Can truth be a weapon?

My brothers, my friends.
You warriors who walk dark paths still, let me be a help to you as you contend in your heart with the light and the dark.

I speak peace to you my brothers who strive against the dark with your minds but who have yet to fight this war in spirit. Because it is a spiritual war you fight, whether you perceive it or not.

You seek restoration for your people and for yourselves and so we are allies. You seek family, love, respect for history, a return to pure traditions. To walk mightily upon the earth without shame. To be warriors for your people.

You walk dark paths and would seek to fight those who dwell upon them. But how can you fight in the dark, how can you go to war blinded and carrying heavy burdens in your heart.

The dark powers with which you contend are too powerful for you to fight so encumbered. Those who dwell on dark paths only seek to increase suffering and to join them in causing suffering is to make yourself an ally to their cause.

They feed upon death, hatred, malice and vengeance. Watch the 60 minutes interview with George Soros that was kept secret for so long. The interviewer asks him "You were a Nazi…you persecuted your own people, doesn't that bother you?". And he replies with pure evil in his eyes "It's just business."

Their business is to increase suffering. It is the offering that they bring to the dark. They care not who suffers, not even their own people. Just so long as the dark is fed.

Those who serve the dark come from all races, ethnicity's and religions. It is not a race war you fight it is a spiritual war you fight.

Would you join them? Would you make yourself a weapon to be wielded in their hands? How can you go to war with the dark for the sake of your people, if you are doing exactly what they want you to do.

You are being trolled and provoked into going against them in mind and body when the only way to win is by fighting in spirit.

Do you wish to go to war in body and mind because it is the easy path? Do you wish to dwell on the path of hatred and vengeance because you fear the light yourselves?

Would you be cowards, or warriors?

I came to you yesterday with a question, now I come with a challenge and if you are willing to take it on I will bring you a secret about an enemy of light who will soon seek to lead our nation. One who has stabbed out in blindness against the innocent seeking to destroy me.

I know you think I am a liar but I speak truth to you. How will you know it is true? Because it is strange. Lies are bound within the realm of possibility but truth has no such boundaries

I will not share such truth with those who dwell within the dark still.

I speak peace to you my brothers.

I will come here whenever I can and I will strive with you. If you dwell upon a dark path that I have walked then what ever counsel I can provide will be provided.
I will respond to all because I would not leave any one of you behind. If I do not respond do not take it as though I don't care, believe it or not, I do have a life and much work to attend to.

But I will strive with you. I will speak peace to you. I will speak strength to you. I will speak truth to you.

On the day when all here are in agreement and dwell in the light then I will share this secret with you and we will ride to war wielding truth as our weapon.

You great dark brood.
You nameless.
You kingless.
You dark birds who hold no counsel but their own.
You great flock who move as one.
Let it be Gods hand that moves you.
You who have fallen, I would see you rise.

I will remain nameless as is our custom. I know you have the power to find out who I am, but I ask you to stay your hand. If my identity is known then my secret will not be effective. You must trust me in this. My anonymity is not fear but only a tactic.

I speak peace to you my brothers.

I will speak peace to you until you speak peace to me.

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Not your blog. Take it back to tumblr.
Reported for supporting white genocide and refusing to name the jew.

You are right, there are a lot of jewish people who serve the dark, but I cannot see into the hearts of all Jews and make a judgment.
If they serve the light of god then they are my ally.
If they serve the dark then they are my enemy.
It is not just white genocide they seek, it is the genocide of all who serve light.
I speak peace to you my brother.

Dude, you ooze so much (((peace))) that i am starting to think you are a glownigger.

This is not a peaceful world. (((They))) are trying to genocide us, and they are succeeding. You are trying to blind us, it seems.

Please subvert the jews, but not us.

Reported for supporting the jews.

So, when pigs fly, eh?

The truth is the most important recruiting tool.

I don't speak peace to the world. I speak peace to your heart. You cannot be strong if you struggle within yourself. How can you fight if you are not strong.
They seek the genocide of all people who serve god. They promote abortion to the blacks and music that encourages violence, is that not genocide. They hold no loyalty to any race not even their own.
I am not trying to blind you brother, I am trying to lift you to the light so that together we can find some solution.

Lol, you're right, it won't be easy, but nothing worth doing is.
God help you be strong.

I will not respond to threats of being reported. If you will contend with me then contend with me yourself.
I speak peace to you, though those who run to authority for help disgust me, I know that you can seek strength as I have.

And that is the great temptation that I struggle with. It is a great story and would be fun to tell, but I will notwaste this opportunity to lead to the light which is the source of my strength.

Yes and no. Race obviously matters, as evidence by the types of civilization a race produces, blacks do not produce civlization, as evidence by the two eyes that God gave you. Asians produce civilization but that is not yet enough to find God. Whites produce the best God-fearing civilization, hence why whites have (((their attention))) but the other races do not.

It is a spiritual war manifesting on a physical world, but because the spirit takes precedence that doesn't mean that the body doesn't matter. Whites hold, held, and have the flame of Christendom.

This passage in the Bible is emphasizing how important it is to protect the FAITH inside of the blood of a people. So both the race and the spirit matter. In a perfect world you wouldn't need to protect the blood to protect the faith, but because sin lives in the blood, if a race can protect their blood and keep it by degrees, pure, then they can have an easier time managing the faith of a people. Ergo you see nothing but dysfunction in highly diverse civilizations.

It is a spiritual war manifesting on a physical world, ergo race matters a damn lot. If you ever think that blacks are ever going to produce a God-fearing Christian civilization with tenderness and learning, well, you are quite naive, for God almighty gave them their darkness for a good reason, for he knows their wicked ways all to well.

No, you were reported for supporting jews. You do not have the right to post here if you support jews. I don’t care about your peace. You are a traitor to the white race.

Sadly, truth isn't a weapon. No matter what truths are on our side it doesn't matter if we can't get people to care about them.

Truth is truth
Spotted the jew

This person will be under a spotlight and at the center of our nations attention. People will care. They will go against Trump who though not perfect, and who struggles mightily within himself has done more to beat back the tide of degeneracy and degradation than anyone here.

Just to be clear this isn't true. You are presupposing that humanity is above truth. Yet it is truth which is far above humanity and dominates it in every way.

Those who deny truth will ultimately be wiped out.. this is clear for all of us to see and why we are here.

So it would be wise to align yourself with people who accept the truth, this is an equal filter to race, yet racial realities are truth.

Where was the lie? I have looked over everything I have written and I can't find it. When the truth is told I may very well end up in prison. I will not make that sacrifice unless I have peace with why I did it. Right now an innocent man suffers and I hate that. I have held this truth until its revealing will be more effective.
Pray for me brother, your words weaken my spirit.

If faith is in the blood then why do you quote the bible of another people? Faith is a lie we tell to ourselves. I know that gods hand works in my life because I have seen it. I don't need faith I have certainty. I walked dark paths trolling and provoking the powerful out of righteous anger, in one instance it was effective, this ties back to a childhood experience I had with this person. I see the hand of god in this and I will not leave the true path for fear that I will have wasted all those years for nothing.
I have seen gods light in other races, they have helped me when others scorned. I know that gods light shines in all people because I have seen it. I will not turn on someone who is of another race who walks in the light. I would destroy myself.
That being said my loyalty is to my people, because we share common history and blood. But I will not fight against the dark with hate in my heart.

Ok, I'll bite. If the naming of names is where your persecution begins, why not at least provide proper context? Couching your OP in veiled, cryptic nonsense while speaking of "light" and "truth" is the height of disingenuity.
If we're looking at this via a Christian perspective, the end is already written; persecution of the Church, martyr of the saints, Enoch and Elijah return to Israel and receive the usual greeting, Israel is surrounded by the armies of the world and then the end.

If by now you know who I am, keep silent.If my identity is known then the powerful will align with the innocent against me, wait and we will align with the innocent against the powerful.

I am not a christian, that is the faith of another people. I admire Christ the sacred warrior. I only serve God by searching my heart, and this aligns me with Christ who walked the same paths that I walked but did so without error. God knows I have erred.I have fallen and wandered as a fool in the fog. But now that fog has lifted and I would go to war with god in my heart. I love you guys. We are birds of a feather who flock together. I would ride with you but not with malice and hate.

ahh.. that explains the revelatory spoopiness.
Take care dude, and take your meds.

I am not crazy, I am speaking the truth. My mind is clear, if I speak strangly it is because I have a love of language. I will try to tone it down, thank you for your correction.
I speak peace to you.

Tell a fat girl she's ugly. Tell a merchant its clan. Oy vey.

Depends how it's used… We need a global effort to uncuck humany. It feels unreal but a group of few million kikes control much of the 7 billion people that currently exist.

Uncucking yourself is exactly what I am talking about. Finding strength and peace so that you may have a family and love and not crawl at a woman's feet nor stand tyrant over her either. Only the strength that comes from God can provide this.

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Remember some of us have family with kids. My wife (DACA girl from Mexico) has blessed me with 2 beautiful Aryan children and we're having other 2 in a few months. I cannot leave her and the kids alone.

Personally, I've been saving money and plan to go to a rural community in mexico. The problems are the gun laws and the fact that most white neighborhoods are european and not american.

Fuck off reddit.

I have children too user, but wouldyou give up the last country on earth where dissusions like this can be had. The war that I speak of would not resort to violence and instead be a quiet war within ourselves until we are true warriors and you not a warrior until you take action. Everyday watching for the dark and fighting it mercilessly. Know someone who might be molesting kids for example, find out for sure, take action walk without fear and the dark will flee before you, and then the people around you will admire you. Or be jealous, and if they are seek to lift them up so that they are your ally. All of our systems are struggling under corruption and inaction. So take action, teach your children to do the same. Do not flee, we need you here.
I speak peace to you my brother and I speak blessings upon your children and wife.

There are no good Jews.
Zig Forums does not content with dark powers.
Zig Forums is the darkness itself.
Zig Forums is the only power.

If you are the darkness then why fight for your people, why wear this mask.
Cowards see strength as evil.
And so when a coward wants to become strong, he tries to appear evil and dark.
Eventually he will become strong, not because he is evil but because he aspires to strength.
He then need only drop the mask of evil and learn to fight against the dark.
I speak strength to you my brother.

Reported for spam.

Here’s some truth. 60 years ago Israel was an enemy allied with the Soviet Bloc.

You're right they have sought power so that they may increase the suffering of the world. Do you think that I ally myself with this?
I have only realized that my hate for them was benefiting them.
And so I refuse to hate.
I refuse to suffer.
I seek to heal the weakness within me.
And I seek to take action in my daily life.

You are not "aligned" with Jesus Christ or any god worth worshiping, you disingenuous fuck. If you don't have the Son, you don't have the Father. Doesn't matter if you believe it or not; if you had any integrity you wouldn't try to sidle up alongside Christianity when the Bible specifically warns against people like you.

Your "light" is darkness. Just look at how pointlessly cryptic your gay OP is. Is it making things clearer, or more convoluted? Light gives understanding; darkness confounds it. Light that has to hide is no light at all.

You lot need to get real that even kikes are infighting. You need to utilise this fact more efficiently.

What is cryptic about it.
The point that I am making is that your hate is destroying you. That there is a better way to fight the destruction of our people whoever those people may be.
You say I am disingenuous and yet you contradict yourselves.
You say you hate Jews and yet Christ was a Jew.
You say that faith is in the blood and tied to race, while at the same time you are quoting the bible of another race.
This confusion is a result of seeking god with your mind and not with your heart.
You are correct that "aligned" was a poor choice of words.
You say that we should fight the jew, name the jew.Jew this and Jew that but then you start quoting the Bible which says that Jews are Gods chosen people.
Who is confused here.
The point I am making is that we fight not with people but with darkness,evil, the devil whatever you may call it.
And you cannot win against evil by imitating it.
You say that they are destroying your people, and then you seek to destroy theirs, that is imitating evil.
There is a better path that requires action not words, goodness not the imitation of evil.

I'm done for the night. Modern Christianity has become nothing but a bunch of conformists and cowards who have made a religion of inaction.
I only seek to walk a path of light, to take action against evil, to use truth as a weapon against evil and a medicine for good. I will post here again soon and provide context to the truth I hold though you will not get enough detail to act on it.
Not yet.
I speak peace strength and truth to you my brothers.

You don't know what I think, say, or do. Zig Forums is not a gaggle of npcs. So when you accuse me of contradicting myself or being confused, you're assuming I agree with every shitposter and shill on this board.

Never said that.

Talmudic jews have stubbornly rejected God, and for this they've been cut off. The tiny remnant who are chosen have nothing to do with the synagogue of Satan (see Romans 11, for starters).

What I hate is the wickedness Talmudic jews work, as did Jesus. I wish they wouldn't do it. I don't like what it does to them, either. I don't want any people to be wiped out, but if a people have given themselves over to evil, then they will be destroyed utterly. I leave the judgement up to God.

I understand your point about frenzied hatred, but you really need to cut back on the self-satisfied purple prose.

Gonna add, since this thread is shit anyway, that not all hatred is bad. It's righteous to hate, rebuke and drive out evil.

worst op