this deranged leftist is allegedly trying to dox everyone on Zig Forums

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here? half chan? both?


I literally use Linux Kali to use my neighbors' wifi

probably halfchan

Her fellow kikes at Eglin probably wouldn't be too pleased about that.

wonder to what extent, just posting there wouldn't amount to anything.

Anyone notice?

That's why I said halfchan, because the whole website is fucked up with trackers. Furthermore, let's not forget that currently (in theory) you can use chans to map out the room where the internet router is located.

I don't have the pics, but it's real.


Now stop derailing with obvious crap.

Ahahahah enjoy your systemdicks

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Gonna need some more details than that, faggot

There are literally OPs posting links to communist websites with tracking codes in the query strings here.

shit… really? evidence? I doubt CIA would hand info to the FBI, they have a wall

I fucking hate jews, someone should just start shootings them all on sight. Open season on jews


Hello, Schlomo.

Literally sitting on the shitter with my laptop, read this, laughed and the laughter pushed some more shit out

Checked funny shit joke
Hahaha ass art



This thread has been so important to me because I want to know what to do in case I decide to stay here with my family… The trick to living a happy life with a DACAryan wife is to always keep her pregnant and happy… and by happy I simply mean: Be with her as much time as you can and your Aryan children, while providing the minimum for the family and seeing you're putting SOME effort in getting more. She will always want to be pregnant and the sex will be amazing.

I'm going to tell me pregnant wife (from Ecuador) to stop posting too much here when I get home.

Is he wrong?

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Fuck off back to whatever liberal shithole you crawled out of.