Nazi Germany Was Objectively the Good Guy

The bad guys won WWII, and now we're being atomized and enslaved to enrich our banking overlords.

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congrats on realizing this yourself but if you lurked more you would also know that this is the consensus around here.

I've been around too many capitalists on 4chan

The large majority of them are paid shills working out of US military bases and israel.

Here's an example of a sneaky shill. Notice how he gains acceptance with a popular idea and then public approval, and then goes against the grain?

Capitalism is the ultimate form of freedom. The only reason it is currently failing is because of Jews charging usurious interest rates.

I'm fine with free markets. I'm not fine with unearned income, including usury, rent, royalties, etc. I've read Gottfried Feder and I'm convinced.

They seem just like stupid Austrians.

He's not going against the grain. You are.

Hitler was great - his total embrace of populism got the working class of Germany carpet-bombed into oblivion, handing a lingering genetic advantage to a subset of the nation's population not inclined to whine about the juiciness they inflicted on themselves.

Disclaimer: I do not actually think Hitler was great.

There is nothing more gay than being an online basement Nazi

How are you today, Jew?

Capitalism enslaves you to wealthy kikes. National Socialism is the ultimate form of freedom.
Then nobody would be promoting capitalism in the first place as it is not a naturally Aryan ideology.

You want to be skinned alive right?

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Zig Forums filters every other word for National Socialist, only word they don't filter is Nazi.

Meaning you are filtered leftyfag.

sry meant for

Fucking retarded.

Reminder that if you don't read dozens of books written by self hating commie Jews and sociopaths that you're literally retarded.

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If you're going to start shit with these cum gargling fucks, come correct.

This. Capitalism is the power base of the international Jewry. Soros is not a commie official, he is a top capitalist. Just follow the money.

Yes? And put some efforts to your threads, as in resources not just your personal points.

Search the catalog for nsg, wwii and qtddtot

Zig Forums is a Nazi board that follows the kike's Nazi meme. It was created as (1) Honeypot and (2) to make understanding National Socialism taboo.
Hitler was not a Nazi, he was a national socialist. Big difference. It was a Nazi who did the mass shooting the other day. The meme should be ethnostates, not murder.

Free markets can't exist in an economy where jews print debt based fiat money in a fractional reserve banking system.

Zig Forums is not pro-capitalism
fuck off jew

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Absolutely. I want the central government in direct control of the money supply to fund public works through manipulation of currency rather than debt sales to finance the rich.

Yeah no shit everyone here is aware of this.

National Socialist Germany had a wall like Israel did.

lurk more faggot

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Oops: does. Israel actually has a wall right now.

Also fags, I am not angry, you’re just worthless and not worth listening to.


International bartering and work based internal currency is a capital system.

It’s an honest capitalism unlike the financialization of economies which ignores the actual value of labor.

good guy? you morons are so lost.

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Clearly mental

lmao the spammer has to make shekels shitposting for jidf across the web, i make my shekels off stock and real estate profits while raising white children.

You make your living off of speculation? The National Socialists would have had you killed.

Trump said antisemites like yourself should receive the death penalty. I agree.

>"and those seeking (((their))) destruction, we will seek THEIR destruction."

Trump - Murphysboro, IL - 10/27/2018

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On what alternate reality does socialism = freedom?

Next you’ll be staying that women are men and men are women too.

Go back to leftypol

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get out.

hitler didn't kill enough of your kind. as others have said you're a fucking shill.

i buy and never sell so niggers like you have less control. and i get paid dividends to do it.

Wow, wow, this is so homophobic, do you know in what year we are Chaim?

Yeah, German working class bend over and take it in the ass, hand over the fruits of your labor without resistance

True, he forgot to gas your ancestors, unforgivable.

Germany under Hitler had no free market, the USA at the time hadn’t neither one.

In NatSoc Germany no mega corp was able to fuck anyone. NatSoc is the end of plutocracy like the USA is one. More precise the USA is a (((oligarchic))) plutocracy.

Not an argument

Free market doesn't exist in an economy where you're restricted to any one currency to begin with, for that matter.

I'd normally say you're preaching to the choir, but I've seen so many clueless cuckchanners and plebbitors in the last days, this thread might actually be necessary.

Stop using AshkeNAZI terms.

National Socialist, Nazi is a complete fabrication by the enemies, btw.

Anyway, congrats. You are now in a better mental position than most people even by this small summary alone.

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Sorry but this will hurt.

I don't know what page it was but one of General Patton's diary entries shows that he regretted destroying the germans, was afraid it may be too late, that we need to build up germany as a buffer state and fight communism. he also said "there is a very apparent semitic influence in the press" and that the jews are trying to implement communism in America. He died shortly after and many assume he was killed for it. I thought this quote was fake for a long time, until I read it in his diary hosted on library of congress.

JFK was pro hitler:

If you go deep in declassified JFK assassination secret service files you'll see many pages of the insane and drunks, until coming upon one entry where an individual says "our new backers are jews"

Actually i may have attached the patton diary page and the jfk declassified file

You also need to read about how jewish the soviet union was. Look at Lazar kaganovic and the holdomor of ukraine. They killed at least 6.5 mil of our white ukrainian people. I'e seen some people say around twice that. Then solzhenitsyn's words on the gulag. Genrikh Yagoda was a big jew name.

You need to look at george lincoln rockwell, ww2 vet fought the japs, but came back to US to become a nationalist socialist

Also please watch this video.

Oh yea and the holocaust never happened. People say look at havaara agreement and claim that as germany was being overrun they lacked resources to take care of jews being deported and that the allied bombing is what killed them.

Oh yea and the Leuchter Report. Leuchter was an engineer of execution technologies and made a documentary going into poland and did chemical tests of the concentration camps, finding there was no presence of zyklon b and that the facilities were not at all designed for such a use, perhaps suggesting they couldnt have been. Some people argue that it would still have been ethical to go thru with the holocaust because the jews did holodomor, (they didnt even remotely cover this up except for stalin's ethnicity, but nkvd and kgb were majority jewish), and because they starved the germans, and look how many german civillians were bombed especially in dresden.

There is also a mises institute link that explains how FDR would tell the brits and french where german boats were, and of course they were then torpedo'd, yet hitler REFUSED to be provoked and fight the US. FDR then told brits and french and any other colonists to order their colonies to stop trading with japan. Japan is a little island with no resources. Meanwhile japan is invading at least china, and all their supplies for war and whatnot stops, so they actually still teach in jap schools that the americans committed an economic act of aggression that led to pearl harbor. FDR knew pearl harbor was happening and didnt even warn americans to minimize the damage or save lives.

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You're projecting again, Shlomo. A capitalist places profit above the nation. Capitalism is internationalist. It is the enemy of nationalism. It's also pro-degeneracy, because there is money to be made supporting degeneracy. Never trust a capitalist.

You're a retard. Freedom is a jewish meme that was used to kill the traditional european order. Anyone that advocates for "freedom" is usually a brianwashed american subhuman. Capitalism always results in a few mega owners dictating society. It always results in the usurpation of traditional order and religion to appease profit makers. It always ends in a soulless, vapid, materialistic society. Kikes LOVE capitalism and its what has allowed them to take over the world. Kys chaim.

Kill yourself.

Isn't an argument either pal.

What the fuck is capitalism? Is it a system where anyone can do anything? Or is it a system that pretends to offer this freedom but in practice is not o different from a planned economy with government intervention and subsidies in order to guide and control the economy?
No one knows because the term "capitalism" is about as descriptive and useful as "democracy" and "freedom"

People need to rise above wordism.

Sage because OP is stating the obvious… then again maybe the obvious needs to be stated over and over and over. Idk.

Forgot to sage anyway. Oh well.

Do we need this kind of dicksucking threads every days?

More goods can be delved into finding Hitler's mistakes than propagating about how he's the "good guy".

Capitalism is a system that supports trade and the notion of private property.

It can exist along with government intervention, as long as government guarantee the rights of private property.

Democracy implies a system where a group of people is allowed to vote to decide things rather one man who decides thing.

Freedom implies the capacity and legality to do things.

Wordism is nonsense, you are speaking words, yet you say "wordism".

When one nation is good, it should have the support of its neighbors.

This is good governing.

Hitler did not have the supports of his neighbors, this is one of his biggest mistakes.

Lol no.

Poor feudal lords, they deserved what they inherited.

Hello communist, and yes they do.

The destruction of the feudal order is what brought us here.

Funny how the world is safe for 2000 years, and then bam, liberals rule the world and 02 world wars back to back.

He had support of Italy and Hungary. He didn't have support of the ZOG controlled nations of Europe.

So he didn't have good relationships with his neighbors.

No, muh ZOG controlled is not an excuse.

Anything but remaining a slave to ZOG would get the ZOG states to hate you. Of course its an excuse.

No, it's not an excuse.

If ZOG can control a government, there's nothing stopping you from do it.

Otherwise, you are just using it as an excuse to fuck your neighbors.



we still doin this?


NAzi journeying was part of the plan in a meat to fail kinda way. Na for a salting. the good guys for the plan were the ones who took it down.

Pretty sure the founding fathers weren't jewish.

They were (((masons)))


Lol at u guys.
If jews were excommunicated from your country, and it was bound together by racial tribe, a mixed, capitalist, or socialist economy would work.

By the way there's a large number of CIA agents running for seats in the congress on behalf of the Democratic Party.

bumping since the sheer amount of redditors and paid actors on here need a truth bomb every now and again.

There are no "good guys" or "bad guys" you fucking child. There is your team and their team.

That's nice and all, but where did he get the money and the resources needed to do all that? Thin air? Banks? The Junkers? Jews? That certainly sounds like property stealing Communists to me!

He took it from Germans' honest labour and love for their volk, you shekel-counting degenerate.

So he printed money out of thin air and work currency? But what about imports? Exports? Raw Resources? The Reichmark can't just be backed by labor in international trade. And even then, Hitler needed capital to jumpstart the economy; so again, where did the money come from?

When Germany traded with other countries, it was always a barter trade. Goods against goods. This way, no interest-soiled money was involved.
It's silly to think that national currencies need to have an international value. A country's wealth is defined by how many goods it can produce, not by how much gold it has in its banks.

You should know this already. Economics is one of the key aspects why national socialism works as well as it did. Read Gottfried Feder's manifesto of the abolition of interest slavery.


Great post - short and to the point.

Yes, but what about the money he used to fuel and pay for the Wehrmacht's expansion and all those public works? Where did it initially come from? Certainly not Reichmarks or the Weimar government's financial reserves alone. Also, nothing to say about all the wealth, resources and manpower they appropriated from Austria and Czechoslovakia during the Anschluss? Other than since it was "German" territory, all the wealth they had made over the years up to that point without Germany's input now rightfully belongs to the German "Volk"?

How is Austria not German volk?

Meanwhile, entire population near extinction level with one WW.

Yeah, I will take petty feudal disputes over that shit anyday.

Since it is Austria, and not Germany.

inb4 le volk means you can steal from your own people.

Yet Hitler supports the capitalists in his country.

inb4 they stop being capitalist because Hitler says so

nazi literally translates into natsoc, or national socialist, dumbfuck

Are these shills shilling shills?

Austrians are German, you retard. Austria simply wasn't included in the Prussian stages of the German state.

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Austria is not a part of Germany.

When you annex and steal their wealth, there is no justice to that.

Nice try kike, don't get blasted that we've exposed your satanic, pedophilic, child sacrifice cult.

That could mean literally anything. There was private property and trade in the USSR and in feudal England. There is private property and trade in North Korea and Cuba. According to this definition of capitalism, literally every country ever to exist has been capitalist with the possible but debatable exception of Cambodia under the communist regime.

This is why I point out that wordism is ridiculous. Wordism is not the use of words to describe things. Wordism is when you or someone else tries to adhere to a wordist description like communism or capitalism or Christianity and often wants to convert the world to his universal ideal. The problem with wordism is that everything you think you know about capitalism, socialism, and communism is just your opinion and the opinion of the elites who rule. Every so called "communist" state has not been very different from so called "capitalist" states in practice. Essentially, this wordist war between communists and capitalists has been identical to the wordist war between Catholic Europe and Orthodox Europe in the Middle Ages.
You think that Capitalism is X and the notion of Y. Other people think it's X, Y, and Z
And other folks think it's A, B, and C.
But if you look at these definitions of your wordism, you'll find that they're either so vague that almost every state ever to xist has been capitalist or it's so analitically specific that capitalism has never existed anywhere.

Let's examine your other words and compare them to reality. I think this is very illuminating.

Okay, so there's a lot wrong with this.
First of all I need to point out the obvious; There has never been a single country* in the history of the planet where one man made all the decisions. Just think about how ridiculous such a situation would be. Do you really think that Adolf Hitler or Mao Tsedung made ALL of the decisions affecting their countries? Of course not. King Louis IVX and Tsar Peter I didn't even know what was going on a few levels of power removed from the top. All governments delegate power to underlings.
Now, if these underlings get together and start making more and more decisions then suddenly the dictatorship magically turns into an oligarchy.
Is that a democracy? You say that a democracy implies that a group votes on stuff. Well, an oligarchy is a group and they usually vote on stuff. Is that a democracy? It seems that the definition of what is and isn't a democracy falls completely upon your own subjective interpretation. North Korea thinks its a democracy. And CNN says that Russia is not.

What a vague, clumbsy platitude. The capacity to legally to do things. Wow.
You can legally do things in North Korea, China, The United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Zimbabwe. It's just that the state decides which things you can and cannot do.
America is free, right? They have freedom, right?
Except that during hurricanes those precious constitutional freedomz vanish in an instant and the government just confiscates firearms at a whim. Or they declare martial law after a terror attack and then just barge into your private property without a warrent. Or the government arbitrarilly decides to cancel a public protest and sends their police and antifa goons to assault the protesters.
But America has the freedoms, right?

As I said, wordism is nonsense. Blood and Volk are real. Democracy, capitalism, communism, and freedom, these things are an illusion.
I have no shame in admitting that I have no idea what capitalism is. But neither do you. No one does. Not the communist faggot who thinks it's fascism, not the sneering, arrogant professor who tells you it's slavery, and not the bald anarcho-capitalist /slash/ race realist who thinks it's a free for all, self correcting, NAP abiding system of equality. No one knows.

*When I say "country," I mean a complex state as opposed to some sort of tribal society. It's possible that one man could make all the decisions (at least public policy decisions) in a mall tribe because here simply aren't that many levels of power and everyone could theoretically know everyone else.
However, since a fellow like me could argue all day over whether this would actually qualify as a "state" so I'll save us some time and asterisk it out of importance.
Polite sage for doubleposting

So wordism is ridiculous because words have meaning.

And USSR and Cuba are indeed state capitalist societies, Hitler used democratic measures to get into power and do some policies, and you can legally do things in North Korea, but that list is lesser than what you can do in the US. Thus it is less free.

And I do understand what capitalism means, meanwhile you use words, yet use such a vague term like wordism.


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This kike thinks it is easy to steal from your volk.

Oh boy, user, if you enjoyed that ride, then you'll enjoy finding out that the bad guys also won WWI, and dumped the whole heap of blame in Germany's lap, which put the wheels in motion for WWII to even happen in the first place.
Most of the following events are from the top of my head because it's been years since I read up on a lot of this and it's all heavily summarised)

The Entente backed a country that was run by a shadow government, that had been destabilising the region and carrying out terrorist acts. The blame was placed on Germany because every major European power stood to lose if Germany continued its then-current ride to greater power in the region. France and the UK had to be douche bags about the peace terms, and the rest is… Probably all the shit you read about leading up to WWII. Use the info I gave here to start your research because this was a pretty bad description on my part, but it's a good starting place.

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You can't give him this many redpills at once!

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Socialism is based on confiscation of property and freedoms by violent force directed from single ruler. Otherwise it doesn't work. Explain how is this freedom for anyone besides this ruler.

Also read a book. It can't be explained better.

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