Just listen to this. The Alternative Hypothesis is going all in.


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qanon.pub/?q=bird sing

Crashing his channel with no survivors. I like it.



soon to be in every country user…we must prepare.




It is being ripped down right now. Find me an upload site for 150 MB please.


Didn't this literal autistic nigger faggot make a big deal of disavowing White identity politics a couple months ago and call White Nationalists losers or something? I wish all these e-celeb types would go and stay go. They flip flop so much it makes me sick.

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This is his usual "the left is the real hitler" fare

got shut down, anyone webm?

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it's not shut down. Maybe change your location in the youtube settings. It's just soft-censored for me.

You jumped the gun thinking he was reading a letter written by Hitler, huh? No, he's reading a letter written by Tim Wise which he edited slightly to make it sound like a Hitler letter. This isn't going all in unless you consider the "left are the real Nazis" trope to be super edgy.



I don't even think that this was his point tbh.

He was clearly drawing a parallel between Natzee treatment of Jews and the left's treatment of whites.


Couldn't be butted with dailymotion and mega accepts trash email.

Nice job saving a purple pill from an actually gay autistic nigger. That Natsoc footage really gave you a boner.

Yes, but that doesn't mean he is one of these "left are the real nadsheees" people.

No, he isn't one but the message is basically that the left is like nadzees. The only reason this was posted is because OP thought he was going 1488 GTKRWN.

Fuck off nigger. I don't burn books if I can't save a copy.


You don't think that he maybe had a lot of fun doing exactly that, but with a pretty good excuse?

I regret having saved it before the end.

The thing sounded too postmodern to me. I'm glad I'm only slightly disappointed; that the words only stirred me very little. Felt like a very vain piece if it were written by Hitler.


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He came out as a sort-of civnat a while ago. It wasted 11 minutes of my life.

Pygmy IQ.

Did you even read The Communist Manifesto and Das Captial, mutt?

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Yes, and 100% white Euro actually (bell beaker derived Celt and German). Gas yourself.

No fucking way. I think you had to have misunderstood him.

No way that the guy who wrote about how Europe killing its violent criminals created a positive eugenic effect is just a civnat cuck.

Did you miss that moment in net history a while back where he came out and announced he was no longer a nationalist? JF covered it on his channel. We even had a thread about it here.

Is somebody going to repost the video here? Not available in bongland.

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Aren't you, yourself, jumping the gun? OP's video is on point with what happened recently. Jews want to exterminate the white race and a few dead Jews mean nothing in the bigger picture. They will try to use this event as fuel for the extermination of our race and nations.

That is a good video to redpill normalfags and counter pro-jewish narratives.

I think people misunderstood him probaby. Maybe he was making a point that there identities such as German, French, English is more important than the american "white".


That's old news. Everyone knows the left is killing off whites. Leftists know it; they're actively engaged in ethnic white deconstruction. They write about it everywhere and have been doing so for ages. The right knows, too.

Normals don't care because their worldview has no value of themselves ethnically. As long as no one is rounding them up to be shipped offf to actual deathcamps, they're happy with foreigners. They get their exotic sex and food.

That's just incorrect. Watch JF's video on Faulk's video.

Maybe he was just speaking purely about the USA? Lots of people for some reason say that Europe should stay european, while not saying that the US should stay white.

Even Lauren Southern says this.


As he did not state only USA and talked about European derived whites in general and how they seem incapable of being nationalists, I doubt it.

100% homogeneous Germany in the 30's stood against the global Jewish elite and got destroyed. The war is already over, humanity lost.

We still exist.

Can anybody webm it please, it was censored in my country.

Oh, I just remembered this.

I think what a comment said is pretty accurate:
"I don't think Alt Hype is cucking here he just seems really black pilled."

change your location in the youtube settings to the USA, fam

I should have said this in the OP probably, but you all should have done that anyway.

It worked, thanks but holy shit, everything was removed, rating and comments, gone.

Or you could just quit being an insufferable fag

Yeah. If I didn't saw it being posted on other Zig Forums then I wouldn't even have seen the video, because it didn't show up in my feed.

Protip: If you have twitter, change the location to the US too.
Do it while this is still allowed.

The black pill made him "cuck" out. When you say you're dropping nationalism, officially in the public space, that isn't just being blackpilled. It's dropping out. Seriously, I thing you're grasping at straws here.

I am not going to abandon someone who makes really good quality content like this, because he sees the reality as being too blackpilled.

We should support our friends and lift them up and not forget about them, because we mistake the blackpill for cucking out.
We are all brothers in this fight.

Musta been a lodda bad goy kvetchin, dem nadzees!

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I never told you to abandon him nor did I say he has shit content; however, it's a fact that he dropped out from the movement due to being severely black-pilled. You can reconcile that fact with the fact he also distributes good.

He is still part of the movement. He just says he won't stick up for people, who are fine with their own people's genocide.

thanks user.
bless be the BIRD.

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I did not miss it. I unsubbed him for that reason. Complete disgust watching him swallow the blackpill.


fuck forgot to sage

Damn good video.

Called it.
It’s literally a game of cat and mouse with these Jewesses.

What a shit thread

So, the jew has now subverted the 2A? This is war

Thanks user.
I have no idea who this guy is but I can see why youtube kvetched. He dared to name the jew. Even fairly, with truth and facts and indirectly.

For you faggots who don't get it, some e-celeb just used a Hitler piece, changed a few names and words and released it, to highlight the anti-white stuff of kikes, kek.

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The letter was from tim wise, not Hitler.

This video is getting censored bad. I can't watch it embedded on any other site, and all the sites are blocking me from downloading it. YT won't even let me play it.

stop worrying about jews and FLY.

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OK you little faggot.
First, provide a TL;DR, second learn to format your thread properly, third learn to embed jewtube videos, fourth if you're going to post e-celeb bullshit you better have good fucking reason to do so.

No he didn't, he used a piece written by Tim Wise the jew about whites and changed the words around to be about jews written by Hitler.

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Your face when you discover the Egyptians were Europeans.

qanon.pub/?q=bird sing

When does a BIRD sing?
When does a BIRD sing?
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?

just a coincidence?
but how come that he doesn't know?
because it could be even you.

so FLY faggot.
above the rainbow.

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just watch the video, I don't want to spoil it
it loses its message a bit, if I spoiled it

Decompress and get comfy

Ingersoll Lockwood was an American Lawyer and Writer in the late 1800's.
MOST know him for his Adventures of BARON TRUMP, an Alice and wonderland style adventure with the main character sharing the name of the presidents boy among other similarities…
But His other works eerily predict the future times we Iive on today!
A look into this mans deep occultic powers and memes!
How did this man know these future events??? Did he divine them?? Or did he meet a time travelling Baron Trump???




Have a comfy day

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Hitler was great. Doesn't he know how Hitler saved his country and people from the utter destruction of the international Banking system and Jewish invented/founded and led Communism?

Being compared to Hitler is a compliment. One that the left certainly doesn't qualify for.

that's fake news/rumours.

He specifically disavowed pan-euroamerican white nationalism in favor of local euro nationalisms because the different euro races are unique and should be preserved.

Cats can’t fly

This. Fuck Americans who seems to have no concept that slavic immigrants bring also a lot of crime to Germany and should be just ignored, because muh whiteness.

what a sick boi

if this faggot can, then i think even cats should at least try.
even if it's going to be only once.

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Get your eyes tested and stop jerking off so much.
Sage for offtopic

He said whites vote like dogshit

He makes a good argument. The only class of people who can be openly maligned without recourse will eventually turn violent to correct the injustice.
The fact that he turned a liberal "White Hate" letter into a Hitler speech is pretty funny. The soft censoring of the video is just another proof of his argument.

What a clown car of normalfags this place has become.

you get it, user

tick tock jews.
tick tock.
birds are about to lift off.
the time is now.

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Feels good.

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I was referring to chasing cats (pussy) not queers, but hey be a fag if you want.

We don’t care.

Attributing this drivel to Hitler even for a minute is disgusting.
It could still be useful as an open letter from Zig Forums to kikes and memed to the point where the msm starts kvetching about it as some more horrible halfchan hatespeech. Then just meme the punch line that Tim Wise the white hating kike wrote the original.

cucking never works

soft censored only, you can still watch the video

Dunno about that, it won't let me click on the "I Understand And Wish To Proceed Anyway" button. Other people able to watch it?

I had pegged him for a bottom

I think, a long time ago, w ay back when, something happene d. Some men didn't like how they were being tr eated, decided it was i ntolerable. And they did s omething about it. It was so long ago I can't really remember. Think it was about te a.

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Have tried to upload webm twice now. Am I being dumb and over a filesize limit?

You can click through his profile to access a version of the video where the video loads enough to use a youtube downloader to snag it. That was true an hour ago anyway.

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Great news guise. By some magical twist of Cohencidence, the original article by Tim Wise is still up after 8 tears. We can pretend we changed the wording to make the jew agitator sound like lefty the little liberal fascist jew he is:

Funny how it still keeps the comment section shut down.
Archive, screenshots, share. Do it now.

It's way too big for webm. There's also a bitchute link in the thread anyways.



good catch. ty!


Did you? Because Das Kapital is written with a K.

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Webm please