Randy "Screw your optics, I'm going in" Bower memes

ITT we share our memes devoted to our heroic kikeslayer Randy Bower.

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Is he /ourguy/ or not?

The bodies are still warm. Have you no decency?

dubs decide

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They were Jews, their bodies had no warmth to begin with.

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Jews are going to make this their new anti-Nationalism/Trump fuck controlling elections, fuck anything but becoming a white terrorist meme.




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His name is Robert Bowers.
His name is Robert Bowers.
His name is Robert Bowers.

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You expect to create a white ethnostate with flowers, faggot?

Look! A Jew!

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Here's another one from @geist1488 on Gab.

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What kind of person cares about a dead martyred jew?

That got me m8

If you kill your enemies, they win.



He used an evil black rifle. He did it just before the election. He killed only 11. He shot at the cops. He didn't stay anonymous. He didn't off himself. Could have gone better.

these memes are colder than the bodies …
I would say this thread has about as much decency as the jews have for our country and our children.

The jews' shriveled black hearts run cold.

"dont breed, be Muslim suicide goy"

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Please stop doing this cringy shit

Well Zig Forums, with this thread goes your Hitler did nothing wrong, never killed Jews in camps, peace loving board arguments. It was never convincing, but now you can't even be bothered faking it.

Remember this about yourselves when you try to lie to the mirror.

are you retarded or something

this fucking post

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I hope the holocaust did happen, I'd do it again, to tell you the truth.

See what I did there? Also, the left is in full "kill whitey" mode anyways. If they won't calm down their rhetoric, why should we? The main problem is that jews have always had it good all throughout history. Hitler wanted to relocate them to Madagascar, when instead he should've killed all of them. Jews are privileged and don't deserve it, given what they do with their privilege.

to POC:

No, bitch– with some goddamn sense, not handing them the advantage for the sake of offing a few nobodies

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go back to dailystormer, faggot

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Just goes to show you who fucking rules this country. Robert Bowers, Buford Furrow, Glenn Miller and James von Brunn did their race a service and went out and shot the real enemy. When the game board is rigged, you kick over the damn table. There's a reason they're making activism illegal (or at least nearly impossible).

Bower was Hitler reincarnated.

The holocaust didn't happen, but it should have, and it will.

If you kill a bunch of randos and give your enemy a valid excuse in the eyes of normies to silence you and disarm you, then yeah, your enemy fucking wins because you're a goddamn retard.

Hail Robert Browers! True Aryan

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isn't it strange how comment baleted?

If not embarrassed because black churches did get a police presence, then makesyathink

Because people were turning away from them because of their rhetoric, and now they will turn back.

The left didn't gain power by planting bombs in the 60s, they did it by incrementalism. Taking university posts, media jobs and moving slowly until they were in control. People were starting to see that and now this fucktard probably screwed that all up.


t. user, October 28th, 2018

Not to mention, the supreme court is taking up a case on internet censorship. How much you want to bet that this guarantees it gets the AOK now?


"Fuck Your Optics"

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When you freak out about it and bitch to others, you just show that you're identifying with them and showing weakness to the enemy. Either you show tolerance and understanding, apologetics, or you get off your ass and do something you can actually control


It's hard to tell if they're serious, or if it's just another false flag.
The shooting itself makes no sense: why yet another church? why do it with an AR-15? why have a van that's literally a mememobile?.
But then, how could the jew kill other jews just for chaos and confusion? That's too evil.

Fuck off yid.

No, if you're an idiot who kills a target of no value and gives your enemy a value excuse in the eyes of the public to silence you and probably disarm you, then yeah they fucking win because you're a goddamned idiot.

Really you stupid fucking cunt. Gonna push this shit, knowing we hate you kike fucks. Why bother. A dead yid is PROGRESS.

If every White man killed 6 Jews, there would be no more Jews. That would solve all of our problems.

Robert Maxwell, at the direction of the Mossad, agitated against the Soviet government to try to get them to kill and oppress Jews so it would drive emigration to Israel.

Yeah, Jews have no issue killing their own, and the type of Jew that got shot today is utterly blind to it.

So many yid tears in this thread. Did you all cry over roof killing niggers too?

Yes nigger, but you don't understand. You cannot have a grassroots political movement that can succeed nowadays without some logistical support. How did you think the civil rights movement succeeded? It was lead and financed by Marxist jews, such as Israel Cohen and others who had control of the press and mongrelized America ever since the end of World War II. Like I said, when the game board is rigged YOU KICK THE DAMN TABLE OVER.

You need to look into Vanguardism. It is a far more plausible approach than cultural mainstreaming.

Saint Roberts just made Jewish involvement in immigration a worldwide headline. Jewish organizations financing open borders and migrant caravans is now a topic.

He named HIAS.org

Is there any pictures of the dead kikes, the crime scene, or anything yet? Seems odd that kikes wouldn't use a dead child or kikess to pull heart strings by now

No it wouldn't. There is far more to this than "muh jooz."

Please post so I can masturbate

This. Where are the pictures ?


begone kike

Most retarded post I've seen.

Roof and Bowers are both White heroes.

Concern trolling yids ITT

If you kill the parasite, they win.

Yeah, and now any criticism of HAIS can be written off as a "nazi conspiracy theory." So can any criticism of immigration.

And it will. Watch.

optics cucks haven't predicted any shit since charlottesville

The greatest trick the Jew ever performed was convincing the boomer that he wasn't the root of all evil. Kikes are parasites, you have to wipe them out entirely or else they'll keep coming back.


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actually, correction, since 'heilgate' - when the distinction became semi-relevant

Are you the geist1488 from Gab?

No one cares about your gay e-celeb bullshit. We're in a fight for our children's futures, for our entire races future, either we win or we're wiped out forever. There will be no victory without bloodshed.

wiping out jews isn't entirely necessary, but quarantining them is

yes; which is why i forgot it at first

if they were actual human bodies maybe.
Considering they were rat heebs they deserve no decency.I want their names so if I am in the area I can piss on their graves.

Saint Bowers

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Ah the hypocrisy.

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Wrong. Hitler tried doing that and then the kikes claimed he was wiping them out anyways. There is no honor in losing to kikes because they will lie about you and your deeds, we need to kill every single one of them and erase them from the history books.

They were already doing that? So what's changed? Simply publicity, people will see shit like HIAS and think "This fucking Nazis hated this stuff! I'm going to look into it…" down the rabbit hole they go.

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this user knows

According to the ADL, this stands as "likely the deadliest attack on the jewish community in United States history." So far, so far. I'm pretty sure this is only the beginning and there's more to come. But if true, Robert Bowers should be crowned king of postwar American heroes. This guy is literally Hitler tier. This guy beats McVeigh, Breivik and Roof in terms of dead kikes. This is literally the greatest thing to happen in terms of persecution against jews in the United States since the lynching of Leo Frank.

Downloaded. Loved

Hitler dubs confirm. A holocaust is coming.

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Shooting up a bunch of kikes is pretty cool.
Waiting until after the pre-election false flag wave would have been cooler
Not being a lone wolf faggot, starting a family and raising your 3 - 5 sons to be snipers would have been even fucking cooler
Even if his heart was in the right place, and he's not some MK Ultra patsy, he was still a dipshit, mypoic boomer faggot who is now being used as an excuse to whip up a bunch of "mu holocaust" bullshit, just like we always warned you lone wolf cocksuckers would happen.
Oh well. Keep your bug out bags ready.

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Eh, nothing I can argue against in this. Except perhaps a perception of when those sniper sons would be relevant

Good post otherwise

Yikes Nigger, really?
Anyway, stop throwing your lives away on stupid shit, you stupid shits.

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Stop lying to yourself. Go look at what trump said today (or when he condemned white nationalists, explicitly) or what the kikes do with their media, they denounce whites, they want white genocide, they've always desired white extinction. This incident was great for polarizing and destroying the optics meme. He (Bowers) knew that it was infallible to think that (((voting))) and (((Civnat politicians))) like (((trump))) were going to save America from kikes and it's further mongrelization, no amount of, cucking, optics or pr or is going to make anti-semitism and National Socialism good if your enemies control what your people see, vote and listen to. No one here on Zig Forums is Solid snake, you can't simply infiltrate yourself in this political parties because theres a high likelihood they know your past, browsing history, and your powerlevel.

The kikes took power by the nigh-infinite amount of influence, deception, "much holohoax" card, and wealth they had when America was >85% white. The left was created by them.

Meant for:


No. Whether or not the conditions of the current situation would mean having kids is relevant. If Race War in 4 years, then you're possibly going to die, unable to raise kids how you want.

Look you jew fucks. There is nothing that excuses any of your actions. Want a piece? I'll fucking end you. Come at me, I'll bury you.

Fuck off moshe.

Nice fucking try. If that's how you really feel, go take whatever Zig Forumsommando meme gun you like to take selfies with and go out and pop some yids tomorrow. Your cuckchan refugee boomer faggot hero just set the precedent, amirite?

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Hanging you from the tallest tree would've been the coolest thing, yid.

How about you go out and snipe some of them with your kids tomorrow? Tell them it's a hunting popquiz and the one with the highest score gets the biggest burger and icecream at Wendy's.

biggest lobby for immigration: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, 130 years of Jews opening borders for the goyim hias.org

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You seem upset. But nothing I said was wrong. Scrolling through this fat faggot's gab archive, you can see that is was a bunch of angry Zig Forums rhetoric, but none of the Zig Forums humor, so even on the off chance that he wasn't a patsy, meticulously curated to bring down the platform at a critical point in time, then he was definitely a dipshit no-fun-allowed edgelord newfag who completely misses the fucking point of why we fight, like (you).

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Kill yourself jew before we do what's right and end you proper like.


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How much more obvious can you kike fucks get?

Oy vey. Remember that time before midterms when that internet nazi shot up 110 jews? Just think about those thousand lives ended before their time by hate. A hundred thousand jewish souls cut down in the name of white supremacy.

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Israelis are dropping their entire propaganda load. Record and catalog it all. Study it and reverse it.

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You Jews haven't trembled like this since the 1930s

Robert "Dead Jews On The News" Bowers

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If you didn't completely miss the point, you would know the jew is an honourless viper who likes to deceive, subvert and contaminate with his very presence on the host's nation. you would know that these synagogues are mostly used as dens to promote degeneracy, open borders, or/and multiculturalism. Yes, he could've shoah'd 11 gazillion the day after midterms, gone open season with his entire family, but that was not the case, not the reality he was facing today.

Nigger please. You have no idea what you're getting into.

I'd be upset if I read a monkey was abused because you aren't white.

For real moshe, you aren't shit.

No, it's about possibilities. I do not think in absolutes; it's a possibility that it would happen in 4 years - and a possibility it won't. If some guy gets convinced it will, and pops off; I see the rationale. Especially if he's older and he can't have kids the way a younger person would be able to.