Evergreen Collage "Unlearn Whiteness "

Evergreen Collage is offering a new workshop. "Understanding and Unlearning Whiteness Skill Group"


Anyone planning on showing up?

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If you aren’t tearing down jew posters and propaganda everywhere you see it, you don’t belong here.

Can’t unlearn who I am.


You don’t belong here.

Daily reminder to attend your local universities and kindly recycle all propoganda.

So act like niggers, mesospics or jewS?

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Show up, but walk out.

Shit like this just makes me want to pull a reverse-Jew and double down on my "whiteness." Spite is a powerful motivator.

No, show up with several sympathizers and when Q&A time comes, bombard them with questions that destroy their narrative. It's happened before and it's super successful so long as you don't chimp out like the leftists will.

Record the entire event and post it Vimeo and worldstar.

Deconstruct Judaism / “jewish identity”. The “star of david” is an ancient aryan symbol (shatkona)

Our “greatest ally” derive its power mainly from redirecting our power into their cause, while at the same time slowly destroyin us.

They destroy us by deconstructing our identity and denying that we even exist.

The funny part is, that the jews should not throw with stones, when they sit in a house of glass. Let us turn it around at dig up, that jews neither have an original religion, nor are a people as a whole.

-the genesis has clearly roots in ancient sumerian texts (sumerians were aryans with blue eyes)
-the “star of david” only came to widespread use with the jews after 1648. It is also known as the SHATKONA in India (aryan invasion, therefore the kaste system) and Japan (aryan Ainu settled here).

-the jew Esra took ancient aryan texts while being a writer for the king of Persia (Persia is Iran, Iran means land of the aryans) and started to put the Thora together. Between the 10th century BC and the beginning of their exile in 586 BC, polytheism was normal throughout Israel,it was only after the exile that worship of Yahweh alone became established. This means, jews stole our wisdom!
-Israel (“he fights against a god”) is a name they gave themself after Jacob struggled with some entity in the night (they say it was the demiurg JHWH)

-The 5 books of Mose have clearly roots in ancient Egyptian myths (Egyptian pharaohs had red and blonde hair. Recent DNA analysis, showed them to be western european, therefore Aryan) of Osiris and Horus.

-The “Ten Commandments” are a ripoff of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
-Read “Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled” to see for yourself


-Mesopotamian esoteric lore has a remarkable parallel in Jewish Kabbalah.

-The “jewish” Menorah is in reality the (Aryan) tree of life of the Assyrians, being then Aryans before mass migration turned them to mongrels. The “Christmas tree” is our pagan tree of life (yggdrasil).



– the brewer’s star, as related to brewing and alchemy. These elements include Fire, the masculine element of action and determination, portrayed by a triangle facing the heavens.

The masculine element of Air which deals with communication and intelligence is also a triangle, facing upward, but with a horizontal line symbolizing the clouds at the top of the mountain.

These two elements are ascending and are governed by the principal of upwardness and uplifting, anti-gravity.

The feminine element of Water is represented by a triangle facing down to the earth – like the rivers that flow to the lowest grounds. Earth is the other feminine element that is represented by a triangle pointing down with a horizontal line representing the surface of the earth. These two elements are ruled by the principal of gravity.

Combined, these four elements represent the Great Work in alchemy, which means harmony balance and peace.


-More than 90 percent of all wall street jews are in reality Khazars from the Caucasus region who joined the “jewish faith” between 700 and 800 AD. (Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe: archive.org/details/THETHIRTEENTHTRIBE_201411)

-the orthodox jews wear clothes which were once modern in italy

-Semites inherit more neanderthal genes than the Aryans and are therefore not even fully modern humans, but violent, clannish, prehistoric people.


Some semites just stole wisdom from other ancient religions, put in their own distorted history as a tribe and mixed it up with big time lies and lunatic ideas of being chosen. That is the jewish faith in a nutshell.

The real chosen race is the white race! Jews stole important parts of judaism from the aryans and lie about it. We already know this kind of behavior!


Jews have no identity of their own except as the world’s most professional and organized liars!

best idea here

Evergreen is an open air mental asylum, I don't think they are taken seriously by anyone.


Kek they still haven't learned?

I hope their pet shitskins across all colleges and universities chimp out until every (((white))) is replaced with a muhammah, chang, pedro, and jamal.

For fuck's sake, it's Evergreen College. Did anyone NOT expect something like this? I'm half convinced that they primarily do this shit for headlines as part of an enrollment drive. They're the far left version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Take a big shit right in front of it, and put your course completion sheet right next to the poo. Congrats, you've unlearned whiteness!

The enrollment at evergreen has plummeted in the past few years and their federal funding has been called into questions by state representatives so I wouldn't bother paying attention to anything they're doing. Even the people in the pnw think they're loons

Shit like this piss me off

If the students want to unlearn whiteness. Why is the college still standing? These are the dumb chimps who would burn down a building just because they think blacks will rebuild them.

So if I go to an "unlearning" class I get paid tuition?

Because it's full of glow niggers. I knew of one who was placed there after her cover was blown. I think she's a design teacher. Used to be a good visa stamp forger.

My white kids need a better world to live in! We're probably going to go to my wife's country (Ecuador), the land is cheap and there are many cozy Aryan communities there.

Not enough to do anything about it.

Only liberal idiots go there.

Back before they made it legal, that's where they went for dey weed.