<Muh j00s are inferior and must be wiped out

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Put simply, it means lurk at least 2 years before posting



Nobody says they're inferior, dumbass, just that they're our enemy. It's in our interest as white Caucasians to conquer our enemies, even if they are stronger than us.

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Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.

There have been countless threads on this very subject created by countless fucking morons like you who didn't bother to lurk and learn for yourself instead of insisting on being spoonfed like the untermensch piece of shit that you are. Eat a bowl of herpes foreskins.

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Ooh, guess what? I reported you too. Now answer the question or fuck off.

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reported for being a kike and not lurking

after this post whoever posts in this thread is now double gay

t's not D&C you retard it's just a shitty jew slide

before this post whoever posts in this thread is now double gay

jews gain their power through deception. they have a complete lack of morality. the rest of the world has a conscience

How the fuck are you allowed here?
If you dont have the intelligence and capacity to understand and quantify the world then dont make posts like this. The least you could do is hide your lack of a 3 digit IQ. Its like youve never read a fucking book in your life you Israeli kike byproduct.

"Oy vey, my masters always spoon feed me! Why should I listen to you if you wont do everything for me? At least the kikes keep me c-comfy!"
Holding people at "conversational gunpoint" is the most immature way to hold a discussion. Refer to

They don't lack morality. Their morality is centered on their own group; they have very little sense of universalism.

Your tricks are getting old kike, even your burger golems are becoming unruly to you.

You're evil. You continue to do evil. You always were evil. That's all there is to it and even the personification of all goodness the lord Jesus Christ could not talk sense into you so you are irredeemably evil.

With all the signs these days for both Christians and you dirty yids it seems we both acknowledge the end times are near and as God allowed this to happen, I suppose this is a warning from the lord of his wrath. You should not have sided with Satan and Jesus will be coming for you. Back into Hell you will return, you jews and spawn of the devil.

Being cryptos gives them a huge advantage over the rest but is also a huge disadvantage because they'll become subified over a gen or two.


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There we go, question answered. Can we bumplock this retarded thread now?

Nobody has made this claim except for FBI assets and retarded wignats.


BO, please ban all clowns.

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morality is by nature universal, it is the Logos of God and the universe He created. you can't call something morality if it doesn't apply universally. that just becomes narcissism and greed. jews are the enemy of all mankind because of their rejection of Logos, and that is why we see them try to subvert, invert, and pervert the natural order of things all throughout history

We should have taken care of you TRSodomites when we had the chance. Kikefy protected you.

We should have taken care of you jew fucks millennia ago, Caesar protected you.

Jew are not inferior they are just scum destroying my civilization.

Jews mutilate the genitals of infants and are severely inbred. They have no honor and wish to destroy nature. They are against the Natural Order and everything that is hallowed.

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Broaden your horizon…they destroy all of humanity and nature on top of it. It's a cancer cell, always spreading, always corrupting, leaving nothing but destruction and suffering in their wakes.

Fool. Survival of the fittest is the one rule of law. Nature has no room for your retarded """morality""".

Whites obey nepotism laws. Jews subvert them by saying they are not "related" even though they hire the best positions for only jews. Keep doing that in an organized manner for generations, while telling all others doing that is illegal and will land you in jail/fines and you consolidate a lot of power.

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This is our moment! this is our time! JEW POWER!!!

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You're a Lost clueless Kike Jar. So because a race of cognitively and psychologically inferior Gnomes Hate everyone and are yakked with innate greed causing them to play Victim and manipulate the entire human race into sucking their dick makes them Real fucking Stature right? You Can Go fucking hang yourself and your entire family lineage for Doing literally fucking Nothing with anyones time Spick

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gas yourself.

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jews are a irl thalmor if you like the ES universe