Brit/pol/ #2917: Zoomers Rise up Edition

fuck links

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Is this the power of pugchad?
she'll probably unmatch in 10 mins though keeek, some lasses do the same as me, just 'like' on every lad then filter afterwards

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Bad lad

Keek smh

dream gf tbh

Puglad the anti-Steiner

the results of raising a generation like this will be something to behold

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you know what to do

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swiping fast gets you labelled a bot and you go further down in the rankings making it harder to get matches, you can't swipe right on everyone or the system knows you are desperate

I got another match but I think it's an anorexic tranny smh, they have a big brain wojak for their first profile photo, the rest are photos of their hand and foot

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I've been getting matches though lad…

show us


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that hair……………………………

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Actually just translated the bio of that Maria one, it says "Legend says that if you match the three maries we invite you to a beer"

Sounds like an invite to a weird foursome or something if you match them all smdh

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for him

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uninteresting females who act aloof and mysterious and always the most cliche boring stereotypical and predictable annoying slags

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hope steiner doesn't shoot himself while his mummy and daddy are away on a dirty weekend

steiner, just pull the trigger and it'll all be over in a painless flash

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U lads r right, I posted a little while ago about offering a ugly fat girl a shag and she said yes then I ghosted her. looked at her facebook yesterday out of loneliness thinking she's ugly so probably as lonely as me and turns out she was a single mum but despite that now has a well put together boyf with a good haircut, how? She is a gross, obese single mum

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the worst mummies seem to produce dark triad chad male children and slag daughters its weird tbh

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only thing that matters is for your pussy to feel good

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don't want to go, lads

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What's the toil lad? Rentboy?

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brb slaving away 50 years of my life away for materialism tokens

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Did mutelass get

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your mum does

you go to hell if you suicide lads

You've teased it a lot. Glad to hear you come around.

First time I watched Blade Runner I thought Pris was a lad in a wig in the first scene she's in

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hes been stuck in a loop for a long time tbh

wheres that lad who fucked a fat slag off tinder and halfway through she got up to go wipe her arse crack with a towel because the smell was so bad

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Lmao remember that

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so much poo talk lately and yet no sign of poolad

tbf if I can just make it another half year I can maybe start my own business

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*500 billion dollar corporation moves next door to your humble shop*

quick sketch of steiner

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no lad I would be a based handyman fixing things for dumb phone zombies who don't know what a impact driver is

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you become a tree rooted to the depths of hell tbh

footlads posts make me laugh tbh

smh lass no, I pick things up and put them down again so rich boomer retirees can buy nice things that I'll never be able to afford


it's that thing you have to update when your printer stops working


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he's not alone lad

I like women's hands

what happened lads? Don't we have weekend threads anymore? toilposting can wait till tomorrow smh.

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A fresh lass on the dating shite has peculiar hands

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this tbh there's a group of five or six lads all crowded around one keyboard fighting over who gets to post the eyeball emoji next

bossman said weekends are antisemitic

shit tier

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this place is dead as fuck these days tbh its weird how communities seem to just die, think its cunts getting on in life smh pass the torch to the next generation, it leaves us neet lads like a soldier left behind tho

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I did say they were peculiar.
Great job, lad.


Lad they're just fat sausage fingers smh

How do you get fat fingers?

Be a fat cunt

But I am fatter than her and I have been heavier than I am now smh

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I'm a neet but I just like to toil post tbh

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alot of it is also fagmods perma banning lambs

war of the worlds (2005)

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can't stop thinking about her, lads. She must be mine

Yeah, not everyone has a VPN, and bans are actually permanent now and not only 3 months. If you get banned and your ban is pushed off the ban page THERE IS NO WAY TO EVER COME BACK(unless you buy a VPN)

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Lad is that babestation?

Don't you love it when Schizo forgets which yank he's supposed to be portraying and confuses Steiner with Spic?


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don't know if I'm toiling tomorrow lads smh. In bed early. If not, will probably cut my hair and get pissed on the 8 bottles of ale I bought for my birthday instead

disgusting tbh smh

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granny has bowel cancer so thats just made what little happiness I could find messing about on the computer dull and miserable

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bet she gives right ruff cockjobs smfh


I'm sorry lad

this pisses me off. i got permad once before and helmer un permad me. all i posted was le pilgrim pepe.


sorry lad

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Goddamn it