Patrick Little: Response To Current Events in Pittsburgh 20181027

Randy Bower followed Patrick Little on Gab, Patrick goes over the fallout from that. His assessment is basically jews just got a victim card handed to them on a silver platter whether is was a false flag or not.

I created a 2mb webm with vlc, finally got past the stupid captcha after it rejected it five times only for it to say it's an invalid webm(it's a valid webm, works fine,) so here's a link to youtube, anyone wants a webm version will have to do it.

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We're beyond victim cards at this point. The jews are an existential enemy on all levels who must be exterminated to the very last man, along with any proxies and intermediaries who would fight with or defend them.

Patrick argues since jews are currently in power, going the non peaceful route will just be pretext for the jews for them to redo the genocide they did in the USSR.

The jews can't even hold anything more than a compound in Baghdad. Kill their forces – the police and military – and watch the rest of it fall away. The district attorneys and federal investigators are nothing without on the ground hard power personnel to enforce their will. Kill their proxies and then storm their castles.

if anything I think it subconsciously plants the idea in normals' heads that, "wow, people really hate the jews for some reason". think that's worth any additional victim complex bullshit that they already have a neigh-infinite supply of because of the holohoax

I would let Patrick Little fuck my fleshlight while I watch no joke.

The papers and news outlets are calling it a mindless act of violence perpetrated by a deranged man hopped up on "conspiracy theories" and "pseudoscience".
Normalniggers think it is literally insane to hate jews. They aren't willing to question themselves if there might actually be convincing reasons for opposing world jewry.

(((Patrick Little))) is a psyop himself.

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They could if they actually wanted to, they use it as a training ground for their armed front the Islamic State

After you


They do want to, but they can't. They already tried and failed. They failed in Afghanistan. They failed in Ukraine. They have failed in Syria. They failed and are still failing in Korea.

…he said as he continued to do nothing.

Moarpheus, a sincere question, what are you trying to achive by lying about Patrick Little?


And they used US troops for target practice in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's the thanks we get for helping kikes secure Kikelandia

Don't care.

Glowing bright.

The USSR had mobile gas vans for dissidents. I wonder what the modern equivalent will be?

This because the media has empathy for middle easterners getting killed. If the US military were killing whites, it would be glorified and seen as cool/funny.

They were all elderly so nobody really cares.

That's because you're a faggot.

In a way, insanity could be considered believing and acting in a way that has negative consequences, either physically or socially. So it actually is insane. But so is accepting the status quo, as many will realize in the future.

No, you are.

If they really, really wanted to, yes, they could, but they simply don't care that much about Baghdad.


Internet tough guy.

More or less. It simply isn't worth their effort.

Shitting up the thread. Hide and report shitposters/moarpheus posts, rather than engaging them.

Who used them for target practice?

Then don't post.

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Its a king david hotel psyop event this time and the dressed u[p as arabs aka fake avatar of a non-existent imaginary gunman got away spread the word investigate the crisis actors

Patrick Little is a Zionist Jew. Here's proof:

Why MODS aren't deleting eceleb threads is beyond me. It's getting as bad as a cancerchan.

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Little hasn't been banned from goytube? I though his account had been banned from everything.

He makes new accounts.

No he isn’t you fucking faggot,

This. He channels seem to get banned when he does his j-walking stuff. His studio livestreams seem not to get in so much trouble, probably because they don't get shared.

if you kill the enemy, they win

Wont work since it was mostly contained within muh russia.
An actual civil war in america would force the rest of the superpowers to jump into the mix. The thought of having patriots in charge of the US and its mil would be terrifying to the (((current masters))).

Thats the point.


He's a politician, not an eceleb.

the synagogue shooter followed him on gab.

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hitler himself could come back and you would call him a psyop

Patrick should focus on the Queer circumcision. People don't know about that ceremony, and circumcision in general.

He is a politician running for the 2020 presidency.

aka he's a nuttless homo

Alt-Hype steps back into the fray. His video has a nice little twist that is worth watching to the end. It's been censored from you tube.
There's been a lot of noise on full-chan lately. There have been those incredibly boring back-and-forth slides where people call each other shill back and forth for like 50 posts, making it difficult, but not impossible, to read or get a reaction on anything of significance. And that's just one example.
It seems this Bower hero-worship is strange, as well. It's really out of character, or maybe I haven't lurked long enough. I think full-chan is best when it is busy working out ways of increasing awareness of censored ideas or facts, and meme-ing those to the mainstream.
The censorship of this Alt-Hype video is a little ironic in that the video makes the case that censorship might lead to violence. might. And now, how taboo would it be to question, publicly, whether some or certain jewish groups are lobbying for mass-migration?
The chilling effect on even private discourse after an act like this will be telling. I'm not saying people won't talk, but let's think about this for a minute. Let's set aside the murderer and these victims, and have a thread devoted to HIAS. If we were to do so, we could try to spread awareness, if HIAS is indeed trying to fund illegal migration. Murdering 11 Jews and injuring more will only place topics like these behind such an iron curtain of fear that it will be harder, but not impossible, to spread awareness, and push back politically, and with more consequence than some rampaging insane shooting. That "iron-curtain" is a lot like the holocaust. It's essentially an impoliteness and insensitivity to an alleged victim, which prevents looking further into anything in the matter, including precisely determining what happened, whether it happened, how it happened etc…

tldr shilling intensifies

There are no good jews Patrick.
You're wrong from the star; all jews understand the power system, all jews are part and parcel of this oppressive power system.
You know what this video does? It proves you're controlled oppo.

Too bad it's too late for that.


How did I put any words in his mouth? He went a rant about not all jews being bad because they aren't Soros or aren't behind the forced immigration. The former is obviously true, the latter is false: jews as a whole are all behind the immigration shit the west is going through.

He is talking about direct involvement in organizations that bring refugees to the US.
He never called them good.
You are a shill who is going to say "He isn't calling for the death of every kike! He's controlled OP."
How stupid do you think we are?

The problem is you don't want to make martyrs because that never ends well, if you know history

Yes. And each and every jew is responsible for the actions of those organizations as each and every jew pushes for those organizations to breach US law. Over, and over, and over again.

Here I'll put it this way;
not each individual cancer cell kills you. Cancer cells as a whole do. You don't let a single cancer cell stick around because it will metastasize and it will grow into more and more and they will eventually kill you.

ffs not patrick, free speech is leaving whether you like it or not, whether people behave or not. it's going. it's basically gone already with the "hate crime" and "inciting hatred" laws that have been snook in.

I want newfags like you to lurk two years or fuck off.


He's saying that's how it is on platforms right now and that we're in soviet clown world, not that it's the ideal. The ideal isn't free speech, either

Some anons asked "What is the message of James Mason book Siege?" Because all these things now going on are somehow related to the book. Here we go faggots:

James Mason - Siege - Short Version (The Key Points)

Source (full version):

"The true guerrilla is never beaten. He will never negotiate
away his freedom. He will never compromise his
ideals. He will never surrender.
"History offers many examples of far larger and better
equipped armies that were finally defeated by guerrillas.
They can fight on for years, even generations. Guerrilla
bands can fight in the cities, country, forests, swamps,
deserts or mountains. They are everywhere and yet
nowhere. They strike without warning and vanish without a
trace. They take away with them the arms, food and am
munition they will need to fight again another day.
"The guerrilla is a grim fighter and a terrible foe.
"His strength is in his heart - in his love for his Race -
in his hatred for the enemy."

He must despise the opinions of others, and be prepared
for death and torture at any time.

It means this: they're not going to let us do it. It means
that we're going to have to do it in spite of them. Over
their dead bodies.

Those who disagree totally would also believe we can
win through the electorate, with the consent of the
masses. Those who partially agree, I suppose, imagine we
will have to fight a "partial" revolution.

It has even been predicted
that they would go as far as to use H-Bombs against any
large strongholds and I wouldn't doubt it a bit consider
ing the stakes.
It'll be a real fight but it won't be a fair fight. Matters of
survival seldom are.

It was reported that the KKK members were arrested with
automatic weapons, about to embark by boat from New
Orleans . Why did this happen? Why should ten men with
automatic weapons about to leave the United States by
boat be arrested? How could they be arrested unless they
themselves decided in their own minds to let themselves
be arrested? Instead of the end of a Right Wing mission.

This final level of
struggle shall be when the so-called 'capture parties' sent
by Big Brother go out but don't come back.

We are the first to realize that no popular revolt can be
contemplated at this time as the only thing "popular" at
the moment is further pleasure and more diversion
among the quivering masses.

Our enemies are VILE and only appear
"legitimate" because of the power that comes with money.
We state here and now that we shall SMASH THEM and,
furthermore, that they are HELPLESS TO PREVENT IT!
The road may be long and rocky but the moment will arrive
and both our will and our striking blows
shall be irresistible.

As far as any real revolution is concerned, one can only
come from us.

So forget about someone else's revolution. There's not
going to be one unless WE make it!

The only reason we still have a fighting
chance is because the Enemy has not yet had the time to
fully realize the keystone tenet of his program and philosophy:
the complete bastardization of all races of man into
a single, brown mass, devoid of all identity. Except for a
mere time factor the Jewish Enemy has won totally and
outright. It's no longer a contest in the United States ; it's a
matter of REVOLUTION, a struggle to overthrow the Enemy
and for survival as a race. We stand at rock bottom and if
you seek the reason then look no further than those fools
trudging along in the ways of the dead past.

If a good cause were enough, we'd have won a long
time ago. But it isn't enough. One of life's more harsh realities
is that in this dirty struggle the ultimate prize will go to
he who is the dirtiest.

The Jew remains a Jew but without a corrupt, inept, and
decadent ruling establishment, he has nowhere to peddle his goods.
A healthy state will expel - or kill - the Jew; a
decadent one will take him to its bosom. The Jew corrupts
the nation. He buys his way into opinion-forming and
taste-making media, feeds the gullible masses his
poisonous, liberal garbage; this in turn gets sounded back
onto gutless opportunistic politicians in the "democratic
process"; finally the very fabric of the nation is a tangle of
perverted legislated Talmudic euphemisms. This is how an
originally Puritan state becomes Sodom inside fifty years.

It has historically been the task of each revolution to
destroy that which is unclean. That accomplished, nature
and man can once again assume their proper course

Let us instead fully enjoin the concept of the One-Man
Army and bring the struggle to the Enemy. Wherever you
may be at this moment, let the revolution be there also.
Spread a little revolution wherever you go!

First, never ever announce your plans in any manner
whatsoever. Second, forget about the use of uniforms unless, and
until, you have a standing army of your own
numbering fifty as a flat minimum. (From experience, I
know that with fifty National Socialists, one can do anything,
anywhere, anytime.)

Mason never once even experienced guerilla warfare. It's a LARP book for LARPers and MOSSAD shills to promote violence.

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Lead comrades to know to stop hitting the Enemy
where he laughs and start hitting him where he SCREAMS!

The enemy today is the ultimate WORLD ENEMY.

We are out to remove all trace of an alien presence wherever the
White Race is found.

No matter how one cuts it, there are but three steps
which must be followed toward revolution - successful revolution.
These are RESIST, REVOLT and RULE.
In the first, one finds oneself disillusioned, alienated; then becoming
more aware and intelligent of his circumstances, he enters the
Movement and perhaps becomes further alienated, but - if he has the
stuff within him - he becomes hardened and agile; he gains instinct;
and he begins the course of "educate, agitate, and organize". In the second
step he has learned that he must strike quickly, hard, and
decisively; he takes care to see that there can be no turning
back compromise has long since been discarded; he
has in the forefront of his thoughts the awareness that
only the most determined and the most radical can hope
to master the situation ultimately. In the final step, he harbors
no regrets; he puts and end to his opposition; he
sees that the drastic measures called for will, for a time,
result in a more simplistic society but one vastly more just
and healthy than before; he joyfully accepts the task he
establishes the New Order.

The masses, or the "mass" as a whole, can only be
looked upon as a coward. They say a brave man dies but
one death whereas the coward dies a thousand times inside.

Priorities Now, Perfection Later.

Lenin said that you can't make an omelet without
breaking eggs. It means that we have to do what we
have to do and by any means necessary.

e will LIVE. We will out-live the
System. And, should we individually not make it all the
way, then we will not have been cheated for we will have
had our share.
Living within the Beast System as a revolutionary, day-to-
day, is the REAL emergency and it calls for emergency
measures to be taken on a ROUTINE BASIS. To be able to
exist thus is the victory!

Kids brutalized and intimidated on a daily basis, year in and year out,
because of savages they are forced into school buildings
with because of government policy - is that not terrorism?
Millions of White workers struggling against losing odds
with taxes and inflation, facing loss of homes and all
forms of security, oftentimes wondering where food is going to
come from or where the winter heat will come from
because of the official Jewish-Capitalist economy and the
Mafia-style Internal Revenue Service - is this not terrorism?

Terrorism is a two-way street for, as Hitler stated, the only
answer to terrorism is stronger terrorism. We do face a
naked tyranny here in the United States and it is employing
terrorism to, first, wipe out the Whites as a majority
force and, ultimately, to wipe them out as a race altogether.
The System knows and we know that we are left no choice whatsoever.
It is fight or die.

Seems as though all our REAL National Socialist leaders die in battle
before they get the chance to atrophy thus.

What they fear most is total disorder which they can't
control. That which they can't monitor or control doesn't
serve their interests. It's been said that we don't want to
rock the boat, we want to sink it,' When we succeed in
blowing the bottom right out, we're going to have to hurry
topside, over the rail, and swim for life, leaving the rats to
drown with the ship.

A winning, successful course of action not dependent
upon a central organization or a major leader figure.

Loose talk and stupidity are another. But they both lead to the same,
disastrous result. And they both are defeated the same
way: don't conspire; don't talk! In effect it's only illegal to
get caught, only illegal to trip up. You don't NEED to ever
enter into a conspiracy! You don't NEED to ever deal with
persons who might later let loose with fatal talk! We must
have acts of revolution, the sooner the better, the more
the merrier. But these are all of a nature that they can
and MUST be carried out by INDIVIDUALS and that
removes all requirement for talk, the possibility of "conspiracy",
and the danger of a leak! The lone wolf cannot be detected,
cannot be prevented, and seldom can be traced.

But it is necessary that NSLF begin again its program of systematic
infiltration of the Reds, the unions, local Democrat
and Republican cells, etc. (even the local NAACP… you
need not be colored to join). We do have need of privileged
information and will have greater need in the future.
For his training the lone wolf needs only the U.S. military
or any one of a hundred good manuals readily available through
radical booksellers or online.

If you can't do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don't try and
talk someone else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don't hear
of anyone else trying to talk YOU into anything. Don't talk,

Adolf Hitler told his troops, "Close your hearts to pity".
It is part of the White Man's makeup to forget, to know pity… it is found in
no other race. And this trait has cost us plenty over the
centuries because we have let so
many enemies get away.

Hitler was not the bad guy he is made out to be.
Had he been, the British Army at
Dunkirk would have been annihilated; every Jew in
Europe WOULD have been killed.

The real White Americans who are left (and there are
many) HATE the very sight of race-mixing even though
they scarcely understand the larger, genetic meaning of
it. They HATE those of their own race who are involved in it.

The larger "clean-up" phase during and after the civil
war, which even then will be raging, is a different matter.
As most of you have long ago noticed, a lot of the most
rabid, sneering miscegenators are blond, blue-eyed doll
babies. If you can't close your heart to pity, if you couldn't
blast the head off of one or a thousand of these types,
then you had better bow out right now.

We must swear an oath to ourselves now - while we're down, while things are
tough, while the Enemy is in full power, while the vile race-
mixers daily promenade openly in public protected by this
evil System, now while it is easy to HATE - that for the United
States there will be no need for concentration camps of
any kind, for not a single transgressor will survive long
enough to make it to that kind of haven.

We must become acutely aware at all times of the most
minute details around us, overlooking nothing, taking
nothing for granted. We must rigidly discipline ourselves to
never, ever, breathe a word about anything illegal to anyone,
anytime - past, present, or future.

If you are working with others, under whatever pretenses,
it is a serious mistake to assume
they will be able to think things through and make all the
right moves under a sudden and stressful situation - such
as a police attack - with no preparation. The only best
way to prepare for such an event - which you may safely
assume WILL occur sooner or later - is by BRIEFING YOUR
PEOPLE in advance of any contingency.

It is here where SUPREME SELF-DISCIPLINE is demanded.

Unless you are a publicity hound or an exposure freak, it
shouldn't prove too hard at all to leave an icy cold trail.
The point being that you can do a hell of a lot more in
anonymity by way of things which COUNT, than you could
ever hope to do under any kind of official, or semi-official,

Don't attract needless attention.

There is a clear path to survival just
as there is a clear path to victory. Both involve being in
touch with reality and in taking action, in going FORWARD.

At present the worst enemies of a revolution happening
in America are: the unbroken sway of the System's
thought-control, i.e. the mass media; and the continued
existence of this economy, as agonizing as it is protracted
(and miraculous). In short, the System survives and functions
so people are not allowed to think, to know.

One of the areas is that of the overtly illegal, violent attacks
against the System. "Hit and run", so to speak.
Wouldn't it make better sense to turn that concept around
to "run and hit"? It only means that you should first drop
out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for however
long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably
at it. At that point you can go ahead and do - and probably
get away with - any damned thing you'd choose to
pull. Striking in hot passion and then running blindly is no
more than glorified suicide.

Talk of weapons aside, this has to do with shooting the
enemy. You don't need an arsenal for that. All you need is
a zip gun and, most of all, the BALLS to use it. As I said
earlier, if you're thinking about going on the war path in
the literal sense, you'd better take the time and planning
to quietly drop underground first. Get yourself as comfortable
and secure as you can and only then start taking
your actions against the System. Your chances of success
and survival will go way up as opposed to those who
shoot first and try to think afterward.

"He who wants to live must fight, therefore he who does
not want to live in this world of eternal struggle does not
deserve to be alive."
-Adolf Hitler

Just as the Aryan Race is the highest order
of being yet produced by nature on this planet, so too is
National Socialism the highest, most sophisticated, and
advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man for his
own betterment. Nothing more than that today exists,
nothing more is required. It represents all of our needs.

Our march toward revolution will not be blocked by any rules
of the Establishment and our revolutionary New Order will
be absolutely free of any trace whatsoever of the old.

All branches of the White Race have great
cause to be proud of their own heritage… so long as that
great heritage is made known to them.

We - thanks to Adolf Hitler and his great German compatriots -
also have our rites, rituals, and holy days on the
calendar and I expect they'll not change. Hitler and his
movement in Germany have given us traditions, martyrs to
honor, and great battles to commemorate, but it does not
mean that we should try to live in the past or be that
which we are not.

Will my action this day, this moment, advance or retard
the good of the Race?

As opposed to Christianity, our Viking ancestors believed
in luck. They also knew that one made one's luck by living

Hitler was clear in Mein Kampf just as he was clear in
"Triumph of the Will" that it was always his intent and the
intention of the whole NSDAP to be the one and only
source of power and authority in Germany. We intend the
same here, in North America . We hold no illusions that
this march to power will not be long and hard. We still
have a strong and powerful Enemy System firmly in place
before us that has to be removed by one means or another.

The White Man's greatest strength in the past has
been his genius for organization. His greatest weakness
has always been his tendency to contrariness and
disunity. It has to be overcome and broken.

The coming rule will be one of, and with, it's own people.
It will be strictly manned and operated by men of the
people with their one goal being the furtherance and
betterment, the increased greatness of their people.

And it will be because of this complete dedication to the
interests of the Race that no interference will be allowed.
Big Brother is absolutely BENT upon the destruction of distinct
races and most of us know to what lengths he has
already gone to see to it his plan is not altered in any way.
We must at least be as determined as he is - at least that
and MORE SO.

Commander Rockwell said that the Jews would build
their own gas chambers if the price was right.

Those who think we need millions - or even tens of thou
sands - have no understanding. We don't desire merely to
dominate or monopolize in the manner of Democrats or
Republicans. We're not content with mere power if it
means the continued decline of the White Race the way
we are seeing it today. We have much more than this to
do: radical programs to be enforced, a huge but rotten
System to be gotten out of the way first, etc. It can only be
done by a sharp cutting edge, never by muscle-bound
bulk. The ruling parties are monstrously huge, fat and rich
but they are rotten to the core and threaten to pull the
country down with them if they are allowed to do so. We
are tiny but desperate and the conditions imposed upon
us have made us hard as steel and sharp as razors.

Our message can only be convened through ACTION
henceforth. And our actions must be so calculated that
they speak clearly for themselves.

LOYALTY to a higher ideal and that ideal must be THAT

Hitler says words to the effect that in our belief
and our overview we must be rock-hard, but in our tactics
we must always be flexible. The essence of genius is the
ability to spot the super-obvious principles of life - things
so obvious that the majority can't see them - and to put
them into as few simple words as possible.

Revolutionary discipline must mean that WE will be the
single survivor in a war against the System, a TOTAL WAR
against the System.

You ADAPT to it so as to be
able to function most effectively in it. You don't have to like
it. You never accept it but you view it as only the primary
aspect of the greater game plan in which everyone is
caught up. Others will view it differently but they will be deluding
themselves. You don't "worry" about any of that -
you only worry about what YOU are going to be doing
next, on your own, in relationship to it.

Two Rules:
Number One,

The Enemy Is Anyone Who Attacks.

"…in your living room, you're scared shitless. And that's
just where the power structure wants you. In the middle of
a riot, I've never found anybody who's chickenshit. The
way to eliminate fear is to do what you're most afraid of."
- Jerry Rubin

"What is 'legal'? Legal is anything that the System does.
Legal is whatever the System allows to happen. Illegal is
whatever the System does not allow others, outside the
Clone System, to do… The System is legal. Therefore, 'legal'
is simply the System."
- Edwin Reynolds

Make no mistake, under OUR SOCIETY, our laws, crime
would be eradicated overnight, likewise with the illicit use
of drugs and unnatural trends such as abortion, every
man and woman would be militarily trained, every home
in America would be well-stocked with defense weapons.
But this would only be in OUR society, never theirs.

The city is at this point thoroughly bastardized architec
turally. Nothing fits. There is no harmony. An occasional
pet project of the Historical Society will stand out amidst
the desolation but I've seen these streets a hundred years
ago when every block, in all directions, was picture perfect
- a fairy tale setting, a showplace.

It is a cornerstone of the National Socialist outlook - and
a hard one at that, which so few can manage to grasp -
that NO MATTER WHAT, if the blood is preserved pure, it
can survive and overcome ANYTHING. If atomic warfare
destroyed all human life on earth but two Aryan specimens
somewhere in New Zealand, we could begin again.
There is no threat greater than that of genetic pollution
facing life on this planet.

When they challenge the White Man as a race, they
must be answered as a race. And the answer to any such
challenge is a foregone conclusion

Commander Rockwell loved to repeat the
prayer of the non-Whites and the early, sicko Christians of
the post-Roman world when faced by - or whenever contemplating
- our Viking ancestors: "Lord, save us from the
fury of the men of the North!"

If you want to make something "thrilling", you make it forbidden.

In revolution the price of failure generally is death. So
whatever you do and whatever course you choose, don't
sell yourself cheap. MAKE IT COUNT!

"The only thing lower than niggers and Jews is police
that protect them."

"If there's trouble, call a cop." If you believe that, please
stay away from me.

Part of mastering self-discipline is the ability to know - in
advance - what is stupid and what is not so as to be able
to avoid doing anything stupid yourself. (It is stupid, by the
way, to fall to pieces when run up against adversity, large
or small.)

One of the primary things to keep always in mind is that
police have no magical powers; they are not omniscient.
They depend on your foolishness and the cooperation of
others - informants - to win their battles. If you ROB THEM
OF THESE by not making typical, idiotic mistakes and by
not exposing yourself to needless vulnerability and
betrayal, then you are ENTITLED to march into their lair like
the Lord of the Earth and proceed to match wits with half-

"There are no such things as desperate situations. Only
desperate men.'
- Adolf Hitler

"Smash it! Crush it! Kill it!"
- George Lincoln Rockwell

Concentrate on hurting the Enemy.

The Enemy is still in a position to hurt us back and that is
something we want none of. Therefore the primary ingredient for successful revolution
is the complete breakdown of the existing order. In the end, we don't want to "hurt"
the System, we want to KILL it.

"Send Them A Message", as old George Corley Wallace
used to say


"Strength is the morality of the man who stands out from
the rest, and it is mine."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

As Manson would say, we are
Pro-Life, Anti-Death. We still have the spark and the feel of
life within us. And that is why we fight.

God Can Stay but The Church Must GO!

Separation of Church and State in reality merely means
separate accounts in the same Jew-owned bank.

The message of these SIEGE segments is not a negative
one. It is however an important one: we cannot afford any
longer the stupid mistake of mixing and confusing our
goals and priorities like so many Right Wing types have
done in the past. "For God, Race and Nation", is an example.
We cannot allow any foreign, alien moral code or
dogma to cramp our revolutionary style and, when the
big clean-up begins, no criminal will enjoy any hands-off
privilege just because he may be a master of hocus-
pocus or mumbo-jumbo. Our march toward revolution will
not be blocked by any rules of the Establishment and our
revolutionary New Order will be absolutely free of any
trace whatsoever of the old.

It's not on OUR own but on YOUR own. After all, how
much help can I expect from you and how much can
you expect from me? Quadruple this in times of great
stress. Let's face it, we are islands, for the most part, and
the quicker we face up to the fact, the sooner we'll be
able to deal effectively and intelligently with it.

We are the few that REJECTED THE TOTAL BRAINWASH job being
put forth by the System media.

Most people run like hell at the first hint of real trouble.
But their idea of "trouble" is so ridiculously low-threshold
that the word itself loses its meaning. I have two ideas pop
into mind at the mention of the word trouble: one, a violent,
physical confrontation, one-on-one or between very
small groups, wherein death or serious injury could come
at any second. And two, a bottomless pit of quicksand involving
an arrest and prosecution by the System which
could result in, again, death or permanent loss of liberty.
We, as a result, don't scare easy.

Commander Rockwell called for men ready and willing to
march into hell with him. He got only a handful but look at
the legend they created in nine short years! What could
be done with a thousand? Ten thousand?

"I know that some man capable of giving our problems
a final solution must appear. And that is why I have set
myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent
preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one.
And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But
the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward,
and there is no more time to be lost."
- Adolf Hitler, as quoted by Hans Grimm, 1928

"The man they have most reviled stands closest to us,
and the man they hate worst is our best friend."
- Adolf Hitler

"Our motto continues to be: 'White Man, stand with us
and fight, or stand out of our way!'"
- George Lincoln Rockwell

"Our greatest weakness is our belief in our own weakness."
-Joseph Tommasi

As not just a few Jewish and pro-Jewish writers
(as opposed to true historians) have openly
stated in their books. Hitler was the one personage and
event of the Twentieth Century that wasn't supposed to
happen. That means that he wasn't planned, at least not
by them. The Federal Reserve System here was planned;
the First World War including its outcome was planned;
the Russian Revolution was planned; the League of Nations
was planned; the destruction and betrayal of Germany
to Bolshevism was planned as the linchpin to
Lenin's world revolution and nearly was an accomplished
fact. But in came Hitler…

He (Adolf Hitler) would have rather helped
someone else in the task of resurrecting Germany after
1918 but, then just as now, everybody seemed to be waiting.
So an honest man of the people did it himself.

Try thinking logically. The right man would know instinctively
or would learn very fast that the System would never
knowingly allow a real leader of the people to arise.
Therefore he will never represent himself as such. This all
at once rules out the fakers and the assholes. He would
be well aware of the state of the masses of people and
would therefore not be a politician or follow a political
course geared to a hope of a mass following. He would
know already that the people cannot recognize their own
leader. He would see that a formal movement or organization
cannot be successfully built (the System won't allow
it) and therefore his every move could be expected to
defy all convention. Being primarily a man of action, he
would know better than most that the truth remains for the
moment our only and best weapon. Therefore he would
know how to put it to its best use. (…)
He would most probably follow in the classic
mold of greatness in that his apprenticeship in life would
have been long and his "career" would have only begun
at or about the age of thirty.
One other thing. He would know the value of symbolism
and he would choose the Swastika as his symbol.

Any other than a man of action is effectively INVISIBLE.
The truth will not make you free; only ACTION. How
easy it has been for them to suppress all our truth. Not so
easily can they hide ACTION.

Hitler and Rockwell stressed the importance
of appealing to the young. This man did so as naturally
as he did it dynamically. Reality is emphasized. Wishful
thinking negated. The traditional Right has the stigma of
being sexually hung up. It was women who voted Hitler
into power and it was Commander Rockwell who said, "A
man who won't fuck won't fight."

The question then becomes one of: What law, whose
law? The "law" presently, as it has been for many years, is
no more than a tool of repression in the hands of an
alien. Enemy regime. One can be a passive outlaw without
bringing down the forces of Big Brother on one's
head. However, are not ALL true revolutionaries outlaws?

"They live and wait. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are
waiting for Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the one
whom Adolf Hitler foresaw in 1928; the Avenger who will
give them - or their children - the world.
"The last incarnation of him-who-comes-back - the last
Man Against Time has many names. Every great faith, every
great culture, every true (living or obsolete) form of tradition
as old as the fall of man has given him one…. the
Christians behold him in Christ, present for the second
time: no longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness
but the irresistible leader of the celestial white horsemen
destined to put an end to this sinful world and establish a
new heaven and a new earth. The Mohammedan world
is awaiting him under the features of Mahdi, whom Allah
shall send "at the end times", to crush all evil through the
powers of his sword - "after the Jews will once more have
become the masters of Jerusalem" and after "the Devil will
have taught men to set even the air they breathe on fire."
And the millions of Hindustan have called him from time
immemorial and still call him Kalki, the last incarnation of
the world-sustaining power: Vishnu.

>MOSSAD spams thread with (((Siege)))
like clockwork

"Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, he will spare not a single one
of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its
outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the
lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideological heretical,
of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating,
of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who,
in body or character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen
ages. "His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists;
the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the
test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete
isolation in the midst of a dreary,

"They are time bridge to supermanhood, of winch Nietzsche has spoken;
the last battalion, in which Hitler has
put his confidence.
"Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great
end, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age.

Manson also coined the phrase "Dead in the Jews' money."

"To get yourself together you need not to even think
there is anyone else in this world. I don't need to look
down on, or get off on, or get over on. The hardest thing
to overcome is our own lies, confusion and our jealousy!"
-Charles Manson

As George Lincoln Rockwell said, in this current struggle
for the survival and safety of the White Race, only failure is

It is really the only way the System can be destroyed, really
the only way we can survive. TRIBES of White Warriors,
bands of White Men with their Women and Children who
have drawn together and then pulled away from the System
to allow it to fall without taking them with it. The only
insurance we've got against being picked off
one-by-one, being atomized and casually victimized by
the System's Pigs is to STICK TOGETHER.
It's not to be done for fun or for caprice,
but for LIFE or DEATH.

The difference now must be
that we correctly assess the situation, accurately perceive
what measures are called for and then set our plans accordingly.
Only a master of the sense of REALITY can focus
through the shroud of Jewish - created illusion, determine
the proper course and define the right action.

Our position is lonely and unenviable. We live at a time
in history when the civilization around us is rapidly collaps
ing. To be accurate, it has already died, it died when its
moral decay together with its infiltration by hostile aliens
rendered it hollow and meaningless, counter to the interests
of the very people who first made it.

This has always, since the end of the War, been a struggle for
the self - an inner struggle primarily. "First myself
and THEN the world!"

"Once you have become fully engaged in effectively
defending yourself against the System - in effect isolating
yourself and insulating yourself from it - you will have
found out that a very great many outright illegalities have
been undertaken and mastered by you in the course. You
will have grown accustomed to living outside of the System's
rules and you will be comfortable with it, knowing
that the muscle-bound bureaucracy most certainly does
not have eyes in the back of its head.

As soon as England decides that the price being exacted
by the IRA for Northern Ireland is too much to
continue to pay, they will end up turning it over to the Irish

"…the Revolution is a revolution in spirit; it is not primarily
political, but is religious… our Movement is spiritual-mystical.
We're in a battle for the heart, mind, and soul of our
Race, not in a struggle merely for the mind as those who
overrate propaganda contend."

This book is posted for information purposes only, it is not meant to promote or advocate any seditious, violent, criminal or reprehensible behavior. This item is posted here for research and historical purposes only.

Siege is a two year long failed PSYOP. Why do Jews lack all self-awareness?

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pretty thought provoking, glad I've watched those vids, I'm a lot more blackpilled than he is though

he's talking about 'in practice'


Gosh, I wonder why the Tornigger is spamming?

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Never speak on a false flag before the evidence is gathered. Because I know you're here.

You link cuts off the fucking article

We dindu nuffin we just import hordes of third worlders just doing the jobs Jews are too lazy to do.

He probably thought he had to because it seems his posting about HIAS set Bowers off.

By like 3 pixels, just read the screencap then or go to the direct link you pansy. Also Pat doesn't come here, this is a shithole.

It cuts the words off you little dick. Call me a pansy to my avatar!

This is supposed to be a man that didn't care if he died for what he believed in and now we see him doubling over himself to avoid criticism for his own actions.

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If he dies just for speaking the truth, then it would wake people up.
Now if they kill him, they can just point to your pictures and say
and everybody will see him as an instigator of violence getting his comeuppance.
This should be obvious.

Fuck off Moarpheus.

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is that why a DS shill is his cameraman?

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There, I've coaxed you out fully. That wasn't so hard, faggot. And everyone knows the DS split was after he started to run in Cali.

Patrick Little committed no crime while HIAS was trucking in people that had no right to be here. That's all he had to say to justify his post but he avoided it like the plague. If he cannot justify his own actions then how could he as a leader.

Then you belong in /leftypol faggot.

These 11 hebrews just got retired nicely in jewland. Someone check flights the night before and that day. Also, get the 'victims' addresses and monitor real estate listing for them.

His cameraman is a Stormer shill and (((TRS))) promote Patrick. Controlled opposition is controlled. What really nogs my joggin is that this info. has been available for some time now and yet, instead of finding a way around the claims, you shills just double-down and pretend the info. doesn't exist. This must be the high Jewish IQ I keep hearing about.

is the most fucking obvious concern trolling, get the fuck out.

Your reply has nothing to do with my post. I didn't even make the above claim. This user did:

Look how defeated you are.

TRS only gave a halfhearted endorsment when it was far too late, and their own fans were tearing into them for the radio silence and refusing to give his name when talking about him. The Daily Stormer has very open bad blood between them and Patrick, and Patrick released 2 videos about that months ago
What really activates my almonds is your completely random punctuation, and the fact you are the one ignoring evidence that goes against your narrative

(((TRS))) promoted Pat from the beginning. Again:

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You're so fucking dumb it's incredible.

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Except they didn't, they gave their promotion 2 weeks before the polls came out, Duke was taken off of DS and TRS for supporting Patrick.

check the dates and shill harder.

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Why are you this salty about Zig Forums liking a guy that called Weev a fed and a kike, and that TRS and Daily Stormer were compromised controlled ops. Claiming that they are working with Patrick when they excommunicate anyone and everyone who dares platform him