Salvadoran Caravan

a new caravan departed today from El Salvador, starting ~500 strong

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And they will be denied entry as well.

There were reports yesterday that Mexico offered the original Honduran caravan asylum and they rejected it, preferring to continue north towards the US. Hopefully Mexico will make the same offer to these El Salvadorians and get shut down again. Why is this good? Because real refugees don't turn down offers of asylum, only economic invaders do that. Now none of them are eligible for asylum in the US.

Global report for ban evasion, support of white genocide, and paid jewish shilling.

No, they won’t. The last one was let in, to the spic. This one is let in, to the spic. The military has been sent to the border to ensure no white militia kills a single one of them. The next one will be let in, to the spic. This is not stopping, ever.

at least take a screencap of his post

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Trump will send the military to hand out bottles of water to the asylum seekers. They need to invade LEGALLY

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So is the new tactic (((they))) are using just going to dispatching spic human wave charges towards our borders? Ahahahahaha

((( )))
I saved that one yesterday!

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Thank you for once again demonstrating that this board is dead due to horrible moderation.

The case for 'Open Borders':
Don't be so narrow-minded that you live your life in fear. Realize the George Soros dreams of an 'Open Society'
Take in a migrant family. Provide a mother and her 8 children everything they need to realize an open global utopia. Give a helping hand to a few young men looking for opportunity, by giving them lessons in conversational English, food, board, transportation, and at least a living allowance. Don't wait for the government to drag their feet. Step up and show the world your commitment.

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How so?

some anons here are marrying the women coming over

Everyone should push their way into jew homes and take what they want. They have what I don't have and it is my human right to take from them because they have and I don't.

We should encourage the jew to marry into the Central American heritage. It's a win/win

jewish Billionaires could have instant goy harems and never miss a shekel

Americans (and the world) need to get used to this. If anything will define the 21st century it will be diasporas and migrations. We're seeing it already, and climate intensification combined with overpopulation will intensify it.

America should be thankful that they are dealing primarily with latinos that share their values and speak a single language. Sure, there is a lot of chinese birth tourism and indian chain migration, but at least it's not muslims and spear-chuckers with ebola / aids.

Pick your battles, America. Tacos and lawn mowers aren't nearly as bad as bomb throwers and dog eaters.

LOL out of all the various races of bean people, his brother married a Salvadorian. The niggers of Central America. That's like trying to find an asian waifu, then marrying a Filipino.

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Someday, you're going to have a Bowers in your synagogue.

Dude, I'm 2nd generation german immigrant, both sides of the family, Lutheran. Both sets of grandparents came over from Berlin area in the 1920s / 30s. My surname is one of the most common names in German / Swiss history.

Yes, I'm over 50. But no, I'm not a joo. I'm a realist and a scientist.

Have at me, Jethro.

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There are virtually no Whites in El Salvador, and most Salvadorans aren't even mestizos, they're just straight-up Aztec/Mayan descended red people. In Central America, Costa Rica's probably the most decent country, then Panama is a little crappier, and Nicaragua is a step below that. El Salvador is all the way straight down at the bottom. A gang like MS-13 couldn't exist without a population well suited to barbarity; that's what you get with El Salvador.

This is revenge from HIAS for the synagogue shooting. Touche.

I hate to be "that guy" but actually El Salvador is one of the whitest skin tone countries in South America. Not like they are any less violent than the others but they had laws banning migration and immigration to all blacks till the late 80's

Tourists and peace corps workers don't count, nigger.

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No matter how much they paint their faces White, they'll never be White.

Did you notice the kike tourist there?

Still lighter in skin tone than many South Americans. They won't be White. Amerindian DNA is a very distinct thing and that's why jackshits drooling over their based castizo or whatever are just as delusional and sad as the Asian fetishists.

If there is no shooting of the Honduras caravan then this is only the beginning. They will begin to swarm North America the way the Africans are swarming Europe. I don't know what's left to do than for all Whites who are aware to recede back into nature like elves.

You kikes don't count as indigenous population.

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El Salvador is mostly mestizos, Uruguay and Argentina are the ones that are mostly white

MSM is reporting that the original Homduran caravan is stalled in southern Mexico today due to accusations of child abduction. On Saturday, a man was apprehended for stealing and a purportedly false rumor spread through the crowd that he grabbed a child to use as a human shield, and the man was badly beaten by the crowd. Apparently today's accusation is a separate incident from Saturday's events.

Reports vary from 111 to 1700 illegals have accepted Mexico's offer of asylum and abandoned the caravan, primarily pregnant women and old people (although the reporting on this is sketchy and unclear).

Nigger you're delusional as fuck.

These people are not going to make it to the USA in time for the elections are they?

Depends on if the jews want to part with more shekels to rent a bus for them.