I wonder how many of the nazis on this board realize they are severely mentally ill

and need to be exterminated?

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Zig Forums used to be a left leaning board, its a shame the nazis took it over.

Why don't the mods do anything?

Found the NPC

No socialist (national or international) realizes he's mentally ill.
If they did, they would find something more important to do than LARP nazis, screenshot and fap on this furiously, korrekt?

The final solution to nazis is self-imposed. Nobody loves them, and they won't let themselves be reached. Their souls fade to the abyss in isolation. If any of them be sturdy enough to last forever in that way, so they surely shall; else they will die upon the sword of their "ideals".

Give up hatred and be saved. Join the meek and the inheritance of the paradise that is to come. Peace is not submission; it is the objective itself.

Exterminate yourself, (((shitstick)))

You have mutch to learn.

Go fuck yourself yid, we're the exterminators.

the child molester strikes you as he cries out in fear

Shoo shoo, Jew.

That was good for a solid fifteen seconds of belly laughter, nice shitpost, Chaim. Just for funsies, see how many newfaggots you can actually convince of this, it'll make filtering easier.

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This vector will never work, you hilarious sheeny fuck.

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When you realize everything Leftists say and type is driven by a desire to feel good about themselves. Totally hollow. Robotic. Soulless

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You're first OP.

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Funniest thread in months.

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It's like he actually believes the bullshit spectrum and not the fact that there is only the right and death.

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Name one person on Earth that doesn't need to be exterminated


Hitler's ghost

what the fuck

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Stop seeding all the Mk Ultra bullshit there then.

No media outrage when something like this happens: nbcnews.com/storyline/texas-church-shooting/several-casualties-reported-texas-church-shooting-n817751

No organizations fighting Christianophobia, anti-Americanism….

sounds like you are mentally ill

Please slam the foot on the accelerator more, Im enjoying the popcorn as you fumble around in the dark, slowly but steadily pissing off the entire planet to the point of no return.

thats the best you can muster hur your mentalliy ill while you lgbttrans ou are victims of timeless jew fuckery then oblivious to reality call sane white men mentally ill the projection is strong in this op and these ppl.

Pretty sure Hitler et al were exterminated

Hitler is a dead bitch

you ever wonder why you lose on all fronts and everythng youstand for gets picked apart by logic?

It is because you are wrong.

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fuck off kike

All people, including myself suffer from some form of mental or spiritual illness, it's the curse of existence. Anyway, it's easy to point towards other people, demonise them and feel good about yourself, that doesn't change the fact there is no inherent difference between the nazi-killer, the jews being shot, the media using it as propaganda etc

All of these people are sick to the bone, the nazi won't find a way out, but neither will his opponents, jews are not blameless, jews are not victims, maybe jews should actually start believing in their god and take this at face value, a punishment from their god for their arrogance.

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Lose on all front? Nazis lose, Jews run the US government.

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Why so depressive? You could simply stop being a nazi instead. Or any sort of a socialist, just to be on the safe side. Then you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and not think "need to be exterminated".
Try it, people who already did this tend to claim it's a relief!

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Two things have kept me going when the going gets tough. The first is the love for my people. The second is the determination to exterminate our enemies. I will always be a National Socialist.

Like how Nazi's exterminated the Jews?

Shhhhh, its a secret

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That's why Hitler sent them to WORK camps. To train the Jews on work ethics. Jew, YOU, do the work, NOT try and have someone else do it for you. They never get it.

They tried and failed. Who is in charge now?

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Fuck off leftypol, you have to go back.

Congratulations. You have severe autism.

Is this the fruit of several thousand years of western evolution? No wonder why skydaddy is sending all those niggers to you.

Also, fuck you and your subhumanism.

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Remember back when the Church was uncucked?

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Do I have to be a Nazi to want the extermination of all thing jewish ? I really really really hate jews , I think they are alien invaders plaguing the planet earth.