Jordan Peterson Cult Deprogramming Thread #3

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Anyone have links?

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Bump. That book is already ahead of Peterson's book.

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Embed is mandatory deprogramming material.

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Instead of memes try giving

a read.

I can post the previous thread's links tomorrow.

This guy is a nutcase

he knows exactly what he's doing…

((( Juden Peterstein )))

There are entirely too many faggots in this country, and most of them are muds

If by that you mean he’s a complete faggot, then sure I believe you.

i do find it pretty funny that, with all the bullshit the guy spouted, his retarded idea that kavanaugh should step down to somehow save his reputation, and then doubling down when people rightfully called him a faggot with a bunch of fantasy scenarios where he somehow is forgiven by all of his opponents for being a noble archetype or something was a moment for a lot of people when the whole illusion of his genius came crashing down.

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If only there was a crasy messiah figure like this. That instead of bending the useful idiots for some propose, happen to create a pandora box of chaos that destroy said propose and everything around it.

Read “12 Rules…” and found some of it useful, and some just straight gonzo.
Haven’t read “Maps…”
Haven’t really listened to a lot of his lectures either, but what I have read seems practical.
Don’t know what he’s really after, but I suppose you could put him in the category of “useful idiots.”

This is a rip on 'Dianetics', isn't it?

Follow his advice so your daughter puts dopamine rush from instagram exhibitionism over childcare!
If you need self-help pirate gorilla mindset.

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Good video, but Vox is a Qcumber, which destroys his credibility.

How dare thy blastpheme against the genius healer!

She looks like shes falling asleep. Is she also on anti-depressants?

You're just mad because you haven't reached his level of enlightenment.

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Jordan's a kike but that post is using the wrong argument

thanks for reminding me to post this. it seems showing chicks who your internet dad is dries up pussy like nothing else

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Interesting read

I think the shills are too busy damage controlling the synagogue thing atm to defend this kosher cuck.

Btw this isn't actual Peterson, this is an impression of him.

damn, fooled me

Pretty sure it was the crying and nagging like a mother that did it.

It's a pretty amazing impression to be fair.
Don't worry though, this one is real.

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I never bought into Jewdran Peterson and his refusal to discuss race realism.
Fuck the crypto-kike and his cult

Yes, listening to his handlers who tell him what to say and not to say. He was manufactured.

How much pot does the professor smoke?


It's hard to imagine existence more pathetic
>tries to force his daddy peterson's advice on someone more successful than him

You guys want to really destroy Juden Peterstein everyone email him copies of 200 Years Together by his hero Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Yell it out to him at every speech he makes, everywhere he walks. He can't deny the truth forever, the evil of the Synagogue of Satan.

JP is not a nutcase. He simply does not want government to dictate the use of pronouns.

Jordan Peterson is overrated. He has a couple good ideas and that's about it. He talks way too much about things he isn't fully educated on. "12 Rules for Life" is a very poorly written book.

Fuck off shlomo.

Fix your married cheating slut daughter Peterson

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And this guy's supposed to be an acclaimed philosopher.

what the fuck

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So much for 'muh laaaaarp' huh JIDF spergers?

He doesn't understand US politics as well as even the average US citizen. This is my only problem with him thus far. On mythology, he clearly has the general idea.

>whitey MUST repent for (((coincidenceposting))) because an MK Ultra victim euthanized a few jews

But my room (as well as my penis) was never cleaner so I agree wholeheartedly, fuck you mom and dad for telling me basics of hygiene and keeping my room tidy, worthless babble, I donate to baste professor for the same advice.

Ive only heard/met one dude who likes and projects this dude. He is a half breed, his mom died of cancer and his dad is a beta faggot.

My friend fell for peterson even though his father is pretty redpilled and his family is stable.
I'm blaming capital city college meme, even though he studies engineering.

he is an atheist with zero actual spiritual understanding. maybe he has read some informative books on the subject but if so he is careful to never talk about that information. he is only capable of doing the whole dude metaphors shtick. sam harris called him out on this by replicating peterson's act except instead of using biblical text he used a cookbook recipe to produce the same result.

There was a 1/4 Filipino homo defending Peterstein for 20 posts in the previous threads.
His philosophy, like libertarianism, is very attractive for mystery meats who know they wont be accepted under racial nationalism, but are "woke".

Guess what's more fashionable right now.
Hint: People like Peterson will never prioritize it as a major problem nor accept the severity of it.

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This is what Classical Liberalism looks like.

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Jorden Peterson sucks, but still, libertarianism and most any political philosophy makes no claims about how your kids will turn out. There are MUCH better arguments as to why peterson sucks than that straw man.

You mean replacing old superstitions with new ones, like metaphorical (unless your a catholic, then literal) jesus vore. Also, Jefferson probably wasn't a strict christian. He was in agreement with many of the moral ideals of christianity, but was not christian. He was criticised by opponents as an atheist, and Jefferson even wrote:
Also, quotes from wikipedia


US news is very prominent on (((Canadian))) news channels. As for me, I listen to it direct without the (((middlemen))) kvetching about how doing something against my interest is (((good for me))).

You think US media is kiked? You practically have to drop trou and do the horking thing in Hebrew to get a media job.

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This is amazing

Intelligentsia Hypocrisy on Free Speech
"IDENTITY POLITICS" is not an argument

200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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There are two types of people in the world.
1) Socially Minded People (Feminine)
2) Analytical + Creative Minded People (Masculine)

You are a socially minded person. Your entire thought process and world view is based off the images you have of other people. Only the social image is what you recognize and believe is important. Your type of brain works differently than the other half of the population. Your brain is wired different. A socially wired brain is very easy to manipulate and hack. This is especially true at the highest levels of global power where unlimited resources are available in the form of entertainment, communication networks (TV, Radio, Internet).

There is an additional factor that played into taking Jordan Peterson's bait. You see, the Anglo/Jewish operation is targeting American "Conservatives". So they needed a type of bait that every fish would eat up. The bait used was "transgenders". This bait caught millions of fish. Everyone believes trannys are ill. The connection is made. J. Peterson is against transgenders, so Jordan must be the King of Kings. I must buy his wares and promote him like a god. This is base human behavior and psychology inside "socially minded" individuals. The socially wired mind seeks out "figures" not beliefs.

Knowing this about yourself will not change how your brain is wired. You will still remain to be a socially wired feminine individual. You spent a year defending Jordan Peterson and attacking anyone exposing him as a jewish supremacist and a molested psychopath. You are not alone. Millions of other 'socially wired' people ate up the same bait.

The best you can do now, is recognize your easily manipulated feminine design and learn to keep quiet. Reminder, many "socially minded" men like to believe they're top dog inside their social in-group. These men are always frauds playing an act what they believe "a real man" is and how to behave. These males tend to be the loudest, narcissistic, socially fragile, no substance, empty suit faggots out of all. This is also the male demographic in society that is seen subscribing to things like "fantasy football" and other equivalent jewish cult entertainment. This male demographic is "socially minded" and mentally on the feminine spectrum of intellectual dialog + thought. By outside appearances, these males sometimes put up a good fake-image of how they believe a man appears in society and in the minds of that society. However, inside these male minds are the thoughts of a woman. So, in time… throughout the course of generations the anglo/jewish power ruling over the population of the United States will deploy political actors + agents like Jordan Peterson in order to round-up the public cattle to bend to their agenda. Or, specifically at moments of political uprisings when western men begin the motions to overthrow this power structure. Bait is deployed… bait is taken.

It is best you keep quiet and learn to support in other ways. There are ways to support without intruding into the dialog. Leave the critical thinking to the Irish, Austrians and Italians on the internet who know what they're talking about. For Gods sake, never listen to an Anglo from Canada.

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Don't think I forgot about your transhumanism shilling either.

A decent amount. Used to do coke. He lives in the same house as he did in the late 90's when… you'll think I'm larping if I say more plus, that's a past life.

Quality post.

How dare you make fun of my wheelchair

could be worse


literally who

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So how do we push the red pull further down to the people who read and watch his vids?
Seems like he has lubricated millions of young whites men on tradition, marriage, importance of children, race and IQ, epigenetics etc etc. Seems like he is stubborn on the JQ which isn't hard to believe given the fact that psychology and academia are filled with jews. He does not specialize on this subject and would say out of the thousands of hours filmed from his lectures, less than %0.01 deals with Jews, and usually only when he pressed to make a statement

Would be a waste if he character assassinate the guys when he is a voice that millions of young whites are listening to, and he is sowing the seeds for further red pills.

One of his main ideas is that the truth will bring about the proper mode of being.
This could be used to our advantage to encourage people who are interested to go down the rabbit hole…

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thats just fucking gold


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Can some twitterfag user use these pics in a tweet to him saying something to the effect of "look at what your parenting skills have done?" Has this been attempted?

Hypnotherapy is the only answer for many. It’s the only way I will lose the alters.

Juden Peterstein doesn't even clean his own room.
He has a maid and the maid told fucking everyone.
Typical hypocrite cryptokike.

just keep posting great memes and not this wall of text bull shit

you have to add value not just sperg our on "JP bad guy not good you dumb"

I would suggest one easy way to do it would be to go to his videos and in the comment section point to a video that counters his info or just mention something yourself.

thats like your opinion, I think its perfectly efficient to take what he has done so far and use him as a spring board.

Basically JP is a litmus test to allow people into your redpill group … then you say to the young lad. Do you really think JP is cool then how about I show you some Vox Day … let me show you some 8ch. If some kid watches JP and is truned off completely then they probalby will not enjoy any red pilling at all or they are already anointed.

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and I would say the same to JP, the jews have just as much responsibility in it.

If they werent at the synagogue then they wouldnt have been shot.

If they didnt walk in the oven they wouldnt have been well done.

Its like these people have some kind of martyr complex

Yes, all the vitriolic ethnocentrism and hatred for all other races Jews embody is all invalidated and forgiven because a bunch of them got shot. I'm off to go reevaluate my whole belief system right now after I clean my room and wash my penis.

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This coming from the Judas goat that calls for total war in Syria and Iran. That fraud has no moral high-ground over anyone, what a snake.

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Exactly. Everything in his personal and life history shows he's nothing more than a kike shill of the worst order.



Jordan has no answer. None of his fellow jewish supremacist do. Jordan's gang all live in 1950s White America were they expect people to be innocent and oblivious to evil talmudic schemes. Jews still believe they're a "secret hidden group" that nobody knows about. Really, they truly believe this. This is the way Jordan behaves.

Additionally, when judiasm and talmudic hate is reversed back unto the jews that spew their warmongering 24/7… no solution is available to stop it. Peterson and his j-supremacist ilk will literally complaining that their own methods and practices and being used against them.

Jews need a society to continue being a sucker. When a society stop being a sucker, the jew complains. Parasite psychology in action.

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Sometimes I wonder for all his love of Jung of Peterson's real problem is that he never truly confronted his shadow. He seems to be deeply uncomfortable with true conflict, regardless.

I am completely blocked by twitter from every angle. I recommend someone tweet about the "repercussions of Jewish Imperialism". Use that specific phrase, "Jewish Imperialism" and get creative with it. This is guaranteed to trigger Jordan and his fellow internationalist band of cartel goons. Example: "It has been said the shooters motive had something to do with the history of Jewish Imperialism."

You know, just completely reverse the past 150-years of judeo-bolshevik doctrines back at them. They will literally have a mental melt-down. Also, it shows how those jews from 1850-1940s didnt give a damn about "workers rights", or "people power". No, it was all a jewish power grab. Now that they have power and wealth they want to be the Emperor.

Not a chance

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Jordan tweeted some months ago specifically promoting the idea of war against Iran as a wonderful thing. From that you can toss in Jordan's blood-lust against Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and even Russia.

Like how warmonger Ben Shapiro tweeted out "Ok, this is Epic" when Syrians were bombed. Later, using his tweeter account to write "My God" at the news of this Synagogue being attacked in PA. Someone should combine those two Shapiro tweets as a great example of Jewish violent hypocrisy. Turn it into a meme and shove it in his face. Those weasels.

Ben Shapiro
Make love, not war.

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He is obsessed with Solzhenitsyn, won't stop mentioning and quoting him but look what happens when he is confronted with the reality that is Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together. He is a spineless hypocrite weasel of a man trying to pretend he can be a father figure.

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Naturally, they are quite proud of this evil

—Norman Cantor,✡ The Jewish Experience, 1996.[3]

If Jesus comes back with a whip again I say we ask him to trade it for our guns.

Because he wants to dismantle him. Jews and their sympathizers obsess over the best of our people for nefarious dark reasons.

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What is the original footage from, I've been trying to find it for ages.

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screw that geizer he's gatekeeping our people from the truth in exchange for 30 shekels like the JUDAS he is!

I think someone asked him about this directly and he basically told them to fuck off. I feel like there's a pretty large kernel of honestly in Jordan, he is die-hard committed to his IQ statistics but he refuses to follow any of his beliefs to their logical conclusions. Why does he talk about the effects of high Jewish IQ but not low Black IQ? Well that should be obvious. He does the same damn thing (((Sam Harris))) does which is essentially say, "yes the race realists are technically right but we can't talk about that because muh genocide."


No, he has a minor understanding of a vanishingly small number of mythological stories. That no one he has talked to has a mythological knowledge base greater than his is very alarming to me. For instance, he talks frequently about St. George and the Dragon as a perfected example of the individual venturing out alone to conquer chaos by himself to enrich himself by himself, but fails to ever mention even greater mythologies that show that the individual man is not enough to conquer all obstacles no matter how heroic or even godlike (Heracles effectively killing the Hydra with his friend Iolaus, Gilgamesh befriending Enkidu by getting him laid by Shamhat and then beating his shit in, Theseus defeating the Minotaur and escaping the Labyrinth only by the help of Ariadne, and the list goes on and on and on).

Jordan Peterson only references what little mythology he has encountered that fits into his notion that the pinnacle of human existence is the individual rather than something even greater than that. The moment I realized fully that JP was severely warping things he encountered to fit this false notion was actually during his Biblical Series when he came across the sacrifice of Isaac. According to his own analysis about sacrifice being a means of people to 'bargain with nature and the future', the sacrifice of one's finest animals made sense given it's like investments towards a better future, and even self-sacrifice was understandable to him because it's pounded into Western society of how noble it is and to Jordan Peterson it was the 'ultimate sacrifice'.

But then there was Isaac, who was literally referred to multiple times as the Nation of Israel, born out of a miracle, and God told Abraham to sacrifice him too. Jordan Peterson refused to understand it, because according to his own understanding of sacrifice it implied that the Nation was greater than the Individual, and he couldn't reform it to somehow put the individual on top in the value hierarchy. He shuffles around the stage, puzzling and musing in his typical manner, but he basically says he can't wrap his head around it and just moves on. He wouldn't examine the myth's message with an open mind if it meant damaging his idea of the sovereign, ultimate-value individual, and that's when I realized he was not actually 'seeking truth' but rather just building his case.

Were he to encounter more advanced mythologies he would ran aground even more. I imagine he took a break from those lectures soon after because of the shit he is about to encounter with Moses slaughtering enemy nations and all the other shit the mythological jews do to their neighbors in their deepest jerk-off fantasies. In Jordan Peterson's words, these are 'difficult ideas' for him to arrange properly into his unreal philosophy.

doth will find with doth takes eyes away from rectum and puts it in their but … but … but what!

Because in Jordan's mind, God is not God. God is the pinnacle of what a human should be. He screams forth blasphemies, because in truth the pinnacle of what a human should be is to worship God to the fullest, not to become God himself. He's a humanist in the absolute worst sense of the word.

Oh he worked for the government, what's worse the psuedo-government of the UN? HOW AM I NOT SURPRISED.

Every teen at college has weird thoughts like this.

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Great post in general.

This is the root of why he's such trash. Doesn't even try to adapt or understand, he's just selling something.


I never thought there was a peraon gayer than Milo, but here we are. Some BASTE Flip defending Peterstein.