This is just your friendly reminder that Trump is a false hope and a zionist stooge and elections are a fraud

This is just your friendly reminder that Trump is a false hope and a zionist stooge and elections are a fraud.

The only purpose they serve is to the (((elites))) who use them as a means to monitor the opinions of the masses. And thus provide a great opportunity to monitor the social conditioning and brainwashing that is inflicted on the population. With this knowledge they then make adjustments in policy to further cement their reign. Remember, all wars are won in the hearts and minds of the people, and the Jews practice a constant spiritual warfare against their host nation for control of it's destiny.

The left and right paradigm is a fraud that is designed to divide and conquer the population and stall all change via a yin-yang of tyranny. Except of course change which is (((permitted))).

Trump's election was used as a means for the kikes to study how the goyim could use a grass roots movement on the internet to overthrow their grip on the narrative. And now that the election has been thoroughly studied, the kikes are using this knowledge to censor every last avenue for free discussion they find.

This is why big-tech is Censoring you all across the internet. It is also why no politician will ever oppose them, because EVERY politician works for the same masters that google does. They only say they'll bust the trusts to give you false hope and thus placate you. Just like the border wall and repealing DACA have not occurred, the regulation of these tech companies will NEVER be happen. They keep playing this trick on you emotionally driven idiots over and over and you never learn.

Spread the truth, then fight back. This is the only way to freedom from (((them))).

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Vote all you want, it ain't gonna fix the Jew problem.

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How the elections were rigged - a tutorial - coming soon.

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He's already moved on to baseball now

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No OP you're an Autist. Trump has done more to stabilize this land than Any Elected Kike has. Even if he has Bowed to Zog its Simply to not get himself killed. Trump OBVIOUSLY has no intention of letting the world die in Autism and Getting into the US system to make a Foot print is the most logical start Without Causing Hot Radical CWW3 and If the Jews get to vicious than it's fucking Bullets to the field and we'll have proper cause and backing from the Globalists Pissing and shitting all over themselves for the past 3 years. Learn to fucking keep up OP. You Howling Fear Mongering Freak.

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Shouldn't you like Trump then?



This guy is impotent as fuck. Face it, your hero worship has brought you nothing. The Jews are still thoroughly entrenched. You aren't winning.

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Imagine being this retarded. You have to be a shill.



Shills are desperate.

The only shills here are the ones who support this ZOG-mongerer.

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Still better than dems. A slow burn is better than a fast genocide.

It's okay to vote for him but could someone explain to me why his family have been marrying kikes for several generations now? Didn't his parents pass away in a jewish retirement home?

Hitler did.

You're doing it wrong, faggot.

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you sure? I mean when the kikes would have started fast genocide in 1945, no one would have supported them

Nothing you propose will fix it either. Get fucked and stay fucked blackpiller.

You fucking shills are really gonna go full force these next couple weeks huh?

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I actually met my wife while she was crossing the border with her mother… We're expecting twins now.


No, Its definitely true Trump is Pro ZOG but anyone with half a fucking brain knows he is the best thing we have at the moment

What's it like not having a single shred of common sense?

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Elections are coming near, they are cashing their check.

How about you stop being a bitch and relying on politicians to solve all your problems for you like some moping submissive peasant. Do you beta faggots even know how to organize with your fellow channers/countrymen/white brothers without an outside influence?

You gotta focus on winning the infowar and wake as many whites up as possible.

It only demoralizes you if you're a hapless, naive retard who hasn't learned his lesson about trusting politicians yet.

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I'm sure Trump has collected a lot of those during his time in office.

Do you even realize how stupid you sound? Or are you really just a shill.

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Still voting. Still redpilling as many Whites as possible. Still prepping for balkanization. Still think you're a faggot for making this thread.

Really niggerjew? This is how you handle business?

Amazing how much nigger dick you all suck when the final solution is here.

God that fourth one is so accurate.

How the fuck did these drooling, brain-damaged, inbred retards spread so quickly from 4chan to this place though?

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Meant for:

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Rot in hell Kike.

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Why does the idea of whites voting hurt you so much? What is lost by voting? I can vote and still prepare for a race war you know.

Because voting provides false hope and gets people caught up in wild goose chases that lead them no-where.

But don't act like you are white, Goldberg.

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Really moshe?

fuck off yid with the first oppositional remark you make is projection.
11 of you got whacked just as coffee was ready many more will die until you are gone then and only then will elections be white and not swayed by rat fucking jews.
You still vote then say we gave those fucking jew every opportunity now there is no doubt they all get exterminated.

Don't you have some wishing wells to harvest?

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Alright. I'll be ignoring the obvious shills from now on.

Your statement only applies to blue pilled normalfags.

Pure projection. All your thread boils down to is "oy vey don't vote goy!"

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This is just your friendly reminder that a fire break is just another big fucking fire, when the wind turns against you.

look in the mirror
not sure how ignoring yourself works,no inner voice jidf npc automaton spewing whatever you ugly hook nose fucks get lambasted with by rabbi.Your brainwashed since birth to think your special and chosen then realize whites are better looking smarter and built the society you exist in as parasites so the truth just leads you back to but but muh chosen as if facts are irrelevant because the truth of your race is even more despicable than niggers.

This. Reminder that Dr. William Luther Pierce identified Trump as a jewish puppet decades ago, he is possibly the most pro-Israel President in US history, and his own daughter is now a jew. The kikes manage to turn this board into a pro-Trump board just because he says funny things about women and minorities.

Dr. William Luther Pierce

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To be fair I think the whole Trump bloodline is Jewish but they reported on her daughter's marriage with Jared as if it were a conversion so fewer people would catch on to the fact.

Information concerning Shalom Rubashkin

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This. Trump, the Republicans and Q provide a lot of white people with false hope.
We want white people to feel threatened, not safe and pacified.

why don't i see npcs, who hate everything about trump, hate on his support for jews and israel?

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and how do we turn npcs against jews and israel

NPCs are slowly turning against Israel. In fact, they support the Palestinians over the Israelis thanks to the Progressive Stack. Unfortunately, it's only enough to turn them against Israel and not Jews in general.

I remember making memes going both ways on Trump so I'd be right either way.

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You can't remove cancer without killing it.

In some ways this is positive. They saw that Trump wasnt going to fuck around so they pulled out all favors to protec israel. It means this was a trade, they wont care about their normal subversion.

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It is common knowledge now. No need to spam this board with this.

>we will continue to shill this across Zig Forums organically as the more you repeat something the more truthful it is

You faggots practically glow in the dark here during election times. Fuck off.

So should we vote for the zionist NeoCon jew who just stated he intends to bring the death penalty for anti-semites or the jewish democrats instead?

Prove this wrong

You can't
You just shill for your Zionist candidates, who's only goal is to defend Israel from Iran, Palestinians( and the rest of it's enemies)

Yeah he threatened me directly with the fucking death penalty because I am one hundred percent anti juden
Fuck the orange kike
He only gets one term
Kevin Bacon for pres 2020

You shouldn't feel moralized voting

Both parties are run by jews. Shut the fuck up already.

this, unequivocally
We don't get outta this mess by voting friends

You lost kampfy don't both posting your shill bingo_cy_3.png it will only make Trump look worse

When has voting achieved anything for white people? When have whites acquired anything by voting?
Which politicians are we supposed to vote for?
Why is it the same people 2-3 years ago where crying "cuck, cuck," at all these israel first conservatives are telling us to vote straight ticket conservative? Is it t own the libs?

Terrible quality shill post.

Have you not seen his rally from Iowa last night ? He flat out stated he wants to hunt us down and terminate us. Yes capital punishment style aka death penalty for holding anti semite sentiments.
Fuck him he is Orange Jewlius

I said it does nothing.
But it makes salt and lulz. So go and vote you faggots.

i'm sure the jews learned from their mistake

Hitler was not a pro-Israel faggot

Hourly reminder that Bowers did more for whites in a morning than the orange shabbos goy and his goons in almost three years

We still have these fuck drumpf shills here.
If a happening is the only way then it absolutely has to happen.
Then at that point it doesn't matter if you voted or not.
If nothing happens you might as well vote, the alternative is just letting a complete leftist faggot run the country.
Trump is better than that get fucked shills.

Dude think about where you are
Every word you type is analyzed by 20+ agencies worldwide
Orange jewlius threatened YOU personally user with extrajudicial execution. Think about it. He is your enemy

I'd rather have a less shit candidate over an even worse candidate, especially when (((they're))) shilling so hard for the dem vote.

I like how there are unironic MAGApedes here who are so retarded they still can't see that all Trump seems to ever talk about are Jews and Israel.

everyone has known this since the beginning but for the better part of the last three years you got permabanned for not sucking Trumps dick and Zig Forums got infiltraded by redditors who think elections matter or make difference
Zig Forums used to know better

Used to, being the key part in that sentence. You can get banned or called a shill or a kike for literally anything now, great board.


we should all fuck it going in

Such a shabbos goy that he did nothing to stop greater ISISrael fail in Syria eh, even defused the chemical weapons false flag at least twice. But yes, a total shabbos goy, amirite, my fellow fashy chaim?

They haven't turned this board into anything, stop being a weak-willed faggot and ignore them. They are posting by volume to try and "crack consensus". It's all about demoralizing you. They aren't real participants and the fact that they have to have a shill army shitposting here and on 4chan 24/7 in a desperate bid to stop the discussion is hilarious more than anything.

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>(((they're))) shilling so hard for the dem vote.
Trump's puppetmaster Sheldon Adelson, who bankrolls the Republikikes party, is currently the biggest spender in all of American politics. The jews have no problem with "le red wave".

they didn't turn as much as replace
I don't think there are many people here from 2014 anymore

You're mistaking the US being defeated and having no good options available to it for an active effort to stop ISIS/Israel. It is the Russians who have checked Trump.

The flight plan I just filed with the Agency lists me, my men, and Dr. Pavel here! But only one of you!

Straight ticket R, no on referendums. Although I can't help but legalize weed again.

You know how I know you're a leftynigger? Too bad I'm not telling. Kill yourself.

AIPAC is pleased



How do you explain the fact that he called for the destruction of anti-semites?
(would post the mp4 but the posting is being shitty right now)

With how kiked Trump is, its no wonder why he's condemning the recent attack in Pittsburgh. Anyone feel that the part of the Turner Diaries about the Cohen Act may be coming true?

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Is this you?

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This time a billion. We're like the Scythians of old times and trumpshills are like degenerate Persian invaders under Darius: all attempts at invasion will only conclude in their dispersal and retreat as they realize this isn't the kind of place where you can control opposition. Nobody wins here but the almighty god Valid Criticism.

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They have complete control of the board. Anyone who goes against them is banned, user and mod alike. The site owner defends and protects reddit and jew paid shill content over natsoc content. Zig Forums isn’t a natsoc board anymore, by website owner fiat.

I don’t like that image. Filthy whore wants a threesome, she can go be raped to death by niggers.

It's a maternity pillow, to make a pregnant belly more comfortable during rest.