoena. Fucking Jew. All user data is now being handed over. Entire thing was a honeypot from the getgo. Some anons just don't listen. Zig Forums is always right.

Gab ended up becoming a natsoc containment site. It's good that it's gone.

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That dick won't suck itself.

Gab was always a jew fucking honeypot.


So an encyclopedia dramatica article and some one's blog post are your pieces of evidence?
C'mon shill-kun, you used to try to fool me. Don't you appreciate all the work we here at Zig Forums provide for you? Is your .002$/word not enough?
Do you no longer hatelove Zig Forums anymore shill-kun? This hurts, this hurts deeply.

Take a tea break madam

Decompress and get comfy

Ingersoll Lockwood was an American Lawyer and Writer in the late 1800's.
MOST know him for his Adventures of BARON TRUMP, an Alice and wonderland style adventure with the main character sharing the name of the presidents boy among other similarities…
But His other works eerily predict the future times we Iive on today!
A look into this mans deep occultic powers and memes!
How did this man know these future events??? Did he divine them?? Or did he meet a time travelling Baron Trump???

Have a comfy day

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>Using (((Zig Forums)))

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Cry more, faggots. When Torba won't answer a simple question, calls me a cuck, then deletes his tweets… well, yeah.

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