Blackface Backlash

We need to strike while the iron is hot.
I have no love for Megan Kelly but lets use the uproar to male them eat their own. We DEMAND justice for the ebil waycissts attacks using blackface by JIMMY KIMMEL, SARAH SILVERMAN, FALLON, AND ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
fire up those twatter accts and lets get something catchy trending.

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What these liberal leftist funny people did was way worse that Megan saying "… Diana Ross… If done with respect not mocking"
These others jibba jabbaed and acted (very well) like nogs but fair is fair I want them all tarred and feathered beaten and whipped!

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I'll get the salt miners

Blackface is a literal kike invention. It was first used in a pedowood kike film about a kike musician pretending to be a nigger on stage. Don't believe me? Watch vid related.

There is no reason whatsoever for White people to take any shit for blackface when fucking filthy yids invented it in the first place.

Are black guys in white face going to be punished too?

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Hypocrite much?

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True champion of the white race right here. Got all those prioritiea in order.

I've never understood the appeal of blackface. I don't know why anyone would do it or what's funny about it. I don't understand why somebody would willingly make themselves up to look like a black person. Maybe it's just before my time.

Staged controversy.
Me(gyn) = Me woman Kelly is a trans man.
Sarah Silver (silver is below gold, runner-up award, fake) Man, i.e fake man, is an MtF tranny.
The kikes leave clues in the names of their puppets (you think the names aren't chosen for them? lol) to mock the goyim, in much the same way as a serial killer leaves clues for the police. In both cases pathological arrogance, simultaneous over-estimation of personal ability and under-estimation of the ability of the pursuer/the cops/the goyim television audience, leads to the perp getting caught.
In the case of trannies, the kikes have a protective buffer - the majority of blue pilled normalfags who believe the television is a truthful reporting tool, they will defend "their" "stars" against the "liars", the "tinfoilers", the "haters", therefore, unlike the serial killer, the kike can afford a certain % of the goyish public knowing his game at any given time. He simply relies of the rest of the goyim to knock them back down (tall wheat syndrome) or, if things get out of control, to run a damage-limitation psyop via controlled media.
FtM trannies love hypermasculinity.
Favourite props:
All establish a persona where the typical goyish mind is paralysed against admitting the truth: "it can't be true because 'she' has a baby!!! I saw the baby bump!!!111" / "it can't be true because 'he' beat his wife!!!111 must be a man!!1111"
You're blue pill.
You're a goy.
Nothing more than a meme vector for what is fed to you by the kikes.

It derives from a 19th century form of American entertainment called the Minstrel Show, which continued on into American vaudeville, which then crossed over into early Hollywood films.
It was never intended to be malicious mockery against blacks, but modern leftists try to rebrand it as such.
Just read the wiki page about minstrel shows and you will see that it's been edited to portray blackface as a malicious act by whites against blacks.


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How about bugs bunny

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some version of Disney mouse

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After all, aren't rock and roll, r&b, blues bands today just jews and whites mimicking niggers without the face paint?

Walt Disney did nothing wrong

It's always so odd to me how Hollywood musicals seemed to always produce such nightmarish images…


user, it wasn't "first used" in that film, it existed in minstrel shows for a long time. It's just that jews were apparently involved in minstrels as well. On top of that, minstrels were already popular in the U.S. well before movies were around.

Your post reminds me of that one part of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court where the MC says something about a someone's sense of humor being "worse than the minstrels". Minstrels were very popular during their time, and so maybe people that call Big Bang Theory "nerd blackface" are accurate in that minstrel shows were the bazinga equivalent of their time. Maybe minstrels simply consisted of pretend-niggers having conversations that are technically normal but would make people that have no experience talking to black people think "lol those wacky niggers".

Blackface is a part of white culture.

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Shit anyone know how to make a twitter?
We should be sharing this but Sideline
and Google Phone do not work for making accounts last I checked

Well, in the 1940s it was mostly "feel good" moralization propaganda to help with the war effort.
It's hard to relate to or understand now, but back in the day, blackface was considered a very popular vaudeville standard for the entertainment of American audiences.

Peter Sellers the Party 1968

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I liked him better as a German

They had to bleach him for that film

I'm not advocating gratuitous use of black face (it's a shitty, cheap stunt), but dear god this country has lost it's fucking mind.

This was a movie made by a jew starring jews, and a sharp black guy in a great role… and it would cause race riots today. Fucking hell we've let them take comedy from us.

Americans need a little thicker skin and the ability to laugh at ourselves. We've lost it.

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An unfortunate fact is that, over the course of decades via propaganda and tainted "education," Jews have turned victimhood into power in our culture, and the more of a victim you are, the more power you have through your weakness. Of course, the progressive stack is now one of the left's religious documents, sort of their equivalent of the Ten Commandments. This victimhood isn't determined by your experiences or your resilience in the face of adversity, it's determined entirely by your ancestry and your religious scruples. Up is down, in is out, chocolate is vanilla. We're at a point now where these insane SJWs will claim, without a hint of irony, that a homeless White man with schizophrenia and/or PTSD has privilege, but a billionaire like Michael Jordan is oppressed because he's black, and Hillary Clinton lost the election because she's a woman and 150 million people are just sexist bigots.

Naturally, the Jews, who have more political and financial power than any other ethnic or religious group in the world, are the most oppressed and the biggest victims, so their problems are the most important and the first that have to be solved. Funny how that works.

When the culture is this way, and being a victim means you get to boss everyone around and be special, everyone and their mom is suddenly Jewish, homosexual, and 1/64 Cherokee. There is societal benefit to being anything but a straight White Christian man, so everyone broadcasts how brown and oppressed they are to have that power. Polite sage for double post.


Its seemingly an ancient Aryan rite to paint your face "black" usually using ashes such as the Germanic Harii tribe did. The more I read about the custom I don't think it was ever to make yourself look like a nigger but instead to show to your enemy that the ashes you wear are those of your enemies like Kali in the Rigveda or Viking Berserkers. It probably has something to do with the Einherjar and the Wode which is part of the folklore in the more modern zwarte piet.

Why I think jews are against the practice is because the ritual is to adorn yourself with the cremated ashes of your enemies and (((they))) aren't into cremation.

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Jonah from Tonga. Australian TV show. We still blackface.

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Ok ok… Yesyes minstrel shows jews and pedowood. Let's get back on track.
We need a catchy hashtag and we need to go after a a few lefties. I want these comedians head on a metaphorical plate. We are squandering this opportunity.
It shows the glaring hypocrisy at least and may in fact cause a few high profile people to be fired. (Im looking at you Kimmel).

Silverkike dresses like Hitler with zero repercussions meanwhile people are thrown in jail for a salute in Berlin.
Sarah's quote was funny though:
"I.. I.. Look like the beautiful Queen Latifa"
Why in the fuck are we not making a big deal out of this.
If we could hypothetically get them fired or censured it will make normies see how full of shit they are and maybe they can get the nerve to leave the left or at least begin to question it.
Imagine Kimmel gets sacked.
Literally millions overnight would be pissed and at the right people. Even if he has to do a forced mia culpa and cry saying hes sorry it would turn many away from the left.

No I mean going back to the 1920's the actual visions of Busby Berkley musicals are like some nightmare..

Original 60's Star Trek
The left is always selective in their outrage, you can't call them on hypocrisy. They just pretend not to notice

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Gandhi 1982 Oscar best picture

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Minstrel stuff was invented because Hollywood jews were so racist they didn't want to hire real blacks. They did the same shit to asians for decades in the movies as well as middle easterners. It was embarassing to see bible movies with no actual arabs in it, but actors painted up with brown.
I won't even get into cowboys and indians movies…

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I dindu nuffin

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inb4 NPCface backlash

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Blacken faced morris dancers,
accounts of of the English char coaling their face and dancing around like a fool go back to the 16th century.

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Hey blackface was ok in 2008 Tropic Thunder robert downey jr

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Based jews

Dan Aykroyd's blackface in Trading Places 1983

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you leave that movie alone

Don't endanger or culture any more by alerting yet more SJWs.

t. britbong

Who honestly cares about blackface? Even black people are tired of being told to be offended by it. At this point it feels like the world is just Hard-line Nationalists (Consisting of Traditional Black and White People) vs (((Them))).

Hell, most of these people don't even realize there were multiple types of blackface such as :
"We don't want to associate with black people and risk our careers" and " Hurr durr i'm retarded" black face.

That's the problem. We're not allowed to laugh at reality anymore. We're supposed to be terrified of it. We are not allowed to express ourselves and tame our demons through normal means. Just medicate and hypnotize them rather than drag them kicking and screaming into the light. I miss the good ol' days where people actually understood what satire was.

Nobody cares about blackface except SJWs who monetize on the backlash.

Point and laugh at them.

Its the hypocrisy that bugs ya, they fire whats her name for defending it, when it's common up to 10 years ago. Lets see them shame Dan Akroid or the writers of that movie, they will not.

Monty Python 1974 ish, it should be banned.

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Laurence Olivier 'Othello 1965

thats black

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It's obviously a bone in the throat of Spike Lee.

Silver Streak (1976) -Gene Wilder

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By the way, while we're on the subject of fewlish kneegrows, I see Lebron James is wearing an Emirates t shirt.

You know, the United Arab Emirates that still practices slavery on a broad scale while quietly hiding it? That Emirates?
How stupid can a bouncy ball playing pavement ape be?

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During the opening sequence of the Oscars on Sunday night a blackfaced clad Billy Crystal revived his Sammie Davis Jr. impression.


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So we arent going to do shit except go on a film history lesson?
We should be activating sock accounts.
Making lists of people to contact etc.

Fuck it. Jews win. i give up.

Saw this one on twitter, hoping someone says "actually Silverman is racist so it's ok" or something like that.

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These people are kikes, not white.

when the narrative is "white people bad" jews are the first to claim their nonwhiteness. Pointing out jews blackfacing and saying "white man bad" is a pretty good move.

no its not … what we want to say is
this is ok because jews are not white … dont run from the same of racism
accept it but only with honest discourse

we are white , we are racists because we are better, jews are not racists they just like to act stupid because they are not white

shame* of racism

Push it so fucking hard it gives them a colon breach.

this is a scarily accurate portrayal of a streetshitter.

Burger entertainment always has been shitty even 100 years ago….failed nation from the start….you should go back to the 1800s and start anew…

Kill yourself moshe.

At least in murica we dont bow down to sharia law. Let's have you talk about the Holohoax or that moehamhead was a pedo; itd be minutes b4 police bash in your door. You stuck up euroslaves never had freedom of speech, you just dont get it. You've all been disarmed and beaten down by globalist kikes; your women raped and you punished for wrongthink. We may all fall eventually to the brown masses but at least we will go last.l

Check out the managed argument- (both from (1)s of course)

Sorry but you are blue pill, normalfag aware.
You think this movie is "politically incorrect", that it used racial stereotypes as humour?
You're the kind of unaware who thinks that Archie Bunker/Alf Garnet were "very un-PC" and that such shows are examples of "racism being tolerated historically."
You completely misunderstand the purpose of these jewish shows.
They weren't "un-PC", they were powerful tools promoting a PC mindset by memetically linking that supposed "politically incorrect actions" with only people who are
They never were edgy or "bravely ignoring political correctness", they were pushing it using subversive means.
Look up Warren Mitchell, the kike who played Alf Garnet in the UK TV series "till death us do part".
He openly mocked his fans for their blindness, for not realizing he was mocking "racism" and that everything he said was intended to satirize and belittle nationalism.
Crowds in their thousands showed up to watch him perform, because they agreed with his message, they viewed him as a voice in the wilderness, saying what everyone thought but was too afraid to admit.
Too much immigration.
Too many blacks.
He spat on their backs, it was all a ruse.
Link racialism, nationalism, tribalism to "nasty, grey haired old men" and you make the alternative (universalist cultural marxism) the default choice for anyone under 60.

Just for the lazy:
Here is how the jew mocked and continues to mock nationalists.
Written by a kike, performed by a kike.
The typical brit remembers this show as "racist" and "very un-pc", morons.

That's a PSG jersey, dumbo. They're owned by Qatar royalty who also own the airline.

And Keked


It’s not effective unless you put stars on the kikes, because most niggers think they are white and blame us. The only way to abate white guilt is teaching people the difference.

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Here you go fags.

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You're off your meds again, aren't you.

Gandhi isn't black he's Indian and Ben Kingsley is half Indian you moron. That might be make-up or he might just have tanned a lot for the role.

Since the Wreck-It Ralph sequel is coming out in November, someone should totally photoshop Sarah Silverman's WIR character Vanellope von Schweetz into wearing the same style of blackface that Sarah wore on her TV show in 2007 and add a caption like, "Blackface-style Vanellope, approved by Sarah Silverman". You can probably figure out a better caption than mine, I'm just spitballing ideas.

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That scene was hilarious!

Ben Kingsley isn't jewish. And, no, "His family thinks his grandfather might have had some jewish in him." doesn't count.

Dan Aykroyd isn't jewish either.

respect the trips

Second this

The only good thread on Zig Forums and everyone is ignoring it. Hmmm, I wonder (((why??)))

Monty Python
The Attilla the Hun Show 1973 ish
The lefty PBS has no problem showing this racist show

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Are you retarded

john wayne conqueror 1956

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MY GEISHA - 1962 Shirley Maclaine

Attached: geisha-makeup-look-by-Shirley-Maclaine.jpg (1600x992, 82.93K)

I propose a new format.

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Spam that with Billy Crystal's face. Love to see the left explain why he is still working after blackfacing in 2012. When Megan Kelly gets fired for defending it

Fuck, that's actually an improvement.

Can't right now, maybe later. Actual work to do.

I thought so too. After I posted it, I thought it might be better the other way.

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Feel the same way about it, likewise with "drag".
To me, that's just self-induced humiliation at best and sanitized public encouragement of autogynephilia at worst. A few anons on both here and /tv/ have tried to tell me that it's "good fun" and that Rupaul is somehow comparable to WWE with its staged segments but nah. Some might find entertainment in that type of degenerate faggotry, but I personally don't see the funny side and never will.

Request fulfilled. Don't say I never did nothin for you user.

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Will trade shoops for salt. Anyone got some socks? If so, I'm taking requests.

Can anyone tell I'm bored?

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slightly related;
If youre looking for some downtime fun, entertain yourself with the grand Dutch ritual of Sinterklaas and his nigger slaves.
(((Netflix))) banned all Dutch Sinterklaas movies, because they feature Zwarte Piet. Frisians are mad because they think you should not mess with a feast for children. They even blocked highways to stop imported (((protests))) from reaching the arrival of Sinterklaas. These heroes now stand trial for it.
Sinterklaas is a tradition that finds its roots in pre-Christian Europe, but hey, fuck that, its racism! I have no idea how the black ravens of Wodan turned into niggers along the way, but theyre niggers now. Why change it. They now suggest (((rainbow))) Pete instead of Black Pete. So imagine where thats going hm. Absolutelyweimar.png

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How about a ditzy looking Megan Kelly with the same caption, all three stacked together

Traditions be racist now

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